My Detroit Coffee Tour


My Detroit Coffee Tour

One sure fact about me is that I spend probably 30% of my week at coffee shops. Up that percentage to around 45% during the fall and winter semesters. Whether I’m doing homework or just catching up with friends, I find solace in the places that serve up (sometimes pricey) cups of joe. Since I spend most of my year at school up in Lansing, I never have much of an opportunity to explore the coffeehouses of my original stomping grounds. I figured this should probably change, so I decided to go on a Detroit Coffee Tour Extravaganza, popping by and sipping it up at the most talked about, most popular shops in Detroit. Follow my crazy week of caffeine below, along with some nifty photos I took to illustrate my coffee-spending party with you!

Atomic Coffee— Royal Oak, MI

What I ordered: A soy chai latte

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 3.26.37 PM.png

I’m not gonna lie- I’ve been to Atomic more than a handful of times. Enough to have a punch card, even. I couldn’t NOT feature it on this list, though (even though it isn't in Detroit). This coffeehouse, located centrally in downtown Royal Oak, is the most distinguishable of all with a giant coffee cup hanging from the outside. They even have a delish breakfast menu too, with options like avocado egg sandwiches and Belgian waffles. Most importantly, my chai latte was one of the creamiest and spiciest ones I’ve ever had. Can we talk about how it looks like there’s a galaxy floating inside of it?

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.— Detroit, MI

What I ordered: An iced soy latte

This is the beginning portion on the list of the list of new places for me. I’ve heard about Great Lakes before, but never had the chance to stop in. However, I was not shocked by how much I loved this place, mainly from the industrial interior. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for exposed brick like no other! The city gal in me thrives upon it! Additionally, the shop had original pieces of art lining its walls, making it a humanistic and welcoming space. Coffee-wise, I stuck with my go-to of an iced soy latte and was far from disappointed. It was strong but creamy, and I drank it on a particularly hot day which probably made it taste even better.

The Bottom Line Coffee House— Detroit, MI

What I ordered: A classic drip coffee

The Bottom Line was easily the one of the coolest spaces I've ever been to. I was slightly confused at first when walking up to the shop, not seeing a clear entrance, but once I kept walking I found that the shop is partially underground. It's a small space, lacking in ample seating, but its quirky charm and aesthetic make it a spot where you'd want to become a regular. They even have a separate room with a turntable surrounded by seemingly endless vinyls, and the moment I saw that— I swooooned. That was the selling point. Because I had just come from Great Lakes, I ordered a plain drip coffee without milk, and I was honestly surprised— in a good way! I never really enjoy plain black coffee, but theirs was strong enough to taste the boldness, yet smooth and fruity. I ended up putting half in the fridge and heating it up the next morn, and it still tasted amazing. BTW, I support any place that provides decent leftovers.

Astro— Detroit, MI

What I ordered: An iced almond-cashew milk latte

The day I went to Astro was boiling hot. Miserable even. I brought my bf along with me (he's a barista, so I trust his opinion on all matters coffee related), which was also an excuse to try more than one drink (sharing is caring). I ordered an iced almond-cashew milk latte, as their only non-dairy options for milk are that and oat milk, and my bf ordered a plain macchiato. My latte was more acidic than I'd normally like, but the creaminess and natural sugars in the milk made it fairly sweet. The bf LOVED his macchiato, for the very reason of how acidic it was (#justbaristathingz). My favorite part of this place? The floral mural on the back wall painted by our girl Ouizi, who's painted inside our very own Brooklyn loft! The vibrant florals and bright colors add some light to an otherwise neutral-colored coffee shop, making it a space that all creatives must stop by.

Anthology—Detroit, MI

What I ordered: A latte

Located in Ponyride in Corktown, Anthology was the most minimalist space out of all of the shops I visited. It even has its own roasting plant right across from where you order, so the space itself is pretty tight. Because of this, owner Josh Longsdorf (the friendliest guy) has a Kickstarter campaign running to open up shop at a larger location. While at the current space, with pretty floral detailing on the wall and minimal seating, I ordered a plain latte (surprise). It was one of the best plain lattes I had ever drank, but I think I was convinced by how adorable the latte art was (look at the symmetry of that <3, I mean, c'mon). It was a dark roast as well, which is my favorite as it always packs more flavor in. 

Germack Coffee Roasting Co.—Detroit, MI

What I ordered: An iced soy vanilla latte 


My last stop on my list was Germack, which is our very neighbor at the Brooklyn loft! The space itself is is cozy and warm, with walls filled with different kinds of coffee beans and tea. Stopping by before work, I ordered an iced soy vanilla latte. Word from the wise— it was veeery sweet, so if you don't need sugar through an IV like myself, do not order this! However, if you opt for the sweet choices, this was delicious. The vanilla didn't taste artificial, and they didn't put a ton of ice in the drink which I love (I'm not paying for frozen water). Right in Eastern Market, it's also a great pitstop before kickin' butt on a busy day. 

While my wallet didn't have a blast this week, I sure did! Being able to try out all of the coffeehouses that I'd only previously heard of but hadn't become acquainted with made me feel like a real Detroiter. I'm also one for supporting local businesses, and my self tour was a great way to do this. This Saturday, I'll be checking out New Order and taking a coffee class there with my dad! I'll have a blog post up alllll about that next week, but in the meantime, comment below some of your favorite shops that I haven't visited yet. Even tell me your fav drinks to get there! My wallet will be kicking me (again) for asking this, but I'll just pretend I didn't feel it.

Stay thirsty,



24-hour Girl's Staycation in the D


24-hour Girl's Staycation in the D

What better way to explore Detroit than a 24-hour staycation with my fav gal pal at the Foundation Hotel?

I couldn’t be more excited to stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel. The hotel has so many moving parts, its like part of the pulse of the city. 

After checking in at the hotel, we'll head to Townhouse for a proper brunch (with bubbles included) to get our day started right.  Pro tip: the veggie burger is to die for. The food has greatly improved over the past few months! 

No girl’s day is complete without doing some serious shopping. Thankfully Detroit has some great outdoor summer markets such as Capitol Park and Cadillac Square.

For our first stop on the shopping trip, we'll head to the Bedrock Markets at Cadillac Square. Some of my favorite shops our listed below:

Ink Detroit: Apparel that embodies "Detroit Pride and Love."

Ashley Gold: Handmade jewelry.

York: Streetwear designed & printed in Detroit. 

Flamingo Vintage: Men's and women's clothing and accessories that date back to the 1920s through 1970s.

1441 Woodward Collective: Grouping of awesomeness. 

Who's kidding who? All that shopping can be exhausting. We'll most likely stop in the belt for a mid-day cocktail at Loiza Detroit (the cutest bar/art installation designed by Carlos Rolon), which reflects the kiosks type gathering places seen in Puerto Rico.  Also, we need a frozen special from The Skip as we've been drooling over their instagram posts as of late. 

  @LoizaDetroi t photo credits:  @jjcuris

@LoizaDetroit photo credits: @jjcuris

Afterward, our shopping day will carry over to Capitol Park to visit some of our other favorites listed below:

 le detroit macaron: MACARONS!

dale&blue: 100% hand-dyed linen goods produced in small batches.

SAHI Cosmetics: Luxury makeup made for ethnic skin tones.

Paisley Paper Co.: Cute cards and paper goods.

Pewabic Pottery: Handcrafted ceramic art that's been in Detroit since 1903

Bird & Bee: Our go to 

I've been dying to check out Clementina, the latin style cocina & libations pop-up that just opened up. We'll definitely stop by here for a coffee (or a raspberry frose sangria if the mood strikes.) -- most likely the frose because rose all day is the answer to all. 

After a quick outfit change a refresh at the hotel... we'll be doing some cocktails and you guessed it - more frose -  on the patio at the Foundation Hotel.  The sun at 5-6pm is SOLID and the frose has glitter in it.  

From the patio, we are heading to Lady of the House for dinner. If you haven't been there I suggest you do. The food, drinks and Ryan Gosling stool in the ladies room are all to die for.  Plus, Chef Kate Williams is one of my GIRLS and is amazeballs.

We'll have one more pit stop to Motor City Wine or the like before ending with a night of dancing at 3Fifty Terrace feeling the breeze and taking in all the views of the city.

I can’t wait to share our Detroit adventure with you - follow the j'adore detroit story on Instagram and FB to get all the in between stops. If you have any other Detroit go-to spots we need to hit on our 24-hour girls staycation, LMK!



Candice Simons

j'adore Detroit


Detroit's 2nd Annual Bookfest is Back


Detroit's 2nd Annual Bookfest is Back

One thing you should know about me is that I’m an English major. This naturally means I have to read a lot of books. I love them too! Bookstores are my bff! Because of all of these factors, you could say I’m a bit more than hype for this upcoming event.

On Sunday, Detroit will be hosting its 2nd annual Bookfest in Eastern Market's Shed 5 and 6. This book fair, similar to yet SO much bigger than the ones you remember from elementary school, will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.! The best part? Attendance is free.

*cue me window shopping for books the entirety of Sunday afternoon*

 Photo via  Detroit Bookfest

Along with a plethora of books, there will be a selection of vinyl records, comic books, vintage board games and other unconventional items.

Food will be provided by The Nosh Pit, Nu Deli, Big Dog’s Hot Dogs, Detroit Gourmet Nut Company, Cosmic Burrito and Cherry Pit BBQ. Hey, reading can make you hungry! I know this as a fact.

 The Nosh Pit, a vegan and vegetarian food truck, will be at the Bookfest. Photo via  Hip in Detroit

The Nosh Pit, a vegan and vegetarian food truck, will be at the Bookfest. Photo via Hip in Detroit

Whether your 2018 resolution was to read more (and you haven't) or you simply just want to pick up a new novel, Detroit's Bookfest is the place to be. Comment below some of your favorite books, or even your finds if you go!

Keep spreadin' the literature love,



3 weekends in the D: Party Your Way Through July


3 weekends in the D: Party Your Way Through July

ICYMI our girl C-Money was on Fox 2's "the Nine" this morning talking about the hot spots in the D over the next few weekends. I know a lot of people spent time traveling over the 4th of July, so it's time to catch a little recoup in the city. Fear Not, we've got the party deets covered right here on le blog. 

candice ryan fox 2 july.jpg


July 13th-15th— The Pig & Whiskey Festival in Ferndale is one of the best summer celebrations. It’s an epic block party with booze, BBQ and live music. Expect to hear cool music, eat food from Michigan’s best BBQ joints and explore a variety of whiskey options. They have a special ticket packages available to buy in advance online and general tickets available at the event. However, the festival itself is free to attend and all ages are welcome.

 Photo via  Pig &amp; Whiskey

Photo via Pig & Whiskey

July 13th-15th— This weekend is also 39th year for Art in The Park in Plymouth. This is the 2nd largest art fair in Michigan welcoming more than 400 artists from around the country. Plan on a weekend of live entertainment, shopping, food and art. Plymouth is such a picturesque, walkable town with plenty of great restaurants too. This is a family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy! Keep in mind the town will be busy, so plan on paying for parking.

 Photo via  Art in the Park

Photo via Art in the Park

July 20- 22nd— Want to have tons of fun for a great cause? Don’t miss the 7th annual Michigan Glass Project benefitting Art Road Nonprofit, and organization that is actively returning art classes to Detroit Public Schools. Expect three days of live glass blowing, live music on two stages, live painters and over 80 food and drink vendors all to raise funds for a good cause. All ages are welcome and children under 12 are free. All other attendees can purchase tickets online for $30.

July 28 & 29— Mo Pop Festival 2018 at the West Riverfront Park is one spectacular outdoor summer concert. This year’s headliners include: Bon Iver, The National, St. Vincent and Portugal. The Man. There will be an arcade, craft bazaar, drinks and a food truck alley to add to the great music experience. Tickets are available online and all children under 12 are free with a ticketed adult.

 Photo via  Mo Pop

Photo via Mo Pop

Have fun my weekend warriors,

xoxo Lately with Lo



Downtown Plymouth's 39th Annual Art in the Park

Art. Food. Music. This is clearly the greatest trifecta out of all trifectas.

Good news for you! You can find all three from July 13-15 at Downtown Plymouth’s annual event, Art in the Park, which was founded by the mother and daughter team of Dianne Quinn and Raychel Rork.

 This image only captures a  few &nbsp;of the artists at Art in the Park. Photo via  Art in the Park &nbsp;

This image only captures a few of the artists at Art in the Park. Photo via Art in the Park 

With over 400 artists from across the nation showcasing their work on the streets surrounding Kellogg Park, it’s hard NOT to buy something, even when you plan on just walking around. From painters to photographers to sculptors, you’re bound to find a new addition for your home.

The festival, which is on its 39th year, will run from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. on Friday, 10 a.m.-7p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m.-5p.m. on Sunday. Being that it’s likely to be hot, I recommend grabbing some of the classic, sugary-sweet fair lemonade to keep you cool. I mean, any excuse to buy one of those is a good one.

 The "Living Mural" from the 2015 Art in the Park. Photo via  Art in the Park

The "Living Mural" from the 2015 Art in the Park. Photo via Art in the Park

There will also be a plethora of vendors, serving up goods like ice cream and even homemade jams (which are totally my jam). I have no shame in admitting that my favorite part of Art in the Park every year is sampling these, whoops!

What artist are you most excited to see this year? Give them a shoutout by commenting below!

Keep calm and stay crafty,



Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops for National Ice Cream Day


Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops for National Ice Cream Day

There’s no room for debate— ice cream is easily my favorite food group (and yes, it is a food group). Especially during this time of the year! I hate when it gets all over you, but there’s no better time to be sticky and sugary than in the summertime. Of course, it’s fitting that National Ice Cream Day is this Sunday, July 15th. To celebrate possibly the greatest holiday of the year, I’ve rounded up my go-to, ultra-stellar list of the best ice cream shops in Detroit and Metro Detroit so that you can celebrate this day to its fullest potential. Five different cones in one day? I’m not judging you.

The Custard Hut—Dearborn Heights, MI

 Photo via  The Custard Hut

Photo via The Custard Hut

This Metro Detroit summer hotspot is notorious for their waffle sandwiches— creamy custard stuffed in between two hot waffles with additions like cereal and nuts coating the sides. If the sandwich life isn’t for you, they have two rotating flavor-of-the-week custards, along with regular chocolate and vanilla. Their flurries are also the best that I’ve had (if you have a crazy sweet tooth like me, try the cotton candy one), so Custard Hut is great when you want some options.

Guernsey Farms Dairy— Northville, MI

Another Metro Detroit staple, Guernsey is a diner, dairy store and ice cream parlor wrapped all into one. Serving up hard-packed ice cream in an overwhelming number of flavors, this timeless favorite also gives you an insane bang for your buck. Even better— they sell most of their flavors in stores like Target and Kroger as well.

Detroit Water Ice Factory— Detroit, MI

 Photo via  @tiffzimms

Photo via @tiffzimms

If you like a bit of an icier treat, Detroit Water Ice is your go-to. Specializing in “water ice,” they serve up shaved ice that's perfect for any scorching day. Their famous Motown Twist even has soft serve above and below the ice, turning it into a creamy treat. Better yet? 100% of their profits go to help S.A.Y. (Super All Year) Detroit, a Detroit Rescue mission that provides resources to newborns, teens, senior citizens, veterans, and the homeless. There’s nothing better than eating charitably.

Sweet Dreamz Creamery— Detroit, MI

What’s better than ice cream on a stick? Probably nothing. Sweet Dreamz Creamery knows just that, and specializes in homemade ice cream and gelato served up on a popsicle stick. Besides being adorable (which naturally means Instagrammable), they also have gelato, sorbetto, vegan and alcohol-infused pops. A boozy ice cream? Count everyone in.

Reilly Craft Creamery— Detroit, MI

 Photo via  @katnicole313

Photo via @katnicole313

Free any weekend coming up soon? You should spend it at Reilly Craft Creamery, which is only open on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Not only does their ice cream taste amazing, but it looks amazing too— their slogan, “cold truth,” is featured on a sticker with an image of hands holding ice cream on all of their cones. If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can find their ice cream at retailers like Whole Foods and Better Health.

Ice Cream Plant— Several different shops and retailers in the Metro Detroit area

 Photo via Ice Cream Plant

Photo via Ice Cream Plant

Fear not, ice cream lovers who also happen to be vegan! Ice Cream Plant specializes in making vegan ice cream only. Don’t let this make you think it skimps on flavor, though! Using wholesome ingredients like organic coconut milk and organic fair trade Dutch-process cocoa powder, you’ll feel good eating up a cone of this stuff. While they don’t have their own shop, you can find them by the pint at retailers like Holiday Market in Royal Oak and Mootown Ice Cream in Detroit, and by the scoop at restaurants like Chive Kitchen in Farmington and Seva in Detroit and Ann Arbor!

What are your favorite ice cream shops in Detroit? Any that weren't featured above? Comment below so that I have another excuse to try more ice cream!

Scream it up for ice cream,



BBQ, Booze & Jams: The Pig & Whiskey Festival


BBQ, Booze & Jams: The Pig & Whiskey Festival

It’s almost time for one of my fav summer festivals.

The Pig & Whiskey is a finger licking, beer & whiskey drinking, good music playing – one hell of a good time.

July 13,14 & 15 the festival will throw down a block party type celebration at 9 Mile and East Troy Street.

 photo credits: instagram of @pigandwhiskey with a shout out to @detroitbbq

photo credits: instagram of @pigandwhiskey with a shout out to @detroitbbq

Michigan’s top BBQ joints will line up to have a cook-off featuring their menu items. Expect pulled pork sammies, ribs & mac ‘n’ cheese galore.

You can wash all these treats down with some of Michigan’s best brews & a plethora of whiskey options.

 photo credits: pig &amp; whiskey via Instagram - props to @greyghost for the lovely cocktail.

photo credits: pig & whiskey via Instagram - props to @greyghost for the lovely cocktail.

Don’t forget to stop by cocktail corner which rotates craft cocktails perfected by some of Detroit and Metro-Detroits best restaurants. Expect to see favorites such as: Grey Ghost, Kiesling, Imperial and Wright & Co.

And OMG Yass bring your pups out! This year Tito’s Vodka has not one, but TWO dog friendly lounge areas with dog goodies, cocktails & games. (a round of a-paws to them ;)

 photo credits: Instagram via @pigandwhiskey

photo credits: Instagram via @pigandwhiskey

The festival is also stacked with a line-up of BOMB ASS music over the weekend. Check out the Schedule below:


Pokey LaFarge

Bear Vs Shark

Ohio Wild

The Messenger Birds


Laith Al-Saadi

Stone Clover

Robert Bradley

Holly Bernt Band

Ben Keeler Band

Kevin Thibodeau & Cast Iron Horns

The Doozers

Billy Brandt & The Sugarees


Electric Stix

Ancient Language

The Beggars


Mark Mallman

Strange Heart


The Festival ends at Midnight on Friday & Saturday and 11 pm on Sunday. If you want to keep the party flowing, head on over to The Loving Touch for the after party.

The Loving Touch After Party Line-Up (bands listed from latest to earliest)



The High Strung




Bent Knee

Summer Like the Season


Scarlet Lies

The Dropout


There is also a special ticket package available online for the connoisseurs of the premium stuff. The ticket package affords you a special tent that features 40 premium whiskeys, scotches and bourbons. As well as a cooling station and access to indoor bathrooms.

I, however, am not that fancy. I’ll be rolling with the regular peeps on a budget. From experience, here’s what to expect and how to prepare:

Bring cash – you’ll be buying tickets to exchange for beer, whiskey and BBQ food. This is an easy way to make quick transactions.

Also, the lovely people pouring your beer are volunteers from non-profits. All the tips go directly to their organization. TIP YOUR BARTENDERS :)

Parking is going to suck – plan on parking at least a few blocks away (parking at meters is free on Sunday’s)

It is going to be crowded & hot – for this reason, I like to go a little later once the crowd has died down and the sun isn’t blazing hot. Going on Sunday is also a good idea because a lot of people have already come and gone -- it’s sort of an industry night.

Bring wet naps – There is no doubt you are going to get down on some BBQ food that’s going to leave your fingers sticky AF. Score mega cool points with your friends when you come to the rescue with wet naps (MAJOR MOM MOVE.)

Bring tissue & hand sanitizer – As any good festival would have – your bathroom options are pretty limited to port-o-potties. Super gross. Help yourself out and bring some TP and hand sanitizer to come out as unscathed as possible.

The ride and driver situation can (and should) raise a concern when drinking adult beverages. Lyft is offering is offering 20% off your ride to-and-from Pig & Whiskey with up to $5 off for all new and existing customers.



xoxo Lately with Lo


4th of July Party Essentials


4th of July Party Essentials

A checklist of everything you need to throw an epic 4th of July party.


Don’t forget to set the party tone with red, white and blue accents. If your last minute like I am, think easy -- crepe paper and balloons go a long way. You don’t have to break the bank either. I recommend hitting the dollar section at Target. You can find tons of inexpensive patriotic goodies.

 photo credits:

photo credits:

Fun pool floats are also a great touch to create Instagram worthy photos of the party.


Having fun back yard games is a great way to entertain and create engagement between guests who may not know one another. My personal favs are: badminton, corn hole and adult Jenga.

 photo credits:

photo credits:

P.S. even adults love sparklers, fireworks and glow necklaces.


Every party needs some tunes. If you don’t have outdoor speakers, make sure to have a portable speaker like a JBL. Don’t forget the charging cord for an all-day jam-o-thon.

It could also be fun to pre-make a party playlist full of summertime bangers.


Everyone loves BBQ parties, but hosting one can become expensive. Don’t be afraid to ask everyone to bring a dish. Everyone has a favorite party dish and this is a fun way for guests to show off their specialties.


Bubbles and Bikinis are one of my favorite summer combos. Do a fun spin on a wine spritzer by using frozen strawberries, blueberries or blackberries instead of ice cubes.

 photo credits:

photo credits:

This is a great time to ask your guest to bring their favorite drink to share. This way you can cover all the bases and make sure your guests have an option they like.

Don’t forget the H2O. Have plenty of bottled water or put pitchers out to keep your guest hydrated.

Clothes and Bathing Suites:

Wear something fun. You can DEF embrace the red, white and blue without being totally cheesy. Here’s a few hot party looks to pull inspiration from:

 photo credits:  Trop Rouge

photo credits: Trop Rouge


Don’t forget a towel, sunnies, a hat and SPF. No one wants to wear a sunburn at the party.

All good day parties make their way into the night. Here are a couple tips and must haves for a smooth transition:

Candles – these create a nice ambiance and repel mosquitos.

Mosquito repellant – nothing ruins an outdoor party like these uninvited pesky guests.

Lights -- string lights, lanterns and tiki torches are a great touch.

Firewood – don’t forget to stock up on wood for the bonfire if you have one.


Party on Detroit-

xxo, Lately with Lo







Detroit's Best BBQ in Honor of the Fourth of July


Detroit's Best BBQ in Honor of the Fourth of July

If you’ve read any of my blog posts before, you know that I love writing about food. A lot. With the 4th of July being tomorrow, I obviously started thinking about allll of the good BBQ that I’d be eating in spirit of the birth of this nation. Chicken! Fruit Salad! Surprisingly good baked beans!

But what if you’re lazy af like myself, or just don’t have a grill? Unfortunate things like this happen! But! Don’t fret just yet, because I’ve decided to compile my top BBQ joints in the Detroit area to pop by around the holiday.

How else will you cure those savory and smoky cravings?

Slows Bar BQ— Detroit, MI

 Photo via Trip Advisor

Photo via Trip Advisor

This one is clearly a no-brainer. Arguably the hottest and busiest BBQ eatery in the area, Slows is a Detroit classic. With a rustic interior, comforting sides like mac-n-cheese and cornbread, and clever sandwich names like “The Genius,” Slows is a Corktown classic that’ll reliably satisfy all of your BBQ needs.

Vicki’s Foods, Inc.— Detroit, MI

What if on top of BBQ, you also have a hankering for…shrimp? You’re not out of luck, because Vicki’s Foods is known for their French fried shrimp. This timeless shop, which has been serving up classic BBQ for 57 years, is also known for its quick service. Those on a time crunch— this one’s for you!

Nunn’s Bar-B-Cue II— Detroit, MI

This no-fuss joint is perfect if you’re looking for all of the classics. Staying open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Nunn’s is perfect for late-night cravings. They also serve up family-sized helpings, which is great if you’re bringing others with you.

Rogue Estate BBQ— Ferndale, MI

 Photo via  Eater Detroit

Photo via Eater Detroit

As if you didn’t already know, all of us at J’adore are OBSESSED with the food truck trend. That’s why Rogue Estate, or RE BBQ is a must-visit on this list. Though they only serve on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, RE BBQ is another great option for the on-the-go eater. You don’t have to stop everything you’re doing just to get some good ribs (or you shouldn’t have to).

Lockhart’s BBQ— Royal Oak, MI

 Photo via  Eater Detroit

Photo via Eater Detroit

If long menus don’t intimidate you, Lockhart’s is the place to be. Serving up southern BBQ staples like fried green beans and pulled pork sandwiches, along with twists of favorites like mac-n-cheese shepherd’s pie, you’ll be able to find something to chow down on. They even have a breakfast menu too— who says you can’t have grilled food first thing in the morning?

While these are just some of my favorites, the list of quality BBQ places in Detroit is nothing less than exhaustive. Wanna share some of your frequents with me? Comment below! I want to eat as much food as I possibly can this holiday!

Stay hungry (and patriotic),



At-Home Beauty Products You Can Find in Your Kitchen


At-Home Beauty Products You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Let’s face it, looking good is a priority for many of us. But moisturizers, creams and toners can be expensive and who knows what will work? Well, the good news is, there are many affordable products that are great beauty and skin care items that you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet! Here are some inexpensive and effective ways you can use these products to keep looking your best. 

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil can be effective in a number of beauty and health applications. When applied to hair, it can make it shiny and healthy. For skin, it works as a moisturizer delaying the appearance of wrinkled or sagging skin. It can also treat skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. 

 Coconut oil, a superfood for your hair and skin. Photo via  Medical New Today

Coconut oil, a superfood for your hair and skin. Photo via Medical New Today

Olive Oil: Olive oil is another product that can have many uses when it comes to health and beauty. Warm olive oil can work as a preconditioner to keep hair healthy. It can also work as an exfoliating lip scrub. It’s a great pre-cleansing step to remove stubborn eye makeup as the oil grabs on to other oil based products. And if you want stronger and longer nails, olive oil also works as a cuticle softener. 

Yogurt: Not only does yogurt make a great, healthy snack that can aid digestion, it can also make a terrific beauty product. Most effective in skin care treatment, a face mask made with yogurt can moisturize your skin while treating acne. It also tones skin, tightens pores and can sooth sunburn. It works to relieve an itchy scalp and can also provide moisture to hands and feet. 

Coffee: Drinking coffee can have its health advantages and disadvantages…but there is no doubt about the fact that it makes a great beauty companion. When used in a mask or scrub, it works to perk up and tighten skin. It can also be added to mixtures as an effective cellulite fighter and can even work to enhance hair color and make it shiny….for brunettes only!

 Coffee is one of the best cellulite fighters. Photo via  CNN

Coffee is one of the best cellulite fighters. Photo via CNN

Honey: Honey has been commonly used as a beauty aid dating all the way back to the times of ancient Egypt. It is great for skin care working to clarify skin and clear pores while moisturizing and fighting blemishes. It can also work to hydrate dry cuticles and strengthen and moisturize hair. 

Sugar: Sugar isn’t just sweet on your tongue, it’s sweet on your skin. Its small grains can work as a great exfoliant for skin and lips giving your face and body a pretty glow. When brown sugar is applied to legs prior to shaving, it can allow you to get a closer cut…and that goes for men’s faces as well!

Avocado: Avocado is more than a delicious superfood, it is also an effective and inexpensive beauty item. When applied to skin, or drank in juice, it can protect skin against the signs of aging. It can also work on the scalp and hair to keep it healthy and moisturized and even prevent dandruff. Another benefit, it provides a natural sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Eggs: Eggs…they’re not just for breakfast anymore! In fact, they have some terrific properties that make them great beauty aids. Eggshells can make for an effective exfoliator when finely ground. When rubbed into nails with milk, they can serve to revitalize dry cuticles. They can provide moisture for dry hair and scalp and have even been known to work well as an eyelash growth serum, making lashes stronger and thicker. 

 They're for more than just scrambling. Photo via  WebMD

They're for more than just scrambling. Photo via WebMD

These are just a few of the many inexpensive ways you can use the products in your kitchen cabinet to help you look your best. It’s great to know that you can get the same results as expensive drug store brands using these simple household items. What will you be adding to your beauty regimen? 


Getting Ready For My Stay At Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor


Getting Ready For My Stay At Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor

How cute & cozy is The Graduate Hotel?

 photo credits Christian Horan Photography

photo credits Christian Horan Photography

Although I’m a Michigan State gal at heart, I can’t help but be in L-O-V-E with the adorable collegiate style of The Graduate Hotel that pays homage to the hotels hometown university, U of M.

I've been invited to stay tomorrow night and I couldn’t be more excited. I mean, have you seen it?

Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor has a super cozy club feel with walls dressed up flannel and beds draped in preppy plaids. As if the beautiful ascetic wasn’t enough to make me swoon, the location does.

(above photo credits: Christian Horan Photography)

The hotel is located at the gateway to State Street, directly across from campus and just a quick stroll to Kerrytown and Main Street. This is the perfect place to stay if you want to get out and enjoy all the shopping and dining in Ann Arbor with the comfiest place to retire for the night.

Although Ann Arbor has plenty of dining options, you really don’t have to look any further than the hotels own options.

Graduate Coffee offers a great coffee selection and a menu of local favorites. This is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix before spending the day shopping.

Whether you are going to stay in for the night or go out, don’t forget to stop by the hotel’s Allen Rumsey Cocktail Lounge. The recently debuted lounge reflects the same cozy club vibe of the hotel, with great selection of cocktails. They even serve 40 oz. of rosé… this place really gets me.

 While you’re in A2 make sure to stop by some of other favorite spots:

Fred’s – is my jam for the best acai bowls and smoothies around. This is a must stop spot for a feel-good breakfast or lunch.

Frita Batidos – This Cuban culture inspired joint is my favorite. Chorizo burger with shoestring French fries on top. Say no mas.

Last Word Bar – If you’re looking for a great cocktail, go to the last word bar. They have an amazing staff who creates totally original drinks. I love to try anything Mezcal.

Isalita -No trip to Ann Arbor is complete without going to Isalita. Tacos, ceviche && corn elote = yum city.

Cafe Zola – For food that looks as good as it tastes, go to Café Zola. Who doesn’t love a good branzino?

Mani Osteria – From the wood fired pizzas to the pasta, this place will not disappoint. It a great place to have a date night, go with friends or solo to indulge in a bowl of pasta & glass of wine (or more.)

with love, 



2018 VegBash (And My Favorite Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants)


2018 VegBash (And My Favorite Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants)

To all my vegan, vegetarian or just plant-lovin’ friends out there: tonight from 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m. is the 2018 VegBash Summer Solstice Celebration at the Royal Oak Farmers Market!

The event, which is both indoor and outdoor, is meant to celebrate all the delicious local vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Metro Detroit. There will also be alcoholic beverages, live music, Michigan-made food, health, and wellness products, and a bounce house for the kiddos while you chow down.

 Photo via  VegBash

Photo via VegBash

In order to be in this fruit and veg heaven, you must purchase tickets ahead of the event. Additionally, there will be two time slots for arrival, which will be 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., but you can stay for the entirety of the bash regardless.

The 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. time slot will be a $12 fee for adults and the 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. time slot will be a $10 fee for adults. Both time slots are free for children 12 and under.

Admission additionally includes a $5 food voucher that goes toward any of the vendors and a reusable tote bag from Whole Foods.

We love free cash and being environmentally friendly!

If you’re unable to make the event like myself (SAD), you’re not completely out of luck. Below, I’ve compiled my fav Metro Detroit vegan and vegetarian healthy eateries that also taste amazing too. Trust me, they all have my heart in some way.

Inn Season Café– Royal Oak, MI

 Photo via  Inn Season Café

This teeny-tiny green building is a powerhouse. Serving up both vegan and vegetarian options, Inn Season is the must-go when you’re looking for a cozy place to get some dinner. It was also the first veg restaurant in Metro Detroit that I ate at (thanks, Dad), so it holds a special place in my heart.

Must Order: Szechuan Stir Fry, Root Beer Kombucha and Opera Cake (is it really a trip to Inn Season if you don’t get dessert?)

Detroit Vegan Soul—Detroit, MI

 Photo via  Eater Detroit

Photo via Eater Detroit

DVS isn’t playing around when they say that they’ve got soul. With starters like Hush Puppies and sides featuring the likes of Mashed Potatoes and Collard Greens, your belly will feel like your mom made you a home-cooked meal (except this one is vegan).

Must Order: Soul Platter and Bacon Ranch Tofu Wrap

GreenSpace Café— Ferndale, MI

 Photo via  Metro Times

Photo via Metro Times

Right in the heart of downtown Ferndale, GreenSpace is an open and warm café with food that fits its vibe. With extensive bar space and ample seating, this is the place you want to go to when you want to have a (healthier) happy hour with your best pals. I mean, they do have THE best shareable dishes.

Must Order: Calzone and Wild Mushroom Toast

The Lunch Room— Ann Arbor, MI

 Photo via  TripAdvisor

Photo via TripAdvisor

Easily the most casual on the list, The Lunch Room is an industrial-chic space located in central Kerrytown. While vegan and veggie foods can sometimes be a bit pricy, this favorite of mine has grub as cheap as $4. If I’m being honest though, the best thing they serve up is dessert. They even have their own bakery!

Must Order: Pad Thai, Queso Burrito Bowl and if they have it, the Cookie Dough Brownie. Literally the best brownie I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of brownies in my 20 years.

Do you have another vegetarian and/or vegan hotspot that you love? Comment below and let me know!

Stay eatin' your greens,



Clementina Launch in Capitol Park


Clementina Launch in Capitol Park

Detroit's no stranger to the seemingly everlasting food truck trend. It's quick, easy, and on-the-go, so can you blame us?

That's why Jeremey Sassoon, owner of Townhouse and Prime + Proper, and Bedrock Real Estate, are opening Clementina in Capitol Park. This food truck will be Latin-based, and is a bright prink and turquoise, making it easy to spot. 

 The effortless cursive of Clementina's signage adds to its easy vibe. Photo via  Clementina

The effortless cursive of Clementina's signage adds to its easy vibe. Photo via Clementina

Keep in mind that the restaurant is seasonal, so you'll want to hit it up ASAP. Its diverse menu with vegan options, along with its affordable price range of $4-$13, means that there's preeetty much no excuse for you not to check it out. There are even frozen and kegged cocktails, along with wine and beer. I'm not sure if this place could get any better.

 Tacos + string lights = a foodie in the summer's favorite spot. Photo via  Clementina

Tacos + string lights = a foodie in the summer's favorite spot. Photo via Clementina

Clementina is slated to open prior to the Fourth of July, so anticipate its launch very soon. In the meantime, keep chowin' down on some of my other favorite Latin spots in Detroit, like Vincente's (with salsa dancing at night) and Taqueria El Rey.

Keep guacin' it out,




Perfumery Class with Alchemy Slow Living Studio at Frame


Perfumery Class with Alchemy Slow Living Studio at Frame

I don’t know about you, but I love me a good perfume. A signature scent. You can scour department stores for one, but honestly, what better way to develop YOUR scent than to just…make one yourself?

Good thing that frame in Hazel Park is hosting an event with Monique Herzig of Alchemy Slow Living Studios to help you make just that!

In this perfumery class, participants will surround themselves with essences like green, balsamic, apricot, herbaceous, honey, floral, cocoa and more. The focus will be on the relationship between fragrance complexities and food.

 Customized scents are always a win. Photo via Cari Vaughn

Customized scents are always a win. Photo via Cari Vaughn

Along with being able to create a customized bottle of perfume, participants will explore methods of extraction, experience terroir (the natural environment where a wine is made) and engage the inner perfumer. No need to bring anything, as all materials will be provided.

You can reserve your spot now on frame's website.

I was reeled in at the addition of food. Stop by at frame on June 28th at 7 p.m. to join in on the sweet-smelling fun!

Smell ya later,



Witchery, Glitter & Performing Arts


Witchery, Glitter & Performing Arts

If you're looking for something that screams witchery, glitter & profanity -- Check out Medea: a Party and the Underground Theatre at the Studio. The play has already had a few performance dates, but its not too late to check out the hilarious and brutally honest tale. 

The play is airing June 27-29 beneath Hillberry Theatre. The Underground Theatre at The Studio is a grassroots theatre in its 5th year.

Medea: A play is tells the true story behind an old grecian classic. Don't miss this interactive theatre experience that is emotionally charged and super fun. 

It is an all female cast that does a playful spin on: engendered violence, sexuality, motherhood and girlhood that includes witchery, glitter and a stage represents a ladies lotus flower.


Let the Show Begin, 

Lately with Lo


ChaseBiz Mobile Gives Small Business Advice on Wheels in Detroit


ChaseBiz Mobile Gives Small Business Advice on Wheels in Detroit

The ChaseBiz Mobile made Detroit the first stop on its nationwide tour last week. The banking center on wheels offers easy access to one-on-one business consultations.


The goal of the Chase BizMobile is to connect entrepreneurs and startups with the best advice on several different topics, including social media and digital marketing in Detroit. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has set out to assist small business owners and dreamers with grit by offering guidance and advice to steer them in the right direction.

The mobile advice center was located outside of Cobo where the WBENC National Conference took place last Thursday, where the j’adore Detroit ladies stopped by for a visit. We even ran into our neighbor friends from Eastern Market Brewing.



xx (wait on the collab…j’adore Detroit does beer?)xx

The ChaseBiz Mobile is such a creative way to provide startups with easy access to the best advice around. Chase furthered its efforts to reach entrepreneurs by setting up shop at Grand Circus Park during Techstars Startup Week Detroit. The ChaseBiz mobile offers free one-on-one consultations with sessions that can be booked online.  Follow the hashtag #ChaseBizMobile on Instagram to follow the Biz Mobile to the next city.




J'adore's Eastern Market Guide in SEEN Magazine


J'adore's Eastern Market Guide in SEEN Magazine

J'adore loves SEEN mag, SEEN loves J'adore, and we both love Eastern Market!

This seems like the perfect match (it is). Naturally, we had to partner up and share our adorations in the only way we truly know how to— a blog.

Recently, Candice wrote a featured post on SEEN magazine, talking everything from food to fashion in Eastern Market and why she <3s them so much. 

 BRB, we're rushing like Candice to scope out the entirety of Eastern Market and all of its little gems

BRB, we're rushing like Candice to scope out the entirety of Eastern Market and all of its little gems


Some of her top spots mentioned she chatted about in the article are below:

Savvy Chic

2712 Riopelle St., Detroit

It has been 16 years since Savvy Chic broke the mold by opening a lifestyle and fashion boutique on Riopelle Street. The boutique has a unique Parisian flare with one-of-a kind fashions and shoes for both men and women. This is also the perfect shop for gifts, featuring French linens, gourmet foods, candles and greeting cards.


2517 Russell St., Detroit

Germack Pistachio Company is the oldest roaster of pistachio nuts in the U.S. This Detroit classic store offers a full line of house roasted nuts, seeds and coffees. This is a great place to enjoy an in-house roasted coffee or my personal favorite, the turmeric latte.

 Probably sipping on one of Germack's Tumeric lattes

Probably sipping on one of Germack's Tumeric lattes

Eastern Market Antiques

2530 Market St., Detroit

No trip to Eastern Market is complete without stopping in Eastern Market Antiques. This retailer specializes in furniture, lighting, retro and much more. You never know what unique pieces you will find at this vintage store.


You can check out the rest of the article on SEEN and read on about more of our J'adore-approved favs. Comment below which one you love the most, and give us some suggestions for more places to try!

(If they are anything related to food, I can promise you that I'll check them out)

Keep on lovin' your #1 market,




Your Guide to the 60th Annual Ford Fireworks


Your Guide to the 60th Annual Ford Fireworks

Hellooooo all Detroiters and Metro Detroiters, tonight is the 60th annual Ford Fireworks on the Detroit River!

If you’re like me and have a penchant for all things that fit the summer aesthetic, then seeing this classic firecracker show is necessary. The show begins at 9:55 p.m., so you’ll want to get down here early to claim a good spot with a competitive view.

 Lights, camera, lots of fireworks. Photo via  Visit Detroit  on Facebook

Lights, camera, lots of fireworks. Photo via Visit Detroit on Facebook

Question is— where do you go to watch the fireworks? Since the light show is on the water, there are plenty of places to check out, but deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. To help you out and make your night as easy as possible, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest locations to hit up to watch this show from.

Cobo Center

Less than two miles away from the river, the Cobo Center is a top spot to park your lawn chairs at. With adequate concrete space, finding a place to set shop up at will be easy. Even better, Anchor Bar and Townhouse, J’adore-approved bars, are nearby. Getting your grub and drink on before the real party starts has never been easier.

 A daytime view of the Cobo Center. Photo via Cobo Center on  Crain's Detroit

A daytime view of the Cobo Center. Photo via Cobo Center on Crain's Detroit

Belle Isle

The ever historic and endlessly beautiful Belle Isle goes well with the night’s mood of pretty views. With 982 acres, lush gardens and a scenic view of the water, you’ll have limited obstructions of the fireworks. Keep in mind that you can’t view on the MacArthur Bridge itself, but it will be open.

Mt. Elliot, Owens Park and Erma Henderson Park

Being on the riverfront itself, these three will be definite hotspots. While there aren’t many things to do in the parks themselves, they’ll be the simple places to go to if you want to just chill out and pack your own picnic. #Instagramgoals maybe? I think yes.

Hart Plaza

If you’re tough enough to face the crowd (unlike myself), Hart Plaza will give a great view of the fireworks. Right down the street from the Cobo Center, it’s also surrounded by delish restaurants that you can pop by if you come down early enough.

 A preview of the nightlife at Hart Plaza. Photo via

A preview of the nightlife at Hart Plaza. Photo via

Wherever you decide to go tonight, be prepared to face some gnarly parking sitches. It’ll be all worth it when you feel like a little kid watching one of the best firework shows in the state, so don't let this scare you away.

Keep it sparklin',




Paint to Table Fundraiser for Murals in the Market


Paint to Table Fundraiser for Murals in the Market

If you’re anything like me, you love vintage furniture AND seven-course dinners. Especially when they’re combined.

On Thursday, June 28th from 6p.m.-9:30p.m., you can help Detroit’s innovative project of Murals in the Market with a fundraising dinner at 900 Tower + Terrace in Eastern Market.

 Promotional poster for one of our favorite and innovative Detroit events. Photo via  @muralsinthemarket  on Facebook

Promotional poster for one of our favorite and innovative Detroit events. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

Along with enjoying a seven-course family style dinner prepared by Chef Marc Djozlija of Wright and Co. and his team, with wine and cocktails (obviously) included, participants can bid on original painted chairs made by some of the city’s most notorious artists. Many of the artists are also creators of Murals in the Market, too.

Attendees can see the highly-discussed murals from viewpoints they’ve never seen before while being able to chat with the festival crew and alumna as well.

 Just one of the vibrant murals displayed in Eastern Market from back in October. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

Just one of the vibrant murals displayed in Eastern Market from back in October. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

All of the funds from the event will go solely to the Murals in the Market cause— unify the residents and business owners of Eastern Market by the power of public art, encourage year-round liveliness, increase activity and economic impact in the neighborhood, harness underused spaces, and create a stronger bond throughout the community.

Our very own Candice Simons is part of the hosting committee, along with Chef Marc Djozlija (Wright and Co.), Dan and Vivian Carmody (Eastern Market Corporation), Rick and Yolanda Williams (Distinct Life/Cream Blends), Paige Lustig (PageBoy), and Melinda Anderson (Detroit Month of Design).

 We're (almost) as excited as Candice for the first annual Paint to Table dinner! Photo via  @muralsinthemarket  on Facebook

We're (almost) as excited as Candice for the first annual Paint to Table dinner! Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

The event itself is sold out, but don't fret if you don't have tickets! A block party to support Murals in the Market will go down on September 15th, presented by Paxahau, 1xRUN, and Detroit Hustles Harder. There will be live music too, with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Sheefy McFly, and more.

Hope you're ready to have some super jel friends over some one-of-a-kind chairs.

Wine, dine, and keep paintin' on,



XERISCAPE in the Belt


XERISCAPE in the Belt

Detroit has a bad ass line up of free concerts happening this summer!


 photo via Facebook events  Xeriscape: Public Matter

photo via Facebook events Xeriscape: Public Matter

 Visuals meet Music for this line up of artists that will be taking over the Belt this Saturday, June 23rd starting at 6 pm.

This summer exhibition connects the outdoors with inside spaces through large scale art work and live performances. 

The artist are each considered strong members of the contemporary art world who are being brought together to represent varied perspectives on gender, race, identity. materiality, space and form. 

The concert is going to be a RAGER. I'm V excited to see bevolve, Mother Cyborg && ADULT. tear it up.

Let's F'n Dance in the Alley --

xox- Lately with Lo