Off-Beaten Paths of Things to Do in Detroit


Off-Beaten Paths of Things to Do in Detroit

I don’t know about you, but when I visit a city, one of my last priorities is seeing the top tourist attractions. I want to see the underside of the city, with all its beautiful grit, and, something tells me that there are few cities where that underside is quite as glorious as in Detroit. If you are planning on visiting the city, and want to find out about a few things you can do, which may just happen to be on the less traveled path, read on for some suggestions. 

St. Agnes Church: Built in the early 1920’s, this gothic inspired church has seen its share of tough times. After a police raid at a nearby drinking establishment, many buildings in the area burned to the ground. Although the church was relatively unharmed, many fled from the neighborhood and the building fell to disrepair. Now abandoned, it stands it in its hauntingly beautiful glory and is well worth a visit. 

 The insider view of St. Agnes church. Photo via hrnick on  Atlas Obscura

The insider view of St. Agnes church. Photo via hrnick on Atlas Obscura

The Dequindre Cut Greenway: The Greenway is an urban recreational path that serves as a pedestrian link between Detroit’s Eastern Market, Riverfront and other neighborhoods. It is known for its urban artwork and graffiti which is encouraged by the area’s construction project manager. There are plans to extend the 1.35 mile path and a section is being reserved for future public transit. 

 Who's up for the scenic route? Photo via  Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Who's up for the scenic route? Photo via Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Crow Manor: Crow Manor is a collective made of artists, musicians and activists. It holds workshops and  puts on performances throughout the year. Best known of these was the Crownival, a large party that was held at a Victorian mansion in the area. 

 The bustle of people in and out of Crow Manor isn't uncommon. Photo via  Atlas Obscura

The bustle of people in and out of Crow Manor isn't uncommon. Photo via Atlas Obscura

Eight Mile Wall: This wall was built in 1934 by local developers as a means to segregate a black neighborhood and a white neighborhood. Although the wall is not eight miles, nor does it run alongside Eight Mile Road, it is known as the “Eight Mile Wall’” in reference to the epicenter of Detroit’s segregation. Although racist policies have since been abolished, and the neighborhoods the wall currently divides are both mostly black, the wall still stands as a harsh reminder of the racial divisions of the past and present. However, it’s original white paint has since been replaces by colorful murals that send a message of unity, community and progress. 

 The "8 Mile Wall" is nothing less than vibrant and historic. Photo via Jamie Wasilchenko for  The Clio

The "8 Mile Wall" is nothing less than vibrant and historic. Photo via Jamie Wasilchenko for The Clio

Giant Cow Head: This giant cow head, which was designed to resemble “Elsie” the Borden cow, sits atop an abandoned ice cream shop which restored for the movie 8 Mile in 2002. The shop has remained empty ever since the production wrapped.  The cow is located on 13099 Mack Avenue.

 A vegetarian's worst nightmare. Photo via Detroit Video Daily

A vegetarian's worst nightmare. Photo via Detroit Video Daily

Geodesic Dome Home: Looking more like a giant blue igloo, this house stands near the Michigan Central train depot in a neighborhood where nothing else in modern. Built by Parkii Helene Gillis and husband Leo Gillis (brother of famous musician Jack White), the undertaking was no easy feat. However, the total building costs amounted to less than $90,000 and is fairly cheap to maintain. The couple is open to giving tours to neighbors and tourists that pass by. 

 Geometric and blue houses, anyone? Photo via  Atlas Obscura

Geometric and blue houses, anyone? Photo via Atlas Obscura

If you are planning on visiting the Detroit area, these are all great recommendations that are sure to make for a unique vacation experience. Here at J'adore, we love the underbelly of the city, and these destinations hit just that.



Modern Pet Photography with Kat Ku

Not too long ago, our very own Allie Jagger and her beautiful, amazing Bernice Mountain Dog Molly got to meet with the very talented Kat Ku for a photoshoot!

 Allie and Molly (Make sure to follow Molly’s Instagram page, @mollygracetheberner)

Allie and Molly (Make sure to follow Molly’s Instagram page, @mollygracetheberner)

In 2011, Kat decided to combine two of her passions— animals and photography— and start documenting pets and their owners as part of a modern pet photography business. Kat aims to keep her business fresh by shying away from pet photography norms, such as funny outfits, and keeping her work focused on the personalities of the pets and their relationships with their owners.

Kat did a great job with capturing the warm, happy, and energetic spirit of Molly (aka the most photogenic dog ever). Here are some of the beautiful shots she took for us:

Kat has worked with over a hundred dogs and cats, and has also photographed some other animals such as turtles, guinea pigs, and ferrets. She also donates her time and talent to various animal non-profits, including Humane Society of Huron Valley; Michigan Humane Society, the Ozone House, and Friends of Detroit Animal Control Center.

To book a session with Kat, you can reach her at

The following are links Kat’s website/social media:




(Web-Res For Jadore Detroit Use Only) Kat Ku Photography - MG_04.jpeg

Thanks, Kat! Molly had a great time, and she’s never looked better!



j'adore Detroit visits the Lash Lounge West Bloomfield!

We were given an amazing opportunity to visit the new Lash Lounge in West Bloomfield, and J'adore Detroit's very own Allie Jagger got to experience getting lash extensions for the first time!

So, the Lash Lounge in Bloomfield Hills just opened this past August, and can we just say, the space is so pretty! The atmosphere  is very cozy and relaxing, while still being extremely clean and professional-- aka, everything you could want for a spa-like environment.

The staff is so welcoming and accommodating! As soon as we walked in, we were greeted warmly and offered a beverage. Clients are also offered blankets during their stay so they don't get too cold. Talk about cozy!

Alright, onto the lash extensions:

Each session takes about 2 hours, depending on the set of lashes you pick. The whole process is gentle relaxing, as you lay back and keep your eyes closed. In the end, you have full, natural looking voluminous lashes. It is recommended that you get a fill every 2-3 to keep your lashes looking their best, and a fill only takes about 30 to 60 minutes!

Doesn't she look great?! Thank you so much, Lash Lounge of West Bloomfield!

Visit for all the info you need, including a very helpful FAQ! To contact the West Bloomfield Lash Lounge, call 947.888.9465 or email


Fall Hair Don't Care


Fall Hair Don't Care

With the changing of the seasons comes a changing of the hair. It’s a way for us ladies to transitions from suntans and sun kissed strands into fall with a look ready to SLAY the season.

If you’re looking for some hair inspo for the upcoming season, here is a guide to the seasons hottest hair colors, styles and accessories.


Just Peachy

 photo credits  @lorenmiles / Via

photo credits @lorenmiles / Via

Blondes are making a fiery transition into the season by spicing up their look with hues of true peach and strawberry blonde. It is easy to add red, but harder to transition out of. So, remember to start subtly – a little goes a long way

Seeing Red

Brunettes are also adopting the red trend with a transition away from the bayalage and ombre looks that have been dominating the hair game for the last couple years. Think shades of syrup, cinnamon and mahogany to fire up your brown hair this fall.



Blondes Stay Bright

Platinum blonde has been all the rage this summer with icy hues and frosty strands being paired with tanned skin and summer glows. Blondes can stay bright this season by adding warmer tones. Adding soft and natural roots that transition into lighter and bright ends will compliment fairer complexions that will come with the colder season.

 photo credits via  Good Housekeeping

photo credits via Good Housekeeping

From Silver to Smoke

Silvery shades of sterling and pearl was one of the most daring trends in color over the summer months. Our grey loving sisters can carry this look into the colder months by transitioning from bright silver to a darker shade of smoke. These tones can be maintenance intensive, but you can opt for less upkeep by adding a more natural looking root.

 photo credits via  Southern Living magazine

photo credits via Southern Living magazine

If you are interested in sliver, but prefer a more natural look, go for the griege trend that incorporates a blending of grey and beige.

Shiny in Satin

After a summer of playing in the sun, strands are left bleached out and dry AF. Give your hair a rest by going with an all over shade of dark brown. However, this season is all about the shine. If you go for this simple and sleek look, keep it sexy by adding a gloss treatment every two-three weeks. You can visit the salon or use at home treatments like these from Olaplex and John Frieda.

 photo credits via

photo credits via

Making the Cut

Bring on the Bangs

Fall brings crisp air and weather that is less humid than the summer months, making it the ideal season for women to get bangs. This can be a risky move due to the extensive up keep that comes along with taking the plunge. Baby short bangs are popping up all over the place, but those with textured hair looking for easy grow out and management can opt for curtain bangs.

 Keep It Centered

Its astounding how much a simple flip of the hair can change your look. Whether you pair it with fringy curtain bangs or a simple sleek look, center parts are where its at this season. Pair it with the popular mid-length cut for a simple yet classic look.

Cool Girl Bob

  Photo Credit:    @mcchrismcmillan   /Cosmopolitan Magazine

Photo Credit: @mcchrismcmillan/Cosmopolitan Magazine

Ever since Jennifer Anniston coined “the Rachel” haircut, bobs have been the epitome of the cool girl haircut. This season the bob is going to shorter lengths that flatter all different hair styles.

Although some may want to stay away from the triangle bob cut, this is actually a great option for ladies with curly and wavy hair wanting to rock the look. Look to girl crush Karla Deras Chambers, the owner of the Line By K for curly hair inspo.

 photo credits

photo credits

Asymmetrical bobs have not gone away. This look is typically shorter in the back and longer in the front. I like the look that takes it to the next level by making it longer on one side. Be cautious before jumping into this cut though. If you’re like me, my hair experiences the most breakage around my face and this is where you will want your hair to be the strongest to pull the look off.

Styling Trends

 Put a Pin on It

 photo credits via

photo credits via

 Bobby Pins, head bands, scarves and bows are a great way to dress up a simple ponytail or messy bun. Thanks to Alexander Wang’s recent runway show, the uncool is cool again. Rock those claw clip’s mami.

A Play on Ponytails

 photo credits via

photo credits via

Don’t worry if you’re running behind. There are plenty of ways to rock a pony tail and still look fab. Feel free to roll out of bed and slick your hair into a sleek pony, leaving the ends in their natural texture.

Top Knots are also here to stay (and witch good reason.) Pair the easy updo with a bright red lip and a cozy sweater for a fail proof look that says, “I’m comfy and cute AF at the same time.”

Summers over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have hair so shiny it will blind a B.

Here’s to fall time & hair flips,

xxxo lately with lo


36 hours in Windsor with Hungry In Detroit


36 hours in Windsor with Hungry In Detroit

Hi Guys, Shanley from Hungry in Detroit here!

I realized a couple of months back I had never visited our Canadian neighbors directly to the south (yes, south) of us. So I recruited my friend to join and headed just a couple miles across the river to Windsor, Ontario. We had such a great time that I wanted to share my agenda with you guys! So here it goes!  

We crossed the border around 8:30 am after about 45 mins of travel. What is a girl to do that early on a Saturday morning you ask? BRUNCH, obvs. So we headed to Taloola Cafe. Really great coffee and tea. Cheesy french toast. YES, PLEASE. The sweetness of the maple syrup paired with the slightly salty cheese was to die for! Super cute place inside as well - it’s eclectic and comfortable - a place I would want to chill all day.

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.01.19 AM.png

Next stop, the Art Gallery of Windsor, where we got to see “The Sandwich Project” that features original Andy Warhols and other bad ass, food-centric pieces. I’m a big fan of art in all forms, but I’ve always loved Warhol after studying contemporary art for an entire semester in Europe.

After the museum we were ready for a beverage so we headed to the JP Wiser’s Experience to tour their absolutely massive distillery. It was cool to be able to get behind the scenes on how it all goes down in the distilling world. I love whiskey so I was in my happy place. They have a tasting room that looks out to the Detroit River which is also really special.

It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Canada without some poutine so we hit up The Dirty Poutine Experience put on by Windsor Eats. We started out at Malic's with their “Deli” poutine which is topped with homemade smoked beef brisket. SO GOOD. Second stop was at Mazaar where they had a Mediterranean poutine, a nice spin on the classic which I appreciated. I wasn’t aware there were so many genres of poutine! I’m sitting there thinking,”Ok Canada, you have my attention, let’s have a poutine party!” Next up was Bread MEATS Bread which had my favorite poutine on the tour, a gnocchi poutine. They’re opening a new location in Detroit Shipping Co. very soon, something I’m super excited about! Last stop of The Dirty Poutine tour was Phog Lounge, where they have several takes on this classic Canadian dish. If you’re into spicy foods, definitely get the “Hot Lips” with pepperoni, hot peppers and hot sauce! Best “tour” ever, next to the Grateful Dead of course.

Fully stuffed, we finally went to check into our room for the night, at the Holiday Inn Express Windsor Waterfront. A perfect place to stay in downtown Windsor with a great view of my fave city, DETROIT. After a quick 30 min power nap, we headed to the Windsor Sculpture Park for a beautiful walk among some very cool, creative sculptures that line the waterfront. The thing that’s cool about Windsor’s side of the river is that it’s almost all taken up with parks and walking paths. We actually walked the path a couple miles down the river to dinner at F+B Walkerville.

F+B Walkerville was truly a wonderful experience; we sat at the bar. The bartender was super knowledgeable about the food and beverage program. Brussels sprouts were on point along with the oysters. 10/10 and would highly recommend. We walked our way back down the river to see Detroit’s lights at night. I’m telling you, nothing beats that view!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 9.07.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 9.07.55 PM.png

We woke up feeling great and headed out to The Twisted Apron to do what we do best. BRUNCH. AGAIN. After the previous day’s feasts, we had to start out with a kombucha and some coffee and then got into the heavier stuff, a Bloody Caesar. A Bloody Caesar is like a Bloody Mary only mixed with Clamato, a clam spiked tomato juice instead of the regular tomato juice. It was the perfect start to a Sunday in Windsor.

Post meal we went to Urban Art Market & Shop Eco. At Urban Art Market they have dozens of local purveyors in the space. There is pottery, knitted clothing, jewelry, the whole works. I ended up buying an air plant holder that I absolutely love. Shop Eco has a bunch of all-natural beauty brands and was a super cute space. Another thing that’s great about shopping in Canada is that the exchange rate totally rocks and everything ends up being really affordable.

We had such a blast all weekend that we decided to top it off with some wine. Did you know that just about 40 minutes from the Ambassador Bridge is a booming wine region known as EPIC Wine Country which stands for Essex Pelee Island Coast? This area sits on the same latitude as the Mediterranean and is nestled along Lake Erie. The weekend we visited, the EPIC Vintage Tasting was taking place at Vivace Estate Winery. They had food, they had cheese, they had live music and an absolutely gorgeous setting. Beautiful property with excellent wines from all over the region and great company. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 9.14.30 PM.png

Windsor Essex, all in all, is a pretty cool place. Hit me up on Instagram if you need any further recommendations from my trip!

Peace & poutine,




Murals in the Market 2018: You Don't Want to Miss It

Can you believe that the 4th annual Murals in the Market is less than one week away? We at J’adore Detroit are SO excited.

According to the website,, “Murals in the Market is more than an international mural festival, it’s a creative platform that inspires and encourages community engagement using public art as a vessel.”

Murals in the Market is a collaborative festival that incorporates mural creation with fun activities such as dinners, block parties, meet and greets, panel discussions, and nighttime festivities. It’s based in Eastern Market and runs from September 13th to the 22nd. Murals in the Market will include 10 days of art creation, bringing both national and international artists to the city of Detroit for this event.

Click here for the full 2018 artist roster!

In an attempt to beautify Eastern Market, Murals in the Market has brought traffic to the lesser known parts of the city, including businesses and areas that have gone relatively unseen. The Smithsonian named Murals in the Market "one of the top mural festivals in the world".

According to the festival website, this year’s festival is presented by and/or supported by “the William Davidson Foundation,the Knight Foundation,  1xRUN, Eastern Market Corporation, Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, Quicken Loans, Montana Cans, Motor City Paint, Detroit Lions, Brooklyn Outdoor, Detroit Hustlers Harder, Paxahau, Green Living Science, Faygo, Community Push, Our Issue, Utopia Gardens, Southern Wine and Spirits, Motor City Brewing Works, ACLU, Community Push, Detroit Lions, Airea, Haworth, MEDC, DEQ Magazine, Fenner, Melstrom and Dooling, and Inside/Out.”

This year, Murals in the Market is going to be bigger and better, with much more for the public to do. Here is a list of some different Murals in the Market events:

  • September 12th at 6 pm: Murals in the Market Artists Welcome BBQ

    Join us at 1xRun’s new home, just east of Eastern Market, for a backyard barbecue! This event will serve as a warm welcome for this year’s participating artists, and it’s a great opportunity to chill, have a hot dog and a beer, and listen to music provided by 1xRun CEO, Jesse Cory. It’s a nice preparation for all of the exciting events to follow!

For the exact address of the event and more information, check out the Welcome Back BBQ event page

  • September 13th at 9:30 pm: Artist Meet and Greet

    Mingle with the 2018 Murals in the Market crew and artists with a patio cocktail reception at Bakersfield Detroit! This is your chance to interact with those that are making the magic happen for this year’s event, and it’s the perfect little kickoff for the next 9 days.

    The event is sponsored by Del Maguey, and it runs from 9:30 pm to midnight. More info is on the event’s Facebook page, which is linked here.

  • September 14th at 7 pm: Opening Party and Print Show Opening

Click here for the event page on Facebook

This event is your chance to take Murals in the Market home with you... well, sorta! From 7pm to 11 pm, 1xRun will be showcasing some of the participating muralist’s artwork, and there will be signed, limited edition art prints available for purchase. This event takes place at 1550 Winder, right in Eastern Market, it’s free, and all ages are welcome! There will also be music provided by Music provided by Chuck Flask (Paxahau) and photographer Ricky Powell.


  • September 15th at 10 am: Murals in the Market and Green Living Science Kid's Workshop
 Photo via "Murals in the Market and Green Living Science Kid's Workshop" on Facebook

Photo via "Murals in the Market and Green Living Science Kid's Workshop" on Facebook

Murals in the Market is teaming up with Green Living Science to provide a hands-on, creative art project for kids! This event takes place at Eastern Market Shed 3 and runs until 3 pm. Full event info is on the event’s Facebook page

Green Living Science’s mission is to teach children about waste and recycling, and Murals in the Market is very excited to work with an organization with such important values.


  •  September 15th at 5 pm: Murals in the Market Family Reunion Block Party

Click here and here for more info

This is the event you DO NOT want to miss. 1xRun, Detroit Hustles Harder, The Crofoot, and Paxahau are presenting the Family Block Party, an all ages, family-friendly block party featuring artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Dez Andres, Midnight Magic, and more! The event will mix musical and visual art, with activations featuring Trae Isaac, Clifton Perry, Armageddon Beach Party, Detroit Electronic Quarterly, and more. There will also be plenty of food trucks, bars, and other vendors. The event takes place in the heart of the Market, at Division Street between Orleans and St. Aubin, and it runs as late as 2 am.

Presale tickets are currently available on See Tickets 

  • September 16th at 3 pm: Our Issue: Public Art and Combatting Sexual Violence in Detroit

This panel will feature Our Issue mural artist, Sydney G. James and Detroit community leaders to discuss combatting sexual assault in the city/community, and how art will play a role in that fight. Speakers will include:

Kalimah Johnson, the Executive Director of the Sasha Center
Kim Hurst, Executive Director of Wayne County Safe
Sydney G. James, Artist/Murals in the Market alum

The event takes place at 1550 Winder. More info is here.

  • ALSO September 16th at 6 PM: Sunday Funday at the Detroit Shipyard

DJ Bleek will be providing the music for this event as you enjoy art, food, and drinks at the Detroit Shipyard. Murals in the Market crew members and artists will also be in attendance—it’s the perfect opportunity to have an interesting conversation.

For more info about the Detroit Shipping Co., the Shipyard, and more, visit the event’s Facebook page

  • September 17th at 9 pm: Lincoln Street Art Park Bonfire

    The Murals in the Market crew is back for more good times and good conversations for a bonfire at the Lincoln Street Art Park. This should be a chill event, accompanied by some great tunes. The event runs until midnight.

Click here for more info!

  • September 18th at 9 pm: Murals in the Market Drinks with the Crew

    The MITM crew and artists will be celebrating at Hamtramck’s coolest new bar, The High Dive! Fun fact, the bar is owned by MITM alum SharkToof. With music curated by Jefferson Davidson, it should be a good time. Click here for the address and other info.
  • September 19th at 6 pm: Community Push Skate Activation Kickoff

During the week of Murals in the Market, Community Push director Derrick Dykas and his team are building an entire skatepark in the alley behind the Red Bull House of Art, which will be open to the public during the week of the fest. It’ll truly be a sight to see. Come check it out and learn more

  • September 20th at 6 pm: Eastern Market After Dark/Murals in the Market Closing Party

The closing party of this year’s Murals in the Market festival will coincide with the Detroit Design Festival's Eastern Market After Dark.
Enjoy sounds by DJs Haylo and LadyMonix while you enjoy the works of this year’s artists. Also, cocktails by Southern Wine and Spirits are available for you to enjoy. Murals in the Market swag by Detroit Hustlers Harder and signed artists’ prints will be available to purchase as well! End Murals in the Market the right way.

 Photo via  Eastern Market After Dark  on Facebook

Photo via Eastern Market After Dark on Facebook

  • September 22nd at 12 pm: Murals in the Market Presents Citywide Poets

Murals in the Market will be collaborating with with InsideOut Literary Arts Project to present performances by award-winning young poet collective Citywide Poets. Six unique, young poets will read their poems in front of different murals throughout Eastern Market, combining visual art with the art of spoken word.

According to the event’s Facebook page, “Citywide Poets is a program by InsideOut Literary Arts, a nationally recognized hub of creativity for K-12 students in Detroit who are curious about exploring their worlds through the power of poetry.”


There will also be a series of walking tours on September 22nd and 29th to showcase all of the Eastern Market murals. It’s a chance for the public to learn more about the murals, the artists, the festival, and the market. The tour takes place at the festival HQ at 1550 Winder. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Cameras are permitted, but crediting artists when posting pictures is strongly encouraged.

Specific dates/times and tickets are available here.

We know that MITM really amped up the events this year. If you can't make all of them, we really suggest you make it out to a few, especially the Family Reunion Block Party, which is all new this year.

J'adore Detroit is proud to call Eastern Market home. Let's celebrate it together.

See you next week ;)





All Things in the Alley: Your Dally in the Alley 2018 Guide

 Photo from  Dally in the Alley 2018  on Facebook. Art by Brian Taylor

Photo from Dally in the Alley 2018 on Facebook. Art by Brian Taylor

There’s nothing like ringing in this September like attending Detroit’s largest community held festival—Dally in the Alley! This Saturday, September 8th (the first Saturday after Labor Day, as always) is the 41st annual Dally, and let me tell you, we are so excited! While patiently counting down the days, we thought it would be good practice to give you a guide to the festival, whether you’ve never been before, or you have been but want to know what to expect this time around.

 Dally 2016. Photo from  Dally in the Alley  on Facebook

Dally 2016. Photo from Dally in the Alley on Facebook

            Dally in the Alley is 12 full hours of art, music, food, and beer, beginning at 11 am and ending at 11 pm. If you want to stay for the full 12 hours, totally up to you! We do suggest that if you’re bringing children, come earlier in the day because the festival gets pretty packed pretty quickly and is very busy at night.  Also, plan ahead, because parking in Midtown can get pretty tricky with the amount of people coming out for the festival.

            Dally takes place in the Cass Corridor, between Forest Avenue and Hancock and between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave/Anthony Wayne. There are two entrances/exits: one right by Third Street Bar at Forest and 3rd, and near Marcus Market on 2nd between Prentis and Forest.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.14.01 AM.png

This interactive map on the Dally website will show you where the beer, stages, bathrooms, and first aid are.

            There are three different stages for music at this year’s Dally. 30+ performers are split between the different stages. The acts I’m looking forward to include GIRL FIGHT (2:15 pm) and Mexican Knives (9:00 pm) at the Garden Stage, Uncle Gael and the Politicians (5 pm) and Liquid Monk (6 pm) at the Alley Stage, and Fyiah (8:30 pm) at the Forest Stage.

Dally is the perfect place to get food from some of the best Detroit spots. Food vendors this year include Amicci’s (pizza), Sno Biz (shaved ice), Detroit Shrimp and Fish, Full Course Catering, Majestic Cafe, People's Pierogi Collective, Yum Village (Afro-Caribbean cuisine), RollUp! Truck (food truck catering), Nosh Pit (vegan), and Union Street (American classics).

 Photo from  Amicci's Pizza  on Instagram

Photo from Amicci's Pizza on Instagram

Dally in the Alley does not disappoint when it comes to things to do and look at. The festival will be lined with tables and booths with artists and vendors selling goods, including t-shirts, wall art, and more. My favorites have always been the vintage clothing booths and the cheap, used records for sale.  Creativity in Detroit is limitless, and Dally in the Alley is a perfect showcase and reflection of the innovation of the city’s people.

Finally, let’s talk about the one thing that inspires us all to come together and celebrate anything: BEER.  According to the Dally in the Alley Facebook page, the festival is once again working with Motor City Brewing Works to supply a variety of beers/drinks to its guest. Four different beers will be offered, as well as hard cider and a wine-cooler beverage. Different varieties of wine will also be served. Of course, other non-alcoholic beverages will be served including Faygo pop, bottled water, and more.

Perhaps the best part about Dally is that much of its proceeds go back into the community. The fest’s main sponsor is the North Cass Community Union (NCCU), an organization whose projects help improve quality of life for those who live in the area. For more information on the NCCU, visit its Facebook page.

 Photo from  NCCU  on Facebook

Photo from NCCU on Facebook

This year’s Dally in the Alley may be the best one yet, which is really saying something. According to the event's official Facebook page, the fest is bigger and better this year, featuring an expanded kids’ fair just outside the festival grounds, a new beer garden, and better sound on each stage. Another good thing is that the predicted weather for this year’s Dally is cooler than usual, with temps ranging in the 70s. We recommend you dress comfy and wear festival appropriate shoes—ones that can withstand dirt and a lot of walking.

Dally in the Alley is truly a Detroit event you do not want to miss, and it only happens once a year. We hope to see you there!

Get your Dally on!



P.S. If Dally doesn’t sound like your style, there are lots of other events happening in the area. One that piques our interest is The Dirtiest Most Bizarre Show That is Not in an Alley, Ever! This one-day festival is at the Old Miami from 12 pm to 12:30 am and includes an art fair, circus performances, dancers, live music and more. This is a 21+ event with a cover charge of $2 before 6 pm and $10 for the rest of the evening. Sounds like things could get pretty weird!




Labor Day the Right Way: Detroit Area Festivities for Labor Day Weekend

            Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, and for many, that means it’s time to end summer festivities with a bang. Labor Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years as a way to honor hard working citizens, so what better way to do that than to celebrate Labor Day in Detroit-- a city that is a true reflection of its hardworking, everyday people?  Luckily, there are so many different cool things to do in the Detroit area this Labor Day weekend, so if you don’t have any exciting up-north plans or don’t feel like getting the grill prepped for another backyard barbecue, don’t you fret! Here are some of our suggestions for how to spend Labor Day weekend in the Detroit area:


1.     Arts, Beats, & Eats

Royal Oak

August 31- September 3

Click here for event info

 picture via

The time has come again for one of the area’s biggest and most well-known festivals: Ford Arts, Beats, & Eats. The festival brings together both local and national artists, musical acts, and food exhibits for the entire Labor Day weekend.

Here, you can visit artists’ showcases at the Juried Fine Art Show, located at the southern end of the fest, and view beautiful local and national art in the form of paintings, ceramics, digital art, fabric art and clothing design, glass, jewelry, photography, and more.

If performances are more of your thing, then you’re in luck.  This year’s festival will have nine different stages for musical acts and performance art, ranging in different genres from alternative rock to R & B, country, contemporary, etc.  Stages include the Michigan Lottery National Stage, featuring well-known national acts such as AWOLNATION, Eddie Money, Everclear, Ben Folds, the Gin Blossoms, Matt Nathanson, and more. There will also be a DIA Kids Stage filled with fun activities and performances for the little ones.

When you get hungry and thirsty—and yes, you will get hungry and thirsty— there will be over 40 different vendors, both local and national, where you can grab a snack, meal, coffee, cocktail, treat, etc. Some of our favorite vendors that’ll be at this year’s Arts, Beats, & Eats include Imperial Ferndale, Atomic Coffee, and Sweetwater Tavern.

Admissions into the fest are extremely affordable and help raise money for local charities. On Friday the 31st, admission is free until 5pm, and after 5pm the price is $7.  On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 1-3, admission is $3 before 3pm, $5 after 3pm, and then is raised to $7 after 5pm.

The festival runs from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Friday through Sunday, and runs from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm on Labor Day. Check the Arts, Beats & Eats website for an event map, parking info, and more.

Hope to see you there!


2.     Detroit Jazz Festival

Hart Plaza, Detroit

August 31- September 3

Click here for event info

 picture via

picture via

This Labor Day Weekend, the 39th annual Detroit Jazz Festival will take place in Hart Plaza downtown. The event, presented by Quicken Loans and the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation, will feature 60+ different performances, including notable, authentic jazz artists and many up-and-coming artists as well. Artists featured at this year’s jazz fest are local, national, and even international.  One artist to watch is the festivals “Artist-in-Residence” Chick Corea, who has won 22 Grammy awards during his career.

Tickets to the event are free, but you can purchase VIP packages on the festival’s website. VIP perks vary by package, but include souvenirs, access to different special events, etc.

For the lineup schedule, road closures and other event info, visit or the event's Facebook page


3.     Hamtramck Labor Day Festival

Joseph Campau, Hamtramck

September 1-3

Click here for event info

 picture via  Hamtramck Labor Day Festival  on Facebook

picture via Hamtramck Labor Day Festival on Facebook

The city of Hamtramck is holding its 39th annual FREE Labor Day Festival from Saturday through Monday. Although Hamtramck is a little city, its citizens sure know how to party. Festivities include two separate stages with 40+ performances, a carnival that runs from noon to 9 pm each day, the Polish Day Parade (on Monday, starting at 1:30 pm), and the Hamtramck Yacht Club “canoe” races (canoes on wheels) down Joseph Campau.

For all you foodies and hungry people out there, there will be plenty of tasty food and drink vendors to satisfy your cravings.

Come celebrate Hamtramck’s rich history of hardworking people by attending this festival! Directions, more vendor information, and everything else you need to know is available on the fest’s website.


4.     Rodriguez at the Garden Theater

The Garden Theater, Midtown, Detroit

August 31

Click here for event info

 picture via @outofthebooth on Instagram

picture via @outofthebooth on Instagram

If festivals just aren’t your scene, or if you’re not looking for a full weekend extravaganza, perhaps you’d be interested in seeing an awesome concert at a beautiful theater? Rodriguez, a Detroit native, Wayne State alumni, and amazing musician,

will be bringing his folky, psychedelic rock stylings back to Detroit on Friday, August 31.

Rodriguez made his claim to fame in other countries from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. His fame has been resurging recently in the U.S., partially due to the 2012 Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which is centered around the musician.

The show is at the gorgeous Garden Theater, located on Woodward in Midtown, Detroit. The show starts at 7 pm, and all ages are welcome. Tickets are $45, and they are selling fast! Links for tickets and more show info is available on the event’s listing on the Garden Theater’s website.

Like I’ve said, the Detroit area is a great place to find something to do for the holiday weekend. If none of the above sound appealing to you, perhaps you’d enjoy eating a giant turkey leg at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, a pie eating contest at the Michigan State Fair, or gathering with a group at the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard. The most important thing, no matter what you end up doing, is that you send summer off in a memorable way.

Happy Holiday, everyone! Let’s get some sun and fun while we still can!



Falls Hottest Trends in Fashion


Falls Hottest Trends in Fashion


J'adore Detroit partnered up with Neiman Marcus and the DIA Founders Junior Council to discuss how to mix street style and the seasons hottest trends that people should look to when getting dressed for Fash Bash 2018. 

For the event, Candice and I pulled 12 pieces from Neiman Marcus's newest collection to show our favorite looks of the season. ICYMI here is the link for the segment we were featured on with Tati Amari on Live in the D -- CLICK HERE

We also got to partner up with the amazing Bruce Turner at his studio @btpstudiodetroit to capture the amazing looks. All the models seen above photographed by the talented man. 


Fash Bash 2018 had a true 80's vibe. From the music played to the looks worn across the runway, Neiman Marcus really payed homage to the throwback looks of the infamous decade. There were references to Madonna, Boy George and a young Brooke Shields. Below are some of my favorite looks from the Cat Walk. This year is all about the 80's power woman and the looks were fierce.


The models were the only things that looked incredible. The Lincoln After Glow Party was decked out in full on 80's party vibe with pink neon lights, disco ball and light up cotton candy from our friends at Spun Sugar Detroit. Check out more photos from the Lincoln After Glow Party at #lincolnafterglow


Plaid – We’re not talking about 90’s grunge. This season is all about channeling your inner Cher from “Clueless.” Think bright and bold prints, wide plaid and statement pants.

 channel your inner Cher and Dion this fall with bold plaids. Photo credits

channel your inner Cher and Dion this fall with bold plaids. Photo credits

Seeing Red – The color of the season is red. Monochromatic looks are going to be huge. Head to Toe color of passion is the look to own. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with the full on look, a red over the knee boots is a real show stopper.

Take it to brown town – I really struggle with adding anything besides black into my wardrobe over the winter months. Fear not though. Blacks sister/cousin color, Brown is stealing the show this Fall. Think head-to-toe looks of layered shades of mahogany, chocolate and chestnut.

P.S.—Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot wear black and brown together – They work.

Ditch the beanie – Let’s face it. As cozy as it is to wear the cozy skullcap, it doesn’t really serve a look. Trade in your hat from college freshman year for a brimmed and bucket hats.

Sequin sparkles this season – Designers show us that sequin is no longer just for nighttime with looks that let you shimmer during the day. Blazers, bombers and tanks paired with relaxed jeans and joggers are a great way to look effortlessly cool.

If you dare, take a transition into night with the glitterati boots that scream “take a walk on the moon space mama.”

Vintage Furs – I’m not talking fur frills, collars and extreme accents. Bring it back to basics with fur coats that are just that. Think Gwyneth Paltrow in “Royal Tenenbaums.” Seriously, has anyone ever looked cooler?

 Margo from Royal Tenenbaums is the epitome of cool in her fur jacket. Photo Credits

Margo from Royal Tenenbaums is the epitome of cool in her fur jacket. Photo Credits

Be Jeweled --This fall is all about rich velvets and jewels tones. Peacock colors are a vibrant way to transition from summer into the cold weather months with fun colors that compliment everyone.

Florals – look beautiful in blooms even after everything frosts over. Florals can be worn two ways this fall. Couch florals are all the rage this season with inspo being pulled from your great aunts living room. Also, the Russian Doll look with detailed florals and fur collars is absolutely adorbes.


Keep it Stylish Detroit,

xoxo Lately with Lo



Napa + Sonoma - Travel Guide


Well — I just got back from wine country and it did not disappoint.  There is nothing that does more for the soul than a trip with your BFFs - so I packed up two 30-year friendships and hopped a flight to San Francisco.  


When we made it to Napa from SFO, we immediately enjoyed lunch at the local staple - Gott’s Roadside.  This staple is famous for the burgers and who are we to argue?  It was the perfect first meal as we were hungry from the early flight and drive.  Everything was just as pictured - burgers, hot dog, fries, and hand-spun local shakes.  There is always a line, but it is worth the wait.  Come hungry. We then meandered around Oxbow Market where there are super cute restaurants where you can pick out your meat and/or fish that you want and how you want it prepared on the spot, an oyster bar, tons of fresh produce and snacks, desserts, local ice cream, and the cutest little cocktail tasting bar - Napa Valley Distillery.  I found an amazing creme de violette that they make in house that was pure insanity (aka - loved it).  This is a fantastic spot to pick up some local gifts to bring home to the family or keep for yourself.  

Pro tip: Make sure when you drive from Napa down through the small cities to keep a look out

Later on, we went to our next stop on our food crawl after checking into our hotel and had an amazing dinner at Farmstead.  This restaurant + winery is known for it’s farm-to-table eats and yummy cocktails. We tried some of their wines and really enjoyed them as well as the cocktails. The ribs, gnocchi, fresh farm salad, and pork chop were top notch.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up for all.  On premise, you can walk through their gardens, shop the general store, enjoy their cafe, and just take in the gorgeous surroundings.  We weren’t quite done unwinding from our travels, so we ventured across the street and found The Charter Oak.  OBSESSED - literally. This place nailed the vibe we were looking for between the indoor and outdoor seating areas and fire pit.  This was a totally different vibe than the charm of farmstead, but is a great next stop following a fantastic dinner.  The Charter Oak drink menu was limitless and highly curated, which I love.  

Pro tip: order the Mezcal + Tarragon from The Charter Oak (Tarragon infused mezcal, yellow chartreuse, pimento dram, tequila, charred pineapple) 

So before I get into our day trips, i’d like to return to our driver: Susan.  After extensive research, we landed on My Napa Valley Driver due to the outstanding Trip Advisor reviews and landing on the lower cost end for how highly the company was rated.  It was most economical for us to rent a car at SFO for the week and hire this company hourly to drive us around so we could indulge of course.  We had our days pretty much planned out before arriving but that was changed up quite a bit when we met Susan.  As soon as she arrived on the scene, her personality was explosive (in a good way of course). We went through our plan for our two Napa days and she quickly sized us up and switched up our itinerary a bit to ensure we were maximizing our day AND getting the best of the best in.  This was super helpful as there were hundreds of wineries to choose from between Napa and Sonoma - which made it difficult to narrow down our long list.     



Trinchero Winery - This was the perfect first stop for us.  What we didn’t realize from walking in and being one of two tastings in the room (four total tastings allowed at one time), is that this winery is part of a massive portfolio of long-standing wineries in the area with the largest distribution.  You would never know due to the attention and detail put into the tastings here.  I had been to Sonoma once years ago and have been to numerous wine countries and tastings; however, I wanted to experience it with fresh senses. This was one of the best places for education we went on our trip.  Our guide took the extra time to explain how to taste and what to look for when tasting that really set the tone for our four days.  AND — the wines were awesome.  Really nice big bold reds and complex whites. 

Elizabeth Spencer Winery - This was one of Susan’s recommendations.  We had seen it on the drive up and thought the branding was adorable and wrote it down, but when Susan recommended it- we knew we had to go.  It is a small shop - which we loved.  The story of the wine is just beautiful - it is a husband and wife who met over wine and landed on the coast to create magic.  The back courtyard is whimsy and we could have stayed there all day.  We really loved the wines we tasted and wanted to go back again during out stay, but didn’t have time.  This is one to check out - make sure to ask for the education and the story! For three single ladies, it gave us hope. 


Del Dotto Vineyards - Note there are multiple Del Dotto Winery and Cave locations.  We went to the St. Helena location and would highly recommend it.  The one in Napa is comprised of the oldest caves, but the one we went to are newer with a high end look making you feel as though you are in Vegas at the Venetian or Bellagio. Not necessarily our aesthetic, but was a really cool experience.  Our guide, Alex, was super fun and provided some amazing education as well where we really got to dive into reds.  The barrels are stored in the caves to maintain a temperature controlled climate until they are bottled.  The amount of variations of wine they make is truly remarkable for such a small shop.  It is very unique how they keep the barrels and people order from those exact barrels to the bottle.  This is very smart and probably saves a lot of waste as they can estimate demand more effectively.  As we walked through the cave, Alex asked our small group questions about what we like and what we don’t to chose the path we were going to take.  Each tour is different as there are so many wines to choose from.  With each barrel he chose, he explained what type of barrel the wine was aged in and how the flavor profiles were created.  I had never tasted different types of barrels next to each other (ie. French oak vs American oak using the same grapes).  There was such a huge difference and really interesting to taste and understand these tiny differences that change the wine so greatly.  The pours were huge and we “revisited” a lot of them.  

Pro Tip: Use the word revisit if you want more of anything before, after, or during the tasting. 

Pro Tip x 2: Stop and take photos in front of the Welcome to Napa Valley Sign if you see one.  Such fun and cute photos to take home with you.

St Helena Shopping - Such a cute downtown for shopping.  Definitely stop here and walk the few blocks to scope it out. For lunch, look for Goose and Gander.


Hot Air Balloon Ride over Napa Valley: Rise and shine!  We woke up before dawn and headed to Domaine Chandon for a hot air balloon ride and sparkling wine brunch on the beautiful grounds.  This was a total bucket list item for us and although pricey, was worth it completely.  We floated 3,000 feet above Napa Valley and gazed down at the fields upon fields of grapes, rolling hills, ocean, and beyond. We had our own little compartment in the balloon that each fits 4 adults (there were 16 of us on board) and our pilot.  It was a magical experience and surprisingly not scary at all (except at the beginning when we started going up).  Napa Valley Balloons is a very safe and well set up operation - you are in good hands. 

Solage, An Auberge Resort - Sol Bar - We drove up to this stunning location and had lunch and cocktails at Sol Bar.  The Chicken, Sole Tacos, and Buratta were amazing.  The cocktails were also epic.  This property is super high end so if you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful spot to spend your trip - this may be the ticket.  This area I guess has hot springs and a ton of spas - which I would have LOVED to scope. 

Castello di Amorosa - So we ended up stopping here in the afternoon. This is highly touristy so we didn’t taste or tour here.  We would recommend going first thing in the morning and walking the castle grounds because it’s so so cool, but hitting the road before the tourists come.  Worth seeing and driving up to get some pics. Plus - there were piglets. 

Oenetri - Great italian spot in downtown Napa - Pizzas and pasta = YUM.

Cadet Wine Bar - Also in downtown Napa - cute little wine bar with outdoor seating.  Older crowd. 

Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar - Rooftop at the Archer Hotel. Super cute store right next door that we loved. 

Mercantile Social - Classy lounge on the rooftop of the Andaz Hotel. Great vibe and fire pits. 

Downtown Joe’s and Napkins - Seem to be the only two places open late after 9/930.  Downtown Joes has live music and Napkins — well — you’ll just have to see it for yourself.  You’ll be transported back to college, so make sure you have had some cocktails before entering.



MacRostie Winery – This spot was recommended by our most fab driver and was a fast favorite.  In fact, I joined wine club I enjoyed it so much.  The views are spectacular and the clean, fresh design makes for an amazing overall experience.  It is perched up overlooking the rolling hills of Sonoma.  All of the wines were fantastic, and the tasting experience was really delightful. 

Gundlach Bundshu – AKA GunBun – We really enjoyed the property and taking photos. There are a lot of live music shows here, so would be nice to check one of those out while tasting wines. We only sampled one or two of the wines, so we can’t really speak to them.  Compared to a lot of the other places we had been on our voyage, we enjoyed GunBun, but LOVED some of the others much more.  Don’t discount this as a great stop though!

Scribe Winery – This was our absolute fave out of all of the wineries we visited.  Totally our style in the setting and the “look” and “feel” of the tasting house. It was very California “cool”.  The people were chic and knowledgeable.  We LOVED the wines and the food pairings with the food were amazing. I am still dreaming of the food.  Luckily, I joined the wine club here as well, so I can continue to enjoy the wines. 


Saint Clair Brown Winery & Brewery – Technically in Napa, but was on our way back from Sonoma.  Such a cute little gem we stopped at on the way back to Napa after our tastings.  We didn’t make it into the winery, but we did make it to this cute little stop.  We ordered some wines and cheese and enjoyed our evening chatting about the days that had passed. Great, cute little spot and super chic. 

Downtown Sonoma – We stumbled all over downtown Sonoma and it definitely deserves a half a day to explore.  Pro tip – wine and cheese plate at Sunflower Café 

I can’t wait to get back to Napa and Sonoma. Let us know if there are any amazing places we missed for next time!


Candice Simons
J’adore Detroit  



My Favorite Burger Spots in Metro-Detroit

There are foodies and then there are junk foodies, and unfortunately, I am the latter. My favorite junk food, or really just my favorite food in general, is a great cheeseburger—preferably medium rare with a fried egg on top. Detroit and its surrounding cities are full of diners, fast-casuals, and trendy restaurants to grab a delicious burger (and maybe a milkshake or beer… or two). Here is a list of some of my favorite burger spots in the metro-Detroit area (in no particular order): 

1.    Vinsetta Garage
Berkley, MI

 via  @vinsettagarage  on Instagram

via @vinsettagarage on Instagram

This old car garage turned restaurant serves pub grub with a modern twist, serving pizza, pasta bowls, and yes… cheeseburgers. With cool, industrial Detroit-style décor and a wide selection of craft brews, Vinsetta Garage is the perfect place to get a group of friends together for the evening. Be warned—this place gets packed every evening, so show up early!

What to order: 

“The 3 A.M.”- This burger is what started my fried egg, sriracha mayo obsession.  According to the Vinsetta Garage menu, this burger is a “half-pound Vinsetta blend patty, [with] Swiss, Woodshop MI maple bacon, topped with a fried cage-free egg & crispy fried onion strings, [and] Sriracha mayo”. If you like a messy burger (and let’s be real, some of the best burgers are the messiest ones), then this one is for you. My advice is to start with the loaded “Disco Fries” as an appetizer, or the chips n’ dip for lighter fare, and then order the 3AM with a side of Vinsetta’s award-winning “Union mac” n’cheese. You’ll be so full that you won’t be able to get off your couch, but in a good way.

2.    Checker Bar
Detroit, Michigan

 via  @checkerbar  on Instagram

via @checkerbar on Instagram

I consider Checker Bar’s burgers to be a secret weapon of sorts. Located on the corner of Cadillac Square and directly below my favorite barcade Pop + Offworld, Checker Bar is the dive bar of my dreams- a “true Detroit original”, according to the bar’s website. 

What to order:

There are two burgers I recommend on the Checker Bar menu. The first, because I’m predictable, is the “Breakfast Burger”:  a half-pound or third-of-a-pound ground beef burger with fried egg, mayo, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Brought to your table still piping hot, this burger is greasy perfection.

The second burger, for my barbecue fans, is the “Blues Burger”—with “blue cheese, sugar glazed peppercorn bacon, bourbon honey BBQ sauce”. This burger has a great combination of sweet, spicy, and salty that just… works. Ugh, I’m getting hungry.

 The Blues Burger via  @checkerbar  on Instagram

The Blues Burger via @checkerbar on Instagram

3.    Miller’s
Dearborn, Michigan

 via  @timemmaze  on Instagram

via @timemmaze on Instagram

I think most people would agree that Miller’s Bar has the best burgers in the city of Dearborn, and that’s really saying something, because Dearborn is full of amazing burger spots. The bar is a Michigan staple—serving beers and “no-frills” food for almost 80 years.

What to order: A burger. With cheese. And if you’re me, you also get pickles, ketchup, and mustard. Miller’s doesn’t mess around with different burger flavors. They just know how good they can make a standard burger and roll with that. 

 via  @hey_angela  on Instagram

via @hey_angela on Instagram

4.    Redcoat Tavern
Royal Oak, Michigan

 via  @feed_me_detroit  on Instagram

via @feed_me_detroit on Instagram

I think Redcoat is a great place to take a date… especially if your date has good taste in burgers. I guarantee that you could ask any metro-Detroiter and Redcoat Tavern would be in their top 10 for best burgers in the area, maybe even top 5. MLive awarded Redcoat Tavern with Detroit’s best burger, and Thrillest ranked it Number 9 of the best burger places in America

What to order: Everything at Red Coat Tavern is good. As far as Redcoat’s burgers go, I’ve always stuck with the “Classic”—a perfectly seasoned half-pound patty with a “special” mayonnaise sauce that is to die for. The menu allows you to customize your burger with a variety of different buns, cheeses, and toppings.  My preference is the Classic with cheddar, bacon, fried egg (duh, of course), and sometimes sliced avocado. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a side of mac n’ cheese with that beautiful burger of yours.

 via  @nic_1644  on Instagram

via @nic_1644 on Instagram

These are only a few of my go-to spots. Other honorable mentions include Dearborn’s Brome Modern Eatery and Taystee’s, Detroit’s Green Dot Stables and Mercury Burger & Bar, Livonia’s Bates Burgers, and more.
My list has so much room to grow, so please leave a comment telling me some of your favorite places as well! My fellow metro-Detroiters, aren’t we so lucky to live somewhere with so many different good food options? 
I’m going to go eat now.

Signing off and chowing down,



New in Town: Meet Eileen "Neens" Martin


New in Town: Meet Eileen "Neens" Martin

 Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hi everyone! My name is Eileen-- a lot of people call me “Neens” for short; you can too if you’d like—and I’m the new Communications and Events Intern at Brooklyn Outdoor and blogger for j’adore Detroit. I lived in downtown Detroit when I was just a baby, but have lived in the suburban, metro-Detroit area ever since. When I’m not busy being an intern, blogger and student, you can find me either thrift shopping or sipping on a vodka-soda at one of my favorite Detroit-area bars.           

I can be a bit introverted at times, but my main goal this past year has been to branch out and break out of my shell.  This applies both to my style and my life. I love patterns and bright colors (I’m usually wearing the color red), and I love mixing vintage pieces with modern looks. This year is also all about making things happen! Part of this is due to becoming more familiar with and falling in love with the city of Detroit. 

I am so excited to further experience this amazing city and to share my experiences with you. Stay tuned on j'adore Detroit for my upcoming adventures! You can also follow me on Instagram if you feel like gettin' social.

See you soon,

Eileen "Neens" Martin



Best Spas in Detroit

Detroit is a busy city! We love the excitement, but sometimes we have to get away from the hustle and bustle by taking a day…or even an hour, to enjoy a luxurious spa experience. Spa-ing is one of my favorite hobbies and I like to try them all (and often if I can!).  Luckily, Detroit has plenty of options. Read on to find out about some of the best spas in the metro area.  

D. Tour Spa: With 13,000 square feet of pure spa indulgence, you can be sure that D. Tour has a variety of options in spa treatment, one of which will be exactly what you are looking for! Located in MotorCity Casino and Hotel, choose from their dedicated lounges for thermal whirlpools, large steam rooms, dry saunas and rain showers. The spa also offers a number of specialized massages and body treatments which can offer detoxification, revitalization and a great way to get you back on your feet. 

 D. Tour is your classic luxurious spa with dry saunas and rain showers. Photo via  Forbes Travel Guide

D. Tour is your classic luxurious spa with dry saunas and rain showers. Photo via Forbes Travel Guide

Immerse Spa: Located in the city’s MGM Grand Hotel, this resort style spa includes a Technogym fitness zone and indoor infinity edge pool which contains exotic botanicals and customized aromatherapy treatments. Their spa services give new meaning to the words ‘massage therapy’ including guided relaxation, body scrubs and a Japanese tea ceremony. Salon services are available as well.

FACE: FACE is located in Bingham Farms and has a great vibe from the moment you walk in. Holly has made sure that every detail down to the linens is perfect and it shows.  She has a killer team across the board from the face side to the wellness side.  Highly trusted and recommended from personal experience.  I have tried services from almost all categories they offer and the end product is worth it 100%.

Woodhouse Day Spa: Guests know they are in for a treat when they enter the Woodhouse Spa. It all starts with a luxurious robe and a glass or wine. Clients can then choose from a variety of spa services including skin care, waxing, sleep treatments, massages, body, foot and hand treatments. Few can resist their Volcanic Stone Massage. 

Rivage Day Spa: Rivage is an oasis in Birmingham surrounded by shopping and fun.  This haven is one of our favorite traditional day spas with a great relaxation area fit for a day with the girls or a relaxing solo getaway.  I highly recommend the detox wrap service.  I keep going back for more and feel great after.

Meta Physica Wellness:  Meta Physica’s services include massages for couples, deep tissue, prenatal and more; full-spectrum infrared saunas with different programs tailored to clients’ needs, such as detoxification, weight loss and pain relief; and community acupuncture, which provides a more affordable option for people seeking treatment.  This haven is in the middle of the city in Corktown and is a must for the spa-goers in the city. 

The SchvitzOpen to members and guests since 1930, The Schvitz is Detroit’s original urban health club and the only historic bath house left in the city. A storied landmark and cultural institution for nearly 100 years, this old-world oasis still offers the very best in ancient heat therapies and holistic healing. Great food and camaraderie will complete your restorative stay. Come unwind, back in time. Ladies only, Coed, and Mens only days and times are available - so check the site for the schedule. 

Tamara Spa: Countering the more basic feel some, the Tamara Spa is a well known luxury spa, long time getaway for the rich and famous, and also a great treat for those looking for a high end experience. Tamara offers the very best of cutting edge treatments and offers services exclusively for teens, mothers-to-be, brides to be and couples. Also available are massages, facials, waxing, manicures and permanent makeup. 

Detroit Aesthetics Company Located in Plymouth, this med spa is dedicated to face, body, and wellness - beauty from the inside out.  You are in the best hands with Kyle and his team.  I love the range of services provided from the traditional spa side to the med side with all the lasers and cutting edge treatments.  

Om Spa: Heavily influenced by the world of Eastern Healing, Om Spa goes beyond just offering a variety of massage and facial treatments. It’s energy healing and calming services are also sure to prepare your inner self for anything the world throws its way. They also offer medical spa treatments including Botox, microdermabrasion, nonsurgical facelifts and more. 

Skintuition: I just visited this unique and cutting edge spa in Rochester last week and loved it. The attention to detail and modern facilities are second to none and they offer a variety of face and body services.  We highly recommend the dermaplaning and hydrafacial treatments.  

Margot European Day Spa: This luxury spa can be a treat for those who want to splurge in a decadent day of indulgence. Body wraps, facial treatments, waxing and hydrotherapy are also on the menu as are private parties, medical treatments and oncology services. The spa also hosts events outside of their location, designed to offer clients continued education on how to incorporate the pampering experience beyond the spa and into their homes.

 Body wraps and facials are must-tries at Margot European Day Spa. Photo via  Yelp

Body wraps and facials are must-tries at Margot European Day Spa. Photo via Yelp

If you are looking for a specific treatment, or just a day of relaxation, Detroit has a great selection of spas to choose from. Look and feel your best by visiting one of these locations soon. 

Let us know if we missed any of your faves!




SEEN Magazine -- Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop


SEEN Magazine -- Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop

SEEN Magazine really gets me. We share the same love for Detroit, so we decided to collaborate on a Corktown guide to help you navigate all the neighborhoods best spots. 

Thanks for the feature,

x's and o's Candice


Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop

Candice Simons, founder of Detroit lifestyle blog J’adore Detroit, gives the low-down on where to eat, drink and shop in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.


The Farmer’s Hand

 1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

The Famer’s Hand is Corktown’s neighborhood gourmet grocery and take-out counter located on Trumbull Avenue and Bagley. The store works to strengthen the relationship between shoppers and sources the food, beverages and products. The store has a farm-to-home commitment by sourcing 100 percent of its products from humane and organic small-t0-mid-sized food partners. 


1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

The sister restaurant of The Famer’s Hand, Folk was founded on the desired to create a space where people could dine around wholesome food and share experiences, and they nailed it. Folk’s menu offers a nourishing assortment of feel-good meals that are humane and organic. The restaurant also gives a nod to local favorites, Sister Pie and Reilly Craft Creamery ice cream, which I highly recommend ordering.

Mudgie’s Deli

1300 Porter St., Detroit

Mudgie’s Deli is a favorite in the city of Detroit, winning best deli in the city seven years in a row. The deli is open for lunch and dinner, serving salads, sandwiches and soups all made from mostly local products and in-house roasted meats. Mudgie’s also sells fine cocktails, more than 100 beers and boutique wines. Make sure not to miss out on their great patio during these warm summer months.



2520 Michigan Ave., Detroit

For an out-of-this-world experience, head over to Takoi. This Thai-inspired restaurant won a handful of awards as Katoi before becoming a victim of arson in 2017. Nonetheless, the restaurant reopened as Takoi, bringing the party back to the D. Check out the greenroom and patio for a great spot to gather with friends and listen to live DJs.

Bobcat Bonnie’s

1800 Michigan Ave., Detroit

If you’re looking for a DIY-type mimosa bar, Bobcat Bonnies is your place — offering a plethora of juice options to top off your bubbles. This place pays homage to the city, with a foundation built from bricks that come from a well-known Wayne county insane asylum, Eloise, and a game room sign from its old neighbor, Tiger’s Stadium.

Mercury Bar

2163 Michigan Ave., Detroit

In 2012, Mercury Bar brought life back to the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street. This burger joint located near Detroit’s historic train station is easily a favorite for Detroiters. Whether you’re in the mood for a burger, tater tots, milkshake or a brew — Mercury Bar has a great atmosphere and a patio that is open year-round.


2015 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Ima is your neighborhood noodle spot. This chef-driven restaurant located on Michigan Avenue features an ever-evolving menu of signature noodle soups, rice bowls, curries and small plates. This is another great place to hang out year-round on their covered patio.

Green Dot Stables

2200 West Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

Green Dot Stables is a classic for Detroiters. Whether you go for a chill night out with friends or for a visit after a Tiger’s game, this is like a rite of passage for visitors to the city. Not only is it a great place to hang out, but it is super affordable. The menu features a wide range of sliders for only a few dollars. If you’re brave, try whatever they are serving up for mystery meat that day.

Gold Cash Gold


2100 Michigan Ave., Detroit

For another taste of Corktown’s history, dine at Gold Cash Gold. The restaurant is in the former home of Sam’s Loans, a pawn shop that opened on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Fifth Street in the 1940s. If you’re lucky enough to get there in the summer months, it offers a great patio. However, no matter what time of year you visit, be sure to get their famous fried chicken.

Brooklyn Street Local

1266 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Brooklyn Street Local is a great spot to go for breakfast or lunch if you are in the Corktown neighborhood. The restaurant was built on the idea of serving only locally sourced food in an environment that is warm and friendly. They have a great menu and daily selections that come from Detroit urban farms.

Slows Bar BQ

2138 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Slows Bar BQ opened on the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street in 2005 and has since become a destination in the city. The smokehouse has a fresh spin on barbecue and an interior to match. Not only is Slows a great place to dine and gather, but it’s also an anchor for the revitalization of the city of Detroit.

Ottava Via

1400 Michigan Ave., Detroit

When it comes to Italian food, Ottava Via gets it right. This place has the charm of Italy with classic dishes served at an affordable price point. Ottava Via also has a great patio with a fireplace and bocce ball.


Astro Coffee


2124 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Astro is the cutest little coffee shop that rotates a cast of roasters from all around the country, including one of my favorites, Anthology Coffee. The shop offers a variety of drinks from lattes and pour overs, to Detroit-based Joseph Wesley Tea. All which pair great with their small selection of baked goods and sandwiches made from locally sourced and organic products. If those aren’t enough reasons to stop in, you won’t want to miss the hand-painted mural from Detroit’s beloved artist Ouizi.

Sugar House

2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Sugar House is the spot if you’re looking for a great craft cocktail. This speakeasy-type bar features the best versions of all the foundational drinks, as well a rotating seasonal selection that shows off the talents of the bartenders.

Motor City Wine

1949 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Motor City Wine has the best party patio in Corktown. The patio has a backyard vibe and comes equipped with a fire pit. You can also hang out inside and get down to some of the best DJs in town. The bar doubles as a wine shop and is one of the best places in town to buy vino to-go.

Two James Spirits


2445 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Corktown is Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, so it would only be right that it would be home to the city’s first distillery since prohibition. Two James Spirits has a tasting room that offers flights and craft cocktails where patrons can mingle around the distillery’s round bar. The distillery also offers tours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Batch Brewing Company

1400 Porter St., Detroit

Batch Brewing Company is the best place in town to stop for locally brewed beer. The brewery has a patio decorated with vines of hops that will be used to brew the beer they serve. Not only is the beer fantastic, but the food is brag-worthy. Get the nachos, you’ll thank me later.


George Gregory

1422 Michigan Ave., Detroit

If the man in your life isn’t shopping at George Gregory, then he should be. George Gregory is the perfect mix of great style and masculinity. The store owner, Caitlin Riney, has created a shopping atmosphere that makes everyone feel at ease. The store’s cool aesthetic is just as good as the clothing. Whether it be for a chill Sunday, formal event or a night out, this is definitely where to get male clothing that looks effortlessly cool.

Mama Coo’s

 1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

Mama Coo’s is a hip neighborhood vintage and resale boutique that carries one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. The store’s collection of clothing isn’t the only thing with history. Mama Coo’s owner, Lana Rodriguez, was born and raised in Southwest Detroit. Her grandparents lived in the storefront’s building when they first moved to the city from Mexico and Texas. Rodriguez continues to have one foot in business and the other in giving back to her community through involvement with local nonprofits.

Eldorado General Store


 1700 Michigan Ave., Detroit

This well curated general store is a one-of-a-kind vintage shop. Eldorado General Store is stacked with vintage clothing for men and women, worldly household items, locally made goods and other trinkets that reflect free spirits and magic. The outside of the store will make you wander in, but the great finds will make you stay awhile. 

Hello Records

1459 Bagley St., Detroit

There is something incredibly charming about browsing through a record store. Hello Records on Trumbull Avenue is the go-to friendly neighborhood record shop. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the eclectic selection of vinyl and shellac records are ever changing. Expect to come across music from all areas and speeds, but especially funky jams with a focus on party and dance music from the 1940s through the 2000s. The store even buys records with no appointment needed.

John K. King Used Book Store

901 W Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

In the age of iPads and Kindles, there is something nostalgic about a real book.  Since 1965, John K. King shared a love for books with the people of Detroit. He opened his first store in the Michigan Theatre, where scenes from Eminem’s movie “8 Mile” were filmed. Decades later, John K. King Used Books now has two storefronts, over a million books and two dogs who keep customers and workers company every day.

Metropolis Cycles

2117 Michigan Ave., Detroit

With a special thanks to Slow Roll founder Jason Hall, biking has become an increasingly popular and eco-friendly way to navigate the city. Whether you are in the market for a modern race bike or want to tune up your old school cruiser, Metropolis Cycles is the one-stop-shop for your needs. The friendly and experienced staff will help you with everything from building a bike or a tune up, to finding the right accessory. This place will have you rolling on two wheels in no time.


1401 Vermont St., Detroit

There is no lack of artists and creatives in Detroit. Ponyride is a nonprofit founded in a 30,000-square-foot building in Detroit’s Corktown. This warehouse-turned-activation space functions as an incubator and collaboration space for entrepreneurs in the community. Ponyride allows artists to grow, fail and mature, making the city a better place for all. Some of our favorite resident artists are The Lip BarNot Sorry Apparel and Motor City Soap.


CHARIVARI 2018 - AUG 17-19


CHARIVARI 2018 - AUG 17-19

Ready for another EDM dance party get down on the Detroit River?

Charivari returns to West Riverfront park Aug 17-19 to celebrate the city’s own DJ’s and producers born in Detroit.

 photo from Charivari 2016. Photo credits:

photo from Charivari 2016. Photo credits:

Charvari (pronounced Shahr-uh-vahr-ee) is a term that dates to the Middle Ages used to describe a loud ritual celebration, and that’s what it shall be. CALLING ALL THE PARTY PEOPLE to kick up some dust on the dance floor and let the bass consume you as the electronics pulses take over.

The festival typically takes place the first weekend in August. However, the hosts have had to make some slight changes to keep bringing you this musical celebration of electronic in its finest forms.

 photo credits:  @itmaehata

photo credits: @itmaehata

The past four years of Charivari have strongly benefitted from a combination of donations, paid attendance and local sponsorships that have allowed the festival to expand and develop. Due to the support of these sources and ticket and merchandise sales, Charivari is coming to you this year absolutely FREE.


However, you can pledge your support and love for the festivals mission by making a donation through the Charivari Go Fund Me account à

The Charivari 2018 lineup:

Bruce Bailey

Darrel Dwyer

Detroit Techno Militia – Tom Liner – DJ psycho

DJ Cent

DJ Holographic

DJ Jungle of Spin Inc.

DJ Minx

DJ Suspense

Gruv Detroit

Jeff Arthur- Eric Johnson – Tony Dennis- Jeff Woodward – Father Abraham

Jeremiah Shaw

Kevin Dysard

Mike Brown

Mike Clark

Mike Huckaby

Powdr Blu

Reggie Reg

Rick Wilhite

Remote Viewing Party

Sarena Tyler

Sonic Natives

Earl McKinney

DJ Magic

Stacy Hotwaxx Hale

Let The Beat Dropppp,

xoxo, lately with lo



Mo Pop Recap

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Mo Pop Recap

MoPop music festival returned to Detroit for its fourth year and it was triumphant. The two-day festival was lined up with 22 musical acts, across two stages in West Riverfront park bringing a musical spectacular to concert goers.

The festival was done right. MoPop Festival was a perfect combination of national headliners, up and coming favorites and Michigan must-see artists. The beautiful weather was a delightful match for the crowd-pleasing sets, which sent people into a dust filled dance party alongside the Detroit River.

 photo credits  @bhelowskimedia

photo credits @bhelowskimedia

IMO the festival had a great atmosphere that felt safe, organized and not overly hipster pretentious. Although cell reception was straight garbage, it was not hard to keep up with friends between the two stages. We even took my nephew for his 16th birthday and were able to keep tabs on him.

 Birthday Boy  @dylanvanh  

Birthday Boy @dylanvanh 

Day One brought a killer line up of artists that was really brought to life with the surprisingly captivating performance by 16-year-old Billie Ellish. It was a melodious and lighthearted performance from the young artists who even included a ukulele in the show.

 billie ellish photo credits  @bhelhowskimedia

billie ellish photo credits @bhelhowskimedia

The day moved along cheerfully as it moved into night with an energetic performance from Vince Staples. It was a hip-hop show at its hypest. The crowd moved in unison with his rap songs that had concert goers with their hands in the air and ass shaking throughout the whole show.

 Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, photo credits  @bhelhowskimedia

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, photo credits @bhelhowskimedia

Closing out an  impressive first day was the national headliner, Bon Iver. The artist, Justin Vernon also known as Bon Iver sent vibrations through the crowd with his first performance in Detroit proper. The vocals and bass of the performance was enough to send the audience to their knees. After a long day of festival going, the rhythmic tunes and slow serenade was a perfect night cap.

Day 2: I was a little slow moving after a long day of festival going (and no partying at all) but, the gorgeous weather and superb line-up quickly pulled me from my slump.

Dermot Kennedy kicked off the afternoon for me with his gorgeous Irish self. The soothing sounds his voice echoed across the stage as he alternated between his acoustic guitar and the piano. He delivered a captivating performance that left me swooning for the poetic vocalist.

Let me just say, what happened next was the most dope and hype performance I have seen in a long time. Maybe even ever.

 Group members of BROCKHAMPTON photo credits  @bhelhowskimedia

Group members of BROCKHAMPTON photo credits @bhelhowskimedia

BROCKHAMPTON is the trillest boy band I have ever seen. The crowd did NOT STOP MOVING and rapping along. The group literally owned the stage (and possibly the festival) with an act that screams WuTang meets ASAP Ferg meets boy band. The groups energy was contagious and heartwarming as the group brought out the rainbow flag to celebrate its predominantly gay members.

 st. vincent, photo credits  @bhelhowskimedia

st. vincent, photo credits @bhelhowskimedia

Next up was my girl St. Vincent, who stood up against tyranny and gave everyone a reason to dance with her mind-blowing performance. Her stage was adorned with a light show and visuals that matched her stunning tangerine vinyl dress. St. Vincent interchanged self-made, hand-carved guitars as she shredded the night away. After giving us the dance party, she promised, she closed out the show with an acoustic performance of “Happy Birthday Johnny,” that gave me goosebumps and moved me to tears.

I wish I could tell you I stayed to watch The National close out the night. The soothing voice of front-man, Matt Beringer is enough to send me into a solo sulk-fest. However, that wasn’t my vibe.

Not too far away, Detroit favorite Haute to Death was spinning up a dance party that was calling my name. When we arrived, the tunes were bumping, people we’re moving and showing off their best break dancing skills. We found our spot amongst the crowd and danced the night away, sending off the weekend with a celebration.



Way to send it Detroit,

xoxo lately with lo






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Best Skincare Vitamins


Best Skincare Vitamins

Vitamins. We all know they’re good for us. But when we look at a wall of bottled supplements in the drug store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you are looking for vitamins to aid with health and beauty, here are a few that you might want to check out. 

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a good supplement to take when targeting skin. It is known as a healer and protector and also has a derivative known as retinoid which is commonly found in many beauty products on the market today. It works to reduce wrinkles, cure brown spots and smooth skin. It can be effective in fighting acne and can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. While taking supplements is a great way to benefit from their properties, eating foods that are rich in the recommended vitamins can be even more effective. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy green vegetables and fish.

 Sweet Potatoes are not only yummy, but chock-full of Vitamin A. Photo via  BBC Goodfood

Sweet Potatoes are not only yummy, but chock-full of Vitamin A. Photo via BBC Goodfood

Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B Complex is a good overall beauty supplement, benefiting the overall appearance of hair, skin and nails. It works by improving keratin levels in the body with contributes to collagen forming in the skin, keeping it hydrated and protected. B3, or niacin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-pigmentation properties and works to brighten and moisturize skin. B-complex vitamins are found in eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables, red meat, poultry, milk and dairy products.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is another great vitamin for skin health. It boosts collagen productions giving you firmer skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to cure red spots and acne marks. It can also be effective in treating certain UV damage when used topically. If fights against free radicals and supports cell communication.

Vitamin D: We all have heard that staying out in the sun is bad for us. However, this is not entirely true. Vitamin D is another vitamin that is great for skin and is best when derived directly from sun exposure. It can help cure acne, reduce inflammation, reduce wrinkles and aid in producing soft, smooth skin. Of course, those that might seek out Vitamin D from the sun should be careful to do so in moderation limiting exposures to no more than 10 to 15 minutes before noon. Vitamin D can also be obtained from dairy products, but the sun is the best source. 

 Dairy is a great way to get in your daily dosage of Vitamin D. Photo via  Wikipedia

Dairy is a great way to get in your daily dosage of Vitamin D. Photo via Wikipedia

Vitamin E: Also great for skin health, Vitamin E works in synergy with Vitamin C to improve skin. It boosts collagen in the body to produce firmer skin and combat free radicals. It works best when applied topically in a product that is abundant with Vitamin E. For best results, combine with food sources including vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, spinach and asparagus. 

 Nuts are Vitamin E superstars, tbh. Photo via Ted Cavanaugh 

Nuts are Vitamin E superstars, tbh. Photo via Ted Cavanaugh 

Resveratrol: This is an anti-aging and moisturizing agent that is commonly found in creams and cosmetics. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it effective in treating acne, redness of skin, eczema and rosacea. Foods that are rich in resveratrol include grapes, nuts and fruits.

Glutathione: Glutathione is great for fighting aging and beautifying skin. It fights against free radical damage, reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. It reduces inflammation and red marks, working to even out skin tone. Glutathione is a small molecule found in protein rich foods including eggs, tomatoes, avocados, oranges and walnuts. It can also be applied topically and is found in many beauty care products.

Retinol: Retinol is commonly found in beauty care products. It is a Vitamin A molecule which works with other antioxidants to improve skin. It helps to produce collagen, promoting firmness in skin. It also aids in the production of ceramides and glycosaminoglycan with improves skin texture and stability. It can also work as an anti-inflammatory treating skin burns, brown, spots, red marks and acne.

Green Tea: Though mainly known as a weight loss aid, green tea also has many benefits for great skin and general beauty. Its main ingredient is catechin, an antioxidant and disease fighting flavonoid. These catechins work to detoxify free radicals that damage body cells. It can be taken orally to clean impurities from the body that can cause pigmentation, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles. It also can be used topically to prevent sun damage and collagen breakdown.

 Green tea cleans impurities from your body, which is an absolute #win. Photo via  Healthline

Green tea cleans impurities from your body, which is an absolute #win. Photo via Healthline

Lycopene: Lycopene aids the formation of collagen and reduces DNA damage making it effective in fighting wrinkles. It is most abundant in red fruits like watermelon, pink guava, apricots and tomatoes but is can also be taken as a multivitamin supplement or applied topically. 

These are all products that can be taken separately or together to improve the overall appearance of your skin. If you are not sure which one to go with, there are also plenty of beauty aids on the market that combine these supplements in one product. Finding a supplement that is effective in your skin care regimen can be difficult, but it's so worth it.


Side Gigs Can Help Single Parents Make Ends Meet

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Side Gigs Can Help Single Parents Make Ends Meet


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Side Gigs Can Help Single Parents Make Ends Meet

Are you considering a new job?  If you’re like many single parents, sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet, and you may be exploring your options.  It’s especially important to preserve what time you have with your kids and finding balance between meeting financial and family obligations can be tough.  Here is how a side gig could be the perfect solution.

What’s that again?  Many people are still learning about the gig economy.  In case you aren’t familiar, side gigs are temporary or freelance work, typically made possible via the Internet.  Generally speaking, you list a service or product on the web, and people wanting that service or product arrange to get it from you through the site.  There are a number of names for this new business genre, such as side hustle or platform work.  Even if the terms are new to you, chances are some of the businesses aren’t.

As Entrepreneur notes, there are workers who take side gigs driving people to and from destinations, provide bed and breakfast style housing, and do bookkeeping from the comforts of home.  You can do almost anything you can dream of.  You can tutor kids in your favorite school subject, help executives make travel arrangements, or do medical transcription.  You can even find work enjoying man’s best friend!  Become a dog walker or provide dog boarding, offering a very in-demand service without requiring you to spend a lot of time away from your family.      

How to put a side gig to work.  Side gigs offer tremendous flexibility and freedom.  Those are both the pros and cons of working in the gig economy.  Thanks to those qualities, you can adjust your schedule and workload so you stay involved with your kids - no more missed work to get to school plays or ball games. Depending on what gig you take on, you can save money on fuel costs and wardrobe expenses.  By the same token, the qualities that make side gigs so attractive such as freedom and flexibility, can be your downfall if you aren’t careful.

You need to be disciplined enough to set your schedule and stick to it.  You also need to be able to manage your money, since there is no payroll department withholding funds to pay Social Security, or putting money toward your retirement.  There are no paid vacation or sick days, and there is no group health insurance provided by your employer.  For many single parents, the trade off is worth it. 

Time management.  Time management may sound tricky when you’re a single parent, but there are several things you can do to set yourself up for success in a side gig.  One suggestion is to avoid multitasking.  Designate time slots to focus on your work and don’t allow yourself to become distracted.  The laundry and dishes will wait for you!  And don’t get bogged down with catching up emails or social media.  Settle in and focus on your task.  For some singles, right after the kids leave for school or in the afternoon before the kids come home can be good times.  Then prioritize work tasks by meeting the soonest deadline first, followed by order of importance or timeframe. 

Money management.  Of course, you’re considering a side gig to help with your financial status.  Managing what you earn through your work is essential to your success.  Payable recommends establishing an emergency fund as one of your first priorities.  Since gig work isn’t necessarily steady, having a cushion can help you through lean times or unforeseen expenses.  Also, set a budget, clarifying your expenses and income and establish a savings account dedicated to your tax payments and other important savings such as medical and retirement funds.

Single and successful.  Making ends meet just got easier!  Get started in a side gig for the flexibility and freedom to balance your work and home life.  Make sure you manage your time and money well, and you are sure to enjoy success!


Lucy Reed, Gigmine

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Savor Food & Wine Festival

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Savor Food & Wine Festival

Will there be wine? Yes.

Will there be penguins? Yes.

Will there be monkeys? Yassss!

Idk who decided drinking wine at the zoo was a thing, but I'm totally in. Friday, August 10 & Saturday, August 11th my peeps at Hour Detroit magazine are setting up shop at the Detroit Zoo for a weekend extravaganza of food and drinks.

Come hang with me at The Savor Food & Wine Festival next weekend to sip and dine on goodies from some of the best brands around. 

You know I love my Detroit peeps. I'm super looking forward to hanging with my neighbors over at Eastern Market Brewing Co. and Detroit Hustles Harder.

Get your tickets here!



All the best,



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A Sneak Peak Into Michigan Central Station


A Sneak Peak Into Michigan Central Station

Photo Jun 22, 12 06 46 PM.jpg

The train station has stood as a symbol in the city for 105 years and its now getting a second lease on life. Last month Ford announced its purchase of the train station and opened the train stations doors to visitors. 

The last time I had been in the Michigan Central Station I was about 17 years old. It wasn't the safest adventure I went on, but it was worth it. The best way to describe what it was like to be in the station was, that it was like being inside the Titanic. I was so surreal to be inside something so grand, yet so vacant. 

More than 20,000 people showed up over the weekend to take a glimpse at the buildings iconic past and take a sneak peak into the stations future. 

Walking into the station, was like walking into a blast from the past. Only this time it was legal. However, I did make my way up to the buildings 13th floor via elevator. I'm not quite sure that part was included in the tour from what I hear. I guess you get a long way when you act like you belong. It was MEGA COOL. 

Take a look at some of the pics!



My tour of the train station certainly left me with a different feeling than last time. For so long the building was a symbol in Detroit that was almost a metaphor for the shape the city was in. A place that used to be bustling, busy and full of wealth, but was now abandoned and broke. My first tour left me in awe, yet upset to set my eyes on something so beautiful and left behind. 


This time however, my visit to the station left me with a feeling of hope and excitement for the city. I've said it time and time again, but Detroiter's have grit. The city is experiencing a revitalization, and the train station continue to serve as a symbol in the city. However, this time a symbol of Detroit's resurrection. Every set back is a setup for a comeback and the train station is just one way to show the world that Detroit really does hustle harder and we're a force to be reckoned with.


Detroit Let's Get It,

Lately with Lo