A Detroiter's Guide to Winter-Friendly Date Night

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A Detroiter's Guide to Winter-Friendly Date Night

A Detroiter’s Guide to Winter-Friendly Date Night

IT’S OFFICIALLY CUFFING SEASON! But, the cold weather makes it way too easy for you and bae to move right into Boringville with the old ‘Netflix and Chill’ routine.

Since my friends often ask me where to go for date night in Detroit, I figured this an appropriate time to share some winter-friendly date ideas.

Cozy Dinner Date:

El Barzon: As always, this restaurant is at the top of my list for almost any occasion. They serve up Mexican and Italian food. Does it get any better than being greeted with breadsticks AND chips & salsa? This is the perfect spot to split a bottle of wine with your beau on their year-round covered patio.

 photo credits:  www.vegasburgerblog.com

 Miller’s Bar– This place has no frills about it and that’s what I love! Miller’s has been recognized time-and-time again as one of the best burgers in America. They serve up a mean and basic cheese burger topped with white onion and Velveeta cheese. Hello Yum City! The bar also runs on the honors system and accepts cash only, so come prepared.

 Polish Village: Every year as the seasons begin to change I am reminded that it is almost time for Polish Village. Although it’s amazing all-year round, something about a cozy winter night in the basement, eating a plethora of pierogis makes me say – Na Zdrowie (cheers)!! While in Hamtramck I 100 percent recommend visiting the Polish Sea League.

 Amore da Roma:  Although the name has changed, It’s still Roma Café to me. The restaurant has been a staple in Detroit since 1890. The ownership and name has changed over the years, but the heritage and recipes stayed the same. Everything from the food to the service and atmosphere exudes the traditional Italian dining experience.

 Chung Ki Wa or Deakak – I’m typically not someone who ventures out of Detroit on a night out. But, Korean BBQ makes it all worth it. This is an interactive dining experience that makes date night anything but basic. If you have never been, it may seem overwhelming initially. Here is a little cheat-sheet from Thrillist so you go in looking like pros!

 The Whitney Mansion at Christmas time. Photo credits:  www.herecometheguide.com

The Whitney Mansion at Christmas time. Photo credits: www.herecometheguide.com

 The Whitney – This 124-year-old mansion is decorated with carved wood paneling and dripping with Tiffany chandeliers. You won’t find such a grand dining experience anywhere else. Visit the Ghost Bar to enjoy the spirits and listen to live jazz every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight. Or, call to make reservations to dine in the Woodward Room.

 Lumen Detroit: In case there was anything Beacon Park didn’t have – now it has Igloos you can dine in. The patio at Lumen has been transformed into a winter paradise where you and your cutie can stay warm while enjoying winter in the park. 

Boozey Night on the Town:

 The Scorpion Bowl at Mutiny. photo credits @take.detroit

The Scorpion Bowl at Mutiny. photo credits @take.detroit

 Mutiny: Perhaps I am partial to my neighborhood bar, but you’ll love it too. What better way to warm up in the winter than in a Tiki Bar. You’ll love the dive bar vibe and fun cocktail selection. If you want to be a little extra, you and your cutie could split the Scorpion Bowl – a flaming drink made for two. Thursday night is also Karaoke night. Do I sense a duet coming?

Cliff Bells or Bakers: For an intimate time together, visit one of these two Jazz lounges in Detroit. You will feel like you stepped back an era during a night spent listening to some of the best local or national jazz bands around. Sit back and enjoy the ambiance and old school vibes of these Detroit staples.

 photo credits:  www.savingplaces.org

photo credits: www.savingplaces.org

Dakota Inn Rathskellar:  Since 1933 the Rathskellar has been providing Detroiter’s with an authentic German dining experience. Although Oktoberfest is over, don’t sleep on this cavern-like beer hall. This is the perfect place to spend a cold winter night. Go enjoy the live music on the 80-year-old piano, schnitzel and rotating selection of beer.

 Pop + Offworld: Located above checker bar is this newly renovated arcade/bar. Head here for a night off pizza, beer and games with your main squeeze. The bar is decorated with the Nagel inspired paintings of local Detroit artist, Michelle Tanguay. From the design-to-the entertainment, this is a must visit!

The Keep: Since you’re in the neighborhood anyways, visit the Keep. It’s a winter staple in my opinion. This speakeasy style bar is about as underground as it gets. Step into the basement and back to the time of prohibition. The dimly lit bar and stone walls make for the perfect setting to sip craft cocktails all winter long.

 photo credits  @theashleynoel

photo credits @theashleynoel

 Sugar House: Corktown’s oldest speakeasy style bar has been perfecting craft cocktails since before it was the “hip,” (or hipster) thing to do. So, you know they get it right. Cozy on up to Sugar House to enjoy the best old fashioned in town and classic atmosphere.

 Café D’mongos: Although it’s typically crowded, Café D’mongos has been doing the damn thing since before Detroit was “cool” again. This eclectically decorated bar is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere and live music are something to experience – ISSA VIBE.

 Staying Warm Indoors:

 Redford Theater: Get a one-of-a kind cinema experience at the Redford Theatre. The Asian inspired décor is truly something to see. They will be playing classic Christmas movies each weekend throughout December. Not to mention, movies here are still only $5.

 Belle Isle Park: Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t make a day trip to the park! Visit the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory for a warm walk through the plant house. Also, head to the Belle Isle Aquarium for fun aquatic experience. If your boo has a little nerdiness about them, head to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and visit the Gothic room from the U.S.S. Detroit. All are open on the Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm.

 photo credits:  Jacob Mulka

photo credits: Jacob Mulka

 The Schvitz: Get steamy at one of the co-ed nights at Detroit’s historic bathhouse. This old-world oasis offers the heat-therapies and holistic healing. I recommend BYOB, robe and sandals. Towels and lockers are included. Co-ed times: Monday 5-10 Sunday 6-10. P.S. All you swanky peeps, bathing suits are required.

 Aura Aura: Tap into your spiritual side with an aura reading at Aura Aura. Take a photo together or separate. You will get a polaroid photo, keepsake box and a full description of your aura read to you.

 photo credits:  www.theinnat97winder.com

 Staycation: Boutique hotels are popping up around Detroit. What better way to have a night in with your lover than to have a staycation within your own city. Have you seen the all the gorgeousness of the Siren Hotel, the Inn at 97 Winder, and Detroit Foundation Hotel? Hello, did someone say room service & Champagne?

Michigan Science Center After Dark:  Spend your third Thursday of the month at MiSci After Dark, the adult only happy hour from 6-9 pm. Each event features hands-on exhibits, live DJ’s and tickets for a specialty craft cocktail. On Nov 15th, check out Winter is Coming or on Dec 20th Robots.

 The Great Outdoors:

 Greenfield Village: Let the yuletide ring in Greenfield Village for Holiday Nights. Select days from Nov 30th – Dec 27th the village will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Tickets for non-member adults are $28. The tickets include ice skating, carolers, house tours, fireworks and more.

 photo credits:  Campus Martius Facebook

Campus Martius Park – On Friday, Nov 15th The seasonal fun begins with the 15th Annual Detroit Tree Lighting Ceremony. Watch the tree light-up, enjoying live gospel and take a skate around the outdoor rink. There will be different events throughout the season and weekend carriage rides for a romantic tour of downtown.

Beacon park: Put on your flannel or ugly sweater for the return of Home for the Holiday Silent Disco on Nov 24th and Dec 8th. On Nov 16th Light Up Beacon Park with a live streaming of Detroit’s Tree Lighting Ceremony inside the heated Winter Lodge Tent.

Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo: Feast your eyes on a light show spectacular at the zoo. For 24 nights of November and December, the zoo will be illuminated with about 5 million LED lights. No tree, statue or building will go unlit. The will also be an ice rink and carousel ride. Tickets are $17 at the gate.





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How to Get Rid of Acne


How to Get Rid of Acne

Cover photo via Getty Images

Acne! While some of us are lucky enough to skate by in life with only an occasional pimple, others not only endure blemishes throughout their teenage years…they also find them popping up throughout adulthood. So what’s a person to do? Well, acne is different for everyone, so there really is not one cure all solution. While some may choose to consult a medical expert, treatments can be expensive and even cause unwanted side effects. Here are some natural remedies that may help you prevent, reduce and even eliminate acne. 

 Photo via Getty Images

Photo via Getty Images

What Are Pimples?

Pimples are small comedones, pustules or papules that form a skin lesion. There are a variety of causes, but, ultimately, pimples develop when the sebaceous (oil) glands get clogged and infected from bacteria. This causes the pimples to swell up on and under the surface of the skin. 

Healthy Habits

In order to keep acne under control, it is important to adopt healthy habits. These include: 

Adequate Sleep: Acne can be caused by stress and sleep is one of the best natural stress relievers there is. It is also a good time to apply a home remedy that may work on eliminating acne overnight.

Eat Healthy: Foods that are high in sugar can cause acne due to insulin spikes that can create inflammation in the skin and clog pores. It is best to try to eliminate these foods from your diet. Water hydrates providing the right moisture and balance for you skin while flushing out toxins that may cause acne. Foods that are high in omega-3s can reduce acne related inflammation.

Exercise: Exercise is another great form of stress relief. It also works to get the blood circulating which sends oxygen to your skin cells removing dead cells from the body.

Cleanse and Exfoliate: Obviously, keeping skin clean can help prevent clogs from getting clogged. Natural products are recommended such as a soap that uses plant based ingredients. You can combine local or Manuka honey with coffee grounds to make an effective exfoliant. 

Natural Remedies

In addition to adopting healthy habits, there are also many natural remedies for acne. These include a variety of essential oils as follows: 

Tea Tree Oil: This is recommended because of its microbial properties that fight the bacteria that causes acne. Tea tree oil is proven to be effective against acne if applied twice a day for three months without causing any serious side effects. 

Rosemary Essential Oil: The antibacterial effects of rosemary have been proven to decrease acne. 

Coconut Oil: Lauric acid is the main ingredient in coconut oil. It also works as an antibacterial which is effective in fighting acne.

Apricot Seed Oil: This oil produces antimicrobial activity that can work against a range of bacteria and yeasts which cause acne. The phytonutrients in the oil can also help to provide users with glowing skin.

Frankincense Oil: Not only does frankincense prevent the bacteria which can cause acne, it can reduce the appearance of scarring which may be the result of acne. It can also be effective in fighting eczema.

Lavender Oil: Working to fight acne on a number of levels, lavender helps regenerate skin cells, reduce acne related scarring, swelling and inflammation. It is also effective in minimizing stress that can lead to breakouts. 

Castor Oil: Castor oil’s inflammatory and antibacterial property works to minimize signs of acne as well as to speed up the healing process and reduce scarring. It also moisturizes the skin, helping it produce less sebum which can cause acne.

Hemp Seed Oil: This reduces the size of pores and eliminates blackheads. It protects skin from free radicals while improving elasticity and is known as a great treatment for psoriasis and eczema.

Whether you try out these methods or not, you just have to promise one thing— don't pop those pimples, girl!


3 Detroit Streetwear Brands You Need to Know


3 Detroit Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

Streetwear— casual, urban fashion that takes inspiration from surf and skate culture, hip-hop fashion, Japanese street culture, and even some haute fashion—has been sweeping the nation. Why? Because it’s comfortable and quite frankly, it just makes you look effortlessly cool. Streetwear often consists of casual clothing such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, denim/bomber jackets, baseball caps and beanies, sneakers, etc. It also usually consists of graphic prints, either displaying art or some type of political/social statement. This fashion is typically created by young artists and designers of a city, hence why streetwear has become so popular.

The city of Detroit is filled with creative minds, and therefore many streetwear brands have been emerging within the past few years. We wanted to take the time highlight three Detroit streetwear brands that we feel deserve some recognition. Here are 3 Detroit streetwear brands you need to know:

York Project:

York Project describes itself as a “Social Streetwear” brand, using part of its proceeds to give back/help the community. Founded by Josh York about five years ago, the brand operates on a “one-for-one” donation system— meaning for every product sold, York Project gives a “donation kit” to the homeless of the city. The donation kit includes a tote bag containing toilet paper, socks, bottled water, and other necessary items. The brand began with selling beanies and other headwear and quickly moved on to also sell t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, and more. York Project also now offers a special “handcrafted collection”, containing clothing items that are 100% hand-sewn at York’s HQ at Ponyride in Corktown. You can currently buy York Project apparel online or at the Shinola store in Midtown.

Products We Love:

Animated Collective:

Founded by Ani Mayasandra in late 2017, Animated Collective is a brand “inspired by the cultural intersectionality of the world and the strength and creativity of the people in it.” The brand makes comfortable streetwear, including colorful graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the “ANMTD” logo. With statements such as “Refresh Yourself” and “Animated”, the brand’s goal is to empower its wearers through self-empowerment and freedom of expression. Animated Collective’s production is currently based out of Detroit, and its products are currently available online. Also good news: there’s a new collection available for pre-order!

Products We Love:


SMPLFD (pronounced “simplified”) is a clothing brand, retail store, and full screen-printing service located in Detroit. SMPLFD celebrates Detroit’s culture and quirks, and it serves up statement looks in simple colored pieces with splashes of bold. The brand’s flagship store is located on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Here, you can buy graphic tees, jackets, sweatshirts, beanies and caps, socks, and more.

Also, if you need high quality screen printing done for an event, school, or club, SMPLFD should be your go-to.

Products We Love:

These are just a few brands by the city’s creative, inspiring, and stylish. What are some other Detroit brands that you think are paving the way for the city’s street fashion? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for new brands and artists to take a look at.

Happy Friday, j’adore Detroiters.

Until next time,




Behind the Lens: Meet Daniela Lisi

Meet Daniela Lisi, a metro-Detroit photographer, amazing human being, and newest addition to the j’adore Detroit team! I had the pleasure of shooting with Daniela and getting the opportunity to sit down with her to talk about her work and her life. Please read on to learn more about Daniela and her work; the world deserves to know who she is!

 Daniela Lisi, photographed by  Jenn Johnston

Daniela Lisi, photographed by Jenn Johnston

One of the first questions I asked Daniela, or Dani, was how she knew that photography was her calling— how she knew it was something she wanted to pursue. Dani explained to me that at a young age, it was clear that she had some sort of unique ability when it came to photography and art. She recounted a memory of her at Disney World when she was little, using a disposable camera to take photos of her parents from unique angles— her little five or six-year-old self actually laid on the ground in the crowded amusement park in order to get the perfect shot! Daniela tuned her creative and photography skills by studying at Grand Valley State University and through her experience interning at a local photography studio. She attributes the majority of her learning to practice and real life experience.

Daniela has a photography studio based in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Her and her best friend/business partner Nicole also run a wedding and portrait photography company called Nicole & Daniela Photography. Their photos beautifully illustrate the love of the couples in each photo, and Nicole & Daniela do an incredible job showcasing love stories of all types. Visibility of couples of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities/races, genders, and sexual orientations is extremely important.

 Cindy & Sara’s wedding, photographed by Daniela Lisi

Cindy & Sara’s wedding, photographed by Daniela Lisi

When she’s not photographing couples, Dani is spending her days all over metro-Detroit. Her days are fully booked, photographing different events and people and making endless connections. Her confidence, friendliness, and energetic spirit make it easy for her to leave an impression.

Daniela’s name is one you’ll want to remember, due to both her pure talent and her recent work with some of the biggest and up-and-coming brands and influencers in Detroit. One thing I find extremely unique about her is her desire to be a resource to the creative minds of the city.

 Remy and  Tyler  for Detroit brand  I Am Perspective,  photographed by Daniela Lisi

Remy and Tyler for Detroit brand I Am Perspective, photographed by Daniela Lisi

 Kayla Borgen, creator of  The Crimson Fox  and  Detroit’s Future is Female , photographed by Daniela Lisi

Kayla Borgen, creator of The Crimson Fox and Detroit’s Future is Female, photographed by Daniela Lisi

 Detroit feminist, public speaker, and influencer  Leah V , photographed by Daniela Lisi

Detroit feminist, public speaker, and influencer Leah V, photographed by Daniela Lisi

  Jess Minnick  and  Dy-Min Johnson , co-founders of Detroit’s  Not Sorry Apparel , photographed by Daniela Lisi

Jess Minnick and Dy-Min Johnson, co-founders of Detroit’s Not Sorry Apparel, photographed by Daniela Lisi

Daniela also offers her photography services to those in need. Her desire to help others is truly inspiring— she says it one of her strongest driving forces in life. Organizations that Dani has worked with include Mend on the Move Detroit—an organization that employs, empowers, and raises money for survivors of abuse by selling jewelry handcrafted by Detroit women who are trying to start again after escaping abusive and toxic relationships. She has also photographed for Humble Design, which transforms homes for veterans, families, and individuals bouncing back after homelessness.

One of Dani’s main goals is to not only make people feel like pieces of art they are, but to be a part of the amazing, creative community of Detroit and make a difference along the way. Her art is incredible- no ifs, ands, or buts. Her style is unique and very much her own, yet versatile, experimenting with both bright . She also makes all of her “subjects”—the people in her photos— feel extremely comfortable. When I first met Dani to get my photos taken, it was the first time I had really ever been part of a real shoot. I thought it would be very nerve-wracking, but I immediately had felt like I had known Dani for years, and the nerves quickly melted away.

 All portraits photographed by Daniela Lisi

All portraits photographed by Daniela Lisi

I truly believe that everyone should have a conversation with Daniela. The first day I met her, we spent over two hours in her car talking about her perspectives on life, people, and art. Honestly, it was a conversation I never knew I needed, and I left feeling inspired to be a more creative, confident, and involved person. I believe that Dani will become one of the city’s biggest difference makers through her compassion, talent, and dedication.

Please take the time to view and engage with Dani’s social media and website. Whether it’s scrolling through her work or saying hello, I promise you won’t regret it. Follow the links below:

Daniela Lisi on Instagram

Nicole & Daniela Photography on Instagram

Nicole & Daniela Photography on Facebook

Nicole & Daniela Photography website

Keep up the amazing work, Dani! And thank you for all the work you do— not just for j’adore, but for all of Detroit!



Hot Spots for Home Décor in Detroit

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Hot Spots for Home Décor in Detroit

Cover image via Leon and Lulu

Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment, or just want to update the look of your décor, Detroit has a wide selection of places where you can purchase home goods. While name brands might be obvious choices, there are also a number of stores that offer custom designs, antiques, vintage and used items at discount prices. Find out about some of these locations and how you can find hidden gems that can become prized possessions for any room of your house. 

Leon & Lulu: Located in a historic roller rink, this store offers a sprawling mass of one of a kind, high-end and custom furniture as well as gifts, accessories and women’s clothing. Come to the store to shop, browse or just have fun while snacking on their complementary popcorn and coffee. 

Detroit Mercantile: Carrying the true spirit of Detroit, this store offers new and vintage items including art, home goods, accessories, books, clothing and more. They buy and sell, finding unusual items and memorabilia for their customers. Those not located in the Detroit area can also make purchases online. 

 Photo via  Detroit Mercantile

Fred’s Unique Furniture: A store like no other, Fred’s offers a sprawling retail warehouse of quality used furniture. You may spend quite some time searching through crowed aisles, bustling with furniture. However, this is countered by exceptional customer service and some of the greatest hidden gems I’ve ever come across. Even better, Fred’s now has two locations — one on 8 Mile and another on Livernois. 

City Bird and Nest: These sibling stores are located next store to each other and also owned by siblings who like to instill the spirit of Detroit into everything they sell. City Bird sells housewares, jewelry, paper goods and apparel, all by local artists and designers. The Nest focuses more on home gifts including plants, apothecary items, candles, home accessories, games and toys and more. 

seen mag -10.jpg

Rail & Anchor: This home goods boutique has a number of unusual items from soaps to scents to kitchen wares. It’s difficult to leave the shop empty handed. 

 Photo via  Rail & Anchor

Photo via Rail & Anchor

Gardella Furniture: Open since 1939, this store carries a number of unusual items and is said to have the largest furniture selection in Michigan. It targets mid to high-end furniture buyers but offers highly competitive pricing.

Motor City Antique Mall: This is the largest antique mall Downriver. With room for over 100 booths/showcases, the mall has everything you can imagine including toys, games, houseware, home décor, furniture and more. It is a treasure trove for collectors. 

Eastern Market Antiques: Featuring over 15,000 square feet of space, shoppers should be prepared to navigate a maze of unique items including mid century chairs, glassware, lighting fixtures and more. Over 20 vendors are represented. 

Workshop: With the mission to utilize the lumber reclaimed from Detroit’s vacant and abandoned building stock, Workshop started as a pop-up shop, and went on to become a success story. The furniture the store sells is constructed with pine salvaged from a Detroit home and has the address of the home stamped on it, a celebration of the fact that it is a piece of Detroit history. Pieces include dining tables, coffee tables, benches, entertainment centers, kitchen counters, shelving units, reclaimed wood flooring and more. 

If you are looking to furnish your home, Detroit has something for you, regardless of your budget or taste. With so many options, you are sure to find some adorbs pieces that are nothing less than Instagram-worthy.

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Halloween In Detroit: 7 Parties, 1 Week

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Halloween In Detroit: 7 Parties, 1 Week

Calling all the witches and warlocks. Grab your broomsticks and fly to the spookiest parties around (not in a graveyard.). Rise from the dead and convene for a weekend of potions and dance parties with the bogeyman. Come in your creepiest get-ups and celebrate the years most hair-raising festivities with this guide to Detroit’s Top 7 Events this Halloween Weekend.

 Fyler made by: Francis Kulikowski

Fyler made by: Francis Kulikowski

Halloween at the Salon: All you Ghouls and Goblins… head to Halloween at the Salon. Freakish Pleasures does it again! If you’re looking for a true Detroit style party – then well my creepy friends, this is the one. The Salon only opens on rare occasions, and typically for the most hype parties. Don’t miss this one on Oct 26th from 10 pm – 6 am. Tickets are $15 and available at www.eventbrite.com.

Deep sessions: Works Halloween Costume PARTYTHE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT! You know the party doesn’t stop at 2 am at the Works. Diehards and crypt keepers can head to the Deep Sessions: Works Halloween Costume party on Thursday, Oct 25th for an all-night bash from 10pm – 5 am. Entry is $5 before 11 pm and $10 after. Costumes are STRONGLY encouraged as there will be a $100 cash prize for the best costume.

 photo credits:  Detroit Foundation Hotel

DFC Halloween Foundation Hotel: I’m channeling “The Shining,” with this hotel Halloween party. Detroit Foundation hotel does it all, including a bomb ass Halloween party. Saturday, October 27th from 7pm-11pm The Apparatus Room will be transformed into a monster mash with a cash bar, craft cocktails and a live DJ.  Dress to impress for this costume contest!

Halloween at Pink Flamingo: It’s will be an eerie night at the Pink Flamingo airstream. Gather under the moonlight for a one-of-a kind Halloween hangout. The community garden will become a spooky place to enjoy cider + donuts and even take a Hayride with Greg from Brother Nature. Come in your best costume as there will be a photo booth to capture your look! Check out the FB event page to get updates on the menu and the full list of activities.

Covenfest IV at Smalls: Covenfest IV at Small’s has a killer lineup of tributes, an amazing silent auction and other bone-chilling fun! This event will feature impersonators and tributes to Beyonce, The Who, Heart, Alice Cooper and Jay-Z. Doors open at 8pm and the suggested donation for entry is $10. All net proceeds will benefit the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center.

 Photo found vie: Facebook event, Detroit Cinema

Photo found vie: Facebook event, Detroit Cinema

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Finally, Detroit has a movie theatre and will be showing the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show throughout the days surrounding Halloween. Each show will feature costume contest of for the best representation of the characters in the movies. Entry is $10 and prop bags available for $6 to ignite the shenanigans.

Monster’s Ball 2018: Every year Live Nation transforms the Fillmore into the Monster’s Ball. This year will feature haunted circus performances including: stilt walkers, aerialists, acrobats, illusionists, fire & freakshow performers, fortune tellers and govana dancers. Detroit’s most dope DJ’s – DJ Cue, DJ Nass and SKYrise will be spinning until 2am. Tickets range from $35-$75 and are available at www.livenation.com

Brockhampton at The Masonic Temple: This might not be in the Trick-or-Treat spirit, but it sure is trill AF. The self-proclaimed boyband is going to set the crowd into a full-on thrash when they hit the stage with their one-of-a kind sound and energy. This group breaks the stereo-types of hip-hop with lyrics that speak to homosexuality in the industry. The show is Oct. 26th from 8pm-11pm and not to be missed.

Justin Martin Set It Off Tour: If you’re looking to boogie down this Saturday, Oct 27th without all the spooky— head to the Magic stick. Justin Martin from the Dirty Bird label will be performing alongside Chuck Flask b2b Andrea Ghita and Dru Ruiz. The show 18+ and goes from 9:30pm-3am. $20 G/A tickets are available at www.ticketweb.com. 



It’s Fright Night Ghouls, Keep it Scary

xoxo, lately with Lo 

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How to Love a Wildflower: A New Book by Chloe Seymour

We were given the pleasure of having a little Q & A with Chloe Seymour. Chloe’s new novel How to Love a Wildflower is a story of love and heartbreak in the city of Detroit, so we are very excited to be able to feature her on the blog.


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and How to Love a Wildflower

A: Hi there! I’m Chloe Camille Seymour - I’m a native Detroiter who recently published my first novel, How to Love a Wildflower. I’ve been writing in journals, on scraps of paper, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on, since I was a kid. Writing a book has always been a lofty goal in the back of my head but it wasn’t until I started writing this novel that everything felt pretty kismet - like this book was the one that was meant to be finished and shared.

image2 (5).jpeg

Q: What was the inspiration behind the book? When did you start writing it?

A: This project took up a whole two years of my life, on varying levels. Some weeks I’d be spending hours and hours writing at The Bottom Line Coffee House, attempting to perfect every sentence, and then I’d set it aside for awhile. It was a balance.

I wanted my first real project to resonate on a few different themes that are incredibly important to me, including the magic of Detroit and its people, the power of femininity,  using the energy of heartbreak in a productive way, as well as an exploration into mental health in your twenties.

It’s written in the first-person, with much of it being derived from my own experiences, but I also wrote from the perspective of some of my dearest female friends and family members, and tried my best to share some of their experiences in an eloquent way too.

Q: What is special to you about Detroit? How did that influence your writing?

A: How to Love a Wildflower is all about being in love in Detroit, a type of story I don’t think gets told enough in our city. I wanted to express how deeply Detroit is able to transform and shape love and, in turn, be a comforting space for those dealing with falling-outs.

I believe that’s the advantage of Detroit for all writers, we’re cradled by beauty, tenacity and strength everyday - elements that all make up some of the best kinds of stories.

Q: Where can we get our hands on a copy of How to Love a Wildflower?

A: Currently, Amazon is the easiest way to grab a copy, but I’m working on getting it into local book retailers as we speak.

Chloe Camille Seymour can be reached at www.chloecamillewrites.com and @chloecamilllle on Instagram.

Photos by Kristin Shaw and Jess Farran.


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October Events in the D

Mid-October means the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp. It also means the city is full of events to help us turn a new leaf into the cold weather months. We have a lineup of events to help you groove, shake, and be spooky all through the month.

 Photo via  Prismatica  on Facebook

Photo via Prismatica on Facebook

October 14th-November 19th: Prismatica at Beacon Park is going to be a full on experience of sensory explosion. This interactive art installation allows guests to move over 50 pivoting prisms that reflect the colors of the rainbow and trigger bell-like sounds. The event lasts all day and is open to the public from Oct 14th through November 19th.

Tuesday, October 16th:

Duckwrth brings funk-wave and hip hop to the Pike Room in Pontiac. The rappers blend of masculinity and femininity into his music is so unique it has gained him a cult like following. General admission tickets are on sale at www.ticketweb.com for $13 for general admission.

 Photo via  DUCKWRTH  on Facebook

Photo via DUCKWRTH on Facebook

Friday, October 26th:

The Detroit Riverfront presents “Soiree: Masquerade on the Greenway” at The Dequindre Cut Freightyard-

This masked event benefits the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. The event will consist of a “harvest feast” and an interactive art show from local artists. There will also be food trucks and craft brews from Detroit breweries. The event runs from 6 PM to 10 PM and is a 21+ event. Tickets, which include the price for the harvest feast, are $50 per person.

 Flyer via  Soirée: Masquerade on the Greenway  on Facebook

Friday, October 26th:

Brockhampton, the self-proclaimed boyband is performing at Masonic Temple. Show goers won’t be able to stand still with the energy brought by these up and coming artists. This Dallas-based group is breaking the stereotypes of hip-hop and making crowds go wild. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster, and we encourage you buy them ahead of time, as this show will most likely sell out. Doors open at 8 PM, and the show starts at 9.

 Photo via @brckhmptn on Twitter

Photo via @brckhmptn on Twitter

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Could Your Manicure Be Ruining Your Nails?


Could Your Manicure Be Ruining Your Nails?

Updated technology is providing manicures that are longer lasting, more attractive and more detailed. However, recent developments reveal that these manicures can also be detrimental to the health of your nails and the skin on your hands. Here is what you need to know to make sure that you are keeping your nails both healthy and attractive. 

 Photo via Groupon

Photo via Groupon

Gel/Shellac: These are great looking, long lasting manicures providing a polish that, once cured, is tough enough to be made into its own nail extension. However, the UV lights that are used to dry the gel has been known to contain UVA rays that may be cancer causing. Although there is no proof that this is the case, doctors are sending out a warning that, depending on the strength of the bulb and the dryer, the light emitted could result in skin cancer or contribute to signs of aging. To try and minimize the chances of this happening, it is recommended to apply a layer of broad spectrum sunscreen before your gel manicure. 

Although the likelihood that UV lights can lead to skin cancer is unknown, there is research that supports that the application of the polish and removal with acetone can be drying to the nail and the surrounding skin resulting in brittleness and nail splitting. When taking off the polish, some of the gel may peel from your nail and take its top layer with it.  

At-Home Gel Kits: Because these kits use LED dryers as opposed to UV dryers, the likelihood of getting skin cancer is reduced. However, they still require that users soak their fingers in pure acetone for 10-15 minutes to remove the polish. This is extremely damaging. To try and counter the damage, it is recommended to take a break from the gel and apply a moisturizer containing dimethicone on and around the nail to keep it from cracking or breaking. 

Traditional Manicures: Over the years, a few ingredients have been found to be harmful when added to nail polishes. These include formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Despite news that these ingredients are toxic, many salons still use polishes that contain them. Also, although they may not require that you soak in acetone to remove nail polish, they may still use a remover that contains the solvent. 

The good news is that, in a traditional manicure, the use of UV lamps is eliminated, replaced instead with non cancer causing heat lamps. However, aggressive cleaning which may be performed during this type of manicure can be damaging, separating the nail plate from the bed. The older you are, the higher risk you run for this to happen.

At-Home Manicures: Being that you can control what products you use for both polishing and removal, you can avoid incorporating harmful ingredients into your manicure. There are plenty of products that are recommended that are free of harmful chemicals and can keep your hands and nails healthy. At home manicures may not last as long as ones that are performed in a salon, but for some, it's worth the price of healthy nails.

If you love to treat yourself to a manicure every now and then, or even every week, it is a good idea to be aware of the risks involved. That way you can take care to avoid possible damage that may occur to your nail and skin, and here at J'adore, healthy nails are #manigoals.



DIG- The Doggy Dating App Comes to Detroit!

Are you a dog-lover and looking for the same trait in a romantic partner? Why use traditional dating apps when being a fan of four-legged friends is an absolute must-have?

Good news, dog-loving Detroiters! DIG- the new dog-friendly dating app- is here!

Dig Logo 400px X 400px.jpg

Created by two sisters, Casey and Leigh Isaacson, Dig is the best way for dog lovers and dog owners to find a compatible date. You don’t necessarily need to own a dog to use the app- you just need to love dogs and want that in your partner as well. Once a match is made, Dig helps you find a date idea through a list of dog-friendly locations and activities nearby.

The app also comes with other handy features, such as daily “tips and tricks of the day” from experts such as vets and trainers as well as “daily deals” from pet companies. With the daily deal, you can win over their dog from the start with a unique treat or toy.

The app has been launching city-by-city with fun launch events! Dig launched in Detroit on September 20th with a people and pooch-friendly party at WeWork. Detroit has an amazing dog community with many very generous pet supply vendors who really helped out for this event. For example, three guests won Pet Supplies gift cards for the ultimate “dream shopping day” with their pet!

Activities/perks included free nail trimmings from LC's Mobile Pet Spa, Q & A’s at the "Ask the Vet" PetCalls booth, doggy photo-ops and G.O.A.T. Pet Speakers demos, samples from the Pet Supplies Plus treat bar, and take home a doggie bag! Also, free food and drinks were offered to anyone who downloaded the app! Here are some pictures from the Dig Detroit launch!

You can find more info about Dig at DigDates.com

Download the app here. The app will be available to Android users within a week!

Dig Social Media:

Instagram- all dogs featured on the Dig Instagram are available for adoption!




Orleans + Winder x Vincetta Pop Up Shop


Orleans + Winder x Vincetta Pop Up Shop

Join the j’adore Detroit ladies at Orleans + Winder for an interactive shopping experience with Vincetta Studio.

 flyer via Vincetta

flyer via Vincetta

Vincetta and Orleans + Winder invite you (and us,) to join them for a special shopping event that includes personal styling, shopping from a selection of thoughtfully curated pieces, refreshments and an interactive photo booth experience.

The event will take place October 19th at Orleans + Winder on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan from noon – 6pm.

The two brands come together to embrace individuality and expression through a styling event with a photo booth to capture and celebrate the beautiful moments throughout the day. Come enjoy refreshment while you shop and have your photo taken by a professional photographer. The event is designed to be an interactive experience between the two brands and attendees to highlight what raw beauty looks like when you feel empowered in looks that highlight uniqueness.

 J’adore favorite – Orleans + Winder is a gallery style concept store focused on curated pieces that move toward quality and away from mass production. The store revels in high-end clothing and art that is hand-picked to provide shoppers with timeless pieces.

Vincetta strives to create season-less pieces that celebrate individuality. Vincetta strives to redefine beauty by breaking down the barriers of categorization. The brand is centered around celebrating the raw beauty in everyday moments through looks that are meant to accentuate rather than distract the story you are telling.

This is the second interactive photo booth hosted by Vincetta. If you’re looking sneak peak into what photos from this event might look like… all the photos in this blog are from the first activation. So sexy.

We are so stoked the two brands are recreating this amazing event, right here in Eastern Market. Not only will everyone who attends be styled and photographed but will also be sent home with a treat from Vincetta and Orleans + Winder.

So come on all my beautiful babes! Let’s celebrate our uniqueness in it’s rawest form for the camera <3

Click HERE toRSVP to this special event


 See you there Angels,

xoxo, lately with lo



Oktoberfest 2018: Fall Beer Festivals in Metro-Detroit


Oktoberfest 2018: Fall Beer Festivals in Metro-Detroit

The weather is changing and so is the beer. Starting mid-to-late September brewers begin to feature Oktoberfest style beer. The beer is native to the traditional Bavarian festival held in Munich. Over the 17-day festival more than 6 million people visit and over 7 million liters of beer is served. Talk about a party.

 Local brewery’s like  Jolly Pumpkin  in Midtown are great places to visit for the seasonal brew. Photo credits: Daniela Lisi.

Local brewery’s like Jolly Pumpkin in Midtown are great places to visit for the seasonal brew. Photo credits: Daniela Lisi.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel all the way to Munich to enjoy the seasonal beer and celebration. There are plenty of festivals throughout October across Metro-Detroit for you to experience the brew in a festive way.

You won’t have to skimp on quality either. Michigan is 4th top state in the U.S. when it come to craft beer. So, stop by any of these festivals to enjoy the copper-red style ale, full of maltiness and a dash of spice.

Local Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oct 5th-7th- OktoBEER Festival Ferndale will transform the corner of East 9 mile and Woodward Avenue into a Bavarian-style party. For the third year in-a-row the festival will feature: Oktoberfest style beer, German cuisine, BBQ, live music & entertainment, Oktoberfest games and family fun.

Festival times are: Friday, Oct 5th 4pm-12am. Saturday, Oct 6th Noon-Midnight. & Sunday Noon-9pm. Entry to the festival is $3, of which will benefit local charities. Veterans & Active duty member with military ID get in free, as well as children under 12 years of age.

Oct 6th- Oktoberfest at Detroit Fleat. The food truck and boozery collective will be hosting an Oktoberfest celebration. There will be numerous popular breweries featured, as well as the Bavarian Inn Cluck Truck. The event is free to attend, but drink tickets are $3 a piece or $20 for eight tickets. You can also buy a VIP ticket for $40 that includes 10 Drink Tickets, Food Sample ticket to Mac Shack, Delectabowl & Pita Post, Brewery Swag and a Detroit Fleat Sample Glass. Buy VIP tickets HERE!

Oct 6th- Oktoberfest in The Park- Atwater in the Park hosts a FREE Oktoberfest celebration. There will be live-music, Bavarian hair braiding, men’s & women’s beer stein challenges and a lederhosen competition. There will also be corn hole, fowling and giant Jenga to be played all day long. The event starts at noon and ends at midnight.

Oct 13th- Axle Brewing Co.’s Livernois Tap Oktoberfest: Axle Brewing Co. in Ferndale will hot a German style Oktoberfest from noon to 11pm. The even will feature beer, music and a German-influenced menu. Early-bird tickets are $35 and regular entry is $40. Admission include unlimited food, a beer, snacks and an Axle Brewing beer stein. Tickets can be purchased HERE!

Oct 26-27th- MI Brewers Guild 10th Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival: Fans of Craft beer meet at Eastern Market for one of the largest all-Michigan beer tastings in the state. The event will feature live entertainment and a selection of food from Detroit-are brewpubs and restaurants available for purchase. Tickets are $40 each day and include 15 tasting tokens which can be exchanged for 3 oz. samples of over 800 locally crafted beers. Purchase tickets HERE!

 Candice checking out the local taps at  Jolly Pumpkin.  Photo credits: Daniela Lisi

Candice checking out the local taps at Jolly Pumpkin. Photo credits: Daniela Lisi

Whether you make it to the festivals or not, here is a list of some of my favorite places to enjoy a beer over during the fall months!

The Dakota Inn Rathskeller- For more than 80 years, the Dakota Inn has been serving up German-style cuisine and a long list of German beers. Head to the cavernous beer hall to enjoy live music from the 80 year old piano, sing-a-longs and Oktoberfest themed events.

Green Dot Stables- Snuggled in Corktown, Green Dot Stables is the coziest place to enjoy an inexpensive meal with friends. The restaurant specializes in sliders of all assortments and under a $3 price point. If you’re really brave, check out the mystery meat.

M-Brew- This house turned pizzeria, brewery and arcade space is one of my favorite places to hang in the early fall. Head here to sip a beer on the front porch, all while getting toasty by the fire.


xoxo, lately with lo



Step Up Your Fitness Routine By Making Time for Self-Care

Self-care and mental wellness are very important components of a perfect fitness routine. Read on for self-care tips and tricks by Sheila Olson of FitSheila.com!

 Photo credit:  Pexels

Photo credit: Pexels

Are you looking for ways to balance your fitness routine with overall self-care? Self-care is all over the news and media these days, but incorporating new practices into a busy schedule can seem daunting. Luckily, self-care is as easy as changing up a few of the simple habits you already practice every day. Try these tricks to blend self-care in with your fitness routine and your overall way of life.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

If you’ve created a steady fitness routine, you’re already taking steps to cut out stress. Exercise is a good way to melt away the pressure and strain of a busy day, but you may need a boost during those really tough times. If you usually burn calories on a treadmill, try taking a yoga class instead to torch calories and tame the stress of a really hard day. In fact, adding yoga to your normal fitness routine is a great way to keep muscles and joints healthy, in addition to helping you decompress. 


Create Mindfulness Practices and Spaces

Exercise and diet help keep your body fit. Taking some time each day to reflect and stay mindful is a good way to keep your mind and spirit strong. Simple meditation practices have been proven to reduce stress, focus the mind and keep people healthier and happier. Make mindfulness a regular and convenient part of your day by creating a meditation space in your home. Pick out a quiet room, corner, or even closet in your house, and add a comfy cushion and some calming candles to create your own meditation retreat at home.


Promote Rest through Relaxation

If you’re skipping out on sleep to get your workouts in, you’re doing it wrong. Studies show that sleep can have more of an impact on your weight and health than food and exercise, so create an environment and routine that promotes relaxation every evening. Keep your bedroom dark with blackout curtains and only use warm, soft lighting inside. Invest in quality pillows to support your neck while you rest and keep your body aligned. If you still have trouble falling asleep, try a noise machine to help quiet your mind. A good sleep routine can improve your fitness and overall well-being. 


Recharge Your Wake Up Routine

Waking up at the same time each day can keep your body in a positive rhythm. Try rising with the sun each morning and giving yourself time to truly awaken to the day without rushing around. Take a few deep breaths as soon as you start to stir, and then set a positive intention before your feet hit the floor. If you have time, take your morning coffee or tea outside, and enjoy some fresh air and a connection to nature before you begin your day. Studies show that just a few minutes outside each day can boost your mood and your health.


Take Control of Your Mental Health

Fitness is a great way to take charge of your health, but be sure to address your mental health as well. If you struggle with feelings of anxiety or depression, keeping yourself in shape can improve your symptoms, but you may need more to really feel stable. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to address your mental health issues and get help if you need it. A licensed counselor can recommend ways to take control of your emotions and may even be able to prescribe medications to help you feel better. Most people can benefit from counseling, so seek out the help you need to keep your mind as strong as your body.

 If you’ve gotten yourself into a good fitness routine, you’re already taking steps to take care of your health. Self-care is another essential element in looking and feeling your best. Make your efforts matter more by revamping your regular habits to include a little self-care every single day.

(This article is a guest-blog post written by Sheila Olson. You can reach Sheila by contacting info@fitsheila.com)


Are You Ready to Hygge? Fall's Guide To Cozyville


Are You Ready to Hygge? Fall's Guide To Cozyville

Fall literally arrived overnight. Which means it is time to hygge. This Danish term pronounced hue-guh is used when acknowledging a moment or feeling, alone or with friends, home or out, as extraordinary, cozy or special.

If you have heard the term before, it is possible that you were confused into thinking this involves a checklist of items you need to buy. Although there are items you can check off to make your home more inviting, hygge is a lifestyle.

Here is a list of ideas to help you adopt the hygge lifestyle this fall:

Light the fire

Cozying up to the fireplace is a quick way to get toasty and relax. If you don’t have one there are other ways to incorporate the twilight throughout your home. Spark up the candles to spread light through your home in a soft relaxing way. Think placement on mantels, tabletops and especially in the bathroom for a luminous place to unwind.

 Our girl C-Money buying our favorite candles from  @thedetroitrose.  Look out for the collab candle with j’adore Detroit. Photo credits:  Daniela Lisi

Our girl C-Money buying our favorite candles from @thedetroitrose. Look out for the collab candle with j’adore Detroit. Photo credits: Daniela Lisi

Another reason to use candles in the home is bright lights can be harsh when you are trying to relax. Rely on candles and lamps to light the way. I enjoy keeping a salt lamp next to my bed, that is just bright enough for reading before bed.

 Get Snuggly

My friends laughed at me when I said I was going home to pull out my quilt for the season. I don’t mess around when it comes to having the ultimate cozyville in my house. Lay down rugs and keep soft, textured throw blankets on sitting areas to create a warm and inviting space.

Cozy clothes are necessary too. Pull out the sweaters, leggings and robes. My personal favorite to wear around the house (and gift from my mama,) are my Muk Luks - literally a sweater, sock, and house boot all-in-one.

 Bring Nature Indoors

 Make the house more inviting with beautiful arrangements like these from  @madefloral . Photo Credits  @Danielalisi

Make the house more inviting with beautiful arrangements like these from @madefloral. Photo Credits @Danielalisi

Although the changing of the leaves is beautiful, the absence of blooming plant life can leave us feeling drab. Brighten up your home with plants throughout the cold weather months. If you’re like me and can’t keep any plants alive, stick to low maintenance plants such as: Bamboo, Aloe, Snake Plants and Spider Plants. If your green thumb truly is as sad as mine, bring in other natural materials such as leather, marble and wicker to soften up the place.

 Bathroom Break

 Take bath time to a whole other level with bath and beauty essentials from our favorite  @thedetroitrose . photo credits  @danielalisi

Take bath time to a whole other level with bath and beauty essentials from our favorite @thedetroitrose. photo credits @danielalisi

One might not typically think of their bathroom as a place to make cozy. However, this is the perfect space to unwind. A few small touches around the powder room will go a long way. Think of candlelight baths, essential oils, soothing bath salts and eucalyptus tied to the shower head.

 Indoor Hobbies

A hygge lifestyle is about finding pleasure in simple moments. The summer months can be all about being outdoors, beaches and big BBQ parties. Enjoy the simpler things this season by finding contentment in indoor hobbies. Take up knitting, start sketching, learn macramé or simply read. Snuggling up with a good book or starting a gratitude journal will help you to feel more mindful and grounded.

Although technology is good when it comes to setting cozy playlist, or getting your “Netflix and Chill” on, take some time to turn down the internet and phone time. You may find yourself connecting with others even more this way.

Invest in Relationships

Being a publicist and bartender means spending a lot of time at social events, bars and large outings. I know I’ll be taking some time this season to invest in more intimate relationships and deep conversation.

 Here are a few ideas for at home hangouts:

 Pot lucks or big dinners around a candlelight dining room table

Nights spent playing board or card games

Movie nights over your favorite take out place

DIY spa night

Pajama day, spend the day being cozy or invite friends over for brunch

Clothes swap your favorite preloved items with girlfriends

The Great Outdoors

It might be almost impossible to leave with a home that feels so warm, but there are plenty of great reasons to get out of the house this fall too.

Take a bike ride or go for a walk. Once the winter comes everything seems grey. Get outdoors and enjoy the sun while soaking up that vitamin D. Spend the day at Belle Isle Park having a picnic or visiting the Belle Isle conservatory.

 Why not pregame for the opening of the  @shinolahotel  with a sweet cafe drink from  @shinola . photo credits  @danielalisi

Why not pregame for the opening of the @shinolahotel with a sweet cafe drink from @shinola. photo credits @danielalisi

With the cold weather comes lots of soothing warm drinks and sweet treats. Spend the morning with a friend enjoying the most basic bitch and indulgent pumpkin flavored drink you can buy.

Swap out the summer flowers for fall mums and cornstalks when you spend the day at Eastern Market. Make sure to stop by Eastern Market Antiques while you’re there to find a great piece to add to your hygge space.

Summertime pool parties and beach days are over, but don’t put that bathing suit away yet. Head to the Schvitz for co-ed night or ladies brunch to get steamy and relax.


 Drop down and get your Hygge on —

xoxo, lately with lo







Best Ways to Get Whiter Teeth


Best Ways to Get Whiter Teeth

In the endless search for the fountain of youth, teeth play a huge role. So it makes perfect sense that along with the many anti-wrinkle skin care products that are emerging on the market, there is also an increased number of teeth whitening devices. But which products are the safest and most effective? Here are some OTC methods you might want to consider using as well as some other things you should know about the best way to whiten your smile. 

Over-the-Counter Tray and Gels: This is the oldest OTC method of teeth whitening which involves a ‘boil and bite’ system where you heat a tray and then place it in your mouth. Though effective, this system can take weeks before it yields results and most users report sensitivity issues to the breakdown of carbamide peroxide gel. 

Whitening Strips: Introduced about 15 years ago, whitening strips use hydrogen peroxide on a polyethylene strip to whiten teeth. They can vary in the amount of hydrogen peroxide they use as well as in the shape and thickness of the strip. Though the product is relatively effective, it can burn the user’s fingers or cause irritation if the strip rests on the gums. Whitening strips can yield results in a couple of weeks. 

 The best part about whitening strips are that they're so easy to use. Photo via  Humana

The best part about whitening strips are that they're so easy to use. Photo via Humana

Paint-Ons: These involve a sealed delivery system that avoids harmful byproducts of carbamide peroxide breakdowns. Because they are targeting the teeth, contact with the soft tissue can be avoided along with the sensitivity and irritation that comes with it, especially if the gel does not migrate from the tooth. However, because whitening agents are likely to escape, results tend to take a bit longer, averaging about two months. 

Whitening Devices: These are newer systems which bring a professional whitening experience in an OTC product. Laser light is used to break down hydrogen peroxide and create whitening oxygens. Because the reaction rate of hydrogen peroxide is accelerated, users must wear protective eyewear. These devices produce rapid results in as little as two days.

Oil Pulling: This involves swishing natural oil around your mouth in the attempt to remove bacteria which can cause plaque and yellowing. Any oil can be used although sunflower, sesame and coconut are all popularly used in this application. Although some studies show that oil pulling can reduce bacteria, there is no scientific studies that show that it can whiten teeth. However, it is a safe practice that some find effective, so it may be worth a try. 

 Coconut oil works great as an oil puller. Photo via  Medical News Today

Coconut oil works great as an oil puller. Photo via Medical News Today

Brushing with Baking Soda: Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can scrub away surface stains on teeth and prevent bacteria from growing. Although there is no evidence that baking soda alone can whiten teeth, studies show that toothpaste that contains baking soda will have a whitening effect. Do not look for overnight results from using baking soda while brushing, but continued use should produce whiter teeth over time. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar Is known as a disinfectant and natural cleaning product. Its main active ingredient is acetic acid which kills bacteria. However, like hydrogen peroxide, the apple cider vinegar can also erode enamel and soften teeth, so use should be limited. 

 Limited use of ACV works some toothy wonders. Photo via  World Market

Limited use of ACV works some toothy wonders. Photo via World Market

Good Health and Hygiene: Of course, there are many lifestyle choices you can make to improve your dental health and the appearance of your teeth. Eating crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables can help eliminate plaque as you chew. Some recommended foods include strawberries, pineapples and celery. Calcium rich foods like milk, cheese and broccoli can protect your teeth from enamel erosion. 

Make sure to brush and floss regularly, especially after consuming food or beverages that are likely to stain your teeth. Brushing and flossing will help eliminate bacteria and prevent plaque build up as well as gently rubbing stains out of your teeth keeping teeth clean and white.

 Floss to keep your pearly whites, white. Photo via  Personal Care Dentistry

Floss to keep your pearly whites, white. Photo via Personal Care Dentistry

Your teeth are an important part of your health and appearance. Whitening them can improve your look but it should be done in a safe and effective manner. Those interested are advised to research carefully before taking this important step. 



Make Food Not Waste- A Community Feast!

Great food has always been a staple in Detroit.  However, it’s easy to forget what happens to the food we don’t finish or don’t use, whether it be when out to eat or when cooking at home. According to the USDA, 30-40% of the food we produce in the United States is wasted.  This waste has lasting effects on our environment, our resources, and our wallets.

However, there are groups and services around the country that are dedicating their time to try to make a social, environmental, and economic impact by reducing food waste and encouraging others to do the same. We are so lucky that one of these groups is going to be hosting a fun event right here in Eastern Market to teach others efficient and practical ways to reduce the amount of food they waste!

MFNW flyer.jpg

On September 30th, an all-volunteer team will be hosting a free event that runs from 10 am to 4 pm at Eastern Market’s Shed 5. Make Food Not Waste—A Community Feast will feature chef demos and presentations that will aim to educate attendees on how to create more delicious, economical, and environmentally friendly meals.  The event will also feature tasty dishes created by chefs using food ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.  The event’s chefs will include Andy Hollyday from Selden Standard, Edrique Goudla from Gabriel Hall, James Rigato from Mabel Gray, “Chopped” and “Hell’s Kitchen contestant” Hassan Musselmani from The Drunken Rooster, Phil Jones of City Food Community Concepts and Ms. Ruth’s Catering and Ben Hall from the Russell Street Deli. Chef Hall will also be doing a book signing of a new James Beard Foundation cookbook.

There will plenty to see and do at this event. The Detroit Food Policy Council will be hosting its Food Power Awards at 1 pm. Also, there will be hands-on activities and presentations by experts from Wayne State University’s Detroit Feedback Loop, the James Beard Foundation, Michigan State University, the Detroit Food Policy Council, Detroit Public Schools, and the World Wildlife Fund.

The event is being supported by the generosity of companies and organizations including Kroger, Eastern Market Corporation, Skidmore Studio, edible WOW, Dart Container Corporation, Cherry Capital Foods, Midtown Composting, Detroit School of Rock and Pop, Unlimited Recycling, and Hungry Harvest.

Make Food Not Waste—A Community Feast aims to help reduce our environmental footprint one plate a time. We hope you can make it to this amazing and impactful event!

Please visit makefoodnotwaste.com for more information. 



From Looking Hot to Looking Cool: Transitioning Your Look From Summer to Fall


From Looking Hot to Looking Cool: Transitioning Your Look From Summer to Fall

Michigan’s weather is so effing unpredictable. September is winding down, but it’s still 80 degrees? What is going on? This rocky relationship with the heat may be sending you mixed signals with what kind of look to rock for the day, but don’t be fooled. It’s time to transition your look from summer to fall, and we’re here to help! A change in the seasons does not necessarily mean you need to go on a full-blown shopping spree (but if that’s what you want, by all means, treat yourself). There are easy tricks to change your style/look from summer to fall by adding or switching out a select few articles of clothing or accessories. Check this out:

Too many tees? Just add a layer!

No need to fold and put away the t-shirts you’ve been using to keep cool all summer. All you need to do is layer up. One of my favorite casual fall looks is a tee layered with an open cardigan. As we mentioned in our post about this fall’s fashion trends, we’re all about prints this season. Feel free to mix a vintage graphic tee with a funky, printed cardi.

 This  artsy vintage tee from ASOS  would look great under a big, printed cardigan

This artsy vintage tee from ASOS would look great under a big, printed cardigan

 Animal print will be making its rounds this fall, and this  sweater from Urban Outfitters  is giving us the warm fuzzies.

Animal print will be making its rounds this fall, and this sweater from Urban Outfitters is giving us the warm fuzzies.

To dress up your tee, add a fitted blazer instead. Or, to get those witchy fall vibes going, how about a black lace kimono? Perfect for October.

Shoes, duh:

Put those sandals away! Autumn on the horizon means it’s time to go back to closed-toe shoes. We recommend making the transition easy with a cute mule! They’re everywhere right now, so you have a wide variety to choose from, and they’re perfect for both warm and cool weather. A velvet or suede mule like the ones pictured below (obsessed) is super cool and can be dressed up or down.

 These embroidered  spider mules from Shein  are a statement piece and can give your look a little edge.

These embroidered spider mules from Shein are a statement piece and can give your look a little edge.

 These  leather mules from Madewell  have a classic look and the slight heel adds some elegance to a casual look

These leather mules from Madewell have a classic look and the slight heel adds some elegance to a casual look

And of course, you can’t be stylish this fall without BOOTS. Goodbye, dependable summer sneakers, you’re getting the BOOT. This upcoming year will be all about experimenting with different silhouettes, and boots are perfect for that! Try a pair of clunky Doc Martens for that tough, grunge girl look. Or go with a more pointed or snip-toed boot for a more artsy, high-end vibe. Either will go great with your cropped/ankle pants that you’re not ready to put away just yet.

 These pointy-toed, black leather  boots from Urban Outfitters  look amazing with light-wash, cropped/cuffed denim.

These pointy-toed, black leather boots from Urban Outfitters look amazing with light-wash, cropped/cuffed denim.

 These Dr. Marten boots are made for walking… or maybe stomping. Photo from  Alexis Boldt via Lookbook

These Dr. Marten boots are made for walking… or maybe stomping. Photo from Alexis Boldt via Lookbook

Sunnies’ days are still here

Just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine! Yes, you will still need sunglasses for your long drives to the apple orchards or your city strolls.

Summer’s hottest sunglasses trend was dramatic angled frames that gave us 80’s-2000’s nostalgia— seriously, one of my favorite trends this year. Now, while we’re still all about bright colors this fall, it may be time to mute your sunnies just a bit. Let’s stay vintage with the frames, but change the decade. We’re talking bigger frames in brown, amber, and tortoise shell.

These Free People sunglasses are the perfect “golden hour” shades.

Kissing summer goodbye is bittersweet, but this autumn is the chance to amp up your look. A few fall tweaks can keep any summer style looking cool.



Off-Beaten Paths of Things to Do in Detroit


Off-Beaten Paths of Things to Do in Detroit

I don’t know about you, but when I visit a city, one of my last priorities is seeing the top tourist attractions. I want to see the underside of the city, with all its beautiful grit, and, something tells me that there are few cities where that underside is quite as glorious as in Detroit. If you are planning on visiting the city, and want to find out about a few things you can do, which may just happen to be on the less traveled path, read on for some suggestions. 

St. Agnes Church: Built in the early 1920’s, this gothic inspired church has seen its share of tough times. After a police raid at a nearby drinking establishment, many buildings in the area burned to the ground. Although the church was relatively unharmed, many fled from the neighborhood and the building fell to disrepair. Now abandoned, it stands it in its hauntingly beautiful glory and is well worth a visit. 

 The insider view of St. Agnes church. Photo via hrnick on  Atlas Obscura

The insider view of St. Agnes church. Photo via hrnick on Atlas Obscura

The Dequindre Cut Greenway: The Greenway is an urban recreational path that serves as a pedestrian link between Detroit’s Eastern Market, Riverfront and other neighborhoods. It is known for its urban artwork and graffiti which is encouraged by the area’s construction project manager. There are plans to extend the 1.35 mile path and a section is being reserved for future public transit. 

 Who's up for the scenic route? Photo via  Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Who's up for the scenic route? Photo via Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Crow Manor: Crow Manor is a collective made of artists, musicians and activists. It holds workshops and  puts on performances throughout the year. Best known of these was the Crownival, a large party that was held at a Victorian mansion in the area. 

 The bustle of people in and out of Crow Manor isn't uncommon. Photo via  Atlas Obscura

The bustle of people in and out of Crow Manor isn't uncommon. Photo via Atlas Obscura

Eight Mile Wall: This wall was built in 1934 by local developers as a means to segregate a black neighborhood and a white neighborhood. Although the wall is not eight miles, nor does it run alongside Eight Mile Road, it is known as the “Eight Mile Wall’” in reference to the epicenter of Detroit’s segregation. Although racist policies have since been abolished, and the neighborhoods the wall currently divides are both mostly black, the wall still stands as a harsh reminder of the racial divisions of the past and present. However, it’s original white paint has since been replaces by colorful murals that send a message of unity, community and progress. 

 The "8 Mile Wall" is nothing less than vibrant and historic. Photo via Jamie Wasilchenko for  The Clio

The "8 Mile Wall" is nothing less than vibrant and historic. Photo via Jamie Wasilchenko for The Clio

Giant Cow Head: This giant cow head, which was designed to resemble “Elsie” the Borden cow, sits atop an abandoned ice cream shop which restored for the movie 8 Mile in 2002. The shop has remained empty ever since the production wrapped.  The cow is located on 13099 Mack Avenue.

 A vegetarian's worst nightmare. Photo via Detroit Video Daily

A vegetarian's worst nightmare. Photo via Detroit Video Daily

Geodesic Dome Home: Looking more like a giant blue igloo, this house stands near the Michigan Central train depot in a neighborhood where nothing else in modern. Built by Parkii Helene Gillis and husband Leo Gillis (brother of famous musician Jack White), the undertaking was no easy feat. However, the total building costs amounted to less than $90,000 and is fairly cheap to maintain. The couple is open to giving tours to neighbors and tourists that pass by. 

 Geometric and blue houses, anyone? Photo via  Atlas Obscura

Geometric and blue houses, anyone? Photo via Atlas Obscura

If you are planning on visiting the Detroit area, these are all great recommendations that are sure to make for a unique vacation experience. Here at J'adore, we love the underbelly of the city, and these destinations hit just that.



Modern Pet Photography with Kat Ku

Not too long ago, our very own Allie Jagger and her beautiful, amazing Bernice Mountain Dog Molly got to meet with the very talented Kat Ku for a photoshoot!

 Allie and Molly (Make sure to follow Molly’s Instagram page, @mollygracetheberner)

Allie and Molly (Make sure to follow Molly’s Instagram page, @mollygracetheberner)

In 2011, Kat decided to combine two of her passions— animals and photography— and start documenting pets and their owners as part of a modern pet photography business. Kat aims to keep her business fresh by shying away from pet photography norms, such as funny outfits, and keeping her work focused on the personalities of the pets and their relationships with their owners.

Kat did a great job with capturing the warm, happy, and energetic spirit of Molly (aka the most photogenic dog ever). Here are some of the beautiful shots she took for us:

Kat has worked with over a hundred dogs and cats, and has also photographed some other animals such as turtles, guinea pigs, and ferrets. She also donates her time and talent to various animal non-profits, including Humane Society of Huron Valley; Michigan Humane Society, the Ozone House, and Friends of Detroit Animal Control Center.

To book a session with Kat, you can reach her at info@katkuphotography.com.

The following are links Kat’s website/social media:




(Web-Res For Jadore Detroit Use Only) Kat Ku Photography - MG_04.jpeg

Thanks, Kat! Molly had a great time, and she’s never looked better!



j'adore Detroit visits the Lash Lounge West Bloomfield!

We were given an amazing opportunity to visit the new Lash Lounge in West Bloomfield, and J'adore Detroit's very own Allie Jagger got to experience getting lash extensions for the first time!

So, the Lash Lounge in Bloomfield Hills just opened this past August, and can we just say, the space is so pretty! The atmosphere  is very cozy and relaxing, while still being extremely clean and professional-- aka, everything you could want for a spa-like environment.

The staff is so welcoming and accommodating! As soon as we walked in, we were greeted warmly and offered a beverage. Clients are also offered blankets during their stay so they don't get too cold. Talk about cozy!

Alright, onto the lash extensions:

Each session takes about 2 hours, depending on the set of lashes you pick. The whole process is gentle relaxing, as you lay back and keep your eyes closed. In the end, you have full, natural looking voluminous lashes. It is recommended that you get a fill every 2-3 to keep your lashes looking their best, and a fill only takes about 30 to 60 minutes!

Doesn't she look great?! Thank you so much, Lash Lounge of West Bloomfield!

Visit thelashlounge.com for all the info you need, including a very helpful FAQ! To contact the West Bloomfield Lash Lounge, call 947.888.9465 or email westbloomfield@thelashlounge.com