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Orleans + Winder x Vincetta Pop Up Shop


Orleans + Winder x Vincetta Pop Up Shop

Join the j’adore Detroit ladies at Orleans + Winder for an interactive shopping experience with Vincetta Studio.

 flyer via Vincetta

flyer via Vincetta

Vincetta and Orleans + Winder invite you (and us,) to join them for a special shopping event that includes personal styling, shopping from a selection of thoughtfully curated pieces, refreshments and an interactive photo booth experience.

The event will take place October 19th at Orleans + Winder on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan from noon – 6pm.

The two brands come together to embrace individuality and expression through a styling event with a photo booth to capture and celebrate the beautiful moments throughout the day. Come enjoy refreshment while you shop and have your photo taken by a professional photographer. The event is designed to be an interactive experience between the two brands and attendees to highlight what raw beauty looks like when you feel empowered in looks that highlight uniqueness.

 J’adore favorite – Orleans + Winder is a gallery style concept store focused on curated pieces that move toward quality and away from mass production. The store revels in high-end clothing and art that is hand-picked to provide shoppers with timeless pieces.

Vincetta strives to create season-less pieces that celebrate individuality. Vincetta strives to redefine beauty by breaking down the barriers of categorization. The brand is centered around celebrating the raw beauty in everyday moments through looks that are meant to accentuate rather than distract the story you are telling.

This is the second interactive photo booth hosted by Vincetta. If you’re looking sneak peak into what photos from this event might look like… all the photos in this blog are from the first activation. So sexy.

We are so stoked the two brands are recreating this amazing event, right here in Eastern Market. Not only will everyone who attends be styled and photographed but will also be sent home with a treat from Vincetta and Orleans + Winder.

So come on all my beautiful babes! Let’s celebrate our uniqueness in it’s rawest form for the camera <3

Click HERE toRSVP to this special event


 See you there Angels,

xoxo, lately with lo



REJECTING REALITY at Red Bull Arts House

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REJECTING REALITY at Red Bull Arts House


Looking for a way to push your senses to their limits? You can at REJECTING REALITY on July 22nd from 7-10 p.m. at Red Bull Arts Detroit!

 The exterior of Red Bull Arts Detroit. Photo via  Red Bull Arts Detroit

The exterior of Red Bull Arts Detroit. Photo via Red Bull Arts Detroit

This ethereal event will feature the Detroit Bureau of Sound and architect Aaron Jones. Focusing on the fusion of avant-garde music with mesmerizing architectural installments, this sensory-based exhibit will turn the known into the unknown through the intertwining of music, self and infrastructure.

There will be special guests performances from Apetechnology, Onyx Ashanti and Pamela Z as well.

 Composer, performer and media artist, Pamela Z. Photo via Red Bull Arts Detroit

Composer, performer and media artist, Pamela Z. Photo via Red Bull Arts Detroit

This event, which is part of Detroit Art Week, is only happening for one night only. Make sure to come at 6:30 p.m. when doors open to ensure your chance to experience this! Did I mention that it's free too?

Push it, push it, to the limit, limit,



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Witchery, Glitter & Performing Arts


Witchery, Glitter & Performing Arts

If you're looking for something that screams witchery, glitter & profanity -- Check out Medea: a Party and the Underground Theatre at the Studio. The play has already had a few performance dates, but its not too late to check out the hilarious and brutally honest tale. 

The play is airing June 27-29 beneath Hillberry Theatre. The Underground Theatre at The Studio is a grassroots theatre in its 5th year.

Medea: A play is tells the true story behind an old grecian classic. Don't miss this interactive theatre experience that is emotionally charged and super fun. 

It is an all female cast that does a playful spin on: engendered violence, sexuality, motherhood and girlhood that includes witchery, glitter and a stage represents a ladies lotus flower.


Let the Show Begin, 

Lately with Lo


XERISCAPE in the Belt


XERISCAPE in the Belt

Detroit has a bad ass line up of free concerts happening this summer!


 photo via Facebook events  Xeriscape: Public Matter

photo via Facebook events Xeriscape: Public Matter

 Visuals meet Music for this line up of artists that will be taking over the Belt this Saturday, June 23rd starting at 6 pm.

This summer exhibition connects the outdoors with inside spaces through large scale art work and live performances. 

The artist are each considered strong members of the contemporary art world who are being brought together to represent varied perspectives on gender, race, identity. materiality, space and form. 

The concert is going to be a RAGER. I'm V excited to see bevolve, Mother Cyborg && ADULT. tear it up.

Let's F'n Dance in the Alley --

xox- Lately with Lo




Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions


Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions

Detroit art has such a distinct style that cant be replicated. 

The revitalization of Detroit has created a movement. People from all over are moving to the city to be a part of the city's amazing come up. 

However, it was not always that way.

When people fled the city and moved to the suburbs, it was the artists who settled in. The vast amounts of vacant space and cheap rent became the perfect place for creatives to nest.

Nonetheless, it was city’s INDUSTRIAL and TECHNO vibes that built the framework for the distinct style of Detroit artistry known today.

The art exhibitions that were once underground are now being brought to the forefront by the growing population of art galleries across the city.

Detroit art has such a unique style, that is so rich in the city’s history. It is something to be truly celebrated. For that reason, I’d like to share some of my favorite galleries and local artist exhibitions worth visiting this month.

Favorite Galleries with Detroit artist exhibitions in June

Grey Area: Grey Area is an experiential art gallery and unique retail space located in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood. Despite its name, the space is insanely vibrant. The gallery doubles as the home of Aura Aura, a portrait studio that captures the colors of a person’s energy through the different frequencies of the individual’s vibrations.

 Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Exhibition: On Saturday, June 9th, local Detroit artist LEVON MILLROSS, known as Stargazer, brings his exhibition Elemental Inamorata to the gallery. The exhibition runs through July 8th, and will have you thinking Bjork meets celestial goddess. All the wearable sculptures in this show are designed around the idea of a woman who loves or is loved. I promise you won’t want to leave without buying one.

 Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via  @1stargazer1  on Instagram

Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via @1stargazer1 on Instagram


Playground Detroit: This is another one of our favorite galleries in the city. The multifunctional gallery serves as a developmental and creative space for professionals, artists and residents of Detroit.

The focus of the gallery is on the sale or artwork and exhibitions. However, it also functions as an interactive space offering events such as Saturday morning yoga classes.

 Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via  Playground Detroit

Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via Playground Detroit

Exhibition: On June 16th, Elysia Vandenbussche, alumna of the College for Creative Studies will open her solo exhibition, “Relations Between” The Detroit-based ceramicist uses various surface techniques and materials such as glaze and 22k gold to create innovative wall installations using her miniature paintings on ceramic tiles. 

 Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

True to Playground Detroit’s playful style, there will also be an interactive dinner scheduled throughout the exhibition where guests will dine off ceramic pieces created by the artist. The exhibition closes on Saturday July 14th.

Another June Event Centered on Art in Detroit:

Paint to Table: Eastern Market is a true celebration of public art the city of Detroit and functions as a story teller between market goers and muralists. In preparation for the return of Murals in the Market, there will be a fundraiser dinner held on June 28th from 6:30 pm – 9 pm.

Attendees of the dinner will be able to enjoy a rooftop view of the city’s murals and can bid on one-of-a kind chairs painted by some of the cities most beloved artists. The dinner prepared by the Chef of Wright & Co. and his team will certainly appeal to more than the just the visual senses.

Meet you at the gallery,

xoxo Lately with Lo


Is it possible to live zero waste?


Is it possible to live zero waste?

Let Corinne Loperfido inspire you to give a f*ck.

 Photo from @ corinneloperfido

Photo from @corinneloperfido

I met the LA-based, traveling artist, costume designer, and party planner last fall, at Desert Daze. She is the brains behind Pussy Power House and wants people to think about the environmental repercussions of their everyday actions. By throwing educational ragers across the country, Corinne spreads awareness of fundamental issues facing society.

 Corrine in her studio

Corrine in her studio

On International Women’s Day, I met with Corinne in her Los Angeles studio to get to know Pussy Power House a little better and learn more about Corinne’s story. Our conversation made me aware of how much I assume and take for granted… like the water turning on tomorrow.

Typically, Corinne throws an event a month, sometimes in L.A., sometimes in a city she’s visiting. The parties, better described as social get togethers for like-minded people, are centered around a topic or issue. After planning most events, Corinne documents the information and research she learned from collaborators along the way, into a beautiful zine.

 Zero Waste Zine

Zero Waste Zine

 Zero Waste Zine&nbsp;

Zero Waste Zine 

The Zero Waste Zine details alternative choices to environmentally unaware decisions and talks about how to live a waste-free life.

 Zero Waste Zine

Zero Waste Zine

Practicing what she preaches, Corinne routinely refills mason jars at bulk food stores instead of a typical grocery store. Her pantry is meticulously organized with labeled, glass jars itemizing the weight of the jar and the contents, for faster shopping.

 Corinne's pantry

Corinne's pantry

To combat the never ending influx of waste, Corinne repurposes waste into art pieces like her trash alter and soda-pop porch railing.

 A repurposed trash alter in Corinne's backyard

A repurposed trash alter in Corinne's backyard

 Cans repurposed into porch railing

Cans repurposed into porch railing

What YOU can do NOW, to make a difference:

●      Drink beverages in reusable, glass containers instead of plastic bottles.

●      Find grocery stores with a bulk dried food section and bring your own glass jars for refilling.

●      Use reusable bags while shopping - better yet, keep them in your car to plan ahead!

●      Keep a metal fork + spoon with a cloth napkin in a pencil case, in your bag.

Corinne calls for people to take responsibility for their choices instead of apathetically excuse toxic behavior because it’s the convenient option. 

Follow Corinne and Pussy Power House on Instagram for inspiration, motivation, and tough love! 

&&& Check out Corinne's next-level costume design below. 

 Costumes and Jewelry made by Corinne &nbsp;

Costumes and Jewelry made by Corinne  

 Headpieces made by Corinne&nbsp;

Headpieces made by Corinne 

Happy Earth Day Humans,

Boho Barbie


ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.


ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.

ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 was a night to remember. The city’s finest came together for a night of experimental entertainment in a dreamy space, radiating with creativity.

The (very strictly enforced) dress code: “leather, latex, fetish, experimental, radical, nude.”

The policy: No photos. No judgement.


Entering Salon El Bosque, in Southwest, security guards covered cell phone cameras at the door with stickers to ensure the privacy of the guests.

Anticipation was sky high for this event. People in Detroit serve looks on a daily basis, but, the strictly enforced dress code gave scenesters an opportunity to indulge their wild side.

The outfits were unbelievable- and the best part- people were completely comfortable to show some skin and respect other’s personal space. I did not feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point of the party wearing a leather dress, bustier, fishnets and chain choker- I was dressed on the modest side comparatively. 

The Salon was decked out in neon lights, art installations, and reflective decorations. The space is HUGE. The party spread across nine rooms, each with a unique feel. The dance floor was home to a luminescent DJ booth and a geometric installation illuminated by black lights.

Farther into the venue, a hall draped in streamers and lit by black light, opened into a performance room. A chain link fence, in the middle of the room, enclosed avant-garde acts; Park Hyun Gi and Allie Freaksnotcreeps. The expansive space was a great place to lounge with friends in a cuddle puddle and connect with new people.

The other rooms were mixed-use; one a bar area, the others, art installations and private spaces.

Pictures and videos were prohibited, so how to capture the truly unique experience and share it with J’adore readers? On the dance floor, in a moment of blissful inspiration, I decided to interview party people for their take on the experience.

First, catch the vibe. 

Park Hyun Gi describes her ritual performance and first time visiting Detroit.

In the girl’s room, I ask Mary Anne what makes this party unique.

Amanda Bramble gives her take on the event.

Tiny, the big security guard, was NOT impressed.

Tae Su sums up the night perfectly.

“You can’t find anywhere else like Detroit- especially a heavy underground city like Detroit. There’s no where else like home”

More than just another Saturday night in Detroit, ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 brought people together In a trance-like space to connect without the influence of social media. 


Let your freak flag fly, Detroit

-Boho Barbie

P.S. Follow me on Instagram + Twitter! Introduce yourself, I would love to get to know YOU better. 



MOCAD: 2018 Winter Exhibition


MOCAD: 2018 Winter Exhibition

We so love you MOCAD. Here are the deets on their most recent opening happening tomorrow! 


Friday, February 2, 2018
Members only preview: 6–7pm
Artist talk with Carlos Bunga: 7–8pm
Carlos Bunga book signing: 8 pm- 8:30 pm
Opening reception: 8–11pm
Admission: Free ($5 suggested donation)

Join us for the 2018 Winter Exhibition opening featuring:

Carlos Bunga: Doubled Architecture
Danielle Dean: True Red Ruin
DEPE Space: Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio: Voices of Detroit
Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead: The Listening Archive

with special guest DJ Waajeed
Sound provided by Audio Rescue Team

Membership: During the opening, become a member of MOCAD or renew your membership at any level and receive a special gift from a curated selection of museum merchandise.


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit





Round of applause for Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Schefman, PLAYGROUND DETROIT is a vibrant new gallery with an authentic mission.

Paulina and Sam.jpg

The tiny space packs a big punch. 

Located at 2845 Gratiot Avenue, off the beaten path of Eastern Market, near where Grenadier once was (R.I.P. forever in our hearts). 

PLAYGROUND DETROIT marks the first trendy (legal) business to move into the unchartered territory of Gratiot, past Riopelle Street

It will be interesting to see what businesses take advantage of the newly broken bubble and move to spaces further down Gratiot. 

Sam Explaining Pieces.jpg

Samantha led a curator talk and guided guests through PLAYGROUND DETROIT's inaugural exhibition, COMM[UNITY], on December 23rd.

The exhibition showcased an eclectic combination of work from 36 artists practicing in Detroit.

The mix of multimedia projects came together seamlessly; sculptures, installations, paintings, pictures, and videos were cohesively staged in the space. Avant-garde pieces like Cristin Richards' sculptures made of human hair were mixed with recognizable work by Ouzi and Ellen Rut. 

Exhibiting artists include: Kristin Adamczyk, Marlo Broughton, Scott Campbell, Dustin Cook, Jon Dones & Ash Nowak, Patrick Ethen, Hygienic Dress League, Nick Jaskey, Sydney James, KATAI, Scott Klinker, Steve Kuypers, Malek Lazri, Luke Mack, Justin Marshall, Steve McShane, Nic Notion, Eleanor Oakes, Ouizi, Cristin Richard, Rachel Roze, Ellen Rutt, Jacx, Paula Schubatis, William Irving Singer, Michelle Tanguay, Vaughn Taormina, Dessislava Terzieva, Thing Thing, Zac Thompson, Elysia Vandenbussche and George Vidas.

Sam with Pieces.jpg

Samantha walked guests through a tour of the exhibition and talked about the meaning of each piece, gave information on the artist, and discussed the significance of the work/artist to the story of Playground Detroit, as a whole. 

Since founding PLAYGROUND DETROIT in 2012, Paulina and Samantha have worked with over 200 creatives in the city. COMM[UNITY] brought together and showcased pieces from artists that have been instrumental to the company's growth over the years and personally significant for Samantha and Paulina. 

Samantha teared up while telling the audience about a father and son who regularly visit the gallery on the walk home from school. Playground Detroit has hosted community art classes and will feature the work in an upcoming exhibition. Samantha talked about the importance of exposing the surrounding community to art. It gives people from the neighborhood an opportunity to experience creativity and inspiration. 


Tiles by Elysia Vandenbussche

Iphone Scultpure.JPG

Phone by Dessislava Terzieva, Paintings by George Vidas, Dustin Cook, and William Irving Singer.

Lady and Hairy SHoulders.jpg

Artist, Cristin Richard, with her sculpture. Spectators can use the attached antique brushes to brush the hair. It’s really weird and really satisfying. Cristin says it helps with maintenance because the pieces can be worn as shoulder shawls and when they are, the hair gets knotted.

Dustin in front of wall.jpg

Dustin Cook, a recent CCS graduate, was on site to represent his work. In addition to showing two multimedia paintings in the exhibition, Dustin made the installation on the far wall, photographed above. 

Samantha explained, “If you look closely, you’ll notice the shapes are recognizable symbols that can be pieced together to tell a story.”

I love the installation, it reminds me of a reimagined version of magnetic alphabet letters on a refrigerator.

Sam and Paulina FIlming.jpg

Paintings by Nic Notion. His art was featured in advertisements for the Detroit movie, as a result of a collaboration between Playground Detroit, Annapurna Pictures and our sister company, Brooklyn Outdoor. Read more about it here

Samantha explains that Patrick Ethen and Tony Katai have chosen to stage their pieces as they are so Patrick's light work will reflect onto Katai's visual and look like a part of the work from certain angles. 


Peep that last name, our very own Candice Simons is a founding member!

For more pictures and information on the exhibition click here.

Due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until January 13th.

The Gallery is closed for the holidays until January 3rd and will reopen Wed-Friday 12-6 Sat 12-4.

So much love for Paulina and Samantha. The two have pulled together a tremendous feat and should be wildly proud of themselves.

Listening to the girls talk about the artists they work with, the community they serve, and their intentions for the space is inspiring. It's clear PLAYGROUND DETROIT has a genuine mission to support Detroit artists and include all members of the community.




-Boho Barbie


Haute to Death Brings Detroit Dance Culture to Art Basel


Haute to Death Brings Detroit Dance Culture to Art Basel

Haute to Death made their mark in Miami, at Art Basel.

 Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Creative masterminds, Ash Nowak and Jon Dones, brought the fun loving spirit of Haute to Death to life in an abandon hotel room at Satellite Art Show. The show occupied the now-demolished Ocean Terrace Hotel, and turned the two story building into a giant performance piece.

Satellite was by far the coolest show I saw at Art Basel. 

Hotel rooms were transformed by the artists into immersive galleries.  As a result, the viewer is surrounded by the work and submerged in the aesthetic of the exhibit.

The show was DIY, authentic, and a lot more fun than a cookie cutter gallery scene.

Hotel Rooom Door.jpg

Haute to Death was set up on the second floor in room 220.

Ash and Jon’s exhibition, Emergency Nothing, included work from Jade Lauren, John Griffith, and Lindsay Cashews.

Lindsay Cashews, creator of SKNDLSS, brought prints, vinyls, and her signature collection of hedonistic-pop accessories.  

Lyndsay Prints.jpg
 Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Accessories Distance.jpg
Lyndsay Accessories.jpg
Popup closet.jpg

Haute to Death made appropriate use of the closet to showcase (and sell) their t-shirts.

Yep, you better believe a h2d tee is on my Christmas List. 

Disco Mobile.jpg

This mirrored mobile immediately caught my eye. I need this in my house...maybe even one for every room. I love the way the light reflects purple and green on the ceiling.


Who doesn’t love a neon sign and subtle hint of whale tail?

 Photo from  Haute to Deat h

Photo from Haute to Death


Photo from Haute to Death

A series of John Griffith's photography lined the wall. 

The bathtub was filled with pink balloons while a psychedelic visual was projected on the wall above and a pink fur coat hung from the shower rod. The bathroom looked like it was ready to be featured in Madonna's next music video.

After enjoying the show, I chat with Jon and Ash about the exhibition, Haute to Death and what's to come from the collective in 2018. 

 Photo from  Playground Detroit

"Tell me about your exhibition. What's the inspiration, what's the message?"

"Who are the other artists are in your exhibition, why did you select their work?"

"What's makes Detroit nightlife unique?"

"How has your experience at Art Basel been?"

"What's next for Haute to Death?"

Did anyone else get chills when Meg said, “Nobody parties like Detroit”?

Get your tickets for New Year's at the Schvitz here.

Shout out to Haute to Death for representing the best of Detroit for 10 years and counting.

Ash, Jon, Thank you for your Vision, passion, and killer dance parties.


Boho Barbie


*Cover photo from Haute to Death Instagram*



Detroit Talent Flies South for Art Basel


Detroit Talent Flies South for Art Basel

Artists, musicians, and cultural influencers around the world (and from Detroit) are making their way to Miami for Art Basel.

The annual event is a notorious gathering point for contemporary art collectors with deep pockets, creators and industry leaders. The official event is Thursday, December 7 through Sunday, December 10. Unofficially, Art Basel is a week-long event with pre-parties, VIP previews and exclusive pop-ups starting as early as Monday, December, 4.

After finding out Haute to Death, Los Lobos, and Denial will be bringing their talent from Detroit to Miami for the week, I signed myself up to be your official J’adore Detroit correspondent for the fair… or something like that.

 Photo of Loren and Andrew Barren from Andrew Barren

Photo of Loren and Andrew Barren from Andrew Barren

On Thursday, Detroit group, Los Lobos, will be playing U.N.U.M at Wynwood 5th Avenue. The event is from 5PM to 5AM and showcases 21 up-and-coming techno crews across the country. 

Known individually in Detroit as Loren, Andrew Barren, Mathias and Jorissen, the four are coming together as “Los Lobos” for the event.

If anyone can represent the heart, soul, and grime of Detroit techno, it’s Los Lobos. Loren, Andrew, Mathias, and Jorissen are staples on the scene and regularly play TV Lounge, Northern Lights, and Whiskey Disco.

I wonder what’s going to be hotter, the Miami heat or Detroit beats? 

Haute to Death at Satellite and The Anderson

Haute to Death is on their usual A-game.

The art, music, party and dance collective ran by husband + wife dream team, Jon Dones and Ash Nowak, will be one of the featured exhibitors at Satellite from Thursday to Sunday.

 Photo from Jon Dones //  Haute to Death &nbsp;

Photo from Jon Dones // Haute to Death 

The show takes place at a vacant hotel that is scheduled to be torn down after Basel.  

Jon explains, “Each exhibitor gets a room in the hotel, and because of its imminent demolition, artists are free to modify the rooms to their vision, leading to a lot of installation base work not possible at most other fairs.”

 Photo from  Haute to Death &nbsp;

Photo from Haute to Death 

Ash and Jon have curated the work of three Detroit artists; Jade Lauren, John Bain Griffith and Lindsay Cashews to incorporate in their exhibition and contextualize Haute to Death.  Ultimately, the exhibition will capture the internal exploration / external catharsis that club culture can have on one’s identity and self-actualization.

In addition to their exhibition at Satellite, Haute to Death will be returning to their residency at The Anderson, on Saturday night, to put their music where their mouth is and show you what a real dance floor feels like.

Denial at Scope Art Fair and Live Painting

 Photo of Denial's Eastern Market Mural on Russell Street courtesy of  Murals in the Market

Photo of Denial's Eastern Market Mural on Russell Street courtesy of Murals in the Market

Daniel Bombardier a.k.a. Denial is a Murals in the Market regular, Windsor native, and longtime friend of Detroit. Listen to my interview with Denial at Murals in the Market, here. He will be painting a new mural in Wynwood at 2214 NW 1st Place on Thursday & Friday. His work will also be shown at Scope Art Fair with Upart Studio.

Stay tuned for onsite interviews, party pics and whatever else happens after a week of creative inspiration in the sunshine. 

Will you be in Miami this week? Let me know, I would love to link up!


Stay Gold,

Boho Barbie


*Cover Photo from Jon Dones// Haute to Death*


Friday Forecast: 100% Chance of Fashion.


Friday Forecast: 100% Chance of Fashion.

It’s going to be a very fashionable Friday in Detroit.

Two of my favorite brands in the city, Not Sorry Apparel and SKNDLSS, Are HOsting events.

First up: The Sweat Shop hosted by Not Sorry Apparel and Shoot Dope Spot

Start your weekend the right way with dancing, shopping, and even a new tattoo if that’s what you’re into. Dy-Min and Jessica, owners of Not Sorry Apparel, know how to throw a party. 

Video from Not Sorry Apparel

They are combining their love of all things dope into one must-attend event. The Sweat Shop is from 7-12 PM at 1406 Service St, Detroit, MI 48207.

There will be on site embroidery, screen printing and patches for $5 to $25. Bring a denim jacket, old tee, jeans, or whatever else you want to enhance with Not Sorry’s signature logo. (Unfortunately leather doesn’t work well for this).

Choose Better Friends & Count Mack will be on the 1’s and 2’s keeping the crowd dancing.

Flamingo Vintage and other top-notch vendors will be selling one of a kind goods.

I wasn’t kidding about tattoos! Get there at 7PM sharp to get your name on the list. There will be live tattooing throughout the night.

$10 tickets include a tote you can customize at the event or bring your own clothes to work with for $5. Tickets include free drinks- bless up!

After: LÆR hosted by BLDG01 and SKNDLSS

The couture continues at LÆR!
The monthly event is held in a surprise location, announced the day of. Think Fashion Week meets Detroit Techno.

Anything Lindsay Cashews, the owner of SKNDLSS, is involved with promises to be equal parts sexy and edgy. SKNDLSS will have live models draped in chains and chokers showcasing her iconic pieces.

Photos from SKNDLSS

Wear your favorite leather outfit and meet me on the dance floor. Loren, Rex Bravo and TYLR will be playing into the wee hours of the morning.  

Mastery Avery will be your host for the evening and Baboo Photography will be taking party pictures.

Tickets are $5, the event is from 12-5AM. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the address.

There you have it, the two most fashionable parties in Detroit, happening this Friday.

The only question is, What are you going to wear?


See you there,

Boho Barbie


j'adore Exclusive with Darkroom Detroit


j'adore Exclusive with Darkroom Detroit


 Front of Darkroom Detroit

Front of Darkroom Detroit

Founders Eleanor Oakes & Javier Garcia have designed Darkroom Detroit to be an open creative space built to inspire and nurture the people of Detroit and their love for photography. Whether you've never taken a picture or you're a professional working towards a career behind the camera,  there's something for everyone. 

Darkroom Detroit will offer workshops for all ages and levels, a darkroom, digital lab (with Mac desktops!!!!), gallery, co-working space, visiting artist studio and printing room. The most bad ass part about the space is that it will encourage motivation for fine art, something that many schools around the area can't offer due to lack of funding. From workshops to apprenticeship programs and group critiques, it will be a place to learn and collaborate. 

Eleanor & Javier are dedicated to showcasing the work that doesn't get seen. Eleanor says, "Anyone can take a good photo. People just need exposure to the proper equipment to do so, and that's what Darkroom Detroit will do. We started as a camera lending program, but felt like we needed to expand into more of a holistic solution that is affordable for everyone." 

 Amy Elkins

Amy Elkins

 Kris Graves

Kris Graves

Darkroom Detroit will have space open to the public, and offer monthly memberships as low as $10/month or more to use their facilities. They just hit their $40,000 goal that MEDC is matching for a total of $80,000 to get the project up and running. They are hoping to be fully operational in just a few months by January 2018. Workshops are already in the works. You can find a list of them HERE. If you'd like to learn more about their mission please click HERE or donate to the cause HERE. 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit



Red Bull House of Art Resident Artist Exhibition Preview


Red Bull House of Art Resident Artist Exhibition Preview


The exhibit will feature work from all artists during their 3-month residency at Red Bull House of Art. The program hosts a live-in residency experience in Detroit, dedicated to providing visual artists the freedom and space to create. The aim is to support courageous exploration in visual arts.


Come out and support on November 17. If you can't make it - the gallery is open for normal hours on November 18. Admission is FREE. 

Find out more deets HERE


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit


Getting Ready for Theatre Bizarre with Bana Kabalan


Getting Ready for Theatre Bizarre with Bana Kabalan

On Saturday night, I met Bana Kabalan at her studio, tucked away in the streets of New Center. Her studio, much like her art, is disheveled and tattered in the most beautiful way. It’s a uniquely Detroit space in a house that would otherwise be vacant.

bana X.jpg

I’ve known Bana for three years and she never fails to amaze me. She’s a true creative. Her gypsy-eclectic-Arabic style infuses everything she does with interest and originality. Her expansive portfolio includes DJing at City Club, art installations showcased at the DIA, belly dancing with The Potions and everything in between.

On this particular night, Bana was getting ready to belly dance at Theatre Bizarre in a headpiece and gown she made herself.

“The materials I used all came from the ground or the garbage! I use recycled materials to make the base of my headdress, which includes metal clothes hangers, wire, plaster and twine. I find these materials in the Junk Hole at the recycling center that I work at. The natural elements such as bones and feathers that I use all come from exploring the woods and constantly picking up gross dead things. I rarely spend money on materials, I always make art out of the things life tosses my way.”

Bana continued, talking about the symbolism her costume represents.

“I wanted to take the shape of a moth because I am fascinated by insects and at this point in my life I am truly manifesting the life of a moth. Post-metamorphosis I am searching for a type of flame that will ultimately lead to my final catharsis…[[some moths only live for a couple days because they do not have mouths to eat or drink water and spend these days searching for a mate to reproduce with or just ultimately die..what a romantic tragedy!]] I use the energy of the moon to fuel my body movement and bend my blood to make strange contortions through my figure, and I believe moths do something similar.”

How did you make the headpiece and bodice?

“Well my headpieces are made from clothes hangers that I bend to fit the shape of my head. Then I start getting crazy with it and adding various elements to the frame and build off of that. I never really know what I am going to do until it is in the moment. It just all falls into place after a series of moments of being very critical with what I am creating. My skirt was made out of a bridal dress that I found. I love the beautiful lace and beadwork so I am always searching through the wedding gowns at resale stores.”

Do you do commission work?

“I do! But my primary purpose of my artwork is not to make money. I make it to tame the chaos of waves inside my head. It is soothing and therapeutic for me so I cannot put a price tag to something that constantly saves me from insanity. But if someone calls me to tell me they want something and have some strange bone or wing they found I will make something for them!”

It was my first time going to Theatre Bizarre, I was excited (and nervous) for what lie ahead.

I asked Bana, a TB veteran of three years, how she would explain Theatre Bizarre to someone unfamiliar with the event?

“A strange force pulled you into a castle possessed with demons and for some reason you have transformed into a wolf.”

Bana and I drove to the Masonic together. After checking in at credentials, Bana parted ways to get ready for her performance at the Asylum Stage, on the 6th floor. Which left me free to explore the Bizarre on my own.

I’ve heard countless stories about the oddities that take place within the Masonic Temple during the event and braced myself for the worst. I love the obscure and unusual but run fast and hard from anything satanic and demonic.

I think I expected Theatre Bizarre to be a scary sex dungeon of forced participation.

In reality, Theatre Bizarre is a show of grandeur performances, theatrics, costumes and creativity. Picture a halloween extravaganza fit for the pages of The Great Gatsby.

Bana's performance was elegant and earthly. Her headpiece and gown complimented the ambient stage she performed on.

The event consumes six levels of the Masonic Temple. Performances are staged in various rooms on each floor. The rooms are named accordingly. I saw shows in The Odditorium, The Asylum, The Fistitorium (yep, you read that correctly) and The Peepshow.

J’adore was lucky enough to be one of the select few media allowed to photograph inside, feast your eyes on the inner workings of Theatre Bizarre.

Mark your calendar for next year's Theatre Bizarre. The performances, costumes, and set design are second to none. It is truly a spectacular event and well worth the $100 ticket price. 

Stay weird Detroit,

Boho Barbie


4 Halloween Parties you Need to Know About


4 Halloween Parties you Need to Know About

Halloween weekend is days away.

Looking through the lineup of events going on, in Detroit, I’ve separated the best from the rest - to make your life easier.


Rocky Horror Picture Show at Cinema Detroit

Partake in a wholesome Halloween tradition at Cinema Detroit. Rocky Horror Picture Show will be screening from Friday the 27th to Tuesday the 31st. Take a date, take your friends, or take yourself. Rocky Horror at Cinema Detroit is a picturesque way to celebrate the season.


Black Noise Yeezy Tribute at El Club

Rob Mansel, aka Black Noi$e, always plays a super fun set and gets the crowd dancing. I can’t wait to hear his take on a Yeezy Tribute. The tickets are free with RSVP (at the time of writing this post) and $10 at the door. I’m planning on starting my night at El Club and making it in time for the GOOD Happy Hour from 9-11 PM.

Motor City Funk Night at Majestic

Funk Night is a Detroit tradition. The event is not to be missed. It’s a good-time-had-by-all kind of shindig with good music, good vibes, and good people. There will be a live performance by the King of Funk, Rickey Calloway with Will Sessions. Heavy duty funk and soul 45s spun by DJs Frank Raines, Eastside and Mo Manley from Chicago. Tickets are $5 at the door, music plays until 4 AM. I will be hitting Funk Night (and getting a slice of cheese pizza from Sgt Pepperoni’s) after EL Club.


Border City Living in Windsor

I’ll be crossing the border Saturday night for a Halloween soiree in Windsor. This avant garde costume party is also Anna Kwiatkowski’s solo exhibition. The event has a strict black and white dress code and encourages creativity. I’m getting very glammed up with my girls to check out this event. I can’t wait to experience the combination of costumes and art, it all sounds so fabulous!

Dia Day Los Muertos Warehouse Party

One of my favorite DJ’s in the city, Anthony Jasper aka AJOM, is hosting a Dia Day Los Muertos warehouse party at 6545 St. Antoine. The line up is loaded with great acts, featuring a very special live performance at midnight by Los Hermanos from the legendary techno collective, Underground Resistance. Honor the dead and celebrate Life by dancing the night away with DJs Monty Luke, Seth Carter, Anthony Jasper, Lady Monix, Gabe Gonzales and Isaac Prieto.

Knowing Anthony and the events he puts on, this will be one hell of a show. The St. Antoine warehouse is a great venue for a Halloween party and will add a very Detroit vibe to the night.

Whatever you do this weekend, remember to share your candy and dress to impress.  

Stay Spooky,

Boho Barbie


Fun Fundraiser Alert: Neighbors at the Nest


Fun Fundraiser Alert: Neighbors at the Nest

The Tricycle Collective is a nonprofit near and dear to my heart.

Read this Metro Times article to learn about the organization and the housing crisis facing the Detroit community.

Tomorrow, come to Neighbors at the Nest, an event at the Do Not Bid Mural in West Village to help raise money for families in tax foreclosure.

 Photo of Artists, Ellen Rut and Ouizi, taken at last year's event.&nbsp;

Photo of Artists, Ellen Rut and Ouizi, taken at last year's event. 

Throughout October, all funds raised will provide families with children the starting bid they may need to purchase the home they already live in from the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction.

ROCKETMANxix will be performing, friends will get together, and smiles will be shared. Read my coverage of last year's event here

Bring yourself and maybe a chair.

Friends, food, and funds are appreciated. Click here to donate online and learn more about how we can #keepdetroitathome.

See you there,

Boho Barbie



JADORE EXCLUSIVE: Muralists in the Market


JADORE EXCLUSIVE: Muralists in the Market

The market is thriving right now!

For the past week, Muralists have been working day and night to finish their pieces. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask the artists about their work, themselves and what they think of Detroit. Yesterday, I hit the pavements with a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque sense of journalistic empowerment and got up close and personal with the artists.

I saw a guy with paint on his jeans and figured he's probably a good place to start. I asked if he was a muralist and had time to answer a few questions for J'adore Detroit. He said sure but it would have to be while he worked. That was an easy yes from me, I climbed on the lift and we got the ball rolling. 

Denial Full Mural.JPG

After, I walked down Winder and ran into another muralist, I asked if he had time to answer a few questions. I was pleasantly surprised when he answered “sure” in an Australian accent. Turns out the muralist is Meggs, creator of one of my favorite murals in the market.


From there, I saw a golf cart filled with artist-type people. I asked if any of them were muralists and they were not but they told me to make a right and another right and I would run into a lot of muralists. I took two rights and came across an alley filled with artists working on their walls. The first, a bubbly girl wearing a pink scrunchie to match her mural.


Going down the line of muralists (literally), Anthony Lee was up next.


Next to Anthony, two guys were going IN on a mural. In hindsight it was probably a little rude of me to break their ironclad concentration... but I did. I watched in amazement as HOXXOH and Brian Lacey used a very specific kind of spray paint technique to bring their piece to life. Turns out the two were in a time crunch and only had the day to start and finish the piece.


At the end of the alley, a guy so cute I was almost nervous to talk to him was getting on his lift. I had a WWCD (what would Carrie do) moment and asked if he had a few minutes to talk.

Jonny 2 Good.JPG

After talking to Jonny I was satisfied with my interviews for the day and headed towards Supinos to reward myself with a slice. As I started walking through a parking lot, two guys waved me over.  (I guess I must have looked like I needed a friend, wandering alone through a parking lot like that?) Beau and Shark Toof introduced themselves and told me they’re muralists- perfect, because I’m looking to talk to muralists! Beau took me to Red Bull House of Art and showed me the mosaic he’s working on.


Finally, my work day was done. It was time to kill it at the gym and get ready for mingling with the muralists at Lincoln Street Art Park. The girls and I stepped on the scene glittered out and serving looks per usual. There’s a very specific hype around Lincoln Street Art Park, it’s like a mini Detroit Burning Man. My personal opinion-  if you’re not wearing fur, you’re not doing it right.

The perfect amount of scenesters were at the Park. Not packed, but enough people to feel like it’s a party.

I ran into Shark Toof and talked to him about life in LA and what he thinks of Detroit. Turns out he’s looking for a place in the area because Detroit is obviously the coolest place to live in the US. Here’s a video of his work that he showed me:

At 2:30 I called it a night. When all was said and done, and I was tucked in bed I couldn’t help but think my usual thought, “What a day. What a life. What a city.” Detroit is a crazy place and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Love, Light, and All Things Magical.

-Boho Barbie



Dlectricity Recap: Magic in the City


Dlectricity Recap: Magic in the City

Dlectricity delivered as promised.

If you couldn’t tell from my post last week, I was beyond excited for Dlectricity. I love neon lights and weird visuals. Dlectricity is like Christmas to me.

On Friday night I stepped out of my Midtown apartment and hit the streets. I started at Luminaria Magna on the corner of Warren and Woodward and made it just in time to see Anthony Jasper’s set.

Dreams do come true.

The stage was set inside a wall of lights that were color controlled by an interactive panel guests could experiment with. Anthony was the perfect act for the event, his music is universally likable and a great representation of the techno talent in Detroit. If you haven't read our J'adore Exclusive with Anthony, check it out here.

After, I stopped into The Cathedral Church of St. Paul Sanctuary to watch Akiko Nakayama project a magnified live stream of mixing paint. Originally I thought it was a visual on loop, it took probably five minutes to realize that I was watching a projection of the artist mixing paint in the corner- it was mind blowing.

One of my favorite things about Dlectricity is going in places I’ve been before, like the DIA or a church, and seeing the space in a new light and carrying that memory with me the next time I’m there.

The DIA was poppin’ inside and out. I watched The Shadows of Slendrotron (The Monkey God’s Great Leap) behind the DIA and was thoroughly impressed with the robotic performance. Only in Detroit would something so obscure happen.

If it’s any indication of how spectacular the art was- I was on a terrible date Friday and still had a great time at Dlectricity. Friday’s festivities came to an end and left me excited for Saturday.

Saturday started with a shopping spree at Boro to find the perfect outfits for the day. I left with a very Boho Barbie fringe vest for my daytime look and a glittery gold, liquescence body suit my night look.  My girlfriends and I went to a bougie-bouge rooftop party in Eastern Market coordinated by the ever fabulous Playground Detroit for Soho House. After getting our daily dose of celebrity vibes, the girlsquad and I geared up for another night of Dlectricity.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Saturday night was twice as busy as Friday. People from all walks of life were out and about, it was a great moment for the Detroit community. Yes, there were definitely suburbanites in the mix but there were also a lot of families and kids from real Detroit.


The girls and I posted up on the steps at the DIA to watch the projection across the street, on the Detroit Library. On the side of the building, we got our picture taken at the Light as a Shadow installation presented by Arts and Scraps. Behind the DIA, we played with giant glowing bunnies  in the CCS sculpture park.

 Photo of Sarah O'Donnell taken by Alex Santori

Photo of Sarah O'Donnell taken by Alex Santori

After, we went to Mocad and ran into what felt like everyone I’ve ever met in Detroit. Mocad was the place to be! The gallery was filled with people enjoying the artwork and getting drinks at the indoor/outdoor bar. The tiny house behind Mocad was illuminated and outlined with projections. Unfortunately, there was a horribly annoying projection of people screaming that added a layer of anxiety to the outdoor area.

After mingling at Mocad, my friend Alex and I headed back to the Luminaria Magna stage. On the way we ran into a performance piece showcasing actors behind shades being projected on and interacted with by artists. As the people behind the shades performed what looked like a Chinese tea ceremony, artists were moving and mixing different materials on the projectors to colorfully veil the performance.

We made it back to Luminaria Magna to watch Ryan Dahl end the festival with a bang. Talk about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Ryan Dahl is a straight up techno babe. I could have watched him perform in a wall of lights for the rest of the night.

During the show a really special thing happened. I looked over and saw a man I recognized from the area, I think he’s homeless - but not in a scary zombie way. And there he was, enjoying this incredible performance at this incredible event, dancing in the crowd like everyone else.

It made me appreciate the magnitude of inspiration Dlectricity injected into the community and the youth.

The festival made avantgarde art accessible to everyone and people were receptive and excited to be there. I can only imagine the amount of young minds Dlectricity inspired. I have the privilege of being exposed to bizarre creative things on the regular and it has immensely shaped who I am as a person. Dlectricity gave that experience to everyone in Detroit for free and that is something profoundly significant.

There’s a special magic in Detroit and it was very present throughout the entire weekend. See you in two years Dlectricity, I’m already counting down the days.

Love always,

Boho Barbie

* Special shout out to Alex Santori for the pictures and videos, thank you so much! *


Murals (and more) in the Market


Murals (and more) in the Market

 Mural by Taylor White, Photo from  Murals in the Market

Mural by Taylor White, Photo from Murals in the Market

50 Muralists from all over the country are working day and night on new pieces to add to Eastern Market’s growing collection of artwork.

Participate in the festivities by visiting any or all of the featured events before the celebrations end on September 28th.

From 12PM - 8PM you can see the artists in action and watch them bring their creations to life. Pick up a handy dandy road map from any local business (I got mine from Supino’s) and walk from one mural to the next.

 Photo of Hannah Stouffer from  Metro Times

Photo of Hannah Stouffer from Metro Times

Visit the 1XRun Warehouse from 9/23-9/30 anytime between 11 AM - 6 PM to see a print exhibition of the muralists’ work and pick up a piece of your own.

See Eddie Colla’s solo exhibition and installation, “Enumeration”, at the 1xRun Warehouse tomorrow, 9/23 from 7-10 PM. After, head to the Official Murals in the Market After Party at Stroh’s Warehouse from 10 PM - 3 AM. I’ve never been to Stroh’s Warehouse but I’m very excited to check it out- I’m a sucker for warehouse parties.

On Monday, bring your bike to Shed 3 at 7 PM  for a special Murals in the Market Edition of Slow Roll.

Educate yourself about responsible consumption Tuesday, 9/26 at 3 PM. Meet at Shed 2 for “Think Global, Eat Local: Pioneers in Detroit Food and Farming”.

 Photo from  Model D

Photo from Model D

Shag Threads & Haute to Death are hosting the first ever Murals in the Market Wearables Show at the 1xRUN Warehouse on Tuesday 9/26 from 8-11 PM. I’m super excited for this one. I love Haute to Death and the collaboration with fashion… so New York City. My head is spinning with outfit possibilities.

Murals in the Market wraps up with Eastern Market After Dark on Thursday, September 28th. I’m exceptionally passionate about Eastern Market After Dark. It’s been one of my favorite events in the city year after year. The sheds are filled with all things fun and exciting, everyone is out and about and there’s after parties galore.

 Photo from The  Sonderer

Photo from The Sonderer

As always, Detroit is a busy place to be. Murals in the Market only comes around once a year, take advantage of the unique event and show some extra love for the city over the next week!

Keep an eye out for our #JadoreExclusive interviews with the artists coming to the blog, next week!

-Boho Barbie