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Au Revoir J'adore


Au Revoir J'adore

I'm sad to say this is my last post for J'adore Detroit. I’m moving to Los Angeles to pursue all things fabulous, in Hollywood. 

Thank you for reading about my adventures in the city. I hope you find your own secret raves and magical moments. Detroit is a truly unique city, that I'm proud to call home (and can't wait to tell L.A. techno boys about). 


Working at J’adore has been a dream. If I had to make a highlight reel it would look like a glamorous string of happy hours, raging parties, and a lot of thinking on the fly.

Some of my favorite memories are:
The Auto Show
Freakish Pleasures

Enjoy summer in the city. The warm weather and sunshine brings the city to life. Spend all the time you can on Belle Isle and go to every Art Park Party. 

Here is a list of my favorite things to do during the summer in Detroit. 

Stay in touch! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I'm not sure what the future holds but I know it's going to be a whole lot of fun. 

That’s all she wrote (for now), Detroit.

-Boho Barbie



Warrior Strong


Warrior Strong

Four years ago, when majority of my friends packed their bags for Ann Arbor, East Lansing, or Grand Rapids, I chose to live in Detroit and go to Wayne State. Today, I’m getting ready to graduate with a Bachelors in Public Relations and Communications and a killer resume to match.

 Photo from  Knight Foundation

Going to Wayne State was the best decision of my life and I encourage anyone looking for a unique college experience to consider WSU. When I was in high school, people dismissed Wayne State and didn’t consider it a good option compared to other colleges in-state. I am here to assure you that is not the case. Wayne State is an amazing school and you are in for the experience of a lifetime going to college in Detroit.

Wayne State students are independent, career focused, and one of a kind. There is no traditional mold at Wayne State, students are in class with people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Being a part of a diverse student body teaches you not to judge or stereotype, I’ve learned to embrace differences in others and myself.

 Photo from  Crain's  

Photo from Crain's 

Students have the advantage of going to school in a growing city, desperate for young talent.  Internships are abundant in the city and help students start to build their resume while still in school. Throughout college I’ve worked part time. Instead of only identifying as a college student, I’ve found fulfillment balancing my school schedule with jobs relevant to my career path.

Instead of the typical college experience of tailgates and frat parties, Wayne State students spend their weekends at art gallery openings and techno shows. Personally, I find so much more enjoyment going to events with a purpose; a concert, a gallery opening, a pop-up dinner, than the average college party. It helps to alleviate binge drinking culture commonly found on college campuses because students aren’t bored and trapped in the middle of nowhere with no outlet.

 Photo from  Wayne State

Photo from Wayne State

I would not be the person I am today without the diversity, grit, and opportunity at Wayne State University. I’m proud to be a warrior and encourage you to chose WSU too.


Boho Barbie


Is it possible to live zero waste?


Is it possible to live zero waste?

Let Corinne Loperfido inspire you to give a f*ck.

 Photo from @ corinneloperfido

Photo from @corinneloperfido

I met the LA-based, traveling artist, costume designer, and party planner last fall, at Desert Daze. She is the brains behind Pussy Power House and wants people to think about the environmental repercussions of their everyday actions. By throwing educational ragers across the country, Corinne spreads awareness of fundamental issues facing society.

 Corrine in her studio

Corrine in her studio

On International Women’s Day, I met with Corinne in her Los Angeles studio to get to know Pussy Power House a little better and learn more about Corinne’s story. Our conversation made me aware of how much I assume and take for granted… like the water turning on tomorrow.

Typically, Corinne throws an event a month, sometimes in L.A., sometimes in a city she’s visiting. The parties, better described as social get togethers for like-minded people, are centered around a topic or issue. After planning most events, Corinne documents the information and research she learned from collaborators along the way, into a beautiful zine.

 Zero Waste Zine

Zero Waste Zine

 Zero Waste Zine 

Zero Waste Zine 

The Zero Waste Zine details alternative choices to environmentally unaware decisions and talks about how to live a waste-free life.

 Zero Waste Zine

Zero Waste Zine

Practicing what she preaches, Corinne routinely refills mason jars at bulk food stores instead of a typical grocery store. Her pantry is meticulously organized with labeled, glass jars itemizing the weight of the jar and the contents, for faster shopping.

 Corinne's pantry

Corinne's pantry

To combat the never ending influx of waste, Corinne repurposes waste into art pieces like her trash alter and soda-pop porch railing.

 A repurposed trash alter in Corinne's backyard

A repurposed trash alter in Corinne's backyard

 Cans repurposed into porch railing

Cans repurposed into porch railing

What YOU can do NOW, to make a difference:

●      Drink beverages in reusable, glass containers instead of plastic bottles.

●      Find grocery stores with a bulk dried food section and bring your own glass jars for refilling.

●      Use reusable bags while shopping - better yet, keep them in your car to plan ahead!

●      Keep a metal fork + spoon with a cloth napkin in a pencil case, in your bag.

Corinne calls for people to take responsibility for their choices instead of apathetically excuse toxic behavior because it’s the convenient option. 

Follow Corinne and Pussy Power House on Instagram for inspiration, motivation, and tough love! 

&&& Check out Corinne's next-level costume design below. 

 Costumes and Jewelry made by Corinne  

Costumes and Jewelry made by Corinne  

 Headpieces made by Corinne 

Headpieces made by Corinne 

Happy Earth Day Humans,

Boho Barbie


The Place to be for Brides to be.


The Place to be for Brides to be.

Metro Detroit Weddings magazine is helping metro Detroit brides-to-be plan the wedding of their dreams during its annual Luxury Bridal Reception.  

On Thursday, April 12 from 5-8 p.m. get your girl gang together for an evening of FUN wedding planning, at The Reserve in Birmingham. Sip champagne while meeting with expert consultants, top bridal shops, florists and event planners to plan their dream wedding from beginning to end. Leave the event with a custom gift box filled with treats for the brides-to-be.

Metro Detroit Weddings magazine's Luxury Bridal Reception is sponsored by Guilt Chocolates, The Reserve, and our friends at Open Me When.

General admission tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Wedding party package includes five (5) general admission tickets for $50. Tickets can be purchased here.

We have two pairs of wedding party packages to give away. Enter the contest by following us at @Jadoredetroit on Instagram, comment on this picture, and tag a friend. Winners will be chosen on Friday at 5!

-xoxo J'adore Detroit


Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway


Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway

Whether you're planning a last-minute spring break or just itching to get away, Chicago is a great weekend trip from Detroit.

A quick jaunt to Chi-Town is short, sweet, and rejuvenating.

Detroiters have easy access to Chicago for weekend getaways and hopping off the grid.

How to get there

I recommend taking the Megabus or Greyhound to Chicago. Parking can be a nightmare in the city, it's nice not to worry about a car. If there's anything we've learned from indie movies; long bus rides are the best time to restructure your character.

I recently took a Greyhound for the first time- because yes, I stereotyped the brand and thought Greyhound was scary. I was wrong. It was nicer than any Megabus I’ve been on.

The driver was dressed professionally, the seats were nice leather, and the bus terminals felt more official than Megabus’ curbside pickup.  

Both Megabus and Greyhound tickets average about $25, rates fluctuate depending on date and availability.

You can also drive, take the train, or fly easily into the city.

Where to stay

 Photo from  HI Chicago

Photo from HI Chicago

If you are on a budget and looking for an adventure, stay at HI Chicago Hostel. Prices range from $20 a night for a shared dorm-style room to $150 a night for a private suite. Dorms are same-sex and feel safe for solo female travelers.  

I can’t say enough good things about HI Chicago Hostel;  It’s nicer than a cheap hotel room, a phenomenal breakfast spread is included, and, in my opinion, hostels are more fun than hotels.

 Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

 Photo from @hotellincoln

Photo from @hotellincoln

If a hostel is not your cup of tea, try Hotel Lincoln. It has a unique vintage decor and is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Lincoln Park.

 Photo from @ashleyozery

Photo from @ashleyozery

Take time to smell the roses at the nearby Lincoln Park Conservatory. After, wander through boutiques in the area. One of my favorites is Halsted Flowers for rare succulents and exotic crystals.

As for the nightlife...

Danny’s is a cool bar with good music.

 Photo from  Chicago Reader

Photo from Chicago Reader

 Photo from Check Please!

Photo from Check Please!

Detroit DJ, Anthony Jasper once said in a J’adore Exclusive, “Bad music isn’t tolerated in Detroit.” Partying in other cities proves his sentiment right. I can not believe how many bars play Top 40 hits from 2016. Skip the corny bars and go to Danny’s. It has an authentic vibe comparable to Temple Bar in Detroit.

 Photo from @mactoo443

Photo from @mactoo443

Whether you listen to the Blues or not, Kingston Mines is a riot of a time. The crowd is fun, people are dancing, and the performers are spectacular. It’s a Chicago staple and for good reason. Kingston Mines will take you back to a swankier time.


 Photo from @chickenshop

Photo from @chickenshop

In the morning, cure your inevitable hangover with Chicken and Waffles from the Chicken Shop in Soho House. The luxe ambiance of the exclusive creators’ club will bring you back to life.

 Photo from  3 Arts Club Cafe

Photo from 3 Arts Club Cafe

Go for dinner, drinks or literally just to sit on the couches at 3 Arts Club Cafe. It’s located inside Restoration Hardware’s immaculate Chicago Gallery. The couches are famously comfortable and live up to the hype. Sitting on one of their perfectly plumed couches feels like sinking into a cloud.

I’m coming back for the chandelier when I have a mansion to put it in.

Since 18, I’ve made a habit of running away to Chicago for inspiration, adventure and a new sense of self.

I advise you to do the same.


Safe travels,

Boho Barbie

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Schvitz Yrself Clean


Schvitz Yrself Clean

On the corner of Oakland and Melbourne, The Schvitz Bathhouse is discreetly disguised in a seemingly vacant building.

 Photo from  Curbed  

Photo from Curbed 

The industrial-looking front door opens into an elaborate entrance, a grandeur chandelier welcomes visitors into the space. Ring the doorbell and guests are buzzed into *The Schvitz*.

Established in 1917 as a Jewish community center, the space is over 100 years old and radiates history. In 1930, the pool and sauna were built and The Schvitz was born. Yiddish slang for “sweat”, the bathhouse has a history of mafia meetings, swinger nights, and one talkative parrot named Nemo.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka  

Photo from Jacob Mulka 

In 2017, Paddy Lynch bought the business and revitalized the club into a communal hub of wellness, conversation, and camaraderie. The renovated space reopened in October 2017 with a new vibe and a strict (bathing suit mandatory) co-ed policy.

Photos from Jacob Mulka

The Schvitz is a lifestyle.

Always BYOB and food friendly, for $30 a session, guests can comfortably spend hours lounging at the beautiful club going from steam room, to pool, to relaxing upstairs, and back again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.23.05 AM.png

I went for Ladies Brunch, on Sunday, and it revitalized my soul for the coming week. The atmosphere is body positive, friendly, and fabulous.

On the main floor, miniature spa services like facials, manicures, and hair masks are offered for $5-$20. Each week, different vendors are brought in to create unique experiences for guests.  On the particular Sunday that I went, tarot readings were available for $10 and The Velvet Tower had a pop-up boutique selling robes fit for a queen.  


Ladies Brunch is 12-4PM on Sundays. Get there early to take full advantage of the four-hour time slot. Brunch is potluck style, bring food and bubbly to share.

This is a very inclusive atmosphere. I went alone and was completely comfortable.

Paulina Petkoski, co-founder of PLAYGROUND DETROIT and regular Schvitz-er, says her favorite thing about the club is that it brings people together without the distraction of cell phones.

On Sundays at 4PM, the sauna closes for cleaning and reopens from 6-10PM for co-ed hours. Guests are welcome to come back for a second session.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka

Photo from Jacob Mulka

The sauna is lined with benches made from imported Redwood and leaves skin literally glowing.

My complexion was RADIANT the following week.

 Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower. 

Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower. 

For thirty dollars- a day at The Schvitz is a steal.

The Health club is a favorite among the creative community and is an ideal place to take visitors for a truly unique, Detroit experience.

The Schvitz looks and feels like a Los Angeles spa thanks to Paddy Lynch’s impeccable eye for interior design and talent for creating luxurious environments.

Schvitz on, people

-Boho Barbie

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ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.


ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.

ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 was a night to remember. The city’s finest came together for a night of experimental entertainment in a dreamy space, radiating with creativity.

The (very strictly enforced) dress code: “leather, latex, fetish, experimental, radical, nude.”

The policy: No photos. No judgement.


Entering Salon El Bosque, in Southwest, security guards covered cell phone cameras at the door with stickers to ensure the privacy of the guests.

Anticipation was sky high for this event. People in Detroit serve looks on a daily basis, but, the strictly enforced dress code gave scenesters an opportunity to indulge their wild side.

The outfits were unbelievable- and the best part- people were completely comfortable to show some skin and respect other’s personal space. I did not feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point of the party wearing a leather dress, bustier, fishnets and chain choker- I was dressed on the modest side comparatively. 

The Salon was decked out in neon lights, art installations, and reflective decorations. The space is HUGE. The party spread across nine rooms, each with a unique feel. The dance floor was home to a luminescent DJ booth and a geometric installation illuminated by black lights.

Farther into the venue, a hall draped in streamers and lit by black light, opened into a performance room. A chain link fence, in the middle of the room, enclosed avant-garde acts; Park Hyun Gi and Allie Freaksnotcreeps. The expansive space was a great place to lounge with friends in a cuddle puddle and connect with new people.

The other rooms were mixed-use; one a bar area, the others, art installations and private spaces.

Pictures and videos were prohibited, so how to capture the truly unique experience and share it with J’adore readers? On the dance floor, in a moment of blissful inspiration, I decided to interview party people for their take on the experience.

First, catch the vibe. 

Park Hyun Gi describes her ritual performance and first time visiting Detroit.

In the girl’s room, I ask Mary Anne what makes this party unique.

Amanda Bramble gives her take on the event.

Tiny, the big security guard, was NOT impressed.

Tae Su sums up the night perfectly.

“You can’t find anywhere else like Detroit- especially a heavy underground city like Detroit. There’s no where else like home”

More than just another Saturday night in Detroit, ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 brought people together In a trance-like space to connect without the influence of social media. 


Let your freak flag fly, Detroit

-Boho Barbie

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Pop-Up Party Alert: Dine + Dance, Tomorrow Night


Pop-Up Party Alert: Dine + Dance, Tomorrow Night

Valentine’s Day isn’t over, the best is yet to come.

Tomorrow, celebrate St. Valentine with a unique culinary and music experience.


Brix Wine and Charcuterie Boutique, Chef Ashaya, and AJOM have come together to create a spectacular night of entertainment.

This is a two-part event, hosted in a secret location. The address is revealed to ticket holders after purchase (trust me, the venue is cool AF).

Two types of tickets are available:

Anthony Jasper aka AJOM is one of my favorite DJ’s in the city and definitely throws the best pop-up parties. His Halloween event, Dia De Los Muertos, was my favorite party of the weekend.

Read the recap here, I’m not making this up!

Get the full sensory experience with the St. Valentine’s Dine + Dance ticket.

At 6PM the evening will start with Hors d'Oeuvres, champagne, and wine. AJOM and Julian Kendall will curate sultry vibes with a special set of ambient tunes. After an hour or so guests will be seated to enjoy a four-course meal prepared by Chef Ashaya.

Course 1

Eggplant Caponata Mtooya

Avalon baguette, capers, tahini golden raisins, pomegranate balsamic drizzle, scallion pearls

Course 2

Mussels Qarira

Lemon tarragon za'atar vinaigrette, pickled seasonal vegetable salad, grilled radish, sunflower sprouts, toasted noodles, miso lemon aioli

Course 3

Vegetable or Beef Kibbeh

Crispy Veggie or Beef Kibbeh, walnut-stuffed date, gold potato mash, fennel cucumber mint yogurt, leek herb pesto, spiced maple reduction, kataifi, sea salt

Course 4

Crème Brulee, Vegan

Rose, pistachio, halawa, fresh strawberry

After dinner, the party starts.

Ball .jpg

Alton Miller, Lady Monix, MGUN and Seth Carter will join AJOM and Julian Kendall on the decks.

At 10 PM the event opens to guests for the Valentine’s Ball, an all-night dance party. 

Meet your lover on the dance floor and dance the night away, under a romantic floral installation.

Knowing Anthony Jasper and his events, this will be a flawlessly executed experience that leaves guests happy - even ecstatic.

See you there

Boho Barbie




See Forq at Otus Supply, on us!


See Forq at Otus Supply, on us!

Forq, a New York-based quartet of epic proportions is bringing their signature sound of improvised jazz and groove to Otus Supply, on February 19th, and we've got tickets to give to YOU!

Get to know the band in a #JadoreExclusive interview with keyboardist, Henry Hey. 

After, tag your favorite concert buddy in the comments on THIS Instagram post by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 14th for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show. 


Who // Forq Keyboardist, Henry Hey

What // Groove and Jazz

When // 7:00 PM, February 19th

Where // Otus Supply

How would you describe Forq’s sound? 

"Forq is a band of guys who like a lot of different music.  In one sense we are sort of a jazz band in that we play improvisatory groove-based music, but we all tend to like to push the music into sound spaces that are strange and quirky -- perhaps even humorous.  At times we have a harder 'rock' sound than some other instrumental groups and at other times we play some things that harken to music of another era with maybe some 'spaghetti western' influences.  All of the music is original and composed by the band members." 

Why should people come to the Forq show at Otus Supply?

"Because it's the most fun you can have on a Monday night!!  We promise that you won't be bored. And the beer and food at Otus Supply is well worth the trip." 

What’s your most memorable story on tour? 

"We've traveled enough at this point to have quite a few stories, but perhaps one of the most memorable has to do with a place where we stayed last fall.  At times, we find ourselves staying in large homes (AirBnB) and often that's a great situation for all involved.  While we were touring in the south, we ended up in a home of someone who was clearly a free spirit.  As we walked into the house, this guy had a wall-sized video mural running 24/7.  All sorts of images were projected... ALL sorts.  In addition, he was obviously an avid collector of many things including vintage luggage which was placed all over the room.  The centerpiece, however, was an active collection of guitar effects pedals (30 of them perhaps?) -- in a feedback loop -- which he used to create noise.  When you pressed one of the pedals, the result would be this sort of howling or screeching noise that varied depending on which pedals you turned on.  At first, we thought that it was a bit nuts, until we tried it out. We found ourselves up at 3 in the morning after our performance -- 'playing' this bizarre contraption and laughing our heads off."   

Is this the band’s first show in Detroit?   

"We played at Cliff Bells back in 2014."

How long will the band be in Detroit, what are you looking forward to doing while you’re here?

"This will be a very quick stopover as we will be coming from Chicago on the 18th and moving on to Toronto on the 20th.   In Detroit?  We hope to have a few good beers - which we know that Otus Supply can provide."   

 Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board) Chris McQueen (Guitar)  Kevin Scott (Bass) Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums) 

Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board) Chris McQueen (Guitar)  Kevin Scott (Bass) Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums) 

Make Monday fun with a night of live music, craft beer and delicious eats at Otus Supply on February, 19th.

See you there!

Boho Barbie



Auto Show Preview, J'adore Detroit Style


Auto Show Preview, J'adore Detroit Style

Last week, the 2018 North American International Auto Show opened with a slew of industry previews and special events.  

It was my first year participating in the preview- I have a hangover, new connections and a lot of glamorous pictures to show for it. 

It all started Tuesday, January 16th...

The heat was out at the Brooklyn Outdoor Loft, the office was freezing. We quickly changed plans for the day and booked conference room 2B at WeWork. I Qlined from my apartment in Midtown to Wework Merchant Row and felt like the poster child for Detroit transportation.

 Photo from  @liz_wilky

Photo from @liz_wilky

For lunch, we finally went to Eatori Market. The eggplant panini is amazing and the hamburger lives up to the hype. It was great to meet Zak Yatim in person after interviewing him on the phone last Spring, prior to opening.

 Photo from  Yelp  

Photo from Yelp 

After, Emily, Candice and I made a quick stop at Bird Bee, my favorite boutique in Detroit, while waiting for an Uber to take us to the Auto Show Press Preview.

 Photo from  @bird_bee_

Photo from @bird_bee_

We oogled over every vintage-inspired piece in the store, eventually, Candice settled on an army green wrap dress to wear later in the week.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.45.13 PM.png

We pulled up to Cobo Center under our Digital Spectacular Billboard. Cobo was buzzing with excitement. Tech bloggers and local media filled the main ballroom reading specs and taking pictures of 2018’s hottest cars.

Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (6).jpg

The following day, I went from class at Wayne State to “The Bavarian Cocktail Experience” presented by BMW and Dennis Archer Jr. at the Cadillac Lodge.


I sipped a Hotty Toddy in the Lodge with a group of empowering entrepreneurial women. After, the ladies and I went across the street to Central Kitchen + Bar to continue the conversation over calamari, fig flatbread, vegetarian tacos and merlot. Dennis Archer Jr. ordered us a round of Don Julio on the house and the night escalated from there.

I’ve been told I was at Standby and Grey Ghost.

On Thursday, the team worked from home to recoup from Candice’s trip to New York and my first time at the Rodeo.

On Friday, Candice and I had plans to go to the Detroit Glamour Party at Bert’s Warehouse presented by BMW and Dennis Archer Jr.. At lunch, I got a much-needed blowout at Detroit Blows. Stylist, Courtney Tidwell made me feel like Beyonce.

Detroit Blows 1 (1).jpg

It was my first time in the salon and I’m obsessed. I love the display of delicate knick knacks on the front table. I want all of them. The Donna Summers record displayed on the bookshelf made me smile. Katy Cockrel is an amazing and talented woman. Not only is her salon on point, she is a kick-ass public relations practitioner at Finn Partners.

I went back to the office and finished my work for the week. At 7ish Candice and I changed into our party outfits, and went to Detroit City Distillery for a pre-party libation. We sipped refreshing cocktails and had some time to talk out of the office.

After, we braved the three block walk to Bert’s Warehouse in fur.

Image uploaded from iOS (5).jpg

Candice and I got to Bert's, checked our coats, and took pictures in front of the step and repeat.

Kevin Williams, Head of Multicultural Marketing and Diversity & Inclusion at BMW of North America, was welcoming guests to the party.

Kevin agreed to an interview, we hopped in a promotional beamer and discussed industry trends at the 2018 Auto Show. 

Mr. Williams said three trends at this year's show are:

  1. Technology: Cars are becoming more adaptive to deliver drivers a seamless experience between vehicle and technology.

  2. Color Pallet: Makers are playing with bold hues on the interior of cars and exterior of cars. Deep oranges, blues and reds are popular in this year’s exhibition.

  3. Energy efficient: Cars are increasingly getting more miles per gallon or running on electricity.

Image uploaded from iOS (4).jpg

The fashion was on point, men and women looked like glamazons coming from auto prom in their black-tie best.

Image uploaded from iOS (9).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (10).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (11).jpg

Candice and I danced the night away and mixed and mingled with Detroit’s finest.

Each year, the international convention brings the best and brightest from the automotive industry into Detroit, for a week of previews and parties. 

Visit the Auto Show before it closes on January 28th and make of day of it in Detroit. Click here to find out what to do before and after the show.

XO Boho Barbie

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Pinterest Worthy Hair for the New Year


Pinterest Worthy Hair for the New Year

We are officially stepping into the new year with a new look. 

It's time to shake off last year's bad vibes and embrace positive change in 2018. 

Hairstylist and Balayage Babe of Detroit, David Schutzler, made a house call to give the squad makeovers (bubbly included).

Naturally, we had a photoshoot about it and turned the appointment into a party.

Photography by the very talented Kelly Karnesky.


David couldn't let us have all the fun and served a new look himself. 

He bleached his beard before dying it cherry red. I am SO into colored beards and statement looks this year.

Sam and David.jpg

For my look, I asked David to crank up the Boho Barbie vibes.

He redid my balayage and ran rose pink dye through my hair. You may now call me Princess Boho Barbie. 

Sam Hair Flip 2.jpg
Sam hair Flip.jpg
Kay Velvet.jpg

Kay started with dark brown hair. Her locks went through a three-step process to lift the brown and get sunburst orange to take. 

Kayla with Cat.jpg

In line with her New Year's Resolution for professional growth, Kayla went from statement colors to a more natural hue. 

Kayla .jpg

David suggests using glitter to spice up her look, out of the office. 

Friend 2.jpg
Friend 1.jpg

Filiz's perfectly balayaged, Rapunzel-length locks are further proof David gives the best balayage in Detroit.

Sleep over 2.jpg

Follow David on Instagram to view his portfolio and book an appointment for your new look. 

I hope 2018 is your best year ever. 


-Boho Barbie

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(My New Year's Resolution is to do the whole social media thing, wish me luck.)


6 NYE Parties in Detroit


6 NYE Parties in Detroit

Watch the "D" drop at Beacons Park or dance in a vintage steam room at the Schvitz.

This list of New Year's Eve Parties in Detroit has something for everyone. 

DTE Energy The Drop, Motor City NYE 2018

There isn’t a ballroom big enough to house what you will experience this New Year’s Eve! The Drop is located in the heart of Downtown Detroit at Detroit’s newest social gathering place — BEACON PARK with an evening festival with something for everyone!

At midnight witness a visual spectacle unrivaled in all of the Midwest when we lower The “D” to countdown to 2018.

After 7 amazing years, we have outgrown our previous home at Campus Martius Park & Cadillac Square and invite you to ring in the new year with us at Beacon Park, the newest addition to the Downtown Detroit Parks. Located just a few blocks northwest of Campus Martius in the Theatre/Arena District at Grand River & 1st Streets.

Activities begin at 4:00 pm with live entertainment on the main stage, fire pits, horse-drawn carriage rides, kids zone and much, much more!" 

Information from Facebook

Motown Countdown The Official VIP Party of the Drop 

Ring in NYE 2018 in the exclusive Grand Celebration Party Pavilion located in Beacon Park across from The “D” DROP. This luxury heated & carpeted 17,000 sq. ft. structure will host the Detroit’s Official Motown Countdown.


$135 Now Only $99*

Buy 10+ Get 1 Free

Tickets Include:

  • Entry into The Grand VIP Celebration Party Pavilion
  • Live Music and DJ Entertainment
  • Premium Bar 8pm-1am (8 Drink Tickets)
  • TITO's Vodka Specialty Martini Bar
  • Reserved Viewing Area of The DROP w/ Fire Pits
  • Party Favors & Midnight Champagne Stations
  • Midnight Pizza
  • Balloon Drop
  • Private Heated Executive Restrooms
  • Coat Check

Information from Facebook 

Haute to Death Surrealist Ball

“Dance all night. Schvitz all day.” Explains it all.

Haute to Death will turn the Schvitz, Detroit’s historic health club, into a dance club to ring in the New Year. Surrealist/Masquerade dress code is strictly enforced. The website reads, “Seriously, no entry for those who don’t bring their freakiest, most glamorous, and/or all-out hedonistic looks.” Steam it out the next day at the bathhouse. The party stops for a quick disco nap around 5 am and will reopen from 12 pm- 8 pm for steaming.

Tickets are $50 for New Year’s Eve or $75 for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Freakish Pleasures NYE

New year, same freaks



DJ Minx (Women on Wax, DET)

Turtle Bugg (Sublimate, NYC)

Scott Zacharias (Macho City, DET)

Brad Hales (Peoples Records, DET)

Devo B ( radio, MTL)

Ryan Spencer (Freakish Pleasures, DET)


~~Visual Artists~~

Geoffrey LaRue

Dessislava Terzieva

Ben Wolf

Julian Spradlin

Patrick McNicholas

Sound by Audio Rescue Team

Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door


Tickets -

Information from Facebook

Function Seance NYE- Blacknoi$e & Dretraxx

Function Séance triumphantly returns to Temple Bar Detroit to ring in the New Year. Black Noi$e and Dretraxx all night. Don't get priced out of the party you don't want to go to. Summon the spirits all night with $5 presale tix.

Adults Only.

Information from Facebook 

Theatre Bizarre Orchestra

Celebrate the new year with dinner and a show at Otus Supply.

See the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra play the Parliament Room at Otus Supply. The show starts at 9 pm, pregame with a 9-course family style dinner.  with two dinner seatings at 5:30 and 8:30

21+ welcome, the show starts at 9 pm with two dinner seatings at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

Tickets --->

$25 advance tickets / $30 day of / $85 dinner + show / $60 dinner

Information from Facebook

How are you ringing in the New Year?

-Boho Barbie

*Cover photo from Haute to Death





Round of applause for Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Schefman, PLAYGROUND DETROIT is a vibrant new gallery with an authentic mission.

Paulina and Sam.jpg

The tiny space packs a big punch. 

Located at 2845 Gratiot Avenue, off the beaten path of Eastern Market, near where Grenadier once was (R.I.P. forever in our hearts). 

PLAYGROUND DETROIT marks the first trendy (legal) business to move into the unchartered territory of Gratiot, past Riopelle Street

It will be interesting to see what businesses take advantage of the newly broken bubble and move to spaces further down Gratiot. 

Sam Explaining Pieces.jpg

Samantha led a curator talk and guided guests through PLAYGROUND DETROIT's inaugural exhibition, COMM[UNITY], on December 23rd.

The exhibition showcased an eclectic combination of work from 36 artists practicing in Detroit.

The mix of multimedia projects came together seamlessly; sculptures, installations, paintings, pictures, and videos were cohesively staged in the space. Avant-garde pieces like Cristin Richards' sculptures made of human hair were mixed with recognizable work by Ouzi and Ellen Rut. 

Exhibiting artists include: Kristin Adamczyk, Marlo Broughton, Scott Campbell, Dustin Cook, Jon Dones & Ash Nowak, Patrick Ethen, Hygienic Dress League, Nick Jaskey, Sydney James, KATAI, Scott Klinker, Steve Kuypers, Malek Lazri, Luke Mack, Justin Marshall, Steve McShane, Nic Notion, Eleanor Oakes, Ouizi, Cristin Richard, Rachel Roze, Ellen Rutt, Jacx, Paula Schubatis, William Irving Singer, Michelle Tanguay, Vaughn Taormina, Dessislava Terzieva, Thing Thing, Zac Thompson, Elysia Vandenbussche and George Vidas.

Sam with Pieces.jpg

Samantha walked guests through a tour of the exhibition and talked about the meaning of each piece, gave information on the artist, and discussed the significance of the work/artist to the story of Playground Detroit, as a whole. 

Since founding PLAYGROUND DETROIT in 2012, Paulina and Samantha have worked with over 200 creatives in the city. COMM[UNITY] brought together and showcased pieces from artists that have been instrumental to the company's growth over the years and personally significant for Samantha and Paulina. 

Samantha teared up while telling the audience about a father and son who regularly visit the gallery on the walk home from school. Playground Detroit has hosted community art classes and will feature the work in an upcoming exhibition. Samantha talked about the importance of exposing the surrounding community to art. It gives people from the neighborhood an opportunity to experience creativity and inspiration. 


Tiles by Elysia Vandenbussche

Iphone Scultpure.JPG

Phone by Dessislava Terzieva, Paintings by George Vidas, Dustin Cook, and William Irving Singer.

Lady and Hairy SHoulders.jpg

Artist, Cristin Richard, with her sculpture. Spectators can use the attached antique brushes to brush the hair. It’s really weird and really satisfying. Cristin says it helps with maintenance because the pieces can be worn as shoulder shawls and when they are, the hair gets knotted.

Dustin in front of wall.jpg

Dustin Cook, a recent CCS graduate, was on site to represent his work. In addition to showing two multimedia paintings in the exhibition, Dustin made the installation on the far wall, photographed above. 

Samantha explained, “If you look closely, you’ll notice the shapes are recognizable symbols that can be pieced together to tell a story.”

I love the installation, it reminds me of a reimagined version of magnetic alphabet letters on a refrigerator.

Sam and Paulina FIlming.jpg

Paintings by Nic Notion. His art was featured in advertisements for the Detroit movie, as a result of a collaboration between Playground Detroit, Annapurna Pictures and our sister company, Brooklyn Outdoor. Read more about it here

Samantha explains that Patrick Ethen and Tony Katai have chosen to stage their pieces as they are so Patrick's light work will reflect onto Katai's visual and look like a part of the work from certain angles. 


Peep that last name, our very own Candice Simons is a founding member!

For more pictures and information on the exhibition click here.

Due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until January 13th.

The Gallery is closed for the holidays until January 3rd and will reopen Wed-Friday 12-6 Sat 12-4.

So much love for Paulina and Samantha. The two have pulled together a tremendous feat and should be wildly proud of themselves.

Listening to the girls talk about the artists they work with, the community they serve, and their intentions for the space is inspiring. It's clear PLAYGROUND DETROIT has a genuine mission to support Detroit artists and include all members of the community.




-Boho Barbie


Holiday Cupcakes


Holiday Cupcakes


Our friends at The Doll Face Chef sent holiday cupcakes to the loft. They were so amazing it would be rude of us not to share the recipe with you. 



·      1 teaspoon vanilla

·      1 cup buttermilk

·      1 teaspoon salt

·      2 1/2 cups cake flour

·      3 sticks butter, 2 for cake, 1 (softened) for icing

·      2 oz red food coloring

·      2 tablespoons cocoa

·      Chocolate Chips

·      2 cups sugar

·      3 eggs

·      1/2 teaspoon baking soda

·      Chocolate Pudding

·      1 tablespoon vinegar

·      1 (16 oz) box confectioner's sugar

·      1 cup shredded coconut

·      1 (8 oz) package cream cheese


Preheat oven to 350°. Beat eggs; add sugar. Mix cocoa and food coloring. Add 2 sticks butter and egg mixture; mix well. Sift together flour and salt. Add to creamed mixture alternately with buttermilk. Blend in vanilla. In a small bowl, combine soda and vinegar and add to mixture. Pour into three 8-inch round greased and floured pans. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until tests done


Blend cream cheese and 1 stick softened butter. Add crème cheese/ sugar and blend. Spread between layers and on top and sides of cooled cake.


Bon Appetit!


5 Ways to Make Visiting Family Feel Like a Relaxing Retreat.


5 Ways to Make Visiting Family Feel Like a Relaxing Retreat.

Make the most of staying with family over the holidays by trying these easy prompts inspired by spa and spiritual retreats.


If you’re like me that means packing your bags and staying at a relative’s house out of state with the whole fam — and running the risk of flatlining from too much unproductive free time.

Use these tips and tricks to reclaim your break this holiday season, and make your family vacation feel like your own personal retreat.

1. Try a new exercise class


Let’s be real, when is it ever the right day to try kickboxing or CrossFit for the first time?  Use the extra free time over the holidays to experiment with a new exercise class. Punch it out, cycle to the finish, or realign your Chakras- exercise classes give you at least an hour to yourself and will fill you with a healthy dose of endorphins.

Don’t want to spend the extra cash or have the transportation? Yoga with Adriene on Youtube gives you free access to hundreds of different guided yoga classes for whatever your body needs at the time. Whether you need an energizing morning routine or a relaxing flow in the evening, Adrienne has a class for every intention.  

2. Find something luxurious to indulge in.


Take an extra long bubble bath with lavender Epsom salt while listening to the new Bjork album. Exfoliate with a new scrub from Lush. And take the time to moisturize your tips and toes and wear lotion socks before bed. This Holiday season, put your energy into a super-special tiny routine. The fun part of this prompt is choosing your luxurious product to indulge in! My favorite products are from Lush, Loccitane, and natural DIY’s from Pinterest.

3. Master a dish.


Challenge yourself to a new recipe and share it with family after. Take advantage of the stacks of recipe books that have undoubtedly accumulated at your relative’s house to take on a dish that feels foreign to you. Learn how to make a perfectly fluffed souffle. Imagine the pride and culinary expertise you will feel if you learned how to ‘braise’ quail- like an aspiring Julia Childs.  Your family will be thankful they get to reap the rewards of your tasty task and you will return home with a new recipe to share with friends.

4. Meditate

Set ten minutes or so aside in the morning and at night for meditation. Use the extra free time to build a foundation for your practice. Meditation is a great tool to deal with daily stress when life resumes in the new year. 

5. Read, learn, discover


Remember when you were talking with your friends and you said you never get a chance to read? Well now’s your chance. Turn to books, podcasts, and webinars to learn more about something you’re interested in like professional development, politics, or entertainment. Working the brain in a new way is energizing.

Exercise, indulge, master, meditate and learn.

Take time for these five mental superfoods over the holidays and return home rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the new year.


Happy Holidays,

Boho Barbie


Haute to Death Brings Detroit Dance Culture to Art Basel


Haute to Death Brings Detroit Dance Culture to Art Basel

Haute to Death made their mark in Miami, at Art Basel.

 Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Creative masterminds, Ash Nowak and Jon Dones, brought the fun loving spirit of Haute to Death to life in an abandon hotel room at Satellite Art Show. The show occupied the now-demolished Ocean Terrace Hotel, and turned the two story building into a giant performance piece.

Satellite was by far the coolest show I saw at Art Basel. 

Hotel rooms were transformed by the artists into immersive galleries.  As a result, the viewer is surrounded by the work and submerged in the aesthetic of the exhibit.

The show was DIY, authentic, and a lot more fun than a cookie cutter gallery scene.

Hotel Rooom Door.jpg

Haute to Death was set up on the second floor in room 220.

Ash and Jon’s exhibition, Emergency Nothing, included work from Jade Lauren, John Griffith, and Lindsay Cashews.

Lindsay Cashews, creator of SKNDLSS, brought prints, vinyls, and her signature collection of hedonistic-pop accessories.  

Lyndsay Prints.jpg
 Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Accessories Distance.jpg
Lyndsay Accessories.jpg
Popup closet.jpg

Haute to Death made appropriate use of the closet to showcase (and sell) their t-shirts.

Yep, you better believe a h2d tee is on my Christmas List. 

Disco Mobile.jpg

This mirrored mobile immediately caught my eye. I need this in my house...maybe even one for every room. I love the way the light reflects purple and green on the ceiling.


Who doesn’t love a neon sign and subtle hint of whale tail?

 Photo from  Haute to Deat h

Photo from Haute to Death


Photo from Haute to Death

A series of John Griffith's photography lined the wall. 

The bathtub was filled with pink balloons while a psychedelic visual was projected on the wall above and a pink fur coat hung from the shower rod. The bathroom looked like it was ready to be featured in Madonna's next music video.

After enjoying the show, I chat with Jon and Ash about the exhibition, Haute to Death and what's to come from the collective in 2018. 

 Photo from  Playground Detroit

"Tell me about your exhibition. What's the inspiration, what's the message?"

"Who are the other artists are in your exhibition, why did you select their work?"

"What's makes Detroit nightlife unique?"

"How has your experience at Art Basel been?"

"What's next for Haute to Death?"

Did anyone else get chills when Meg said, “Nobody parties like Detroit”?

Get your tickets for New Year's at the Schvitz here.

Shout out to Haute to Death for representing the best of Detroit for 10 years and counting.

Ash, Jon, Thank you for your Vision, passion, and killer dance parties.


Boho Barbie


*Cover photo from Haute to Death Instagram*



Detroit Talent Flies South for Art Basel


Detroit Talent Flies South for Art Basel

Artists, musicians, and cultural influencers around the world (and from Detroit) are making their way to Miami for Art Basel.

The annual event is a notorious gathering point for contemporary art collectors with deep pockets, creators and industry leaders. The official event is Thursday, December 7 through Sunday, December 10. Unofficially, Art Basel is a week-long event with pre-parties, VIP previews and exclusive pop-ups starting as early as Monday, December, 4.

After finding out Haute to Death, Los Lobos, and Denial will be bringing their talent from Detroit to Miami for the week, I signed myself up to be your official J’adore Detroit correspondent for the fair… or something like that.

 Photo of Loren and Andrew Barren from Andrew Barren

Photo of Loren and Andrew Barren from Andrew Barren

On Thursday, Detroit group, Los Lobos, will be playing U.N.U.M at Wynwood 5th Avenue. The event is from 5PM to 5AM and showcases 21 up-and-coming techno crews across the country. 

Known individually in Detroit as Loren, Andrew Barren, Mathias and Jorissen, the four are coming together as “Los Lobos” for the event.

If anyone can represent the heart, soul, and grime of Detroit techno, it’s Los Lobos. Loren, Andrew, Mathias, and Jorissen are staples on the scene and regularly play TV Lounge, Northern Lights, and Whiskey Disco.

I wonder what’s going to be hotter, the Miami heat or Detroit beats? 

Haute to Death at Satellite and The Anderson

Haute to Death is on their usual A-game.

The art, music, party and dance collective ran by husband + wife dream team, Jon Dones and Ash Nowak, will be one of the featured exhibitors at Satellite from Thursday to Sunday.

 Photo from Jon Dones //  Haute to Death  

Photo from Jon Dones // Haute to Death 

The show takes place at a vacant hotel that is scheduled to be torn down after Basel.  

Jon explains, “Each exhibitor gets a room in the hotel, and because of its imminent demolition, artists are free to modify the rooms to their vision, leading to a lot of installation base work not possible at most other fairs.”

 Photo from  Haute to Death  

Photo from Haute to Death 

Ash and Jon have curated the work of three Detroit artists; Jade Lauren, John Bain Griffith and Lindsay Cashews to incorporate in their exhibition and contextualize Haute to Death.  Ultimately, the exhibition will capture the internal exploration / external catharsis that club culture can have on one’s identity and self-actualization.

In addition to their exhibition at Satellite, Haute to Death will be returning to their residency at The Anderson, on Saturday night, to put their music where their mouth is and show you what a real dance floor feels like.

Denial at Scope Art Fair and Live Painting

 Photo of Denial's Eastern Market Mural on Russell Street courtesy of  Murals in the Market

Photo of Denial's Eastern Market Mural on Russell Street courtesy of Murals in the Market

Daniel Bombardier a.k.a. Denial is a Murals in the Market regular, Windsor native, and longtime friend of Detroit. Listen to my interview with Denial at Murals in the Market, here. He will be painting a new mural in Wynwood at 2214 NW 1st Place on Thursday & Friday. His work will also be shown at Scope Art Fair with Upart Studio.

Stay tuned for onsite interviews, party pics and whatever else happens after a week of creative inspiration in the sunshine. 

Will you be in Miami this week? Let me know, I would love to link up!


Stay Gold,

Boho Barbie


*Cover Photo from Jon Dones// Haute to Death*


Friday Forecast: 100% Chance of Fashion.


Friday Forecast: 100% Chance of Fashion.

It’s going to be a very fashionable Friday in Detroit.

Two of my favorite brands in the city, Not Sorry Apparel and SKNDLSS, Are HOsting events.

First up: The Sweat Shop hosted by Not Sorry Apparel and Shoot Dope Spot

Start your weekend the right way with dancing, shopping, and even a new tattoo if that’s what you’re into. Dy-Min and Jessica, owners of Not Sorry Apparel, know how to throw a party. 

Video from Not Sorry Apparel

They are combining their love of all things dope into one must-attend event. The Sweat Shop is from 7-12 PM at 1406 Service St, Detroit, MI 48207.

There will be on site embroidery, screen printing and patches for $5 to $25. Bring a denim jacket, old tee, jeans, or whatever else you want to enhance with Not Sorry’s signature logo. (Unfortunately leather doesn’t work well for this).

Choose Better Friends & Count Mack will be on the 1’s and 2’s keeping the crowd dancing.

Flamingo Vintage and other top-notch vendors will be selling one of a kind goods.

I wasn’t kidding about tattoos! Get there at 7PM sharp to get your name on the list. There will be live tattooing throughout the night.

$10 tickets include a tote you can customize at the event or bring your own clothes to work with for $5. Tickets include free drinks- bless up!

After: LÆR hosted by BLDG01 and SKNDLSS

The couture continues at LÆR!
The monthly event is held in a surprise location, announced the day of. Think Fashion Week meets Detroit Techno.

Anything Lindsay Cashews, the owner of SKNDLSS, is involved with promises to be equal parts sexy and edgy. SKNDLSS will have live models draped in chains and chokers showcasing her iconic pieces.

Photos from SKNDLSS

Wear your favorite leather outfit and meet me on the dance floor. Loren, Rex Bravo and TYLR will be playing into the wee hours of the morning.  

Mastery Avery will be your host for the evening and Baboo Photography will be taking party pictures.

Tickets are $5, the event is from 12-5AM. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the address.

There you have it, the two most fashionable parties in Detroit, happening this Friday.

The only question is, What are you going to wear?


See you there,

Boho Barbie


Costumes. Strobe Lights. Halloween Weekend in Detroit.


Costumes. Strobe Lights. Halloween Weekend in Detroit.

WOW. What a time to be alive in Detroit.

This past weekend felt like the Halloween special of Detroit, the series- all of the main characters were out to play and dressed to impress.

 Carly Call Dressed as the Devil Wears Prada

Carly Call Dressed as the Devil Wears Prada

The ladies and I set out for El Club around 11:30 p.m. on Friday night to see the Black Noi$e Yeezy Tribute. When we got to the club, the line was around the block. We decided it wasn’t worth the wait after Kay gave an inspirational speech, declaring that we will NOT wait in line in Detroit because "this IS NOT L.A. or a big city, this is OUR CIT".

 Halloween-Queen, Kay Cirocco, as Cher from Clueless

Halloween-Queen, Kay Cirocco, as Cher from Clueless

We headed to Funk Night at the Majestic only to find another long line. A lot of suburbanites made Detroit their Halloween destination- good for Detroit but bad for the regulars.

We decided to skip the pre-party and head straight to our late night spot, City Club, in the Leland Hotel.

 Photo of City Club from   Audio Mind

Photo of City Club from Audio Mind

City Club was the epitome of a costume rave. It felt like partying inside Erebus Haunted House with a club full of sexy angels and demons. Partygoers were throwing mad looks, Halloween is no joke in Detroit. It was a night for local celebrities and socialites. Everyone was wearing their best party personalities and aesthetic-accentuating costumes.  

 Yours truly, Princess of Narnia. 

Yours truly, Princess of Narnia. 

 Carlee Craig as Penny Lane

Carlee Craig as Penny Lane

City Club went all out with the decorations. On the main stage, inflatable flailing ghosts surrounded performers on stage. The dancing ghosts in combination with the pulsating strobe and mix of costumes made the dance floor feel otherworldly.

Walking through the club, neon DIY decorations gave the venue a very Berlin vibe. On the far side of the club, a more lowkey dance floor played house music.

 Priscilla Roselynn as Marilyn Manson

Priscilla Roselynn as Marilyn Manson

The party went on well past 4 a.m. before people dispersed to their various afters.

I woke up Saturday afternoon and recovery-brunched with my one of my favorite people in the world, Darin, at Mudgies. Even Mudgies felt extraordinarily fall this weekend. The ivy covering the old brick building was changing colors with the season and a haunted house soundtrack was playing throughout the restaurant.

 Photo from  Mudgies

Photo from Mudgies

After brunch a nap was in order, I made the mistake of diving into Season 2 of Stranger Things with plans to CROSS THE BORDER IN AN HOUR to make an appearance at the Border City Living Party, in Windsor. Needless to say, I fell asleep for way too long and woke up at 1:30 a.m. in a panic with the same sensation of sleeping through work. 

My original plan for the night was Border City Living, Haute 2 Death, and finish the night at Dia De Los Muertos but Haute 2 Death ended 30 minutes later, at 2 a.m. 

I threw on my vintage military jumpsuit, splashed some glitter on my face, and called an uber.

When I got to the promoted address, 6545 St. Antoine, a woman redirected me to a new address on Oakland Street . (Could this sound any more like the show Skins). I walked into a seemingly vacant building, TO FIND THE BEST DANCE PARTY EVER.

 Mxryxm Dynomite Khxn as Disco-Patrol

Mxryxm Dynomite Khxn as Disco-Patrol

It was a top-notch party thrown by Anthony Jasper. The venue felt more like a large loft than a warehouse, who knew such a gem of a space is tucked away on Oakland. Even the bathroom was a dance party. Parallel played live for the first time ever, in the lounge, separating the restrooms from the dance floor.

I had a magical moment of pure appreciation for life with my soul sister, Mahala, as we danced the night away.

Waking up on Sunday morning with a smile, I picked my friend, Kay Halloween-Queen Cirocco, up for brunch at Kelly’s Bar to rehash the insane amount of things that happened in the past 48 hours.

When done right, party weekends in Detroit are a vacation in and of themselves that feel like clubbing in Berlin. Clear your schedule for the weekend and have fun party-hopping without responsibilities.

Rejuvenate your soul on the dance floor, hug your friends, and flirt with your crush. Good drama makes life fun.

Detroit, I love you

-Boho Barbie


Getting Ready for Theatre Bizarre with Bana Kabalan


Getting Ready for Theatre Bizarre with Bana Kabalan

On Saturday night, I met Bana Kabalan at her studio, tucked away in the streets of New Center. Her studio, much like her art, is disheveled and tattered in the most beautiful way. It’s a uniquely Detroit space in a house that would otherwise be vacant.

bana X.jpg

I’ve known Bana for three years and she never fails to amaze me. She’s a true creative. Her gypsy-eclectic-Arabic style infuses everything she does with interest and originality. Her expansive portfolio includes DJing at City Club, art installations showcased at the DIA, belly dancing with The Potions and everything in between.

On this particular night, Bana was getting ready to belly dance at Theatre Bizarre in a headpiece and gown she made herself.

“The materials I used all came from the ground or the garbage! I use recycled materials to make the base of my headdress, which includes metal clothes hangers, wire, plaster and twine. I find these materials in the Junk Hole at the recycling center that I work at. The natural elements such as bones and feathers that I use all come from exploring the woods and constantly picking up gross dead things. I rarely spend money on materials, I always make art out of the things life tosses my way.”

Bana continued, talking about the symbolism her costume represents.

“I wanted to take the shape of a moth because I am fascinated by insects and at this point in my life I am truly manifesting the life of a moth. Post-metamorphosis I am searching for a type of flame that will ultimately lead to my final catharsis…[[some moths only live for a couple days because they do not have mouths to eat or drink water and spend these days searching for a mate to reproduce with or just ultimately die..what a romantic tragedy!]] I use the energy of the moon to fuel my body movement and bend my blood to make strange contortions through my figure, and I believe moths do something similar.”

How did you make the headpiece and bodice?

“Well my headpieces are made from clothes hangers that I bend to fit the shape of my head. Then I start getting crazy with it and adding various elements to the frame and build off of that. I never really know what I am going to do until it is in the moment. It just all falls into place after a series of moments of being very critical with what I am creating. My skirt was made out of a bridal dress that I found. I love the beautiful lace and beadwork so I am always searching through the wedding gowns at resale stores.”

Do you do commission work?

“I do! But my primary purpose of my artwork is not to make money. I make it to tame the chaos of waves inside my head. It is soothing and therapeutic for me so I cannot put a price tag to something that constantly saves me from insanity. But if someone calls me to tell me they want something and have some strange bone or wing they found I will make something for them!”

It was my first time going to Theatre Bizarre, I was excited (and nervous) for what lie ahead.

I asked Bana, a TB veteran of three years, how she would explain Theatre Bizarre to someone unfamiliar with the event?

“A strange force pulled you into a castle possessed with demons and for some reason you have transformed into a wolf.”

Bana and I drove to the Masonic together. After checking in at credentials, Bana parted ways to get ready for her performance at the Asylum Stage, on the 6th floor. Which left me free to explore the Bizarre on my own.

I’ve heard countless stories about the oddities that take place within the Masonic Temple during the event and braced myself for the worst. I love the obscure and unusual but run fast and hard from anything satanic and demonic.

I think I expected Theatre Bizarre to be a scary sex dungeon of forced participation.

In reality, Theatre Bizarre is a show of grandeur performances, theatrics, costumes and creativity. Picture a halloween extravaganza fit for the pages of The Great Gatsby.

Bana's performance was elegant and earthly. Her headpiece and gown complimented the ambient stage she performed on.

The event consumes six levels of the Masonic Temple. Performances are staged in various rooms on each floor. The rooms are named accordingly. I saw shows in The Odditorium, The Asylum, The Fistitorium (yep, you read that correctly) and The Peepshow.

J’adore was lucky enough to be one of the select few media allowed to photograph inside, feast your eyes on the inner workings of Theatre Bizarre.

Mark your calendar for next year's Theatre Bizarre. The performances, costumes, and set design are second to none. It is truly a spectacular event and well worth the $100 ticket price. 

Stay weird Detroit,

Boho Barbie