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Clementina Launch in Capitol Park


Clementina Launch in Capitol Park

Detroit's no stranger to the seemingly everlasting food truck trend. It's quick, easy, and on-the-go, so can you blame us?

That's why Jeremey Sassoon, owner of Townhouse and Prime + Proper, and Bedrock Real Estate, are opening Clementina in Capitol Park. This food truck will be Latin-based, and is a bright prink and turquoise, making it easy to spot. 

 The effortless cursive of Clementina's signage adds to its easy vibe. Photo via  Clementina

The effortless cursive of Clementina's signage adds to its easy vibe. Photo via Clementina

Keep in mind that the restaurant is seasonal, so you'll want to hit it up ASAP. Its diverse menu with vegan options, along with its affordable price range of $4-$13, means that there's preeetty much no excuse for you not to check it out. There are even frozen and kegged cocktails, along with wine and beer. I'm not sure if this place could get any better.

 Tacos + string lights = a foodie in the summer's favorite spot. Photo via  Clementina

Tacos + string lights = a foodie in the summer's favorite spot. Photo via Clementina

Clementina is slated to open prior to the Fourth of July, so anticipate its launch very soon. In the meantime, keep chowin' down on some of my other favorite Latin spots in Detroit, like Vincente's (with salsa dancing at night) and Taqueria El Rey.

Keep guacin' it out,




J'adore's Eastern Market Guide in SEEN Magazine


J'adore's Eastern Market Guide in SEEN Magazine

J'adore loves SEEN mag, SEEN loves J'adore, and we both love Eastern Market!

This seems like the perfect match (it is). Naturally, we had to partner up and share our adorations in the only way we truly know how to— a blog.

Recently, Candice wrote a featured post on SEEN magazine, talking everything from food to fashion in Eastern Market and why she <3s them so much. 

 BRB, we're rushing like Candice to scope out the entirety of Eastern Market and all of its little gems

BRB, we're rushing like Candice to scope out the entirety of Eastern Market and all of its little gems


Some of her top spots mentioned she chatted about in the article are below:

Savvy Chic

2712 Riopelle St., Detroit

It has been 16 years since Savvy Chic broke the mold by opening a lifestyle and fashion boutique on Riopelle Street. The boutique has a unique Parisian flare with one-of-a kind fashions and shoes for both men and women. This is also the perfect shop for gifts, featuring French linens, gourmet foods, candles and greeting cards.


2517 Russell St., Detroit

Germack Pistachio Company is the oldest roaster of pistachio nuts in the U.S. This Detroit classic store offers a full line of house roasted nuts, seeds and coffees. This is a great place to enjoy an in-house roasted coffee or my personal favorite, the turmeric latte.

 Probably sipping on one of Germack's Tumeric lattes

Probably sipping on one of Germack's Tumeric lattes

Eastern Market Antiques

2530 Market St., Detroit

No trip to Eastern Market is complete without stopping in Eastern Market Antiques. This retailer specializes in furniture, lighting, retro and much more. You never know what unique pieces you will find at this vintage store.


You can check out the rest of the article on SEEN and read on about more of our J'adore-approved favs. Comment below which one you love the most, and give us some suggestions for more places to try!

(If they are anything related to food, I can promise you that I'll check them out)

Keep on lovin' your #1 market,




Your Guide to the 60th Annual Ford Fireworks


Your Guide to the 60th Annual Ford Fireworks

Hellooooo all Detroiters and Metro Detroiters, tonight is the 60th annual Ford Fireworks on the Detroit River!

If you’re like me and have a penchant for all things that fit the summer aesthetic, then seeing this classic firecracker show is necessary. The show begins at 9:55 p.m., so you’ll want to get down here early to claim a good spot with a competitive view.

 Lights, camera, lots of fireworks. Photo via  Visit Detroit  on Facebook

Lights, camera, lots of fireworks. Photo via Visit Detroit on Facebook

Question is— where do you go to watch the fireworks? Since the light show is on the water, there are plenty of places to check out, but deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. To help you out and make your night as easy as possible, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest locations to hit up to watch this show from.

Cobo Center

Less than two miles away from the river, the Cobo Center is a top spot to park your lawn chairs at. With adequate concrete space, finding a place to set shop up at will be easy. Even better, Anchor Bar and Townhouse, J’adore-approved bars, are nearby. Getting your grub and drink on before the real party starts has never been easier.

 A daytime view of the Cobo Center. Photo via Cobo Center on  Crain's Detroit

A daytime view of the Cobo Center. Photo via Cobo Center on Crain's Detroit

Belle Isle

The ever historic and endlessly beautiful Belle Isle goes well with the night’s mood of pretty views. With 982 acres, lush gardens and a scenic view of the water, you’ll have limited obstructions of the fireworks. Keep in mind that you can’t view on the MacArthur Bridge itself, but it will be open.

Mt. Elliot, Owens Park and Erma Henderson Park

Being on the riverfront itself, these three will be definite hotspots. While there aren’t many things to do in the parks themselves, they’ll be the simple places to go to if you want to just chill out and pack your own picnic. #Instagramgoals maybe? I think yes.

Hart Plaza

If you’re tough enough to face the crowd (unlike myself), Hart Plaza will give a great view of the fireworks. Right down the street from the Cobo Center, it’s also surrounded by delish restaurants that you can pop by if you come down early enough.

 A preview of the nightlife at Hart Plaza. Photo via

A preview of the nightlife at Hart Plaza. Photo via

Wherever you decide to go tonight, be prepared to face some gnarly parking sitches. It’ll be all worth it when you feel like a little kid watching one of the best firework shows in the state, so don't let this scare you away.

Keep it sparklin',




Liz Louize's Inspiring #ProjectYouToday Campaign


Liz Louize's Inspiring #ProjectYouToday Campaign

Fashion is something that should NEVER be size exclusive. Royal Oak’s Liz Louize, the prettiest plus size boutique in Metro Detroit, knows this fact to be more than true.

Founded and owned by Amanda Cover and Amy Krizanek, the sizes 12 and up shop opened after their other project, Bombshell Bridal Boutique, launched with major success across the country.

Having plenty of passion left behind their efforts, Cover and Krizanek took the steps to launch the #ProjectYouToday campaign, aiming to help women find their inner confidence through clothing and self-expression.

 Can we take a second to talk about the gorgeous floral on these dresses? Photo via Jennifer Boris Photography

Can we take a second to talk about the gorgeous floral on these dresses? Photo via Jennifer Boris Photography

#ProjectYouToday welcomed four Metro Detroit women to come in the boutique, shop, and open up about the relationship between their bodies and the clothing they wanted to wear. With Liz Louize’s help, all four women left with a sense of pride in their dress that they didn’t previously have.

The campaign now has made its mark online, allowing more women to experience the mission Liz Louize has created in-store. They’ve utilized the hashtag on Instagram as a way for women all over to connect and share stories about their bodies, along with the victories they’ve experienced along the way that made them do a *happy dance.*

 Inspiring, well-dressed women with pink signs are forces to be reckoned with. Photo via Jennifer Boris Photography

Inspiring, well-dressed women with pink signs are forces to be reckoned with. Photo via Jennifer Boris Photography

There’s nothing more badass than women who uplift other women, and Cover and Krizanek are doing just that. You can check out Liz Louize yourself at 738 S. Washington in Royal Oak, and you can also learn more about #ProjectYouToday at

Stay fashionable,



5 Things to do for Father's Day in the D


5 Things to do for Father's Day in the D

ICYMI: J'adore Detroit was just featured on Fox 2, sharing our favorite activities to do with Dad in the D for Father's Day.

Whether your Dad likes to throw around the football or get swanky at a garden party, we have you and your Daddy-o covered for the weekend. 


5 things to do with Dad in the D for Father’s Day

1. Detroit Axe: Channel your inner lumberjack by throwing Axe’s with Dad at Detroit Axe. Anyone 14 years or older can participate in axe throwing. Walk-ins are welcome, but for parties over 6 it’s a good idea to make a reservation.

 photo credits:  Facebook Detroit Axe

photo credits: Facebook Detroit Axe


2. Fowling: The Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck combines football and bowling into one fun activity. You can either walk in or reserve a lane ahead of time. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are kid friendly. Anyone over 10 years of age is welcome to play.

 photo credits: instagram  @fowlingwarehouse

photo credits: instagram @fowlingwarehouse

3. Detroit Dart Club: What’s more fun than a nerf gun fight? This is a great activity the whole family can be involved in. I recommend calling ahead to make reservations as there are no walk-in's on Father's Day. It’s also BYO food, so feel free to turn it into a pizza party for Dad. Anyone over 6 years of age can participate.

4. The Whitney: Detroit’s historic Whitney is hosting its annual Father’s Day Party. This is the perfect way to give Dad a BBQ dinner without the clean-up. For only $29 per person you get a great BBQ dinner, live entertainment and a VIP gift for Dad.

5. Brew Cruise on the Detroit River: Motor City Brew Tours is hosting a Father’s Day Beer Tasting Boat Cruise on the Detroit Princess. The trip is 3 hours and features more than 30 seasonal beers and ciders from Michigan and beyond.


xoxo - Candice Simons


Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions


Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions

Detroit art has such a distinct style that cant be replicated. 

The revitalization of Detroit has created a movement. People from all over are moving to the city to be a part of the city's amazing come up. 

However, it was not always that way.

When people fled the city and moved to the suburbs, it was the artists who settled in. The vast amounts of vacant space and cheap rent became the perfect place for creatives to nest.

Nonetheless, it was city’s INDUSTRIAL and TECHNO vibes that built the framework for the distinct style of Detroit artistry known today.

The art exhibitions that were once underground are now being brought to the forefront by the growing population of art galleries across the city.

Detroit art has such a unique style, that is so rich in the city’s history. It is something to be truly celebrated. For that reason, I’d like to share some of my favorite galleries and local artist exhibitions worth visiting this month.

Favorite Galleries with Detroit artist exhibitions in June

Grey Area: Grey Area is an experiential art gallery and unique retail space located in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood. Despite its name, the space is insanely vibrant. The gallery doubles as the home of Aura Aura, a portrait studio that captures the colors of a person’s energy through the different frequencies of the individual’s vibrations.

 Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Exhibition: On Saturday, June 9th, local Detroit artist LEVON MILLROSS, known as Stargazer, brings his exhibition Elemental Inamorata to the gallery. The exhibition runs through July 8th, and will have you thinking Bjork meets celestial goddess. All the wearable sculptures in this show are designed around the idea of a woman who loves or is loved. I promise you won’t want to leave without buying one.

 Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via  @1stargazer1  on Instagram

Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via @1stargazer1 on Instagram


Playground Detroit: This is another one of our favorite galleries in the city. The multifunctional gallery serves as a developmental and creative space for professionals, artists and residents of Detroit.

The focus of the gallery is on the sale or artwork and exhibitions. However, it also functions as an interactive space offering events such as Saturday morning yoga classes.

 Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via  Playground Detroit

Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via Playground Detroit

Exhibition: On June 16th, Elysia Vandenbussche, alumna of the College for Creative Studies will open her solo exhibition, “Relations Between” The Detroit-based ceramicist uses various surface techniques and materials such as glaze and 22k gold to create innovative wall installations using her miniature paintings on ceramic tiles. 

 Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

True to Playground Detroit’s playful style, there will also be an interactive dinner scheduled throughout the exhibition where guests will dine off ceramic pieces created by the artist. The exhibition closes on Saturday July 14th.

Another June Event Centered on Art in Detroit:

Paint to Table: Eastern Market is a true celebration of public art the city of Detroit and functions as a story teller between market goers and muralists. In preparation for the return of Murals in the Market, there will be a fundraiser dinner held on June 28th from 6:30 pm – 9 pm.

Attendees of the dinner will be able to enjoy a rooftop view of the city’s murals and can bid on one-of-a kind chairs painted by some of the cities most beloved artists. The dinner prepared by the Chef of Wright & Co. and his team will certainly appeal to more than the just the visual senses.

Meet you at the gallery,

xoxo Lately with Lo


Must-visits at Downtown Detroit Markets


Must-visits at Downtown Detroit Markets

While Detroit has never had a lack of stores and vendors to shop at on summer weekends, it hasn’t had a collective market that makes pursuing them all a piece of cake.

Fortunately, this is all about to change on May 24th, thanks to a farmers market including vendors, a chef incubator, and beer garden opening up in Cadillac Square, Capitol Park, and 1441 Woodward Ave. Vendors in the parks will be set up in a split of two six-week periods. There will also be 12 vendors at 1441 Woodward from May 24th-August 31st.

With so many shops to explore, it can be overwhelming to pick and choose which ones you want to prioritize visiting. To get the most out of your time here, I’ve come up with a list of five vendors that are absolute must-haves to drop by.

 Glass huts used for the Downtown Detroit Markets program, photo found via Kurt Nagl for  Crain's Detroit

Glass huts used for the Downtown Detroit Markets program, photo found via Kurt Nagl for Crain's Detroit

Detroit Dough

This is the perfect place to stop when the need for a quick sugar rush starts kicks in. Detroit Dough was founded in 2017 as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in the form of safe-to-eat cookie dough. The dough comes in classic flavors ranging from Chocolate Chip to Peanut Butter with fun size names like “Just a Taste” and “No, I’m Not Sharing.” If you have an insane sweet tooth like me, this is easily one of the first vendors you have to visit.

 Craving something sweet? Detroit Dough is ready to serve you up some cookie dough, photo found via @eatdetroitdough on Facebook

Craving something sweet? Detroit Dough is ready to serve you up some cookie dough, photo found via @eatdetroitdough on Facebook

Front & Scenter

If you couldn’t guess by the endearing pun, Front & Scenter is a candle brand featuring custom soy and coconut wax blends with 100% cotton wicks, which makes them totally environmentally-friendly. Selling candles with names like “Baecation” and “Queen Bee,” finding a fragance you’ll love to burn throughout the summer won’t be difficult.  Ranging from 4-8 oz., these candles make perfect last-minute gifts for any outdoor party you’ll attend this season— or just as little treats for yourself.

 Front &amp; Scenter has all of your home fragrance needs covered with yummy-scented candles with quirky names. Photo found via @frontandscenter on Facebook

Front & Scenter has all of your home fragrance needs covered with yummy-scented candles with quirky names. Photo found via @frontandscenter on Facebook

Purpose Planner

Balancing between work, coffee dates, and workouts is never easy, but Purpose Planner makes organizing your life look endlessly cool. Founded in 2016 as a way to empower women through trendy stationary, Purpose Planner sells everything from regular daily planners to desk notepads. With go-get-‘em slogans like “Oprah won’t be the only one” and “Reclaiming my time” written on their products, this stationary reminds you to embrace #girlpower in everyday life.

 Purpose Planner has made scheduling easier (and cuter) than ever before. Photo found via @purposeplanner on Facebook

Purpose Planner has made scheduling easier (and cuter) than ever before. Photo found via @purposeplanner on Facebook

Cool Jacks

If cookie dough wasn’t sweet enough for you and the sweltering heat makes ice cream sound irresistible, then a stop by Cool Jacks is necessary. Serving up elaborate ice cream sandwiches with nine ice cream flavors and 17 cookie flavors, it’s easy (and fun!) to find any combo of sugar that sounds best to you. The Sylvan Lake-based shop is also available for party booking too, so if they have you hooked like they have me, it’s easy to hit them up for all your summer get-togethers.

 Cool down with an endless combo of ice cream sandwiches at Cool Jack's. Photo found via @cooljacksmi on Facebook

Cool down with an endless combo of ice cream sandwiches at Cool Jack's. Photo found via @cooljacksmi on Facebook

Ferne Boutique

If you’re anything like me, you have a slight obsession with clothes. Ferne Boutique is the go-to stop to fuel this addiction, selling (arguably) the cutest clothes in the Detroit area. The best part about Ferne? They’re super affordable too, with sundresses as low as $49. They have trendy size-inclusive fashion line, and I’m always a supporter for any brand who liberates women of all shapes and sizes.

 Treat yourself to a brand new dress (or two) at Ferne Boutique. Photo found via @ferneboutique on Facebook

Treat yourself to a brand new dress (or two) at Ferne Boutique. Photo found via @ferneboutique on Facebook

While exploring the entirety of this brand-new market is a must, make sure to stop by these five vendors in order to make the most out of your visit. Only downside? You’re bound to spend a bit more time there than planned, but don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you.

Talk soon,



Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway


Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway

Whether you're planning a last-minute spring break or just itching to get away, Chicago is a great weekend trip from Detroit.

A quick jaunt to Chi-Town is short, sweet, and rejuvenating.

Detroiters have easy access to Chicago for weekend getaways and hopping off the grid.

How to get there

I recommend taking the Megabus or Greyhound to Chicago. Parking can be a nightmare in the city, it's nice not to worry about a car. If there's anything we've learned from indie movies; long bus rides are the best time to restructure your character.

I recently took a Greyhound for the first time- because yes, I stereotyped the brand and thought Greyhound was scary. I was wrong. It was nicer than any Megabus I’ve been on.

The driver was dressed professionally, the seats were nice leather, and the bus terminals felt more official than Megabus’ curbside pickup.  

Both Megabus and Greyhound tickets average about $25, rates fluctuate depending on date and availability.

You can also drive, take the train, or fly easily into the city.

Where to stay

 Photo from  HI Chicago

Photo from HI Chicago

If you are on a budget and looking for an adventure, stay at HI Chicago Hostel. Prices range from $20 a night for a shared dorm-style room to $150 a night for a private suite. Dorms are same-sex and feel safe for solo female travelers.  

I can’t say enough good things about HI Chicago Hostel;  It’s nicer than a cheap hotel room, a phenomenal breakfast spread is included, and, in my opinion, hostels are more fun than hotels.

 Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

 Photo from @hotellincoln

Photo from @hotellincoln

If a hostel is not your cup of tea, try Hotel Lincoln. It has a unique vintage decor and is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Lincoln Park.

 Photo from @ashleyozery

Photo from @ashleyozery

Take time to smell the roses at the nearby Lincoln Park Conservatory. After, wander through boutiques in the area. One of my favorites is Halsted Flowers for rare succulents and exotic crystals.

As for the nightlife...

Danny’s is a cool bar with good music.

 Photo from  Chicago Reader

Photo from Chicago Reader

 Photo from Check Please!

Photo from Check Please!

Detroit DJ, Anthony Jasper once said in a J’adore Exclusive, “Bad music isn’t tolerated in Detroit.” Partying in other cities proves his sentiment right. I can not believe how many bars play Top 40 hits from 2016. Skip the corny bars and go to Danny’s. It has an authentic vibe comparable to Temple Bar in Detroit.

 Photo from @mactoo443

Photo from @mactoo443

Whether you listen to the Blues or not, Kingston Mines is a riot of a time. The crowd is fun, people are dancing, and the performers are spectacular. It’s a Chicago staple and for good reason. Kingston Mines will take you back to a swankier time.


 Photo from @chickenshop

Photo from @chickenshop

In the morning, cure your inevitable hangover with Chicken and Waffles from the Chicken Shop in Soho House. The luxe ambiance of the exclusive creators’ club will bring you back to life.

 Photo from  3 Arts Club Cafe

Photo from 3 Arts Club Cafe

Go for dinner, drinks or literally just to sit on the couches at 3 Arts Club Cafe. It’s located inside Restoration Hardware’s immaculate Chicago Gallery. The couches are famously comfortable and live up to the hype. Sitting on one of their perfectly plumed couches feels like sinking into a cloud.

I’m coming back for the chandelier when I have a mansion to put it in.

Since 18, I’ve made a habit of running away to Chicago for inspiration, adventure and a new sense of self.

I advise you to do the same.


Safe travels,

Boho Barbie

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Schvitz Yrself Clean


Schvitz Yrself Clean

On the corner of Oakland and Melbourne, The Schvitz Bathhouse is discreetly disguised in a seemingly vacant building.

 Photo from  Curbed &nbsp;

Photo from Curbed 

The industrial-looking front door opens into an elaborate entrance, a grandeur chandelier welcomes visitors into the space. Ring the doorbell and guests are buzzed into *The Schvitz*.

Established in 1917 as a Jewish community center, the space is over 100 years old and radiates history. In 1930, the pool and sauna were built and The Schvitz was born. Yiddish slang for “sweat”, the bathhouse has a history of mafia meetings, swinger nights, and one talkative parrot named Nemo.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka &nbsp;

Photo from Jacob Mulka 

In 2017, Paddy Lynch bought the business and revitalized the club into a communal hub of wellness, conversation, and camaraderie. The renovated space reopened in October 2017 with a new vibe and a strict (bathing suit mandatory) co-ed policy.

Photos from Jacob Mulka

The Schvitz is a lifestyle.

Always BYOB and food friendly, for $30 a session, guests can comfortably spend hours lounging at the beautiful club going from steam room, to pool, to relaxing upstairs, and back again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.23.05 AM.png

I went for Ladies Brunch, on Sunday, and it revitalized my soul for the coming week. The atmosphere is body positive, friendly, and fabulous.

On the main floor, miniature spa services like facials, manicures, and hair masks are offered for $5-$20. Each week, different vendors are brought in to create unique experiences for guests.  On the particular Sunday that I went, tarot readings were available for $10 and The Velvet Tower had a pop-up boutique selling robes fit for a queen.  


Ladies Brunch is 12-4PM on Sundays. Get there early to take full advantage of the four-hour time slot. Brunch is potluck style, bring food and bubbly to share.

This is a very inclusive atmosphere. I went alone and was completely comfortable.

Paulina Petkoski, co-founder of PLAYGROUND DETROIT and regular Schvitz-er, says her favorite thing about the club is that it brings people together without the distraction of cell phones.

On Sundays at 4PM, the sauna closes for cleaning and reopens from 6-10PM for co-ed hours. Guests are welcome to come back for a second session.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka

Photo from Jacob Mulka

The sauna is lined with benches made from imported Redwood and leaves skin literally glowing.

My complexion was RADIANT the following week.

 Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower.&nbsp;

Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower. 

For thirty dollars- a day at The Schvitz is a steal.

The Health club is a favorite among the creative community and is an ideal place to take visitors for a truly unique, Detroit experience.

The Schvitz looks and feels like a Los Angeles spa thanks to Paddy Lynch’s impeccable eye for interior design and talent for creating luxurious environments.

Schvitz on, people

-Boho Barbie

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Auto Show Preview, J'adore Detroit Style


Auto Show Preview, J'adore Detroit Style

Last week, the 2018 North American International Auto Show opened with a slew of industry previews and special events.  

It was my first year participating in the preview- I have a hangover, new connections and a lot of glamorous pictures to show for it. 

It all started Tuesday, January 16th...

The heat was out at the Brooklyn Outdoor Loft, the office was freezing. We quickly changed plans for the day and booked conference room 2B at WeWork. I Qlined from my apartment in Midtown to Wework Merchant Row and felt like the poster child for Detroit transportation.

 Photo from  @liz_wilky

Photo from @liz_wilky

For lunch, we finally went to Eatori Market. The eggplant panini is amazing and the hamburger lives up to the hype. It was great to meet Zak Yatim in person after interviewing him on the phone last Spring, prior to opening.

 Photo from  Yelp &nbsp;

Photo from Yelp 

After, Emily, Candice and I made a quick stop at Bird Bee, my favorite boutique in Detroit, while waiting for an Uber to take us to the Auto Show Press Preview.

 Photo from  @bird_bee_

Photo from @bird_bee_

We oogled over every vintage-inspired piece in the store, eventually, Candice settled on an army green wrap dress to wear later in the week.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.45.13 PM.png

We pulled up to Cobo Center under our Digital Spectacular Billboard. Cobo was buzzing with excitement. Tech bloggers and local media filled the main ballroom reading specs and taking pictures of 2018’s hottest cars.

Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (6).jpg

The following day, I went from class at Wayne State to “The Bavarian Cocktail Experience” presented by BMW and Dennis Archer Jr. at the Cadillac Lodge.


I sipped a Hotty Toddy in the Lodge with a group of empowering entrepreneurial women. After, the ladies and I went across the street to Central Kitchen + Bar to continue the conversation over calamari, fig flatbread, vegetarian tacos and merlot. Dennis Archer Jr. ordered us a round of Don Julio on the house and the night escalated from there.

I’ve been told I was at Standby and Grey Ghost.

On Thursday, the team worked from home to recoup from Candice’s trip to New York and my first time at the Rodeo.

On Friday, Candice and I had plans to go to the Detroit Glamour Party at Bert’s Warehouse presented by BMW and Dennis Archer Jr.. At lunch, I got a much-needed blowout at Detroit Blows. Stylist, Courtney Tidwell made me feel like Beyonce.

Detroit Blows 1 (1).jpg

It was my first time in the salon and I’m obsessed. I love the display of delicate knick knacks on the front table. I want all of them. The Donna Summers record displayed on the bookshelf made me smile. Katy Cockrel is an amazing and talented woman. Not only is her salon on point, she is a kick-ass public relations practitioner at Finn Partners.

I went back to the office and finished my work for the week. At 7ish Candice and I changed into our party outfits, and went to Detroit City Distillery for a pre-party libation. We sipped refreshing cocktails and had some time to talk out of the office.

After, we braved the three block walk to Bert’s Warehouse in fur.

Image uploaded from iOS (5).jpg

Candice and I got to Bert's, checked our coats, and took pictures in front of the step and repeat.

Kevin Williams, Head of Multicultural Marketing and Diversity & Inclusion at BMW of North America, was welcoming guests to the party.

Kevin agreed to an interview, we hopped in a promotional beamer and discussed industry trends at the 2018 Auto Show. 

Mr. Williams said three trends at this year's show are:

  1. Technology: Cars are becoming more adaptive to deliver drivers a seamless experience between vehicle and technology.

  2. Color Pallet: Makers are playing with bold hues on the interior of cars and exterior of cars. Deep oranges, blues and reds are popular in this year’s exhibition.

  3. Energy efficient: Cars are increasingly getting more miles per gallon or running on electricity.

Image uploaded from iOS (4).jpg

The fashion was on point, men and women looked like glamazons coming from auto prom in their black-tie best.

Image uploaded from iOS (9).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (10).jpg
Image uploaded from iOS (11).jpg

Candice and I danced the night away and mixed and mingled with Detroit’s finest.

Each year, the international convention brings the best and brightest from the automotive industry into Detroit, for a week of previews and parties. 

Visit the Auto Show before it closes on January 28th and make of day of it in Detroit. Click here to find out what to do before and after the show.

XO Boho Barbie

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Round of applause for Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Schefman, PLAYGROUND DETROIT is a vibrant new gallery with an authentic mission.

Paulina and Sam.jpg

The tiny space packs a big punch. 

Located at 2845 Gratiot Avenue, off the beaten path of Eastern Market, near where Grenadier once was (R.I.P. forever in our hearts). 

PLAYGROUND DETROIT marks the first trendy (legal) business to move into the unchartered territory of Gratiot, past Riopelle Street

It will be interesting to see what businesses take advantage of the newly broken bubble and move to spaces further down Gratiot. 

Sam Explaining Pieces.jpg

Samantha led a curator talk and guided guests through PLAYGROUND DETROIT's inaugural exhibition, COMM[UNITY], on December 23rd.

The exhibition showcased an eclectic combination of work from 36 artists practicing in Detroit.

The mix of multimedia projects came together seamlessly; sculptures, installations, paintings, pictures, and videos were cohesively staged in the space. Avant-garde pieces like Cristin Richards' sculptures made of human hair were mixed with recognizable work by Ouzi and Ellen Rut. 

Exhibiting artists include: Kristin Adamczyk, Marlo Broughton, Scott Campbell, Dustin Cook, Jon Dones & Ash Nowak, Patrick Ethen, Hygienic Dress League, Nick Jaskey, Sydney James, KATAI, Scott Klinker, Steve Kuypers, Malek Lazri, Luke Mack, Justin Marshall, Steve McShane, Nic Notion, Eleanor Oakes, Ouizi, Cristin Richard, Rachel Roze, Ellen Rutt, Jacx, Paula Schubatis, William Irving Singer, Michelle Tanguay, Vaughn Taormina, Dessislava Terzieva, Thing Thing, Zac Thompson, Elysia Vandenbussche and George Vidas.

Sam with Pieces.jpg

Samantha walked guests through a tour of the exhibition and talked about the meaning of each piece, gave information on the artist, and discussed the significance of the work/artist to the story of Playground Detroit, as a whole. 

Since founding PLAYGROUND DETROIT in 2012, Paulina and Samantha have worked with over 200 creatives in the city. COMM[UNITY] brought together and showcased pieces from artists that have been instrumental to the company's growth over the years and personally significant for Samantha and Paulina. 

Samantha teared up while telling the audience about a father and son who regularly visit the gallery on the walk home from school. Playground Detroit has hosted community art classes and will feature the work in an upcoming exhibition. Samantha talked about the importance of exposing the surrounding community to art. It gives people from the neighborhood an opportunity to experience creativity and inspiration. 


Tiles by Elysia Vandenbussche

Iphone Scultpure.JPG

Phone by Dessislava Terzieva, Paintings by George Vidas, Dustin Cook, and William Irving Singer.

Lady and Hairy SHoulders.jpg

Artist, Cristin Richard, with her sculpture. Spectators can use the attached antique brushes to brush the hair. It’s really weird and really satisfying. Cristin says it helps with maintenance because the pieces can be worn as shoulder shawls and when they are, the hair gets knotted.

Dustin in front of wall.jpg

Dustin Cook, a recent CCS graduate, was on site to represent his work. In addition to showing two multimedia paintings in the exhibition, Dustin made the installation on the far wall, photographed above. 

Samantha explained, “If you look closely, you’ll notice the shapes are recognizable symbols that can be pieced together to tell a story.”

I love the installation, it reminds me of a reimagined version of magnetic alphabet letters on a refrigerator.

Sam and Paulina FIlming.jpg

Paintings by Nic Notion. His art was featured in advertisements for the Detroit movie, as a result of a collaboration between Playground Detroit, Annapurna Pictures and our sister company, Brooklyn Outdoor. Read more about it here

Samantha explains that Patrick Ethen and Tony Katai have chosen to stage their pieces as they are so Patrick's light work will reflect onto Katai's visual and look like a part of the work from certain angles. 


Peep that last name, our very own Candice Simons is a founding member!

For more pictures and information on the exhibition click here.

Due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until January 13th.

The Gallery is closed for the holidays until January 3rd and will reopen Wed-Friday 12-6 Sat 12-4.

So much love for Paulina and Samantha. The two have pulled together a tremendous feat and should be wildly proud of themselves.

Listening to the girls talk about the artists they work with, the community they serve, and their intentions for the space is inspiring. It's clear PLAYGROUND DETROIT has a genuine mission to support Detroit artists and include all members of the community.




-Boho Barbie


j'adore Exclusive with Darkroom Detroit


j'adore Exclusive with Darkroom Detroit


 Front of Darkroom Detroit

Front of Darkroom Detroit

Founders Eleanor Oakes & Javier Garcia have designed Darkroom Detroit to be an open creative space built to inspire and nurture the people of Detroit and their love for photography. Whether you've never taken a picture or you're a professional working towards a career behind the camera,  there's something for everyone. 

Darkroom Detroit will offer workshops for all ages and levels, a darkroom, digital lab (with Mac desktops!!!!), gallery, co-working space, visiting artist studio and printing room. The most bad ass part about the space is that it will encourage motivation for fine art, something that many schools around the area can't offer due to lack of funding. From workshops to apprenticeship programs and group critiques, it will be a place to learn and collaborate. 

Eleanor & Javier are dedicated to showcasing the work that doesn't get seen. Eleanor says, "Anyone can take a good photo. People just need exposure to the proper equipment to do so, and that's what Darkroom Detroit will do. We started as a camera lending program, but felt like we needed to expand into more of a holistic solution that is affordable for everyone." 

 Amy Elkins

Amy Elkins

 Kris Graves

Kris Graves

Darkroom Detroit will have space open to the public, and offer monthly memberships as low as $10/month or more to use their facilities. They just hit their $40,000 goal that MEDC is matching for a total of $80,000 to get the project up and running. They are hoping to be fully operational in just a few months by January 2018. Workshops are already in the works. You can find a list of them HERE. If you'd like to learn more about their mission please click HERE or donate to the cause HERE. 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit



Prost! It's Oktoberfest in Detroit


Prost! It's Oktoberfest in Detroit

With September’s jam packed Month of Design behind us, it’s time to celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and brats.

Royal Oak Farmer's Market is bringing a taste of Germany to Metro Detroit, this Saturday, the 14th. Get ready for a night of live music, games and a whole lot of beer. Over 50 breweries will be pouring their original recipes. From stout to indian pale ale, there’s something for everyone. My suggestion: DRESS UP. Wear dirndl or lederhosen and you’ll be the life of the party, like this guy with his eyes closed. 

A $15 ticket includes 7:30 PM admission, a commemorative pint glass and a keepsake photo. A VIP ticket is $20 and will get you in an hour earlier at 6:30 PM. Drink Tickets are $5 for 4 (3oz) samples and there is a special buy 5 Get 1 Free promotion!

A hop, skip and a jump away in Ferndale, Axle Brewing Co.’s Livernois Tap is having an Oktoberfest celebration from noon to 11 PM. A $35 ticket includes two beers, an Axle stein, live music, and snacks. Throughout the day, Axel will be serving a German-influenced menu with pretzels, beer-braised brisket, bratwurst with sauerkraut, schnitzel, and more.

 Photo from Crain's Detroit&nbsp;

Photo from Crain's Detroit 

Craft Beer is taking over Eastern Market on October 27 & 28 at the 9th Annual Detroit Beer Festival. This is not an official “Oktoberfest” event per se, but we’re including it on our list for good measures.

 Photo from  Life In Michigan &nbsp;

Photo from Life In Michigan 

Tickets are $40-$45 and include 15 taster tokens. I was pleasantly surprised to see the festival sells $5 tickets for Designated Drivers, what a mindful idea!

If beer is your drink of choice this is the festival for you. Over 800 craft beers will be on tap, showcasing the talent of almost 120 Michigan Breweries. Local musicians will be playing throughout the day. Food trucks and stands will be on site and ready to tame your drunchies. Eat, Dance, & Drink a lot of Beer.

Can’t make it to these events, but still want to celebrate with some kraut? Host your own Oktoberfest party. Check out this site for inspiration!


-Boho Barbie



JADORE EXCLUSIVE: Muralists in the Market


JADORE EXCLUSIVE: Muralists in the Market

The market is thriving right now!

For the past week, Muralists have been working day and night to finish their pieces. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask the artists about their work, themselves and what they think of Detroit. Yesterday, I hit the pavements with a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque sense of journalistic empowerment and got up close and personal with the artists.

I saw a guy with paint on his jeans and figured he's probably a good place to start. I asked if he was a muralist and had time to answer a few questions for J'adore Detroit. He said sure but it would have to be while he worked. That was an easy yes from me, I climbed on the lift and we got the ball rolling. 

Denial Full Mural.JPG

After, I walked down Winder and ran into another muralist, I asked if he had time to answer a few questions. I was pleasantly surprised when he answered “sure” in an Australian accent. Turns out the muralist is Meggs, creator of one of my favorite murals in the market.


From there, I saw a golf cart filled with artist-type people. I asked if any of them were muralists and they were not but they told me to make a right and another right and I would run into a lot of muralists. I took two rights and came across an alley filled with artists working on their walls. The first, a bubbly girl wearing a pink scrunchie to match her mural.


Going down the line of muralists (literally), Anthony Lee was up next.


Next to Anthony, two guys were going IN on a mural. In hindsight it was probably a little rude of me to break their ironclad concentration... but I did. I watched in amazement as HOXXOH and Brian Lacey used a very specific kind of spray paint technique to bring their piece to life. Turns out the two were in a time crunch and only had the day to start and finish the piece.


At the end of the alley, a guy so cute I was almost nervous to talk to him was getting on his lift. I had a WWCD (what would Carrie do) moment and asked if he had a few minutes to talk.

Jonny 2 Good.JPG

After talking to Jonny I was satisfied with my interviews for the day and headed towards Supinos to reward myself with a slice. As I started walking through a parking lot, two guys waved me over.  (I guess I must have looked like I needed a friend, wandering alone through a parking lot like that?) Beau and Shark Toof introduced themselves and told me they’re muralists- perfect, because I’m looking to talk to muralists! Beau took me to Red Bull House of Art and showed me the mosaic he’s working on.


Finally, my work day was done. It was time to kill it at the gym and get ready for mingling with the muralists at Lincoln Street Art Park. The girls and I stepped on the scene glittered out and serving looks per usual. There’s a very specific hype around Lincoln Street Art Park, it’s like a mini Detroit Burning Man. My personal opinion-  if you’re not wearing fur, you’re not doing it right.

The perfect amount of scenesters were at the Park. Not packed, but enough people to feel like it’s a party.

I ran into Shark Toof and talked to him about life in LA and what he thinks of Detroit. Turns out he’s looking for a place in the area because Detroit is obviously the coolest place to live in the US. Here’s a video of his work that he showed me:

At 2:30 I called it a night. When all was said and done, and I was tucked in bed I couldn’t help but think my usual thought, “What a day. What a life. What a city.” Detroit is a crazy place and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Love, Light, and All Things Magical.

-Boho Barbie



Murals (and more) in the Market


Murals (and more) in the Market

 Mural by Taylor White, Photo from  Murals in the Market

Mural by Taylor White, Photo from Murals in the Market

50 Muralists from all over the country are working day and night on new pieces to add to Eastern Market’s growing collection of artwork.

Participate in the festivities by visiting any or all of the featured events before the celebrations end on September 28th.

From 12PM - 8PM you can see the artists in action and watch them bring their creations to life. Pick up a handy dandy road map from any local business (I got mine from Supino’s) and walk from one mural to the next.

 Photo of Hannah Stouffer from  Metro Times

Photo of Hannah Stouffer from Metro Times

Visit the 1XRun Warehouse from 9/23-9/30 anytime between 11 AM - 6 PM to see a print exhibition of the muralists’ work and pick up a piece of your own.

See Eddie Colla’s solo exhibition and installation, “Enumeration”, at the 1xRun Warehouse tomorrow, 9/23 from 7-10 PM. After, head to the Official Murals in the Market After Party at Stroh’s Warehouse from 10 PM - 3 AM. I’ve never been to Stroh’s Warehouse but I’m very excited to check it out- I’m a sucker for warehouse parties.

On Monday, bring your bike to Shed 3 at 7 PM  for a special Murals in the Market Edition of Slow Roll.

Educate yourself about responsible consumption Tuesday, 9/26 at 3 PM. Meet at Shed 2 for “Think Global, Eat Local: Pioneers in Detroit Food and Farming”.

 Photo from  Model D

Photo from Model D

Shag Threads & Haute to Death are hosting the first ever Murals in the Market Wearables Show at the 1xRUN Warehouse on Tuesday 9/26 from 8-11 PM. I’m super excited for this one. I love Haute to Death and the collaboration with fashion… so New York City. My head is spinning with outfit possibilities.

Murals in the Market wraps up with Eastern Market After Dark on Thursday, September 28th. I’m exceptionally passionate about Eastern Market After Dark. It’s been one of my favorite events in the city year after year. The sheds are filled with all things fun and exciting, everyone is out and about and there’s after parties galore.

 Photo from The  Sonderer

Photo from The Sonderer

As always, Detroit is a busy place to be. Murals in the Market only comes around once a year, take advantage of the unique event and show some extra love for the city over the next week!

Keep an eye out for our #JadoreExclusive interviews with the artists coming to the blog, next week!

-Boho Barbie


DLECTRICITY Lights Up Midtown


DLECTRICITY Lights Up Midtown

Midtown is going to be lit this weekend.


 Photo from  LiveDetroit

Photo from LiveDetroit

DLECTRICITY is back and bigger than ever. The festival brings electronic art, light projections, installations, and performances from all over the world to Detroit for two incredible days.

This will be Dlectricity’s third festival in the city. The last DLECtRICITY was in 2014. Lights and graphics were projected onto buildings in Midtown like the DIA and the Public Library. The College of Creative Studies’ Sculpture Park was filled with illuminating installations, my favorite was a neon house.

 Photo from  Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

But that was three years ago and Detroit has grown alot since 2014. I can only imagine how cool Dlectricity is going to be this year. With three years to plan, I hope the festival is above and beyond.

I’m excited to check out “Luminaria Magna” on the corner of Woodward and Warren. Both Friday and Saturday, some of the best DJ’s in the city will be playing from 7-Midnight. Keep an eye out for my favorites Ian Fink, Anthony Jasper. Saturday: Shigeto, Haintso of the Seraphine Collective

Other things that look particularly cool:

“The Shadows of Slendrotron (The Monkey God’s Great Leap)” a robotic puppet show in the CCS Sculpture Garden

The Detroit Institute of Arts  “Electric Park” at Woodward and Kirby

“Neon Repoetry” at The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art

Light Bike Parade Saturday Starting a 8



I recommend bringing snacks, beverages and a blanket so you can post up and enjoy the visuals and performances.

After the programming ends at Midnight, check Out So Vague on Friday at the Whiskey Disco and Booty Freaks on Saturday Night at Temple Bar.

Lyft is offering 25% off a ride to DLECTRICITY Just use the code DL317.

- See you there,

Boho Barbie


Detroit Gift Guide: Open Me When


Detroit Gift Guide: Open Me When

Open Me When makes gift giving Fun + Easy. 

Open Me When 1.JPG

The recently launched, Detroit based company, is here to help you send the perfect gift. Each box is packed with cleverly curated goods, individually wrapped and ready to delight and surprise the receiver.

Being individually wrapped doesn’t sound like a big deal, but trust me, it makes the experience so much more exciting. It feels like Christmas morning in a box.

Open Me When 2.jpg

Newlyweds Beatrice and Eli started Open Me When this year and have been gaining major traction ever since. They currently have 7 box themes with more to come and custom orders available.

We loved our “Down With Detroit” box packed with some of our favorite goodies from around the city; postcards and patches from City Bird, a Detroit Grooming Company Beanie, Wildsam’s Detroit Field Guide, and a Detroit Wick Bullet Lucite Cube.


Each box is sent with a handwritten note, Beatrice transcribes your words Into beautiful penmanship for a personalized touch. Each item in the box comes with information on the company and the product.


Open Me When has mastered sending prepacked boxes with detailed care. The impeccably wrapped gifts are even more meaningful after reading the story behind the company. The handwritten note is a beautiful personalized touch that adds sentimental value to each box.

Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, think of Open Me When. Check out the website here.


Detroit Design Festival Means an Extra Special Drinks X Design


Detroit Design Festival Means an Extra Special Drinks X Design

On Thursday, September 14th there is an *amplified* Drinks X Design taking place in celebration of the UNESCO Detroit Design Festival.

Drinks X Design will be a four location, Downtown crawl showcasing ROSSETTI, Detroit is the New Black, Detroit Design 139 and Bamboo Detroit.

The four spots are a walkable distance from each other. There will be music, hor d'oeuvres, complimentary beverages and a whole lot of creative energy.

 Photo Courtesy of Drinks X Design&nbsp;

Photo Courtesy of Drinks X Design 

Drinks X Design are one of my favorite recurring events in the city, read my recap of the Drinks X Design holiday party here.

It’s a great opportunity to network and learn about new businesses, projects, and initiatives taking place in the city.

Not to mention it’s a great excuse to get glammed up.

See you there

-Boho Barbie



#JadoreExclusive Sit Down with Not Sorry Apparel


#JadoreExclusive Sit Down with Not Sorry Apparel

A few weeks ago I went to the Verge Trade show, an exhibition showcasing clothing designers in the city. Immediately a slip dress with “Not Sorry” embroidered across the bust caught my eye. I Beelined to the booth to find out more and met Dy-Min.

Her bubbly personality and innate sense of humor made me even more excited about the brand. Best of all, the clothes are reasonably priced.

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dy-Min and her business partner Jessica at Cass Collective to talk about their clothing brand, Not Sorry. I've never laughed so hard during an interview, They were an absolute delight to talk to.


Read or listen to the interview to learn more about Jessica and Dy-Min and what it means to be Not Sorry. After, check out their new promotional video at the bottom of this post. 

Need to know

who// Dy-Min Johnson, Jessica Hruska

What// Not Sorry Apparel

Where// Cass Collective, 4161 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201


How did you two get started with Not Sorry?

Dy-Min: "Not Sorry Apparel started off when we wanted to make a cool little crop top thingy for all of our friends, for some reason. A bunch of guys said that they liked it so we ended up getting it manufactured and that’s it. We were in business. We found out people like the designs but the handmade price wasn’t accessible. We went into the thrift store one day and saw some jerseys, realized those would be cheaper and printed on them. We had a show, they sold and that became our new business model and birthed Not Sorry Apparel."

Jessica: "Dy-Min has always been into fashion and I’ve always enjoyed fashion and arts. We weren’t setting out to start a company when we first started the pennies. We’re creative people and we had this design that we really wanted to do. It’s really been people’s response that has motivated us to look into what it would take to actually produce clothes here in Detroit and that snowballed into a company. We both love doing this and have been having fun with it."


What have you found to be the ups and downs of making clothes in Detroit?

Dy-Min: "There’s been a lot of ups. Our brand has really resonated with the right people. It’s constantly reaffirming what I’m doing."

Jessica: "Yeah definitely. Like Dy-Min said, when we first started we were doing handmade clothing and it wasn’t accessible to everyone. Even for us we were thinking, “Would we spend this much money on a shirt?” It made us rethink our business model and Dy-min had the awesome idea to try printing on second hand pieces. That stuck with us because it really spoke to our brand. Being one of a kind and not sorry for who you are and being an individual- every piece is an individual in our eyes."

Dy-Min: "The only difficulty we had starting is that people are very protective of Detroit. They have to get to know you and what you stand for and what you’re trying to do here before you can really make your own path."

Jessica: "There’s apprehension because a lot of people that are from here don’t want people coming here to capitalize on the name Detroit because it’s hot right now. We knew we were being authentic with what we’re doing and we’re doing it for the right reasons. We knew if we just kept meeting people and telling our story that people would see that."


How long have you been in the city?

Jessica: "I moved here from Florida five years ago. I live downtown by the Joe Louis Arena. People think I’m crazy, especially my family. They wonder how I can deal with the winters but I love it here. There’s such a mix of art and artistic expression but also technology and manufacturing and industrial things. I love that mix. Before I moved here I did a lot of research and I felt like the young people moving here are really trying to start their own thing. I’ve always been interested in starting my own creative business, whatever that is; art, music, fashion. The city resonated with me. I feel like I’ve been here my whole life because I feel really connected to this place."

Dy-Min: "I was born right here in the city. I spent part of my life in the suburbs too, I had both experiences. Eventually I made my way back home to Detroit."


Are your screen prints done locally?

Dy-Min: "We do it ourselves. There’s a community print shop down the street at Ocelot and then I have a small print shop in the basement too. Anywhere, anytime we are printing stuff."


Where are some of your favorite thrift stores?

Dy-Min: "It depends on the day. Some days we find so much and find jewels in the most random places. I don’t have a favorite place, you just have to keep digging."

Jessica: "I would say my mom’s closet is my favorite right now. I recently went back there and she gave me all these old dresses from the nineties. They just don’t make stuff like that anymore. Other than that, I agree with Dy-Min you just have to go around and get lucky. It’s kind of like a metal detector."


From getting started to where you are now what has that process looked like?

Dy-Min: "That’s hard, we’ve had some ups and downs but there’s nothing we would rather be doing. I think we are both people who need challenges. In my previous corporate life I wasn’t getting that kind of challenge. l wasn’t having anyone take my ideas seriously. Now we’re in the driver's seat of our own lives. If I want to do a project and it doesn’t go well I can reanalyze and get it together. It’s a challenge everyday and I learn something new everyday. I don’t want to sit around and do the same thing over and over."

Jessica: "I totally agree with that. I think one thing that has set us apart is that we don’t mind the work. Like Dy-Min said it’s an everyday thing. When we hear, “Entrepreneurs, most of them don’t make it”. We think yeah most of them are trying but when we fail we don’t give up. We’re always thinking how do we get through this, how do we get over this? We’re not negative. We always find some positive outcome and are always trying to learn from it. It’s a lot of perseverance and positivity. Always being students of life and business. We’re always trying to learn new things to keep up with the dynamics of business life and running your own company."


What have been some of your major milestones and their timelines.

Dy-Min: "We made the pennies summer of 2015. We made the real jerseys and were official by April of 2016."

Jessica: "That’s when our e-commerce site went out. That was our first big roll out."

Dy-Min: "Most significant for us is Dally 2016. That’s when we actually sold. We sold more than one, sold more than two, we sold more than we thought we would and that was confirmation from the public that they wanted to see this. We opened this place (Space in Cass Collective) in March 2017. I would say those are the super high milestone points."

Jessica: "I would add in there that we got accepted into retail bootcamp program last year around September and that was right around the time we started to try this new business model of printing on upcycle clothes. That really helped us narrow down what we’re selling. Dally was us rolling out this new business model and seeing if it was going to work. We were fortunate because Dally is our exact target audience; artists, young folk, musicians, Detroiters, people who shop local. It was a great test market for us and completely confirmed that we were on the right path. That helped us build up to the store opening. The store opening was a connection we got through Tech Town so that was a big part of our growth."

Dy-Min: "We should mention that we lost that Tech Town thing, so that’s a milestone for us too. We didn’t make it past the first round. Most people don’t know that. I think the next week we got a call about this place. When we lost we were kind of like, “They have to be wrong.” I couldn’t comprehend it, they just weren’t ready for the idea yet."

Jessica: "That’s a perfect example of our attitude and why we are where we are today. First of all, we’re incredulous. Not believing that we didn’t win. We weren’t salty about it. We we’re more like “Damn, we gave this our all.” People were telling us we did a great job so we thought “Hey, it’s in the universe now. We did our part.” We knew we did well and we knew we were going to be successful. We really weren’t upset about it."

Dy-Min: "We went and got drinks."

Jessica: "We sold so much that day too and that was all the confirmation we needed. We might not have gotten the competition money but we got money from everyone in the audience. That was huge. Then we got the call for this place and thought it’s probably more what we wanted to do anyways. Not only are we making money with the store but we’re getting exposure from people who may not buy our products. It was good on all accounts."


Going forward from here what are you working on, what are your next goals?

Dy-Min: "Dunn dunn dunn. Just get bigger. We think Not Sorry Apparel-- well first of all that a sustainable world is necessary for survival. We can be doing that in Detroit and be the pioneers for that. It’s Detroit baby, just do it."

Jessica: "Absolutely, and reinforce that this is a lifestyle. Sustainability is a huge part of it. Believing in yourself and being unapologetically you, I think, is a part of the cultural fabric of Detroit and I feel like we have a good grasp on that right now. We know who the community is. We’re not trying to bring in outsiders to come in and take over. It’s really about getting the community involved and making sure it’s something they’re involved with too."


Business wise, do you think it’s beneficial to be in more stores like Cass Collective or your own brick and mortar.

D: "I think it’s a little bit of both. I think we’re pretty strategic even though it doesn’t seem like that. A brick and mortar are on our list but when we’re ready for it. Who knows, we didn’t know we were ready for this and we’re here."


As a whole, how would you describe Detroit’s style.

Dy-Min: "Detroit’s style, man."

Jessica: "I’m thinking about when I go out to techno shows at Marble Bar or TV. I would say it’s edgy. It can be nostalgic. People look like they came from a music video shot in the 90’s or something. At times eccentric but in a way that works for Detroit. I’m so biased because I’m really inspired by going out. Going to shows, but also walking down riverwalk and looking at people and the way they’re dressing when they go out. They’re  dressed to the nines, even the men when they wear their suits. It’s really inspiring and I want to say, “You just need a Detroit Not Sorry print on the back of your blazer.”"

Dy-Min: "We have this thing where we’re not really trying and that’s what makes it so cool. We’re trying to capture that and get something so the right person will see it and feel like, “Oh yeah, that’s me.”"

Jessica: "It’s like celebrities when they get snapshots and they’re just going to the gym or the grocery store but they look so good in all black and a baseball hat. Detroiters do a good job of always looking put together or putting together pieces I would never expect. I saw a girl wearing a slip with joggers and sneakers and then a long cotton kimono and I was thinking, “What is going on, but I love it.” She was killing it, you know, contrasting dress codes and making it work."


What are some of your favorite local brands, collectives, or projects in the city.

Dy-Min: "Detroit is the New Black. I really love Roslyn and everything she’s doing. There are a bunch of people which I think is one of the best problems. There are so many people doing cool things and we’re not trying to step on each other. It’s more like “I heard you’re doing a cool thing, let’s do cool things.” Or at least that’s been my experience."

Jessica: "I was really impressed with Basic Brats’ bathing suit collection from the summer. Check her out on instagram @basic_brat, she’s hand making some bomb prints."

Dy-Min: "I like Abid too (@abid). He was at the trade show. He had hats made out of Shinola scraps."

Jessica: "We met Corner Store Goods and they do some really cool stuff too. Basically streetwear but they have a lot of pointed graphics that really resonate and can sometimes be controversial which we love."


Where do you do your most networking with the fashion industry in Detroit?

Dy-Min: "Probably the art shows. I think that was our introduction into this world. Hitting up a bunch of shows, having a couple drinks. You meet anyone who’s someone."

Jessica: "That is super inspiring for fashion too. Everyone is always wearing the most amazing stuff. When someone compliments me, I’m like, “You like what I’m wearing?!""


What shows do you go to?

Dy-Min: "Red Bull is always great. Inner State Gallery is awesome. Tangent Gallery."

Jessica: "Yeah Tangent has some really great stuff."

Dy-Min: "I would also like to add to that Queen’s Bar. Public Pool is a great space." 


Outside of Not Sorry what are you involved with in the city?

Dy-Min: "That’s probably more for Jess, our music girl."

Jessica: "I run a music blog, Robotic Peacock. We focus on Detroit artists. When I moved here I did not realize how much talent there is for house and techno- that’s what the blog focuses on. I knew this is the birthplace of techno and knew people would be into dance music but I was blown away. I’m from Miami so there’s a saturation of it. Everyone I’ve seen out (in Detroit) is so talented. I had to write about it. I actually got into music DJing on the radio in college."


What’s your DJ name?

Jessica: "Jessica Peacock."

Jessica: "Now we’re doing these monthly parties with her (Dy-Min’s) boyfriend’s record label, Choose Better Friends. Which is such a perfect blend with Not Sorry. The monthly parties are free, we all DJ and then we have a rack of our clothes. Last time we had a selfie station."


Where are those held?

Jessica: "That one was at Whiskey Disco and the one before was at Old Miami. We’re trying to move it around."

Dy-Min: "It’s nice to be able to do something for our customers and people who support us. We don’t charge anything, it’s really just for good vibes and having fun."

Jessica: "It’s totally a labor of love, we bring our own equipment and our products. Technically we’re working but we’re still socializing and having a blast."

Dy-Min: "Plus building relationships with our customers. It’s not just about getting money, let’s be friends too."

Jessica: "And that’s so important to us to give back in a way that’s not contrived."

Dy-Min: "This is a natural way for us to do it."

Jessica: "This is a way for us to flex our creative muscles- I just love that phrase!"

Jessica: "It hits on that aspect and it’s a fun way for us to connect with our customers outside of the normal shopping hours and outside of the transaction process."


If you could dress a famous Detroit icon past or present who would it be and what would you put them in?

Dy-Min: "That’s a tough one, where did you get these questions?"


Most of them came out of the conversation to be honest but this is one of my favorite questions to ask.

Dy-Min: "I think I want to say someone from Motown. No one in specific. You got so glammed up to go sweat. I can’t even fully grasp it, but I love it."

Jessica: "That’s what I was thinking too like Marvin Gaye or Aretha. I do have to say it would be pretty cool to dress Marshall Mathers. Something about that would bring me a lot of joy, especially putting him in a big pink fluffy jacket."

Dy-Min: "Uh-Oh you just put that into the universe."


Do you take clothing donations?

Dy-Min: "It’s newer, we’re not promoting it yet. We’re trying to figure out the best way to do it and make sure it has value to the person bringing it to us."

Jessica: "I think we’re still trying to figure out what’s the incentive for bringing it to us instead of Salvation Army. We’re not giving you a tax write off. We’ll probably end up working out some kind of discount so that’s what we’re trying to figure out."


Anything else you want to mention?

Jessica: "Yeah, we do custom stuff. If you have your own clothes that you want printed, you don’t have to buy the clothes from us to get the print. You can bring your own clothes, we have pricing if you want something printed or embroidered with Not Sorry."

Jessica: "I would emphasize everything we do is DIY, Dy-Min is printing all of our own stuff. I’m embroidering all of our own stuff. I think that’s how we keep it authentic and real. We’re not outsourcing, we’re doing it ourselves and I think that also makes it mean more to us."

Dy-Min: "You can’t give a bunch of things to a print shop and tell them to print this here and that here. It needs to be very standard and very in a box and we don’t do well with boxes."


Do you have any upcoming shows or pop-ups?

Dy-Min: "Dally for sure. We’re releasing our first ad campaign soon."

Jessica: "It’s more of a brand awareness campaign, strictly social. It’s just a video but it’s a really amazing video that we made right here in this room. You won’t believe it was filmed in here!"

Jessica, Dy-min, thank you for creating an accessible brand of fashionable clothing in Detroit.

It was about time someone did.  

-Boho Barbie


Happier Camper Comes to Corktown


Happier Camper Comes to Corktown

Happier Camper parks to set up shop in new Corktown location, near Detroit Institute of Bagels.

 Photo from Curbed Detroit

Photo from Curbed Detroit

The West Coast based business designs customizable campers with a unique modular design that allows owners to create and recreate the interior cabin.

Use the cushioned cubes to make a mega bed to for you and your friends to crash at night. In the morning, switch a few cubes around and make breakfast on a kitchenetTE.

The modular design creates limitless possibilities for mixed use functionality. The camper has been used commercially as a food truck, info booth and advertising asset.

 Photo from  Happier Camper

Photo from Happier Camper

The caravan is solar powered and draws energy from a discreet solar panel on the roof. Using its solar reserves, the camper can be off the grid for up to three days.

Anyone up for a long weekend in the woods? I sure am.

 Photo from  Happier Camper

Photo from Happier Camper

The camper is versatile and stylish. The HC1 shell has a retro shape and can be ordered in any Pantone color (I’ll take one of each, please). All parts are made in North America. Depending on its final destination, parts are sent to a Happier Camper showroom in Los Angeles or Detroit to be assembled

 Photo from  Happier Camper

Photo from Happier Camper

The HC1 is the ultimate life accessory. Visiting the Happier Camper showroom will make you ready for life on the road. After seeing the Topanga Turquoise camper I have daydreams of driving to California and stopping to set up camp at every fabulous view along the way.  

 Photo from  Happier Camper

Photo from Happier Camper

Click here to customize your own HC1. 

Happier Camper will be parked outside Detroit Mercantile Company on Market Tuesdays until the end of the season. Pop by to see the glamper for yourself.

-Boho Barbie