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SEEN Magazine -- Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop


SEEN Magazine -- Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop

SEEN Magazine really gets me. We share the same love for Detroit, so we decided to collaborate on a Corktown guide to help you navigate all the neighborhoods best spots. 

Thanks for the feature,

x's and o's Candice


Corktown Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Shop

Candice Simons, founder of Detroit lifestyle blog J’adore Detroit, gives the low-down on where to eat, drink and shop in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.


The Farmer’s Hand

 1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

The Famer’s Hand is Corktown’s neighborhood gourmet grocery and take-out counter located on Trumbull Avenue and Bagley. The store works to strengthen the relationship between shoppers and sources the food, beverages and products. The store has a farm-to-home commitment by sourcing 100 percent of its products from humane and organic small-t0-mid-sized food partners. 


1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

The sister restaurant of The Famer’s Hand, Folk was founded on the desired to create a space where people could dine around wholesome food and share experiences, and they nailed it. Folk’s menu offers a nourishing assortment of feel-good meals that are humane and organic. The restaurant also gives a nod to local favorites, Sister Pie and Reilly Craft Creamery ice cream, which I highly recommend ordering.

Mudgie’s Deli

1300 Porter St., Detroit

Mudgie’s Deli is a favorite in the city of Detroit, winning best deli in the city seven years in a row. The deli is open for lunch and dinner, serving salads, sandwiches and soups all made from mostly local products and in-house roasted meats. Mudgie’s also sells fine cocktails, more than 100 beers and boutique wines. Make sure not to miss out on their great patio during these warm summer months.



2520 Michigan Ave., Detroit

For an out-of-this-world experience, head over to Takoi. This Thai-inspired restaurant won a handful of awards as Katoi before becoming a victim of arson in 2017. Nonetheless, the restaurant reopened as Takoi, bringing the party back to the D. Check out the greenroom and patio for a great spot to gather with friends and listen to live DJs.

Bobcat Bonnie’s

1800 Michigan Ave., Detroit

If you’re looking for a DIY-type mimosa bar, Bobcat Bonnies is your place — offering a plethora of juice options to top off your bubbles. This place pays homage to the city, with a foundation built from bricks that come from a well-known Wayne county insane asylum, Eloise, and a game room sign from its old neighbor, Tiger’s Stadium.

Mercury Bar

2163 Michigan Ave., Detroit

In 2012, Mercury Bar brought life back to the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street. This burger joint located near Detroit’s historic train station is easily a favorite for Detroiters. Whether you’re in the mood for a burger, tater tots, milkshake or a brew — Mercury Bar has a great atmosphere and a patio that is open year-round.


2015 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Ima is your neighborhood noodle spot. This chef-driven restaurant located on Michigan Avenue features an ever-evolving menu of signature noodle soups, rice bowls, curries and small plates. This is another great place to hang out year-round on their covered patio.

Green Dot Stables

2200 West Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

Green Dot Stables is a classic for Detroiters. Whether you go for a chill night out with friends or for a visit after a Tiger’s game, this is like a rite of passage for visitors to the city. Not only is it a great place to hang out, but it is super affordable. The menu features a wide range of sliders for only a few dollars. If you’re brave, try whatever they are serving up for mystery meat that day.

Gold Cash Gold


2100 Michigan Ave., Detroit

For another taste of Corktown’s history, dine at Gold Cash Gold. The restaurant is in the former home of Sam’s Loans, a pawn shop that opened on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Fifth Street in the 1940s. If you’re lucky enough to get there in the summer months, it offers a great patio. However, no matter what time of year you visit, be sure to get their famous fried chicken.

Brooklyn Street Local

1266 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Brooklyn Street Local is a great spot to go for breakfast or lunch if you are in the Corktown neighborhood. The restaurant was built on the idea of serving only locally sourced food in an environment that is warm and friendly. They have a great menu and daily selections that come from Detroit urban farms.

Slows Bar BQ

2138 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Slows Bar BQ opened on the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street in 2005 and has since become a destination in the city. The smokehouse has a fresh spin on barbecue and an interior to match. Not only is Slows a great place to dine and gather, but it’s also an anchor for the revitalization of the city of Detroit.

Ottava Via

1400 Michigan Ave., Detroit

When it comes to Italian food, Ottava Via gets it right. This place has the charm of Italy with classic dishes served at an affordable price point. Ottava Via also has a great patio with a fireplace and bocce ball.


Astro Coffee


2124 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Astro is the cutest little coffee shop that rotates a cast of roasters from all around the country, including one of my favorites, Anthology Coffee. The shop offers a variety of drinks from lattes and pour overs, to Detroit-based Joseph Wesley Tea. All which pair great with their small selection of baked goods and sandwiches made from locally sourced and organic products. If those aren’t enough reasons to stop in, you won’t want to miss the hand-painted mural from Detroit’s beloved artist Ouizi.

Sugar House

2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Sugar House is the spot if you’re looking for a great craft cocktail. This speakeasy-type bar features the best versions of all the foundational drinks, as well a rotating seasonal selection that shows off the talents of the bartenders.

Motor City Wine

1949 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Motor City Wine has the best party patio in Corktown. The patio has a backyard vibe and comes equipped with a fire pit. You can also hang out inside and get down to some of the best DJs in town. The bar doubles as a wine shop and is one of the best places in town to buy vino to-go.

Two James Spirits


2445 Michigan Ave., Detroit

Corktown is Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, so it would only be right that it would be home to the city’s first distillery since prohibition. Two James Spirits has a tasting room that offers flights and craft cocktails where patrons can mingle around the distillery’s round bar. The distillery also offers tours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Batch Brewing Company

1400 Porter St., Detroit

Batch Brewing Company is the best place in town to stop for locally brewed beer. The brewery has a patio decorated with vines of hops that will be used to brew the beer they serve. Not only is the beer fantastic, but the food is brag-worthy. Get the nachos, you’ll thank me later.


George Gregory

1422 Michigan Ave., Detroit

If the man in your life isn’t shopping at George Gregory, then he should be. George Gregory is the perfect mix of great style and masculinity. The store owner, Caitlin Riney, has created a shopping atmosphere that makes everyone feel at ease. The store’s cool aesthetic is just as good as the clothing. Whether it be for a chill Sunday, formal event or a night out, this is definitely where to get male clothing that looks effortlessly cool.

Mama Coo’s

 1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit

Mama Coo’s is a hip neighborhood vintage and resale boutique that carries one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. The store’s collection of clothing isn’t the only thing with history. Mama Coo’s owner, Lana Rodriguez, was born and raised in Southwest Detroit. Her grandparents lived in the storefront’s building when they first moved to the city from Mexico and Texas. Rodriguez continues to have one foot in business and the other in giving back to her community through involvement with local nonprofits.

Eldorado General Store


 1700 Michigan Ave., Detroit

This well curated general store is a one-of-a-kind vintage shop. Eldorado General Store is stacked with vintage clothing for men and women, worldly household items, locally made goods and other trinkets that reflect free spirits and magic. The outside of the store will make you wander in, but the great finds will make you stay awhile. 

Hello Records

1459 Bagley St., Detroit

There is something incredibly charming about browsing through a record store. Hello Records on Trumbull Avenue is the go-to friendly neighborhood record shop. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the eclectic selection of vinyl and shellac records are ever changing. Expect to come across music from all areas and speeds, but especially funky jams with a focus on party and dance music from the 1940s through the 2000s. The store even buys records with no appointment needed.

John K. King Used Book Store

901 W Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

In the age of iPads and Kindles, there is something nostalgic about a real book.  Since 1965, John K. King shared a love for books with the people of Detroit. He opened his first store in the Michigan Theatre, where scenes from Eminem’s movie “8 Mile” were filmed. Decades later, John K. King Used Books now has two storefronts, over a million books and two dogs who keep customers and workers company every day.

Metropolis Cycles

2117 Michigan Ave., Detroit

With a special thanks to Slow Roll founder Jason Hall, biking has become an increasingly popular and eco-friendly way to navigate the city. Whether you are in the market for a modern race bike or want to tune up your old school cruiser, Metropolis Cycles is the one-stop-shop for your needs. The friendly and experienced staff will help you with everything from building a bike or a tune up, to finding the right accessory. This place will have you rolling on two wheels in no time.


1401 Vermont St., Detroit

There is no lack of artists and creatives in Detroit. Ponyride is a nonprofit founded in a 30,000-square-foot building in Detroit’s Corktown. This warehouse-turned-activation space functions as an incubator and collaboration space for entrepreneurs in the community. Ponyride allows artists to grow, fail and mature, making the city a better place for all. Some of our favorite resident artists are The Lip BarNot Sorry Apparel and Motor City Soap.


A Sneak Peak Into Michigan Central Station


A Sneak Peak Into Michigan Central Station

Photo Jun 22, 12 06 46 PM.jpg

The train station has stood as a symbol in the city for 105 years and its now getting a second lease on life. Last month Ford announced its purchase of the train station and opened the train stations doors to visitors. 

The last time I had been in the Michigan Central Station I was about 17 years old. It wasn't the safest adventure I went on, but it was worth it. The best way to describe what it was like to be in the station was, that it was like being inside the Titanic. I was so surreal to be inside something so grand, yet so vacant. 

More than 20,000 people showed up over the weekend to take a glimpse at the buildings iconic past and take a sneak peak into the stations future. 

Walking into the station, was like walking into a blast from the past. Only this time it was legal. However, I did make my way up to the buildings 13th floor via elevator. I'm not quite sure that part was included in the tour from what I hear. I guess you get a long way when you act like you belong. It was MEGA COOL. 

Take a look at some of the pics!



My tour of the train station certainly left me with a different feeling than last time. For so long the building was a symbol in Detroit that was almost a metaphor for the shape the city was in. A place that used to be bustling, busy and full of wealth, but was now abandoned and broke. My first tour left me in awe, yet upset to set my eyes on something so beautiful and left behind. 


This time however, my visit to the station left me with a feeling of hope and excitement for the city. I've said it time and time again, but Detroiter's have grit. The city is experiencing a revitalization, and the train station continue to serve as a symbol in the city. However, this time a symbol of Detroit's resurrection. Every set back is a setup for a comeback and the train station is just one way to show the world that Detroit really does hustle harder and we're a force to be reckoned with.


Detroit Let's Get It,

Lately with Lo





Lasers Lights. Flint Eastwood. Saint Motel: Beacon Park's One-year Anniversary

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Lasers Lights. Flint Eastwood. Saint Motel: Beacon Park's One-year Anniversary

Did you see the FREAKING LASER BEAM light show on the Grand Army of the Republic building?

 pic of the G.A.R. building at the JRJR concert at Beacon Park. Photo credits: @coledevilbliss

pic of the G.A.R. building at the JRJR concert at Beacon Park. Photo credits: @coledevilbliss

Sadly. I watched it over Instagram Story like a lame-o on my couch. However, I quickly found the deets to make sure I didn't miss it again.

My dear friends, Here's what you need to know about the bad ass concert/party weekend that is taking place in Beacon Park to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Detroit-Native Flint Eastwood will take to the stage as the opening act of the night. She is back to put on for her city after her recent performance at the summer at the MOCAD with everyones ultimate girl crush Princess Nokia. 

 Flint Eastwood in front of Mike Kelley's 'Mobile Homestead' at the MOCAD where another summer concert series will take place. photo credits @FlintEastwood

Flint Eastwood in front of Mike Kelley's 'Mobile Homestead' at the MOCAD where another summer concert series will take place. photo credits @FlintEastwood

The headliner of the night is Saint Motel, the growingly popular L.A. based band, Saint Motel who's music has been described as everything from "dream pop" to "indie prog." The band is currently working on the release of a new album and has performed at Coachella, lollapalooza, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

 Photo of Saint Motel performing at a concert. photo credits: @jimdonnellyphoto

Photo of Saint Motel performing at a concert. photo credits: @jimdonnellyphoto

The park is going to transform into party central when Mindfield USA lights up the night with their light show spectacular. As if the G.A.R building wasn't already a dreamy castle, the light show takes it to a whole new level of visual pleasure. 

 photos from the JRJR concert at Beacon Park of the G.A.R. building. Photo credits @coledevilbliss

photos from the JRJR concert at Beacon Park of the G.A.R. building. Photo credits @coledevilbliss

There will be other activities taking place in the park through the weekend to celebrate the parks one-year anniversary.

  • food trucks
  • craft beer
  • cocktails
  • lawn games
  • night markets

If you have time, I also recommend stopping into Lumen for dinner!


See you there babes,

Lately with Lo





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Paint to Table Fundraiser for Murals in the Market


Paint to Table Fundraiser for Murals in the Market

If you’re anything like me, you love vintage furniture AND seven-course dinners. Especially when they’re combined.

On Thursday, June 28th from 6p.m.-9:30p.m., you can help Detroit’s innovative project of Murals in the Market with a fundraising dinner at 900 Tower + Terrace in Eastern Market.

 Promotional poster for one of our favorite and innovative Detroit events. Photo via  @muralsinthemarket  on Facebook

Promotional poster for one of our favorite and innovative Detroit events. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

Along with enjoying a seven-course family style dinner prepared by Chef Marc Djozlija of Wright and Co. and his team, with wine and cocktails (obviously) included, participants can bid on original painted chairs made by some of the city’s most notorious artists. Many of the artists are also creators of Murals in the Market, too.

Attendees can see the highly-discussed murals from viewpoints they’ve never seen before while being able to chat with the festival crew and alumna as well.

 Just one of the vibrant murals displayed in Eastern Market from back in October. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

Just one of the vibrant murals displayed in Eastern Market from back in October. Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

All of the funds from the event will go solely to the Murals in the Market cause— unify the residents and business owners of Eastern Market by the power of public art, encourage year-round liveliness, increase activity and economic impact in the neighborhood, harness underused spaces, and create a stronger bond throughout the community.

Our very own Candice Simons is part of the hosting committee, along with Chef Marc Djozlija (Wright and Co.), Dan and Vivian Carmody (Eastern Market Corporation), Rick and Yolanda Williams (Distinct Life/Cream Blends), Paige Lustig (PageBoy), and Melinda Anderson (Detroit Month of Design).

 We're (almost) as excited as Candice for the first annual Paint to Table dinner! Photo via  @muralsinthemarket  on Facebook

We're (almost) as excited as Candice for the first annual Paint to Table dinner! Photo via @muralsinthemarket on Facebook

The event itself is sold out, but don't fret if you don't have tickets! A block party to support Murals in the Market will go down on September 15th, presented by Paxahau, 1xRUN, and Detroit Hustles Harder. There will be live music too, with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Sheefy McFly, and more.

Hope you're ready to have some super jel friends over some one-of-a-kind chairs.

Wine, dine, and keep paintin' on,







Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.37.07 AM.png

Wayfinding Skate Park, that debuted last year will officially open again this year in the heart of downtown Detroit this weekend. The skate park also doubles as an art installation designed by acclaimed artist Ryan McGinness in partnership with Bedrock, Quicken, Library Street Collective & Cranbrook Art Museum. These partners will also be offering learn-to-skate seminars and other programming throughout the summer. 

The opening this Saturday will be accompanied by Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk (Tony's son), Alex Beck, Samarria Brevard, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki and Clive Dixon

The skate park is officially open for the summer during the following hours:

            June Friday & Saturday: noon -11 p.m.

            Sunday- Thursday: noon - 8 p.m.


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit


Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions


Must See Detroit Art: June Exhibitions

Detroit art has such a distinct style that cant be replicated. 

The revitalization of Detroit has created a movement. People from all over are moving to the city to be a part of the city's amazing come up. 

However, it was not always that way.

When people fled the city and moved to the suburbs, it was the artists who settled in. The vast amounts of vacant space and cheap rent became the perfect place for creatives to nest.

Nonetheless, it was city’s INDUSTRIAL and TECHNO vibes that built the framework for the distinct style of Detroit artistry known today.

The art exhibitions that were once underground are now being brought to the forefront by the growing population of art galleries across the city.

Detroit art has such a unique style, that is so rich in the city’s history. It is something to be truly celebrated. For that reason, I’d like to share some of my favorite galleries and local artist exhibitions worth visiting this month.

Favorite Galleries with Detroit artist exhibitions in June

Grey Area: Grey Area is an experiential art gallery and unique retail space located in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood. Despite its name, the space is insanely vibrant. The gallery doubles as the home of Aura Aura, a portrait studio that captures the colors of a person’s energy through the different frequencies of the individual’s vibrations.

 Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Aura's are captured in the form of Polaroid photos at Aura Aura. Photo via @weareauraaura on Facebook

Exhibition: On Saturday, June 9th, local Detroit artist LEVON MILLROSS, known as Stargazer, brings his exhibition Elemental Inamorata to the gallery. The exhibition runs through July 8th, and will have you thinking Bjork meets celestial goddess. All the wearable sculptures in this show are designed around the idea of a woman who loves or is loved. I promise you won’t want to leave without buying one.

 Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via  @1stargazer1  on Instagram

Check out this amazing piece from Stargazer's exhibition at Detroit Is The New Black. Photos via @1stargazer1 on Instagram


Playground Detroit: This is another one of our favorite galleries in the city. The multifunctional gallery serves as a developmental and creative space for professionals, artists and residents of Detroit.

The focus of the gallery is on the sale or artwork and exhibitions. However, it also functions as an interactive space offering events such as Saturday morning yoga classes.

 Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via  Playground Detroit

Playground Detroit is one of the most innovative spaces in the city. Photo via Playground Detroit

Exhibition: On June 16th, Elysia Vandenbussche, alumna of the College for Creative Studies will open her solo exhibition, “Relations Between” The Detroit-based ceramicist uses various surface techniques and materials such as glaze and 22k gold to create innovative wall installations using her miniature paintings on ceramic tiles. 

 Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

Elysia Vandenbussche in her creative zone. Photo via @___elysia___ on Instagram

True to Playground Detroit’s playful style, there will also be an interactive dinner scheduled throughout the exhibition where guests will dine off ceramic pieces created by the artist. The exhibition closes on Saturday July 14th.

Another June Event Centered on Art in Detroit:

Paint to Table: Eastern Market is a true celebration of public art the city of Detroit and functions as a story teller between market goers and muralists. In preparation for the return of Murals in the Market, there will be a fundraiser dinner held on June 28th from 6:30 pm – 9 pm.

Attendees of the dinner will be able to enjoy a rooftop view of the city’s murals and can bid on one-of-a kind chairs painted by some of the cities most beloved artists. The dinner prepared by the Chef of Wright & Co. and his team will certainly appeal to more than the just the visual senses.

Meet you at the gallery,

xoxo Lately with Lo


Spring has Sprung and So Has Detroit's Downtown Markets


Spring has Sprung and So Has Detroit's Downtown Markets

We loved the winter markets so much we're back breaking news about the spring markets that Bedrock & Quicken Loans so graciously put on again this season. Like the winer markets, located throughout downtown at 1441 Woodward Collective, Campus Martius and Capitol Park, 30 local vendors, mainly female and minority owned businesses will setup shop this spring and summer AND WE CAN'T WAIT. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know!

 Cadillac Square Beer Garden

Cadillac Square Beer Garden

Cadillac Square

A seasonal beer garden equipped with strawberry frosé, Atwater Beer, rosé and other adult beverages. Food by our friends at Central Kitchen + Bar. The food menu looks summery and delicious everything you would want to eat while wetting your palette with some brews - Bavarian pretzels, German charcuterie, hamburg flatbread and more! This area also has four basketball courts and other games like giant Jenga and bags. Perfect for a family day out! 

 View of the Ren Cen from Cadillac Square 

View of the Ren Cen from Cadillac Square 

Some of our favorite vendors in Cadillac Square are: 

  • Ink Detroit: Apparel that embodies "Detroit Pride and Love."
  • Ashley Gold: Handmade jewelry.
  • York: Streetwear designed & printed in Detroit. 
  • Flamingo Vintage: Men's and women's clothing and accessories that date back to the 1920s through 1970s.

Capitol Park

This part of the market really excites us this year as there are eight local vendors, a rotating chef kitchen & bar and a farmer's market planned every Tuesday - I mean what else do you need for the perfect spring/summer setup?! 

 Glass pods throughout Cadillac Square & Capitol Park with local vendors

Glass pods throughout Cadillac Square & Capitol Park with local vendors

Some of our favorite vendors in Capitol Park are: 

 Tables at the beer garden

Tables at the beer garden

1441 Woodward Collective

This indoor retail part of the downtown market is much needed because it's it gets hot out there! It's a highly curated retail market featuring some of our favorite local retailers including: 

  • Fly Behavior: A stylist-curated collection.
  • Ferne Boutique: Women's clothing for all ages.
  • David Vintage: "A Haute Couture Streetwear lifestyle brand" for men and women that offers streetwear, outerwear and unique accessories.
  • Goldeluxe: Brass, sterling silver, 14K gold and 14K gold fill jewelry.
  • Pingree Detroit: Leather and hemp totes brought to life by localized, sustainable, community-supported production powered by veterans and civilians.
 Giant Jenga in Cadillac Square

Giant Jenga in Cadillac Square

We hope you'll be able to make it to downtown soon to experience the markets as they open to the public tomorrow (Friday, May 25th!) See you there!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit



Women in Detroit Business: Jill Giacomino


Women in Detroit Business: Jill Giacomino

We are so pleased to present our second installment of Women in Detroit Business with Jill Giacomino! Last week we met up with Jill, owner of Social Gathering Co. & Grey Ghost (soon to be Second Best) to chat about her business, raising a son, being married to a chef and so much more! Read the interview below <3

 Jill in her home in Ferndale

Jill in her home in Ferndale

Tell us about your come up/ Who are you?

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and moved here to Detroit two years ago. My father's a lifelong restaurant man so I've always been drawn to the hospitality industry. After graduating, I spent six fantastic years at Lettuce Entertain You (Chicago's biggest, baddest restaurant group, operating 75+ locations throughout the country). At Lettuce, I managed the marketing strategy for six unique restaurants. This was about the time that social media became important for brands so social was something I jumped on right away. I also spent some time at a boutique PR firm and winery before heading to the D in 2016 to open Grey Ghost with my husband and our business partners.

What is Social Gathering Co.? 

SGC is a one-woman shop (ME!) assisting restaurant clients with all things marketing, media relations, social media, e-mail marketing and more. When I moved here, I started looking for in-house restaurant marketing positions similar to what I did in Chicago - it didn't exist. I've secretly always wanted to go my own way, so instead of moving to another industry, I began consulting. My first two clients were Axle Brewing Co. and Gold Cash Gold in Corktown and my operation quickly grew from there. I feel so lucky. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Everyday is different - which I love. On a good day, I wake up early and head to a 6am neighborhood bootcamp class. It's the best way to start the day. Around 8am, I help my husband get our baby up and settled, arm myself with coffee and head to my office for emails and client projects. The time between 8-10am is my favorite and most productive hours to knock things out. In the afternoon, I'm usually headed to client meetings or photoshoots for social content. 

Let’s get this question out of the way - How is it being married to a Chef of one of the best restaurants in Detroit?

It's a mix of many things. First of all, I'm so incredibly proud of Joe and our 'family' at Grey Ghost. Joe and I have been together since we were 23 and I've seen Joe go from line cook to sous chef to exec chef to co-owner. He's way talented and the hardest worker I know. But true talk: being married to a chef is hard. His hours are insane and completely opposite from mine. We manage to make things work - Mondays are the new date night :) Also, I have pretty easy access to the Grey Ghost burger almost anytime I'm craving it, so that's a plus. 

 POUND IT! Jill and son, Sonny in their backyard.&nbsp;

POUND IT! Jill and son, Sonny in their backyard. 

What's the best part of being a mom to #itsalwayssonnyindetroit?

All of it. Parenthood is one wild ride of pure joy, hilarity, exhaustion, frustration, confusion, terror and lots of fun. He's now 18 months and talking - we basically loose it every time he says a new word. He also knows exactly where to find his dad when we go to Grey Ghost. As soon as his feet hit the floor, he b-lines it for the kitchen and hugs the first tall guy he sees. It's pretty adorable. 

What's your favorite part of owning your own business?

I love the flexibility and the 'being your own boss' situation but more importantly I love spreading the news of my clients. I'm working with some of the most talented chefs in the Midwest who are on their feet for 15+ hours a day, using unique and local ingredients and creating these incredible dishes. They don't always have time to snap a photo and share the 'perfect caption' so I feel honored to help them spread their news and be part of their team. 

When you need to think, where do you work? 

New Order Coffee in Midtown is definitely one of my favorites. It's bright, open, airy and gives off major positivity vibes. Their wifi is always lightning fast and their specialty lattes are divine. They're also a client of mine, so sometimes I get lucky and gain access to their 'cupping room' aka private conference room. 

Care to share your fave editing apps/camera setup/social media hacks?

I've experimented with a lot of different camera apps (Foodie, VSCO, etc. etc) but definitely upped my game when I upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus with portrait mode. Solid photos always require the use of natural light. My next move is to purchase a "big kid" camera so send me your recommendations! When it comes to social media "hacks" - my biggest suggestion to those who are handling social media for brands is to engage. engage. engage. I spend a chunk of time each day interacting with people who check into my client's restaurants, ask about their experience and thank them. You can also search by locations and relevant hashtags. It can be a chore but is definitely worth it. 

What’s your biggest motivator? 

My clients, hands down. I'm working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and some some of the most talented chefs in the city. When I hear that one of my clients had a record-breaking month or service, that's my motivator to keep working hard. 

Biggest accomplishment to date?

I like to say that the year between 2016-2017 was my biggest accomplishment - I moved to Detroit and began navigating a city that I'd only been to once, we opened a restaurant, started a consulting business, had a baby and bought a house - all in a year. I'm using 2018 to hone my skills and maybe relax a bit, but probably not. 

Who’s been your greatest influence in business?

I'd say both of my parents, but for different reasons. As I mentioned above, my father is a lifelong restaurant operator and definitely instilled my passion for the hospitality industry. He's a workhorse but also a very kind person. I remember when I interned for his restaurant group when I was 18, my dad not only knew the name of each and every person down to the dishwashers but also their children's names. That sort of care in leadership has always stuck with me. My mother brought us up in a household filled with love, positivity and lots of funky dancing. She's my biggest cheerleader and has always motivated me to "go for it." To her, anything is possible. 

After all of this success, what is your biggest struggle right now? 

Between owning a restaurant and operating a small business, we struggle to find quality family time but we do our very best to make it work. Since the majority of my work is online or on my phone, I also find myself way too often glued to my device, e-mail or social media.  

If you could give one piece of advice to every woman in Detroit, what would it be? 

Introduce yourself to as many people as possible! Networking and getting to know different people around the city has been the best source of referrals for my business. Also when you're first getting started, find someone who's doing what you dream of doing (or similar) and take them out to lunch to pick their brain. Once you get your feet on the ground, do the same for someone looking for guidance. Karma is real. 

What are you most excited about in 2018? 

From a personal side, decorating our home, planting our backyard garden and seeing our little guy continue to grow! We're also opening Second Best in Midtown - it's going to be party central and a well-needed avenue for the Midtown neighborhood.

 Jill at Axle Brewing

Jill at Axle Brewing

Top 3 favorite restaurants right now? 

My current go-to's are Axle Brewing (love walking the line between healthy and not-to-healthy with their hefty kale salad and cheese curds, with a Jolene of course). Also, Gold Cash Gold (weekend brunch, duh) and can't go wrong with a burger from Red Coat Tavern. 

Name a restaurant that flies under the radar that you love that everyone needs to visit ASAP. 

We had one of the most memorable experiences at the old-school mob-style Italian restaurant Giovannis in Dearborn in an attempt to induce labor with eggplant parmesan (spoiler: it doesn't work). Either way, we had top-notch food and hospitality and spent two hours talking about family and owning a restaurant with the owner, Fran.  

Where can people find you to connect?

I love connecting! or Instagram: @jill_giacomino 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit


George Gregory: Where the Man in Your Life Needs to Shop


George Gregory: Where the Man in Your Life Needs to Shop

Last November, Caitlin Riney went and did something spectacular and opened a much needed men's clothing store on Michigan Ave. in Corktown. Caitlin created her drive to open George Gregory out of the dislike for her job, feelings of homesickness and the happiness she found developing her personal style. So she packed her bags and moved from Chicago back to her home state of Michigan! We dig Caitlin's eye, love for Detroit and overall bubbly demeanor that shines through - all of these qualities make shopping with her a super enjoyable experience. George Gregory brings the boutique feeling back to menswear shopping and will make even the most manly of men enjoy trying on a few things! 

 Extieror of George Gregory

Extieror of George Gregory

 Caitlin Riney, Owner George Gregory

Caitlin Riney, Owner George Gregory

 Interior of George Gregory

Interior of George Gregory

 Jason Hall of Slow Roll Detroit all tiger'd out!

Jason Hall of Slow Roll Detroit all tiger'd out!

 Hat wall in George Gregory

Hat wall in George Gregory

As soon as I saw Caitlin's space and clothes, I knew that co-founder of Slow Roll and my pizza-loving bae - Jason Hall - would be the perfect model to bring the clothing to life.  J has a dapper style with a swaggy twist so I styled him in lots of unique and fun, mixed patterns to bring out his flavor and show his fun personality.  You can pick up all the styles seen here in store.  Everything in the shop is well designed and thought-out from the boutique's vintage floors and walls to the threads for purchase. George Gregory, named after Caitlin's brother and dad, carries a variety of menswear brands sizes S-XXXL. Selling brands such as Yellow 108, Bridge & Burn, Civil Society and Ebbets, the man in your life is sure to find something here that other large department stores won't have - one-of-a-kind vintage finds, business casual slacks or a perfect t-shirt for a night out with friends - there's truly something for everyone here. Shoutout to Caitlin for this perfectly and unique collection! 


George Gregory's main goal other than outfitting men in the flyest threads is for people to leave the space (at the very least) in a better mood than when they entered. After our shoot with Caitlin we were flying high for a whole week - and you will be too! George Gregory is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. The shop is located right in the heart of Corktown at 1422 Michigan Ave. 

Stop by George Gregory and tell Caitlin we sent you!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit


Henry the Hatter: Longest Running Hat Store in America

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Henry the Hatter: Longest Running Hat Store in America

We know we're a little late to the party on this one but our recent photoshoot at Henry the Hatter with Heather Nash of Heather Nash Photography got us thinking about what a perfect Detroit staple Henry the Hatter is. We feel oh so lucky to have this iconic store as our new-ish neighbor in Eastern Market. 


Established in 1893, Henry Komrofsky aka Henry the Hatter opened his first hat store on Gratiot Ave. Little did he know by 2018 he would be the longest operating hat dealer in America. Henry, being the business man and local diplomat that he was, was deeply engrained in city life and involved in many organizations throughout Detroit. He was the Boxing Commissioner, on Detroit School's Board of Education & played the drums in the band at the Temple Theater --> A well loved man of many trades. 


Henry the Hatter opened it's doors in Eastern Market this past December and we couldn't be happier. Plus it's like two powerhouse Detroit names in one place now: Henry the Hatter & Eastern Market! Henry has hundreds of different style hats and colors to choose from. Ranging in prices from $25-$$$$, there's something for everyone here, even if you aren't a "hat person." From mens fedora hats to classic dress hats to traditional bowlers, Henry the Hatter continues to provide one of the finest selections in the Midwest and across America. Their hats are known for quality and pretty much have a lifetime guarantee considering they fix and repair even the oldest caps. 


So next time you're in the market for a hat support one of Detroit's (and America's) longest running businesses and take a little slice of Detroit history home with you to wear around. Like Henry always said, "The utilitarian role of hats – warmth – is all but gone. But the role of hats in fashion and popular culture remains."


All photos by Heather Nash Photography who was truly amazing to work with. Connect with her on Instagram HERE and visit her website -->  


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit

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FOLK: It's What's for Breakfast & Lunch


FOLK: It's What's for Breakfast & Lunch

FOLK you came, I ate, you stole my heart. Nestled in the same building as their sister restaurant, The Farmer's Hand, this long-awaited development is a one of a kind breakfast/lunch spot with the most "instagrammable" interior in Detroit. Did we mention their food is great too? We broke our experience down for you below! 

 Avocado Toast // beet hummus, tahini, avocado, sprouts, radish &amp; benne

Avocado Toast // beet hummus, tahini, avocado, sprouts, radish & benne

FOLK's bright, charming, simple, 24-seat interior boasts a California vibe with hometown charm. There's a lot of playfulness going on in, that is also reflected in the menu. To be honest, we kind of swooned when we walked up to FOLK. The large-ish outdoor patio edged in fresh growing herbs didn't hurt either. The interior is centered around the very open kitchen, which makes it easy to watch the creation of your avo toast or  Big Guy (pictured below). The C.L. Stefani LLC. design company hit it out of the park with this one! We love everything about this interior - the geometric bar, the tables in the window, the lighting and the woodwork milled by Donut Shop Design! Please design my house! FOLK has all the details but at it's root is a minimalist establishment. Everything has a purpose which I really appreciate as that's how I try to live life: simple and significant. 

 Patio of FOLK

Patio of FOLK

 Interior of FOLK via @hungryindetroit

Interior of FOLK via @hungryindetroit

 Side bar at FOLK

Side bar at FOLK

Now onto the food. Similar to The Farmer's Hand, FOLK sources all of their food from local purveyors such as Sister Pie, Reilly Creamery (YES! AFFOGATO!) among others. I dined a couple days after opening and damn, did they get the food right off the rip. I tried the Avocado Toast - an A+, Folk Bowl - a little pricey but great, Lil' Guy - delicious with that homemade piri piri and a matcha cashew milk latte. All I would order again and all equally beautiful. Next time I'm coming for the Tahini Latte & the Waffle Brekky (with a gluten free waffle)! Overall their food is what my breakfast/lunch dreams are made of. 

 Big Guy // 2x egg, breekie sausage, house made piri piri, aioli, Farm Country cheddar

Big Guy // 2x egg, breekie sausage, house made piri piri, aioli, Farm Country cheddar

 Avo Toast + Matcha Latte at FOLK

Avo Toast + Matcha Latte at FOLK

I've been saying for years that Detroit has a lack of breakfast spots so I am super happy and grateful that FOLK finally opened it's doors. Welcome to Detroit, FOLK! We <3 you!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit


Nine International Plates Around Detroit

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Nine International Plates Around Detroit

A round of applause to you, my fellow Detroiters. You are the real MVP’s. It's the end of April and you have made it through the (seemingly) eternal winter.

If you are anything like I am and have found yourself dreaming of vacation over the brutal winter months -- these nine culturally eclectic plates around Detroit will help you find an international escape within your own city

 photo via  @the_gerards

photo via @the_gerards

Flowers of Vietnam- The former Vietnamese weekend pop-up restaurant inside of Vernor Coney Island, has taken permanent residence in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood. This place is an absolute must if you’re looking for a menu that takes you on a trip to the other side of the world. To get the whole experience, be sure to check out the DJ on Fridays from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. 

Fists of Curry- Located in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood, the previous home of the Huron Room has reopened with an Indian flair. The name isn’t the only thing that is action packed. The menu offers a variety of options. Everything from Tikka Masala, soft-serve ice cream, and an option that shall not be named—only for the curious eaters. The restaurant offers Happy Hour specials Mon-Fri 3 p.m.-6 p.m. and Fri-Sat 9 p.m. – close. 

 photo via  @johnnynoodleking

Johnny Noodle King- This is the perfect place to eat on a chilly night. Nestled on the edge of Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, this Japanese inspired restaurant has a wide variety of noodles, addicting bao buns, and Saki to keep you warm through the cold weather. 

El Barzon- My food prayers have been answered. This place offers my two absolute favorite foods-- Italian and Mexican, in one place. Located in Detroit’s Southwest neighborhood, El Barzon has a dining patio that is covered all year around. It is the perfect place for a date night or dinner with friends and family. Not to mention, it's my go-to spot for birthday dinner each year.

 photo via  @_takoi_

photo via @_takoi_

TAKOI- The food inspired by Thailand and Southeast Asia isn’t the only thing that will make you feel like you are on a holiday. The space-like atmosphere of the restaurant and it’s GREEN ROOM will have you feeling like you stepped into another world. TAKOI has a live DJ and happy hour every Wednesday from 5-9, as well as DJ’s on Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.

Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreno- This place is one of the best-kept secrets in Southwest Detroit. Make sure you order some fresh juice and traditional pupusas. Pupusas are thick-corn tortillas stuffed with savory items, such as pulled pork. The Salvadorian food is affordable and delicious.   

Shangri-La- This place is all that and Dim Sum (pun intended). Located right in the heart of Midtown, this Cantonese style restaurant is the perfect place to get playful with Dim Sum or try one of the coconut milk and curry dishes that infuse the owners Thai heritage.

 photo via @bolerodetroit

photo via @bolerodetroit

Bolero- This restaurant brings Latin flavor to Midtown. Bolero is from the same owners who opened Vincente’s in downtown Detroit about 5 years ago. It is the perfect place to indulge in mojitos, fresh ceviche or to share paella with friends. 

Alley Taco- The build your own quesadilla and Mexican street corn is off the chain. This Midtown taqueria is open until 3 a.m. Thursday-Saturday. So, it's the perfect place head with friends after a night out. 



Lately With Lo


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Off The Beaten Path: The Coolest Things To Do In Detroit


Off The Beaten Path: The Coolest Things To Do In Detroit

I don’t know about you, but when I visit a city, one of my last priorities is seeing the top tourist attractions. I want to see the underside of the city, with all its beautiful grit, and, something tells me that there are few cities where that underside is quite as glorious as in Detroit. If you are planning on visiting the city, and want to find out about a few things you can do, which may just happen to be on the less traveled path, read on for some suggestions. 

St. Agnes Church: Built in the early 1920’s, this gothic inspired church has seen its share of tough times. After a police raid at a nearby drinking establishment, many buildings in the area burned to the ground. Although the church was relatively unharmed, many fled from the neighborhood and the building fell to disrepair. Now abandoned, it stands it in its hauntingly beautiful glory and is well worth a visit. 

The Dequindre Cut Greenway: The Greenway is an urban recreational path that serves as a pedestrian link between Detroit’s Eastern Market, Riverfront and other neighborhoods. It is known for its urban artwork and graffiti which is encouraged by the area’s construction project manager. There are plans to extend the 1.35 mile path and a section is being reserved for future public transit. 

 via Detroit Free Press

via Detroit Free Press

Crow Manor: Crow Manor is a collective made of artists, musicians and activists. It holds workshops and puts on performances throughout the year. Best known of these was the Crownival, a large party that was held at a Victorian mansion in the area. 

Eight Mile Wall: This wall was built in 1934 by local developers as a means to segregate a black neighborhood and a white neighborhood. Although the wall is not eight miles, nor does it run alongside Eight Mile Road, it is known as the “Eight Mile Wall’” in reference to the epicenter of Detroit’s segregation. Although racist policies have since been abolished, and the neighborhoods the wall currently divides are both mostly black, the wall still stands as a harsh reminder of the racial divisions of the past and present. However, it’s original white paint has since been replaced by colorful murals that send a message of unity, community and progress. 

 via NPR

via NPR

Giant Cow Head: This giant cow head, which was designed to resemble “Elsie” the Borden cow, sits atop an abandoned ice cream shop which was restored for the movie “8 Mile” in 2002. The shop has remained empty ever since the production wrapped.  13099 Mack Avenue

 via Atlas Obscura

via Atlas Obscura

Geodesic Dome Home: Looking more like a giant blue igloo, this house stands near the Michigan Central train depot in a neighborhood where nothing else in modern. Built by Parkii Helene Gillis and husband Leo Gillis (brother of famous musician Jack White), the undertaking was no easy feat. However, the total building costs amounted to less than $90,000 and is fairly cheap to maintain. The couple is open to giving tours to neighbors and tourists that pass by. 

If you are planning on visiting the Detroit area, these are all great recommendations that are sure to make for a unique vacation experience. If you’re not planning on visiting Detroit, maybe you should make plans to do so. With all these terrific things to do and see, it seems like it just might have to be added to your list of vacation destinations!


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit 


Hamtramck Music Festival, a Dive Bar Extravaganza


Hamtramck Music Festival, a Dive Bar Extravaganza

This weekend, Hamtramck is the place to be.

It's the annual Hamtramck Music Festival!

2018HMF-Schedule-Map_fin 1.jpg

Looking at the Line up, You Won't want to miss; 


Craig Brown Band

White bee



Virginia Violet & the Rays



Five Pound Snap

Detroit techno Militia 

Cosmic Light Shapes




Enjoy this recap of last year's Fest to get you in the mood. 

This past weekend -March 2, 3, 4 & 5- Detroiters rocked out to local bands at the Hamtramck Music Festival.

$10 got you a weekend wristband and access to a connector shuttle that linked participating locations.

On Friday, I started my festivities at The Painted Lady. the crew and I got there around midnight to hear The Whiskey Charmers. It was loud and packed...but that’s half the fun of HMF!

After, I dashed to Small’s to catch up with some friends. Unfortunately, I missed the Erers. From what my friends were (still) screaming, it was THE BEST SHOW EVER and YOU HAVE TO SEE THEM.

From there, we made our way to PLAV Post #10 to jam out to Black Blue Hours' psychedelic rock. Luckily, PLAV was pretty empty. We needed the entire dance floor to jump around and half mosh to their gnarly space music.

G Bless the good people of PLAV Post #10. After the show a man handed out hot dogs to the audience.

Well fed and still ready to party, the crew and I boarded a connector bus to find an after hours.

Shout out to the bus driver for putting up with our misguided directions and mild food fight.

To our disappointment Planet Ant was closed. After a team huddle, we parted our separate ways and agreed to meet up the next day.

On Saturday, bright eyed and bushy tailed we started at Kelly’s Bar around midnight. Pewter Club was killing it on stage! It was my first time seeing them play, but definitely not the last! They were a quality band, I will for sure make a point to see them again.

From there, we headed to Planet Ant to see Duane the Jet Black Eel close out Saturday night.

OMG. Talk about a performance! Duane looks like Bruno Mars X Young Michael Jackson and puts on one hell of a show. 

It was theatrical and flamboyant and reminded me of Prince meets Of Montreal. Duane is BEAUTIFUL and has the bone structure of a Calvin Klein Model.

Planet Ant was an ol’ fashion riot!

Friends from all over the city were celebrating music, Detroit, and the Annual Hamtramck Music Festival. I felt a sentimental moment of community when the show ended- everyone was smiling ear to ear and planning after hour moves.

Wiped out, I didn’t make it back to Hamtramck on Sunday. Instead, I recovered from the weekend at Citizen Yoga’s Community Class.

What a phenomenal weekend! To me, the Hamtramck Music Festival officially kicks off spring in Detroit and the whirlwind of festivities that follow.

Rock on, Detroit

-Boho Barbie


Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway


Detroit to Chicago: Easy Weekend Getaway

Whether you're planning a last-minute spring break or just itching to get away, Chicago is a great weekend trip from Detroit.

A quick jaunt to Chi-Town is short, sweet, and rejuvenating.

Detroiters have easy access to Chicago for weekend getaways and hopping off the grid.

How to get there

I recommend taking the Megabus or Greyhound to Chicago. Parking can be a nightmare in the city, it's nice not to worry about a car. If there's anything we've learned from indie movies; long bus rides are the best time to restructure your character.

I recently took a Greyhound for the first time- because yes, I stereotyped the brand and thought Greyhound was scary. I was wrong. It was nicer than any Megabus I’ve been on.

The driver was dressed professionally, the seats were nice leather, and the bus terminals felt more official than Megabus’ curbside pickup.  

Both Megabus and Greyhound tickets average about $25, rates fluctuate depending on date and availability.

You can also drive, take the train, or fly easily into the city.

Where to stay

 Photo from  HI Chicago

Photo from HI Chicago

If you are on a budget and looking for an adventure, stay at HI Chicago Hostel. Prices range from $20 a night for a shared dorm-style room to $150 a night for a private suite. Dorms are same-sex and feel safe for solo female travelers.  

I can’t say enough good things about HI Chicago Hostel;  It’s nicer than a cheap hotel room, a phenomenal breakfast spread is included, and, in my opinion, hostels are more fun than hotels.

 Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

Photo from @pawsbuzzgo

 Photo from @hotellincoln

Photo from @hotellincoln

If a hostel is not your cup of tea, try Hotel Lincoln. It has a unique vintage decor and is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Lincoln Park.

 Photo from @ashleyozery

Photo from @ashleyozery

Take time to smell the roses at the nearby Lincoln Park Conservatory. After, wander through boutiques in the area. One of my favorites is Halsted Flowers for rare succulents and exotic crystals.

As for the nightlife...

Danny’s is a cool bar with good music.

 Photo from  Chicago Reader

Photo from Chicago Reader

 Photo from Check Please!

Photo from Check Please!

Detroit DJ, Anthony Jasper once said in a J’adore Exclusive, “Bad music isn’t tolerated in Detroit.” Partying in other cities proves his sentiment right. I can not believe how many bars play Top 40 hits from 2016. Skip the corny bars and go to Danny’s. It has an authentic vibe comparable to Temple Bar in Detroit.

 Photo from @mactoo443

Photo from @mactoo443

Whether you listen to the Blues or not, Kingston Mines is a riot of a time. The crowd is fun, people are dancing, and the performers are spectacular. It’s a Chicago staple and for good reason. Kingston Mines will take you back to a swankier time.


 Photo from @chickenshop

Photo from @chickenshop

In the morning, cure your inevitable hangover with Chicken and Waffles from the Chicken Shop in Soho House. The luxe ambiance of the exclusive creators’ club will bring you back to life.

 Photo from  3 Arts Club Cafe

Photo from 3 Arts Club Cafe

Go for dinner, drinks or literally just to sit on the couches at 3 Arts Club Cafe. It’s located inside Restoration Hardware’s immaculate Chicago Gallery. The couches are famously comfortable and live up to the hype. Sitting on one of their perfectly plumed couches feels like sinking into a cloud.

I’m coming back for the chandelier when I have a mansion to put it in.

Since 18, I’ve made a habit of running away to Chicago for inspiration, adventure and a new sense of self.

I advise you to do the same.


Safe travels,

Boho Barbie

P.S. Follow me on Instagram + Twitter! Introduce yourself, I would love to get to know YOU better. 



Schvitz Yrself Clean


Schvitz Yrself Clean

On the corner of Oakland and Melbourne, The Schvitz Bathhouse is discreetly disguised in a seemingly vacant building.

 Photo from  Curbed &nbsp;

Photo from Curbed 

The industrial-looking front door opens into an elaborate entrance, a grandeur chandelier welcomes visitors into the space. Ring the doorbell and guests are buzzed into *The Schvitz*.

Established in 1917 as a Jewish community center, the space is over 100 years old and radiates history. In 1930, the pool and sauna were built and The Schvitz was born. Yiddish slang for “sweat”, the bathhouse has a history of mafia meetings, swinger nights, and one talkative parrot named Nemo.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka &nbsp;

Photo from Jacob Mulka 

In 2017, Paddy Lynch bought the business and revitalized the club into a communal hub of wellness, conversation, and camaraderie. The renovated space reopened in October 2017 with a new vibe and a strict (bathing suit mandatory) co-ed policy.

Photos from Jacob Mulka

The Schvitz is a lifestyle.

Always BYOB and food friendly, for $30 a session, guests can comfortably spend hours lounging at the beautiful club going from steam room, to pool, to relaxing upstairs, and back again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.23.05 AM.png

I went for Ladies Brunch, on Sunday, and it revitalized my soul for the coming week. The atmosphere is body positive, friendly, and fabulous.

On the main floor, miniature spa services like facials, manicures, and hair masks are offered for $5-$20. Each week, different vendors are brought in to create unique experiences for guests.  On the particular Sunday that I went, tarot readings were available for $10 and The Velvet Tower had a pop-up boutique selling robes fit for a queen.  


Ladies Brunch is 12-4PM on Sundays. Get there early to take full advantage of the four-hour time slot. Brunch is potluck style, bring food and bubbly to share.

This is a very inclusive atmosphere. I went alone and was completely comfortable.

Paulina Petkoski, co-founder of PLAYGROUND DETROIT and regular Schvitz-er, says her favorite thing about the club is that it brings people together without the distraction of cell phones.

On Sundays at 4PM, the sauna closes for cleaning and reopens from 6-10PM for co-ed hours. Guests are welcome to come back for a second session.

 Photo from  Jacob Mulka

Photo from Jacob Mulka

The sauna is lined with benches made from imported Redwood and leaves skin literally glowing.

My complexion was RADIANT the following week.

 Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower.&nbsp;

Loving life in my new robe from The Velvet Tower. 

For thirty dollars- a day at The Schvitz is a steal.

The Health club is a favorite among the creative community and is an ideal place to take visitors for a truly unique, Detroit experience.

The Schvitz looks and feels like a Los Angeles spa thanks to Paddy Lynch’s impeccable eye for interior design and talent for creating luxurious environments.

Schvitz on, people

-Boho Barbie

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ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.


ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2: No clothes, no pictures: no judgement.

ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 was a night to remember. The city’s finest came together for a night of experimental entertainment in a dreamy space, radiating with creativity.

The (very strictly enforced) dress code: “leather, latex, fetish, experimental, radical, nude.”

The policy: No photos. No judgement.


Entering Salon El Bosque, in Southwest, security guards covered cell phone cameras at the door with stickers to ensure the privacy of the guests.

Anticipation was sky high for this event. People in Detroit serve looks on a daily basis, but, the strictly enforced dress code gave scenesters an opportunity to indulge their wild side.

The outfits were unbelievable- and the best part- people were completely comfortable to show some skin and respect other’s personal space. I did not feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point of the party wearing a leather dress, bustier, fishnets and chain choker- I was dressed on the modest side comparatively. 

The Salon was decked out in neon lights, art installations, and reflective decorations. The space is HUGE. The party spread across nine rooms, each with a unique feel. The dance floor was home to a luminescent DJ booth and a geometric installation illuminated by black lights.

Farther into the venue, a hall draped in streamers and lit by black light, opened into a performance room. A chain link fence, in the middle of the room, enclosed avant-garde acts; Park Hyun Gi and Allie Freaksnotcreeps. The expansive space was a great place to lounge with friends in a cuddle puddle and connect with new people.

The other rooms were mixed-use; one a bar area, the others, art installations and private spaces.

Pictures and videos were prohibited, so how to capture the truly unique experience and share it with J’adore readers? On the dance floor, in a moment of blissful inspiration, I decided to interview party people for their take on the experience.

First, catch the vibe. 

Park Hyun Gi describes her ritual performance and first time visiting Detroit.

In the girl’s room, I ask Mary Anne what makes this party unique.

Amanda Bramble gives her take on the event.

Tiny, the big security guard, was NOT impressed.

Tae Su sums up the night perfectly.

“You can’t find anywhere else like Detroit- especially a heavy underground city like Detroit. There’s no where else like home”

More than just another Saturday night in Detroit, ALXVNDRA + Freakish Pleasures #2 brought people together In a trance-like space to connect without the influence of social media. 


Let your freak flag fly, Detroit

-Boho Barbie

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Pop-Up Party Alert: Dine + Dance, Tomorrow Night


Pop-Up Party Alert: Dine + Dance, Tomorrow Night

Valentine’s Day isn’t over, the best is yet to come.

Tomorrow, celebrate St. Valentine with a unique culinary and music experience.


Brix Wine and Charcuterie Boutique, Chef Ashaya, and AJOM have come together to create a spectacular night of entertainment.

This is a two-part event, hosted in a secret location. The address is revealed to ticket holders after purchase (trust me, the venue is cool AF).

Two types of tickets are available:

Anthony Jasper aka AJOM is one of my favorite DJ’s in the city and definitely throws the best pop-up parties. His Halloween event, Dia De Los Muertos, was my favorite party of the weekend.

Read the recap here, I’m not making this up!

Get the full sensory experience with the St. Valentine’s Dine + Dance ticket.

At 6PM the evening will start with Hors d'Oeuvres, champagne, and wine. AJOM and Julian Kendall will curate sultry vibes with a special set of ambient tunes. After an hour or so guests will be seated to enjoy a four-course meal prepared by Chef Ashaya.

Course 1

Eggplant Caponata Mtooya

Avalon baguette, capers, tahini golden raisins, pomegranate balsamic drizzle, scallion pearls

Course 2

Mussels Qarira

Lemon tarragon za'atar vinaigrette, pickled seasonal vegetable salad, grilled radish, sunflower sprouts, toasted noodles, miso lemon aioli

Course 3

Vegetable or Beef Kibbeh

Crispy Veggie or Beef Kibbeh, walnut-stuffed date, gold potato mash, fennel cucumber mint yogurt, leek herb pesto, spiced maple reduction, kataifi, sea salt

Course 4

Crème Brulee, Vegan

Rose, pistachio, halawa, fresh strawberry

After dinner, the party starts.

Ball .jpg

Alton Miller, Lady Monix, MGUN and Seth Carter will join AJOM and Julian Kendall on the decks.

At 10 PM the event opens to guests for the Valentine’s Ball, an all-night dance party. 

Meet your lover on the dance floor and dance the night away, under a romantic floral installation.

Knowing Anthony Jasper and his events, this will be a flawlessly executed experience that leaves guests happy - even ecstatic.

See you there

Boho Barbie




See Forq at Otus Supply, on us!


See Forq at Otus Supply, on us!

Forq, a New York-based quartet of epic proportions is bringing their signature sound of improvised jazz and groove to Otus Supply, on February 19th, and we've got tickets to give to YOU!

Get to know the band in a #JadoreExclusive interview with keyboardist, Henry Hey. 

After, tag your favorite concert buddy in the comments on THIS Instagram post by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 14th for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show. 


Who // Forq Keyboardist, Henry Hey

What // Groove and Jazz

When // 7:00 PM, February 19th

Where // Otus Supply

How would you describe Forq’s sound? 

"Forq is a band of guys who like a lot of different music.  In one sense we are sort of a jazz band in that we play improvisatory groove-based music, but we all tend to like to push the music into sound spaces that are strange and quirky -- perhaps even humorous.  At times we have a harder 'rock' sound than some other instrumental groups and at other times we play some things that harken to music of another era with maybe some 'spaghetti western' influences.  All of the music is original and composed by the band members." 

Why should people come to the Forq show at Otus Supply?

"Because it's the most fun you can have on a Monday night!!  We promise that you won't be bored. And the beer and food at Otus Supply is well worth the trip." 

What’s your most memorable story on tour? 

"We've traveled enough at this point to have quite a few stories, but perhaps one of the most memorable has to do with a place where we stayed last fall.  At times, we find ourselves staying in large homes (AirBnB) and often that's a great situation for all involved.  While we were touring in the south, we ended up in a home of someone who was clearly a free spirit.  As we walked into the house, this guy had a wall-sized video mural running 24/7.  All sorts of images were projected... ALL sorts.  In addition, he was obviously an avid collector of many things including vintage luggage which was placed all over the room.  The centerpiece, however, was an active collection of guitar effects pedals (30 of them perhaps?) -- in a feedback loop -- which he used to create noise.  When you pressed one of the pedals, the result would be this sort of howling or screeching noise that varied depending on which pedals you turned on.  At first, we thought that it was a bit nuts, until we tried it out. We found ourselves up at 3 in the morning after our performance -- 'playing' this bizarre contraption and laughing our heads off."   

Is this the band’s first show in Detroit?   

"We played at Cliff Bells back in 2014."

How long will the band be in Detroit, what are you looking forward to doing while you’re here?

"This will be a very quick stopover as we will be coming from Chicago on the 18th and moving on to Toronto on the 20th.   In Detroit?  We hope to have a few good beers - which we know that Otus Supply can provide."   

 Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board)&nbsp;Chris McQueen (Guitar)&nbsp; Kevin Scott (Bass)&nbsp;Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums)&nbsp;

Left to right: Henry Hey (Key board) Chris McQueen (Guitar)  Kevin Scott (Bass) Jason 'JT' Thomas (Drums) 

Make Monday fun with a night of live music, craft beer and delicious eats at Otus Supply on February, 19th.

See you there!

Boho Barbie



A Practical Guide to Detroit


A Practical Guide to Detroit

Detroit is a great place to visit. It is a major metropolis and a hub for music, fashion and culture. Recent times have seen major revitalization in the area making it a terrific destination for travelers and those looking to relocate. Whether you are planning on visiting the city, or are new to the area, here is a quick guide to help you familiarize yourself with the city and some of what it has to offer. 

 View from Belle Isle via @seoung&nbsp;

View from Belle Isle via @seoung 


Detroit has a number of basic characteristics that define the city. It is known for its vibrant theater district as well as its historic architecture, loft apartments and new businesses which seem to be popping up everywhere. These include a number of great shops and restaurants. The city is also known for being the automobile capital of the world and the birth place of Motown records. 

There are a number of sights to see in Detroit including parks, historic gardens, spectacular city views, museums and more. Visitors might enjoy staying at some of the city’s casino resorts, taking a local tour on a cruise ship, going to see a concert, checking out the underground arts scene, or taking in a sporting event. 


The city is divided into various districts. Here are some key characteristics of each:

 Downtown via @felicia_fullwood

Downtown via @felicia_fullwood

Downtown: Central to life in Detroit, downtown mainly serves as a business district but is also known for being the country’s second largest theater district. It also contains several parks, stunning buildings and a number of other attractions.

Midtown-New Center: This is a unique cultural destination with great 1920’s architecture and a number of world class museums and galleries.

 Eastern Market via  @sammorykwas

Eastern Market via @sammorykwas

East Side: Peaceful in character, this district features much of the city’s riverfront as well as the historic Eastern Market, Pewabic Pottery and more. 

Southwest Side: With many ethnic neighborhoods, like Mexicantown and Corktown, this district reaps the benefits of a variety of cultural dining destinations. Historical sites like the abandoned Michigan Central Station, Tiger Stadium and Fort Wayne are among the must sees the Southwest Side has to offer.

West Side: This district is home to the infamous 8 Mile as well as many historic neighborhoods and the University District.

Hamtramck-Highland Park: These are cities which border Detroit. Hamtramck is known for its Polish population which heavily influences the city while Highland Park is home to many historic buildings and neighborhoods that are worth a visit. 

Weather: Detroit has a continental climate which means the city experiences a variety of weather. Winters are snowy and cold while spring and fall are generally pleasant. The summers are short but are typically hot and muggy with thunderstorms. 

Getting Around: Being that Detroit is the Automotive Capital of the World, it is no surprise that it is one of the most auto-friendly cities in North America. It has one of the most modern freeway systems in the country and offers many convenient parking options.

Those that prefer public transportation may opt to commute on the city’s Q Line, People Mover or bus system. Biking is also an option, and, if that is your method of choice, the city, known as one of the best cities for biking, offers many resources for bicyclists. Those who prefer to walk may find it difficult to reach spaced out destinations, but this may find it a good option for strolling the downtown area. 

There are so many things to see and do in Detroit. Hopefully, this article will serve as a practical guide for those who are planning to be in the area. It’s a terrific city to visit  and to live in. 


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit