10 Ways to Pamper Your Mama This Mother's Day

It could be my line of work or the fact that gifts are my least preferred love language...but I am always looking to give others gifts that will allow them to pamper themselves. Our culture is heavily focused around DOING not necessarily BEING. Women, especially, often feel guilty taking time for themselves and put everyone else’s needs above their own.

I love to ask myself, “What could I give to my Mom or do for her that would allow her more time to pamper herself or do an activity she loves, but rarely finds time for?”  

New gadgets and sparkly things are cool, but what can you give her that shows her you really hear her, see her, and cherish her?

Notice, is she in a period of hardship, transition and loss? Or is she experiencing overwhelm from many commitments or life events? Maybe she is exploring and looking inward as she understands who she is in this next chapter.

Below are several ways you can pamper the mama(s) in your life. Notice which phase of life she is in and what gift will best serve her right now.

1. Words of Affirmation

Time to put pen to paper and express your gratitude in a letter. This simple and often overlooked gesture GOES BEYOND on the impact scale. What lessons has your Mom taught you that were imperative for navigating 2018? What does she do or not do that you really appreciate?

2. Spring Cleaning Help

There is nothing more stress relieving than getting to enjoy a clean home without doing the work! Hire a cleaning service to do a deep dive on Mom’s place so she can spend that time doing something she actually enjoys! Bonus: Look for companies who use non-toxic cleaning products.

3. Spa Atmosphere at Home

Essential oils help purify the air, promote upbeat moods, and create a spa-like feel when diffused at home. I have used and recommended doTERRA essential oils for the last eight years and love how they affect my loved ones and myself. Make sure to use a cool-mist diffuser to protect the chemical makeup and healing qualities of the oils. Favorite oils to diffuse are: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Wild Orange, Balance, & Lemon. Have fun and create your own blends!

4. Luxurious Bath Mix

There’s just nothing quite like the way a good bath will melt away stress. Grab a mason jar and fill it with Epsom salt, essential oils, and if you’re feeling adventurous add dried herbs or florals like dried eucalyptus, peppermint leaves, or lavender buds. If you choose to add florals make sure to get a muslin bag for her to add the mixture to prior to putting it in the tub for easy clean up.

Favorite essential oils for inflammation: Black Pepper, Douglas Fir, Roman Chamomile, Lavender

Favorite essential oils for relaxation: Balance, Geranium, Sandalwood, Serenity

Visit this link to learn about different essential oils & purchase them for your mama: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/shop-home

*I am a Wellness Advocate and will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase from this link.

5. Big Ask Tokens

At times parents don’t want to bother their children for help and other times we can feel so busy we keep pushing requests for help until we have “time”. This idea is a throwback to when you were young and might have created a coupon book. It may require some conversation, but you are offering assistance on or doing 5 different tasks to help take stress and overwhelm off your mama. We all have a different level of what a big ask is so if you feel your mom’s ask could be bigger, encourage her to think bigger!

6. Sheet Mask All Day Every Day

These masks are a simple and fast way to pamper your skin on a regular basis and give them a surge of nutrients. Be mindful of which brands you choose as many have unsuspecting chemicals in them that are toxic to the body. #thanksbeautyindustry

Check out Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks as they are free of parabens, formaldehyde, alcohols, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, gluten, as well as not tested on animals!

7. Special Memory Recreation

Have a favorite memory or place from growing up that has always stayed in your thoughts? How can you recreate this and share why this memory was so special for you? So much happens in life it can be easy to forget many memories unless they are talked about often or recreated in a unique way.

8. Create a Day Date

Quality time without electronics is something we have to intentionally create in our “plugged-in” era. What would be a fun few hours for you to spend with your mom? Are you both into spa experiences, adventure, historical tours, arts & crafts, or nature? Be creative here and plan some time for you two to have fun and connect with each other.


9. Meal Prep Takeover

How amazing is it when someone else cooks you a homemade meal? Help your mom out by getting in the kitchen yourself or hiring a private chef who can cater to food allergies while still making healthy DELICIOUS.

10. Fresh Flowers or Kitchen Herb Garden

This is a great one especially if you are being extra conscious of your budget. Bright and colorful plants in the house always bring a pop of life that is so needed at this time of year! They are a great anchor for joy and a reminder of you each time she passes them. One of the great benefits of an herb garden is that they can last for weeks, if not add flavor to her dishes all summer long!


How are you pampering and showing gratitude to your mom this year? Can’t wait to hear which idea from above are your favorite as well as new ones!




All photos via Pixabay