GRAND DE$IGN RELEASE PARTY - Tuesday, December 30th @ 8:30pm - Tangent Art Gallery


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You ever been to a wack party?

Ever been to a show where the performers didn't quite make your nipples hard?

WELL..... #TheGrandDesignReleaseParty is NOTHING like those events.

#TheGrandDesignReleaseParty is a PARTY about MUSIC.

#TheGrandDesignReleaseParty is a LIFE inside of a LIFE

#TheGrandDesignReleaseParty is a cross between losing your virginity in Virginia in the cabin of someone named Virigil and God eating peppermints on a mountain.

#TheGrandDesignReleaseParty is like Woodstock, the only difference is, it ISN't Woodstock at all!!!!

Its #TheGrandDesignReleaseParty

#TheGrandDesign is an incredible project spit on by Mic Phelps and beat on by djkage, with features by Britney Stoney, Passalacqua, Chedda Boy Malik, Micki Ghanz, Macs The Realest, Mic Write, Kopelli, and JP from the HP.

Produced by ASSEMBLE, The Grand Design's debut night will feature supporting performances by:

Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw Records)

Erno The Inferno presents Lisa Stocking


Macs The Realest

DJ NoChaser

LaRon Ronco.

Light show by The Prince of Darkness.

Incredible visual art from Ashley McFadden

The event will be hosted by Travis Wright, host of WDET's Culture City and Indigo Blacks, CrackKillz DaGod!

You got your player card ready? You got your VHS copy of Coneheads packed up? You fed your pet brick?

Well you're ready to come out to #TheGrandDesignReleaseParty

-Assemble, Mic Phelps x djkage