Calling all WINOS


What does this have to do with Detroit you might ask?  Well, WE LIKE TO DRINK! Red wine, white wine, rose, whiskey, vodka, gin, light beer, dark beer, beer out of a funnel, beer out of a wine glass, all of them mixed together...that's us.  One drunk and happy family I must say.  Thanks to a fellow wino are some great wine recommendations of all sorts from 2014.  Get hip to it.

Luckily, there is no shortage on photos of me drinking wine or on wine trips.

My favorite wine trip of all time was to the Rioja region of Spain.  Lopez de Heredia was by far my favorite winery in Spain.  So picturesque and beautiful.

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Singapore drinking wine in front of the massive flagship Louis Vuitton store.


Sausalito + Sonoma Wino-ing.  Favorite Winery Peters Cellars


Confiscating Grapes while getting lost in the french riviera - winding through the hills of cotes du provence - luckily, this is how I discovered my love for French Rose and it is now my favorite summer jam


Greek wine trip in Santorini enjoying wine overlooking an active volcano.  NBD.

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After this post, I think i'm going to go either drink a bottle of wine OR book a trip to a winery.