14 Great Date Ideas In Detroit

Thrillist came out with some excellent date ideas in Detroit which you can find below http://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/detroit/best-detroit-date-ideas-detroit-dating

Thrillist 14 Date Ideas - synopsis from the link and article above by Megan Frye:

1. Shooting Range (I personally love this idea - gets the adrenaline pumping)

2. Belle Isle - Whitcomb Conservatory - heated building designed by Albert Kahn filled with beautiful flowers and greenery to get you out of the winter funk.

3. Dequindre Cut - Greenway in Detroit with a bike path, street art, riverfront park, and great place for a picnic.  This used to be a railroad - this is the High Line of the D.  highline is one of my favorite places to relax and read a book in Manhattan and Dequindre Cut is exactly the same but with a Detroit unique flair.

4. Hazel Park Raceway - you could also hit Northville Downs outside the city if you're into racing (this is not my favorite of these activities, but to each's own)

5. Fowling at the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck.  I featured this on Facebook, it's a new activity that is a cross between bowling and football.  I haven't tried it yet but would definitely be a fun group activity or date activity to play other teams.

6. Windsor - if you want to get out of Detroit you can flit off to Windsor.

7. Fort Wayne for a little history and some mexican/salvadoran food

8. Detroit City Football Club - Detroit's Soccer Club - for the single ladies, this would be a good way to meet some hot soccer dudes.

9. Ice Skating in Campus Martius or Clark Park (where you could warm up with a cup of coffee at Cafe Con Leche)

10. Eastern Market Saturdays - one of my favorite things to do in the City is get lost in eastern market

11. Friday DIA live music night for free!

12. Classic Movies at the Redford Theatre

13. John Kings Books

14. SLOW ROLLLLLLL!!! Be one of the many that have found their loves and significant others at Slow Roll.  This is one of the most awesome things about Detroit right now and I highly suggest getting involved.  Come out to the fundraiser at 9pm at Thomas Magees in Eastern Market on 1/28 to meet everyone and join the fam.


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