Salonniere + Stockyard Art Salon at The Carr Center - Detroit

What a gorgeous night for a pop up with my favorite culinary team at Stockyard Supper Club put on by the lovely and talented Julie Egan of Salonniere.  Salonniere takes the art salon concept, locally sourced dining/emerging chefs, local music, furniture designers, and beverage designers. 2015-01-24 21.04.482015-01-24 20.58.13

Chef Marc at Stockyard and his amazing team really knows how to steal the show, but the real show stopper was one of Detroit's unique and forgotten art spaces, the historic theatre @ The Carr Center (311 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI).  The space was truly breathtaking and actually the oldest working theatre in Detroit. 2015-01-24 21.08.522015-01-24 21.00.07

The art was stunning as well and fit the space so beautifully.  it seamlessly fit into the theatre with the large beautiful arches, stage, huge windows overlooking downtown, and the rustic and preserved touches of the theatre.  Adnan Charara, a lebanese-american artist, was able to share his experiences and struggles in coming to America and growing up as a foreigner from Lebanon, to living in Sierra Leone, and moving to America.

2015-01-24 20.59.48

His focal point it seemed in all pieces he spoke about was emotion, passion, fear, pain, anxiety, love, etc.  - all emotions that connect us as humans and shows us his visual representation of the human condition.  He uses unexpected humor in his art and places different pieces in places where they "shouldn't be" or where society expects them to be rather.  His cartoon-like representation of such serious and heartfelt topics allow the audience to connect with his pieces and derive from them what they feel and see.

2015-01-24 21.09.13

This series he called "The Melancholic Hammer" and used this strong figure that is generally associated with being something that you use to fix something broken or something that you need to break.  In his words: Construction or deconstruction.  I thought this was a very powerful comparison of human emotion and the choices we make on a daily basis as humans.  We can use our power for good or for evil as they say and make choices with every step we take.  Detroit is a parallel to this with exhibitions like the Heidelberg Project which continuously gets burned and torn down by the community it is trying to build up.  We should take that emotion toward good and use that energy for construction instead of deconstruction. He bends the hammer in this series, which is not the traditional use once again for the hammer and thus makes it unusable to it's original form and function.  This tells us that no matter how high you rise to power or who you become, when you take that all away (which can happen in the snap of a finger), we are all the same at the core.  We are all human, facing the same type of struggles on a daily basis, whether they stem from loss, anger, finances, stress, etc.

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We were served a five course meal by and enjoyed lebanese wine from Elie Wine Company and cocktails mixed with Zimm's vodka and McClary Brothers Handcrafted Drinking Vinegars and Shrubs (beet/carrot and basil).

Of course no party is complete without an after party!! We headed over to the Keep - Detroit's newest hidden bar.  I had some amazing cocktails mixed up by Evan and his crew - the Bee's Knees was in fact the bee's knees in my opinion.  Great music, great people, and great cocktails is really where it's at in my opinion.  Check it out at 1407 Randolph!!

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