Detroit Soup


Jam Handy - 2900 E Grand Blvd - Detroit - Doors Open at 6PM

Produced by Team Detroit Directed & Edited by The Right Brothers Music by Eddie Logix Ancient Language James Linck


SOUP is:

  • a collaborative situation
  • a public dinner
  • a platform for connection
  • a theatrical environment
  • a democratic experiment in micro-funding
  • a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
  • a forum for critical but accessible discussion
  • an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit

Detroit SOUP is a microgranting dinner celebrating and supporting creative projects in Detroit. For a donation $5 attendees receive soup, salad, bread and a vote and hear from four presentations ranging from art, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and more. Each presenter has four minutes to share their idea and answer four questions from the audience. At the event, attendees eat, talk, share resources, enjoy art and vote on the project they think benefits the city the most. At the end of the night, they count the ballots and the winner goes home with all of the money raised to carry out their project. Winners come back to a future SOUP dinner to report their project’s progress.

Mission + Vision for the SOUP:

Detroit SOUP’s mission is to promote community-based development through crowd-funding, creativity, collaboration, democracy, trust and fun.  With key partnerships and community leaders, they hope Detroit SOUP will change the way people engage with the democratic process by establishing neighborhood relational hubs across the city.

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Detroit Soup is truly an incubator for change in Detroit.  It's a testament to how strong the community is and how we can connect to other entrepreneurs to inspire and grow together.  There are citywide Soups and there are neighborhood specific Soups.  All dates can be found on their facebook page or website.  If you are looking for an interesting night out in Detroit, come to the next citywide Soup on November 15th and see what it is all about.


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