Will's Leather Goods

Now Open in Midtown

Stepped into Will's Leather Goods today on my nice little Sunday ride around Detroit.  


Upon entering the space, you are immediately greeted with a smile by a few employees at the door to tell you about the store and where everything is located.  

I was offered a complimentary cup of coffee as I strolled around to gaze at all the beautiful items in the store.  The employees were very welcoming and enthusiastic about the product lines and space, which is refreshing in a high end store.  

The store is located at 4120 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI in Midtown right by Selden Standard and a few blocks from Canfield.  This is a great new alternative to Shinola/Willy's Detroit and Varvatos brand enthusiasts. 

Although the price range in the store is high end for Detroit, the store itself is very well laid out and impeccable.  All of the leather goods come with a lifetime guarantee, which is a guarantee that justifies the price tag of some of the items.  

The materials and fabrics chosen are extremely appealing, both visually and to the touch.  You can find a mix of belts, backpacks, wallets, small/large leather goods, rugs, blankets, furniture, shoes, work travel pieces, hats, etc.  The mix of looms, leather, quilts, canvas, etc. makes the different sections of the store diverse and gives a sense that there is "something for everyone's tastes".  

Happy shopping!


j'adore Detroit