This is a Home, Do Not Bid.

A very special unveiling took place Saturday, October 1st. Detroiters gathered at 4500 Van Dyke Street for a mural reveal fundraiser and a celebration of a home presented by Tricycle Collective and the lovely artists Ellen Rutt, Ouizi, and Jonny Alexander.

Tricycle Collective founder, Michele Oberholtzer, reached out to local artist, Ellen Rutt, with an idea to incorporate TC’s emotionally provocative saying “This is a Home, Do Not Bid” into a mural. Ellen ran with the idea and asked her friends Ouizi and Jonny Alexander to collaborate. The result? A beautiful mural that adds vibrancy and strength to the often unheard voice of the gentrified. 

The project aligned with Murals in the Market and now the conscious art piece is officially part of this year’s MITM collection. Michelle calls the timing of the mural placement “serendipitous”.

The mural unveiling was part of the Tricycle Collective’s 3rd annual fundraiser to Keep Detroit at Home. The collective aims to donate a starting bid of $500 to families with young children whose homes are up for sale in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction. Their goal is to help as many families as possible buy the home they already live in through information, advocacy, and financial contributions.

The fundraiser ends October 9th - please contribute in any way you can here: and learn more about the organization at .


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