December Art Events in Detroit

Last December, Detroit was named America’s first City of Design by UNESCO. Since, Detroit has proven its title and boasts a thriving art scene.

Coming up this month in the art Community:

Photo from Core Detroit

Photo from Core Detroit

Drinks X Design: Makers Edition

  • Head to Ponyride on December 8th for a holiday soiree celebrating Detroit’s local makers. The event is free with registration. Residents of Ponyride will open their studios for a chance to meet the designers, see their workshops and shop locally crafted goods. Skyy Vodka in collaboration with merriment and festive entertainment will keep the craft cocktails coming throughout the night.

Monster Drawing Rally Mocad

  • On December 9th, Mocad is hosting a live drawing fundraiser. 70 artists divided into two, one-hour shifts will create a piece of art in front of a crowd of spectators. After completion, the art immediately becomes available to purchase for $40.

Thrush Holmes,   F%&* Everything,   2016 (120 x 240 in.; Oil, oil stick, enamel, neon on canvas mounted to panel)

Thrush Holmes, F%&* Everything, 2016 (120 x 240 in.; Oil, oil stick, enamel, neon on canvas mounted to panel)

Fishman and Holmes Artist Reception

  • Celebrate Library Street Collective’s latest solo exhibitions featuring Beverly Fishman’s PAIN MANAGEMENT and Thrush Holmes’ PERSONAL WORK on December 10th.  

Society for the Preservation of Illustrated Stories

  • Mocad will host a novel/comic book swap in the name of preservation of illustrated stories on December 14th. Enjoy character themed cocktails while trading pre-read illustrated stories for new favorite.

Hi-Tech Weaving: Thermochromic Mug Rugs

  • On December 17th, participate in Mocad’s workshop and learn the basics of hand weaving from instructor Levon Kafafian while using high tech materials with interactive qualities. The workshop includes supplies to weave a mini rug for your coffee mug that reveals its designs with heat.

Photo by PD Rearick.

Photo by PD Rearick.

Cranbrook Exhibit: Cranbrook Time Machine Twentieth-Century Period Rooms

  • Running until March 19, 2017, the evolution of twentieth-century interior design is portrayed in four distinct rooms; The Naturalist’s Athenaeum, The Bachelor Pad, The Cosmic Cave, A Semiotic Funhouse.