We Went Here: You Are Here Art Reception

FOLLOW UP: You Are Here Art Reception rocked our socks!

Last night, Detroiters gathered at the Carr Center for You Are Here Art Reception. There was an eclectic collection of art ranging from traditional paintings to interactive art installations

Writing our previous post about the event (click here to read) I was excited to see how gallery curator, Anna Van Schaap, would pull together such a diverse range of art into one space-- she nailed it!

The first floor had a traditional gallery feel; paintings, photography, and sketches were on display for the audience's speculation and enjoyment.

Close Up Wall of Makers .JPG

The second floor turned it up a notch… a multidimensional art installation that reminded me of stacked building blocks welcomed guests into the next room of the exhibit. Each block was created by a different artist, the pieces came together to make a very unique installation.




Bevlove and Duane the Jett Black Eel rocked out on stage while Prismviews visuals were projected on the opposite wall. Visuals are my jam, I was excited to see some psychedelic-grime projections. It was my first time seeing Prismviews’ work, I will definitely be keeping up to date on their future projects. (Check out their website here)

On the staircase, walking up to the third floor, I noticed how beautiful the raw-architecture of the Carr Center is- it’s a piece of art in its own right.

The third floor was home to more abstract pieces; tree trunks were “planted” in dirt in the center of the room. Walking into the room, I immediately noticed an interactive installation; a wrecking ball meant to crash into tiny buildings. The idea is to build your own city and then demolish it with the wrecking ball. The buildings and wrecking ball were lined with newspaper articles about different businesses moving or closing due to the recent surge in Detroit’s real estate and the butterfly effect it has on local businesses.

As Predicted, You Are Here Art reception was the place to be last Thursday, November 3rd. It was an opportunity to gather with like minded Detroiters and see the Carr Center before its' anticipated relocation in 2017.