New Snack City : Stache International

Working in Eastern Market, we have a variety of options both in and out of the market to choose from .  An option that stays open later in the Market is @StacheInternational! Located off of Russell Street, this restaurant is a welcomed addition.  Newlyweds, Ray and Gracie Moses, have enjoyed working and spending time in Detroit most of their lives and now they are putting their focus in this neighborhood spot for apps, sandwiches, and more!  

The menu offers vegetarian options with a variety of tasty sandwiches.  The Firecracker rolls are a MUST try - they are to die for and we have been dreaming about them ever since we went there first!  These spring roll wrapped appetizers are filled with Gus & Grey "Sweet Jesus" Jalapeño Jam, Mozzarella, and Asiago cheeses with a fire dipping sauce and a more mild version if you don't like the spice.  

With the selection of sandwiches available it was hard to choose.  I tried the Uncle Jesse "veggie style" which had smoked portabella slices, onion, tomato, kasseri cheese, tzatziki sauce on za'atar spiced sourdough bread.  All sandwiches come with home made chips.

For the meat eaters, there are definitely some options for you!! Try the Refined Swine, which consists of pork shoulder marinated in red wine and french onion seasoning topped with rosemary garlic aioli on a Dutch crunch roll.  

The Turkey Mondulo is made with a house smoked turkey breast marinated in Chipotle & Negra modelo, honey-cilantro, red cabbage slaw with a rosemary garlic aioli on grilled sourdough.

Do yourself a favor and try the smoked meats, fresh ingredients from local vendors, and the cute atmosphere at Stache! Eat em up! 

Happy snacking!


-New Snack City Detroit