Assemble Sound Reverb: Eryn Allen Kane

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Detroit native Eryn Allen Kane releases the second act of her project Aviary, and it undoubtedly cements her as one of the most promising voices in contemporary music. This is an album you can’t help but feel.

Of the project, she wrote, “We are all, in some way or another, bound by something. That thing can be job, a bad relationship, poverty, addiction or whatever. It’s about breaking free from this metaphorical cage of sorts. We’re all put here to live up to our highest potential, but it’s hard to do when something is holding you back.”

The Chicago-based artist’s work is laced with acute social commentary, delivered through a voice that rivals anyone in music. She beckons a golden era of R&B, Soul, and Gospel, without sounding dated for even an instant. A beautiful project that we hope to see debuted live in Detroit this spring.


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