Oscar Themed Party Ideas

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  • Create invitations that look like VIP tickets to the Oscars

  • Put invitations in envelopes like the ones that the winner cards are in during the show

  • Make your invitations gold and black to keep with the Oscars theme

  • Translate the elements of your invitations into décor for the evening

  • City Bird has some great options located in Midtown.


  • Two Words: Bubbly Bar.       We recommend a Champagne Bar to class up the party, but also allow you as the host to enjoy it yourself by creating a no fuss answer to endless drinks.  A champagne bar can include multiple types of champagne or sparkling wines, fresh berries (frozen fresh skewers), St Germaine Elderflower liquor, purees (mango and blackberry), blackberry syrup or other fresh artisan syrups, fresh squeezed juices (grapefruit/pineapple/  mango/orange/lemon)

  • Name cocktails after celebrities (The Girl on Fire: a spicy tequila cocktail inspired by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.) 




An exclusive, Oscars cocktail by one of our favorite cocktail bars in Detroit: The Keep   

  • 1 oz Plymouth Gin

  • .5 oz Lillet Blanc

  • .25 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçoa

  • .25 oz lemon

  • .25 oz grenadine (pomegranate syrup) 

  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters

  • 2 dashes of Orange Bitters

  • Topped with champagne

  • Make "Oscar worthy cocktails for a crowd"
  • Make pre-bottled boozy cocktails to pour over ice or serve with a straw!  When we entertain in the loft, this is one of our favorite ways to serve cocktails as it is easy for all and easy for cleanup!


  • Ask guests to dress up as their favorite celebrity that will be at the Oscars. Have a costume contest.
  • The Ballot Game: Everyone fills out their ballots of who they think will win each category. At the end, find out which guest made the best guesses.  A ballot can be printed out on nice card stock HERE
  • Red Carpet Bingo: Guests receive a BINGO sheet filled with things they may see throughout the awards show. They'll each cross out the items as they see them and the first to BINGO wins!
  • Match the quote to the movie: Fill half a bulletin board with pictures of movies and the other half with a notable quote from each movie. Challenge your guests to match the quote to the movie
  • Create your own awards (Best Dressed, Best Hairstyle, Best Shoes, etc…) and have guests vote throughout the night. Each winner receives a small prize or their own mini trophy at the end of the night.



  • Think gold everything! Gold balloons, gold serving trays and bowls, gold colored utensils, plates and napkins, etc.  When we entertain at the loft, there is no such thing as too much gold! 
  • Print out menus with the star/movie named drinks and foods. Menu could be printed at a large scale and propped up in a fancy picture frame at the food table
  • Make clapper signs out of chalkboards to put in front of drink/food items to let guests know what they are
  • Take down your normal picture décor for the night and replace it with black and white framed photos of celebrities that are up for best actor/actress.
  • Hang vintage bulb string lights to create an ambience when the lights are dimmed for the big show.
  • Hang red curtains around your television so that it looks like a movie screen right in your living room.
  • Decorate tables with gold, black, and silver star confetti and votives. 

Exclusive advice from


Every year, we wait with anticipation to hear details about the scores of private Hollywood parties that are hosted the week leading up to the Oscars.  Without fail, these occasions set the stage for what we’ll see trending throughout the next year in events.  So, what’s trending this year? Across the board, we’re seeing interactive and surprise elements incorporated into these events. 

To name a few:

  • Luncheons featuring interactive beauty lounges with top-of-the-line product
  • Dinner parties with surprise guest performances by the likes of Stevie Wonder
  • Transportation of the stars from the pre-party to the Oscars in Cadillac’s new 2016 CT6 flagship sedan {Cadillac is sponsoring the show}

It is equally as important to pay attention to what’s not trending, but always incorporated into Oscar parties in the Hollywood Hills. These constants remind us of what makes a party a true success!


 Oscar parties are always set in some of the most incredible penthouses, estates and hotels in the Hollywood Hills.  Vivian Westwood Penthouse or Chateau Marmont, anyone? This reminds us of the importance of selecting a venue for our events! By choosing the perfect venue, you are setting the stage for a successful event. When guests feel transported or inspired by their surroundings it translates into an immediate buzz of excitement that will last throughout the event! We’re super into loft spaces right now. Often located in more industrial areas, a well-decorated loft can offer an unexpected experience for guests.


Hollywood books the most notable DJ’s from around the world for their parties.  Note: music can make or break the vibe of your event. If you aren’t hiring a band or DJ, then be sure to have an upbeat playlist at your fingertips while hosting. Who are we listening to right now? Kendrick Lamar and throwback Fugees are our current jams.  


In Hollywood, cocktails are always flowing and showcasing interesting, new liquors and ingredients. If you’re hosting an Oscar party this year, a sure way to please your guests is by offering a constant flow of a delicious cocktail. What’s our go to? Champagne with a splash of St. Germain and lemon twist                   

In our experience and according to Hollywood, the combination of a perfect setting, music and drinks is a recipe for a success!!


  • Set out bowls of different types of popcorn—because what goes better with movies than popcorn? Check out Good People Popcorn - a Detroit popcorn company located in Bricktown - with fun and all natural flavors. Also check out Motor City Popcorn at retailers around Detroit found HERE.

  • Name your appetizers and foods after celebrities or movie titles (The Theory of Everything Bagel Sandwich,  The Good Shepard's Pie, Lord of the Onion Rings, Reservoir Hot Dogs, etc...)

  • Make sugar cookies in the shape of stars and decorate with gold frosting or gold edible sugar sparkles (yes this exists!). 

  • Tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries.

  • Make a candy station like in movie theaters where guests can serve themselves.  Mini buckets can be purchased at Target or IKEA and dressed up with name tags or Oscar actors/actresses of your choice.


  • Set up a red carpet in front of an Oscars backdrop or a black backdrop for simplicity and snap polaroids of your guests as they come in. Guests will feel like celebrities and be able to take the fun pictures home with them. Keep the photo booth area set up with props for guests to take their own photos - glasses, mustaches, top hats, bow ties, feather boas, crowns, tiaras, and chalkboards for custom messages. 

  • Mini popcorn buckets filled with Detroit Popcorn Company popcorn. Guests can enjoy the popcorn during the show and take the containers home with them to use when having their own movie nights at home.



TJ's Sweet Repeat's at the Midtown Pop Up, 4215 Cass Detroit, Michigan 48201.

Joyride Detroit is a local pop-up artist market featuring Detroit artists and handmade goods.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-7pm.  

Another spot to get some great style tips in Detroit is the Peacock Room for any occasion


Nelson Sanders weighs in on Oscar's Style in Detroit 


When I think of the Oscars or a red carpet event the only option would have to be a tuxedo for me. The standard components would be a royal Oxford white dress shirt with French cuffs, a hidden placket with studs, and a spread collar.

In addition a satin bow tie, with a solid white cotton pocket square. I'd either go with a classic black or a midnight blue wool in at least a super 150 fabric in a four seasons weight. I'd go with a 1 button jacket with a shawl collar or either a peak lapel. Depending on if I wanted to keep it traditional or not I'd possibly go with a "racing stripe" up the leg of the trousers. Lastly I enjoy wearing a nice velvet dress slipper or a simple leather lace up Oxford. The fit and quality of the fabric is most important.

Stop into 1701 Bespoke in Midtown Detroit for a custom-tailored suit for your next event!

The Seen is a Detroit-based collective of passionate, fashion-conscious individuals. Their goal is to showcase Detroit-style, diversity, and culture; ultimately elevating Detroit's sense of community.  


Oscar Exclusive Recipe

Rock 'N Roll + Caviar

 Sriracha deviled eggs

  • 12 eggs
  • 1 ¼ cup mayo
  • 2 Tablespoons Sriracha
  • 2 teaspoons lime juice
  • Zest of ½ lime
  • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • Salt to taste
  1. In a large pot, boil ½ gallon of water
  2. Add the eggs, boil for 12 minutes
  3. Remove the eggs from the boiling water, run under cool water to chill the eggs
  4. Once the eggs are chilled, carefully peel and cut in half lengthwise.  Remove the yolk, reserve
  5. Combine the yolks and the rest of the ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth.  Add salt to taste. *if a food processor is not available, you can use a hand mixer, or whisk.
  6. Using a spoon or offset spatula, return the yolk mixture to 98th center of the egg whites.  Serve with kettle cooked potato chips!

Happy oscars!


J'adore Detroit