To Katoi and Beyond

One of the most-anticipated brick and mortar shops just officially opened opened in Corktown!

K   A   T   O   I

Bring that this is Katoi's first brick and mortar restaurant, this thai restaurant has already garnered some serious buzz because of the ever so popular food truck that has been running around Detroit for years.  Chef Brad Greenhill is the mastermind behind the flavors and food stylings of Katoi with Courtney Henriette. Our friend Philip Kafka has been at the helm of the brick and mortar and has done an amazing job!  We are happy to have him in Detroit!  Katoi had served at Two James distillery’s tasting room for quite a while and people would flock in to try his famous friend chicken.  He has also hosted pop-up dinners around town and had a residency in Ann Arbor at the former Jerusalem Garden for the summer last year.  

Katoi has a tiny, hip dining area with an open kitchen that will seat 50-60.  The dining area is small but beautifully decorated and eclectic just like that of it's chef and staff.  

The menu has item descriptions and notes to let diners know which dishes are spicy or very spicy and which can be made vegetarian or vegan. 

A menu of noodle and curry dishes are available. Small plates are affordable and there are larger plates if you are going for dinner. 

The beverage list has signature cocktails with blend traditional ingredients like bourbon, gin, and tequila with the unexpected, including Thai tea, jackfruit, mole bitters, and coconut milk.


5 p.m.-midnight Mon.-Wed.

5 p.m.-2 a.m. Thurs.-Sat.

Call (313) 855-2864.


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