JABS GYM Eastern Market

Tired of the same workout routine or lack of one? JABS gym in Eastern Market is working alot of people out before and after work.


It’s easy to sign up just follow the link and click on a class to register.

JABS is our neighbor and we LOVE our neighbors! They are located at 2501 Russell Street in Eastern Market on the 3rd floor.  The entrance (look for the sign) is on Winder St. and there is free parking all around the building and in the lots across the street by Shed 2. They offer daily classes that are high energy and burn up to 1000 calories.

Don't worry if you're a first timer - everyone has been at some point!  JABS offers group fitness classes where students can work at their own pace and feed off the energy of the room!


  1. You can sign up online here and create an account.
  2. Please arrive 15 minutes early so they can show you around.
  3. For classes you will wear gym shoes.
  4. They request that you change into your shoes for class once you arrive.
  5. You will need boxing gloves for class. They sell them (@$30) and/or rent them.
  6. They charge $2 dollars for boxing glove rentals and $5 for hand wraps to buy.
  7. No one will be punching you during class, you get your own heavy bag that does not punch back.
  8. They have cubbies, changing rooms, and showers.
  9. They do offer water for purchase for $1.
  10. You do not need any boxing experience to attend a class, the great part about a group class is everyone can work at their own pace.

All of the JABS teachers are taught by world renowned professional boxers and trainers.

  • Eastern Market features daily classes and an intimate personal training area.
  • Birmingham has a full boxing ring, personal training area, and daily classes


  • Bootcamp

    Bootcamp is held Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 6am & 7:15 am it is 60 minute high intensity workout where you will train in a small group setting.  This class includes a variety of training including cardio, cross-training, and strength conditioning.

  • Boyo (Boxing & Yoga)

    A 60 minute high intensity boxing and yoga workout like nothing you have ever experienced!

  • Kickboxing

    An intense 60 minute cardio workout where you can burn up to 1000 calories.  This class is high energy and most importantly makes working out fun.

  • Boyo X

    A 90 minute high intensity boxing and yoga workout like nothing you have ever experienced!  Class starts with by 8 rounds of boxing & is followed by restorative Vinyasa yoga

No matter what your style, JABS has got you covered!  Should you be interested in a j'adore Detroit private class, do email events@jadore-detroit.com with interest so we can set up a free group class for our followers!! 


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