Movement Week is HERE!

It is MOVEMENT week in Detroit and looks like summer is actually here! For real this time

Thanks to @TheDetroitILove for putting together all the happs this week!  All content below was compiled with love by The Detroit I Love and we LOVE THEM for it!  Literally hundreds of events this week and weekend.  This is going to be one for the books.  Mark your calendars! 

MONDAY (5/23)

 (weekly) Slow Jams : Woodbridge Pub : Guest Alexander Robotnick with residents East Side John and Erno the Inferno.
→ (weekly) Monday Is The New Monday : Motor City Wine : 7P : Residents SHIGETO with Ben Saginaw and Bill Spencer. Vegan food by Julian Spradlin.
→ (weekly) Jazz in the Present Tense : Craft Work : 6½-9½ : Jazz with Mike Monford, Phillip J Hale and Djallo Djakate.
→ (weekly) Monday Night Lights : Northern Lights : 9½P : Shawn Addison with guests.

 (weekly) Binaural Frequencies : Urban Bean : 7P-10P : Broadcasting live with this weeks guests Asher Perkins and Jeremy Poling.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 12A-4A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.

 Bell’s Night : Grand Trunk Pub : 5P : The evenings festivities include unveiling Bells Brewery anniversary plaque as well as featuring some incredibly tasty and rare beers.
 Rattlesnake Club : 6P-8½P : Michigan wines showcase and tasting.

 MSU Detroit Center : 6½P-8½P : Screening of A People’s Story of Detroit.

 Sketcher’s Anonymous : Tires : 8P : Themes, games and models for all of you doodlers out there.

TUESDAY (5/24)

→ (weekly) Turntable Tuesday : Aloft Detroit : Peter Croce sets up and plays some classic vinyl.
 (weekly) Techno Tuesday : Urban Bean : 7P-10P : Mark Moss b2b Beatnok b2b Thread.
 (weekly) Nevermore : Grasshopper Underground : 9P : DJ Aaron Hingst and DJ Moondancer spinning goth/industrial hits.
 Marble Bar : 7½P : Live bands including LIAR, Eleanora and Mountain Club.

 (weekly) Queen Beats : Deep Space Radio : 6P-7P : Deep house and techno classics with DJ Minx.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 1A-4A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.

 Game of Thrones Beer Dinner : Grand Trunk Pub : 7P : Chef Rodney Lubinski’s annual Game of Thrones inspired menu paired with Short’s beers.
 Funk, Drunk and Soul : The Keep : 6P-12A : A night of cocktails from James Downs newest project Sweet-Leaf Bohemian Club paired with food from Flowers of Vietnamand music by DJ Erno The Inferno.
 Drinking With Dogs : Northern Lights : 6P-9P : Enjoy cocktail with your dog on the patio with Canine to Five.

 Southwest Soup #2 : Vista Partnership : 6P : Potluck dinner and fundraiser by Detroit Soup.


 (weekly) Two DJs at Two James Spirits : 7½P-11P : Great drinks and smooth tunes by Vince Patricola and guest Todd Osborn.
→ (weekly) Hump at the Pump : Town Pump : 9P-2A : Dance music of all genres by DJ Thornstryker.
 (weekly) Deep House Disco : Como’s : 7P-11P : DJs Mike Todd and Bruce Bailey.
 (weekly) Soul Set : Populux : 6P : Guest Joshua Adams with residents Powdrblu and friends.
→ (weekly) Iconic : Floods : 8P : Maria B. Stanfield, Rufus Bartell and Bruce Bailey with resident DJ Charles Hicks and Derrick Sorrell and S. World live.
→ RAW ϟ JUICE + Temple Traxx + Wayne County Club Night : Temple Bar : 10P-2A : Mike Medow, David Marroquin, Ben Christensen, Con Man and Julian Kendall.
 Grasshopper Underground : 9P-2A : Ancient Language, Doc Waffles and Jaws That Bite.
 Fresh Produce : The Bosco : 10P-2A :  Aeronautic Records presents Epicure, Atman, DJ FLP, Jay Beck, Jamie Peligro, Satta Don Dada, TJ Winters and KEE FLO.
 Let There Be House : Tires : 10P-6A : Nix Productions and Speed Of Sound present DJ John Collins, Mike “Agent X’ Clark, Nick Speed and Isaac Prieto. Visuals By DJ Diztracted. Plus Special Suprise Guests
 UFO Factory : 9P-2A : DJ Shells and Sam Hooker.
 Arts and Acoustics : The Bottom Line : 6½P : Nina Sofia, Genna MacPhee and Allye Gaietto.
 Welcome 2 Detroit International Vinyl Party : Menjos : 8P-2A : In My House Techno Music Show presents Case Managerz, Peter Croce, DJ Cent, Alexander Robotnick and Tunis Diaspora 216. Special effects by Deep Gray and live painting by Al Depree.
 313ONELOVE Afterparty : Motor City Wine : 8P-11P : NF-2 Roach, Ray 7, Pirahnahead, Diviniti and Ian Fink.
 Populux : 7P : The Freedom Party presents George Zimmerman b2b Joel Zimmerman, A Guy Called Amir and Darren Wilson.

 (weekly) Planet Funk on Burst Radio : Urban Bean : 7P-10P : 313ONELOVE edition with hosts Brent Scudder and Ava Adora.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 1A-4A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.

 Jacoby’s Biergarten : 6P-12A : Prohibition Detroit guest bartends.

→ (weekly) PL_YING G_MES : Briggs Detroit : 6P : Euchre, Detroit Against Humanity and more at this new game night.
→ (weekly) 24kt Dance Party Karaoke : El Club : 10P-12A : Host Breezee One.
 Book Launch : MOCAD : 6P-8P : Release of Marie Staggat’s 313ONELOVE.


 (weekly) Schoolhouse : Mix Bricktown : 8P-2A : Miriam Silverstein, Cyle Voss, Lynda Carter and Detroit Art Collective present Oscar P, Earl McKinney, Mike Clark, Bruce Bailey, One Five, DJ Magic and Darrell Dyer.
 (monthly) In Transit : Garden Theatre : 8P : A night in Paris with Sean Blackman, Wendell Harrison, Allison Laako, Evan Perri and DJ Judy Adams spinning between sets.
 Shhh : Tires : 10P : Tec-Troit pre-party with David Marroquin, Eric Glaze, Marissa Guzman, Dimitri Pike, Adam Francesconi, Jason Garcia, Jay Ramsey and NF-2 Roach n Ray7.
 Secret Walls After Party : Detroit City Distillery : 10P-2A : Red Bull House of Art presents Haute To Death.
 Grasshopper Underground : 9P-2A : Delano Smith and Peter Croce.
 String Music- one, four, three : Spread Art : 9P : Trio Ligatura, Trio+Yuri and whyouarei.
 Summer Sessions : Exodus Rooftop : 9P : Detek & City Air present Ataxia, Chuck Flask and resident DJ Joe Gize.
 Rouge! : Tangent Gallery : 9P-2A : Dead 2 Me Records presents electro swing with DJs Vourteque, Pat Osiris, Subjekt51, Little Miss Make Up and Sax and Violence (live). Performances by Lushes Lamoan, Shadowe Diaz and Zak & What Army.
 Whiskey Disco : 9P-2A : A.O.D. presents Mike Servito, Max Jacobson, Ari Frank and Vinnie.
 Herbie vs Miles : Motor City Wine : 9P : Jesse Kramer Ultra Band with Jimmy Smith, Glenn Tucker, Damon Warmack and Jesse Kramer.
 The Purple Xperience : Sound Board : 8P-11P : Prince tribute.
 Suck It : UFO Factory : 8P : Disco lounge with Geoff and Bill. Multimedia by Sam Carmello.
 The Magic Bag : 8P : The Mega 80’s special Prince tribute performance.

[Going Late]
 2Lanes Auto Shop : 10P-4A : City Club : Via App (Live), Bookworms (live), Entro Senestre, Turtle Bugg, Black Noi$e and 2Lanes.
 Relay : Bleu : 10P-4A : Anthony Shakir, Norm Talley, Kimyon Huggins, Harold Martin, Paty Pat and Alex Gardel.

[After Hours]
 DATSWOTSUP! : Grenadier Club : 10P-6A : Lesson #3.5 festival warmup with Hatcha, Reid Speed and Unicorn Fukr.

→ (weekly) STEP 01 : CJAM 99.1FM : 8P-10½P : Hosted by GIN.
→ (weekly) In The Mix : WHFR 89.3FM : 9P-12A : Detroit Deep Sessions Mayor Dj BAM (Brandan McKay) hosts with guests.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 1A-4A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.

 Dinner on the Waterfront : Rattlesnake Club : 7P-9½P : Hell’s Kitchen Season 15 former chef, Chef Jared Bobkin, pop up dinner event.

 Detroit Film Theatre : 7P : Screening of This Changes Everything.

→ (weekly) Karaoke : Checker Bar : 9P : Robby Rob hosts, you sing.

FRIDAY (5/27)

 Experience Submerge 2016 : Submerge : 10A-7P : Three levels of techno including retail, museum and live DJs.
 Mobile Disco #002 : Motor City Wine : 2P-2A : Rocksteady Disco, Fat Finger Cosmic, and Detroit Electronic Quarterly are featuring JKriv, Dandies, Shar, Lafleur, Blair French, Todd Modes, Shortround, and Dtchplnes at this 12 hour happy hour.
 Populux : 9P-2A : Danny Tenaglia Chuck Daniels, Keith Kemp and Miguel Senquiz.
 Bookies : 3P-2A : Bang Tech 12’s 20th anniversary party.
 Prelude Detroit : Northern Lights : 7P-2A : [something clever] and Infiltr8:Celebr8 present Chris Fortier, Atnarko, Dax Lee, Navbox, Eric Sutter, Jeremy Poling, Nešto, Lola B, Infiltr8 and [something clever].
 DAY 5 : The Whisky Parlor : 10P-2A : Dirty Crates with Bob Claus and resident Vince Patricola.
 Physical Therapy : Marble Bar : 9P-2A : Shigeto b2b Kenjiro, Blue Hawaii b2b Arbutus Records, Terri Whodat b2b Mike Medow, Fogger, Molly Soda b2b Abby and Ryan Spencer b2b Charles Treees.
 The White Lighter Myth: The Annex : 9P-2A : Color Deaf presents Tiefschwarz, Kris Wadsworth, Nick Bassett and Gabi.
 Eden II : Tangent Gallery : 10P-2A : Modern Cathedrals presents Samuel Kerridge, Veronica Vasicka, Stave (Repitch), Altstadt Echo and Äsop.
 Music Gallery Four : Baltimore Gallery : 11P : Intimate gathering featuring Theo Parrish.
 Diva Mayhem : The Key Club : 9P-2A : The Gentleman of 7 Square present Bruce Bailey, Phil Tha Mixx Clay, Gary Chandler, Kelly Holmes and J Mack.
 The White Lighter Myth : The Annex : 9P : Color Deaf presents Tiefschwartz, Kris Wadsworth, Nick Bassett and Gabi.
 Cultured Citizens Festival Weekend Opener : The Whiskey Disco : 6P : Asher Perkins, Craft, Daniel Andres, David Powers, Dru Ruiz, Jehf Banks, John Johr, Justin James, Kimyon, Ohashi, Oliver Caine, PJay (live) and Rex Sepulveda.

[Going Late]
 The Works : 10P-4A : Blank Code and Octave present Function, Anthony Parasole, Orphx (Live), drumcell, Jeff Derringer, Aaron Clark & Paul Fleetwood, Israel Vines, Corbin Davis, Joel Morgan and Joe Sousa. Visuals by Nick Bien.
 The Blu Party : Bleu : 10P-4A : Christian Martin, Worthy, Sydney Blu, Gene Farris, The Saunderson Brothers and Landis LaPace.
 After Dark : Olympus Theatre : 10P-4A :DJs Sotofett, Fit Siegel and Bill Converse with Live performances by Madteo, Stallone the Reducer and Especially Good.

 BAK DØR 54 : Grenadier Club (Lombardi Room) : 12A-7A : May resident DJ Holographic with Residents Rex Bravo, Bunny Hop and RJ Stefanski. RØM2 featuring Emperor Penguin.
 Soft Opening : A Motel Somewhere : 5A : Shaun J Wright, A Village Raid, Joe Roberts and Ryan Dahl.
 Sub Space Freq : Grenadier Club (basement) : 10P-7A : Black Catalogue Presents Bloody Mary, OB Ignitt, Kevin Reynolds (live), Monty Luke and Sepehr.
 Smartbar x Resident Advisor Movement Opening Party: TV Lounge : 6P-4A : Bruce Bailey, Delano Smith, Derrick Carter, Edward (live), Jarvi, Michael Serafini, Mike Servito, Olin, Remote Viewing Party, Sassmouth, Sevron and Sold.
 The Formula : Drive Table Tennis : 8P-5A : Karizma, Quentin Harris, DJ Minx, Rick Wilhite and Charlie & Brown.
 City Club : 10P-6A : Paradigm presents Matthew Dear.
 The 313 Racket Family Reunion : Russell Industrial Center : 6P-6A : Club House, DET.DNB, Smart Music and Beatniks Galleries present Nick Synergy, Red Pill, Krossphade, DJ Disc, Diesel Punk, Wax, The Disciple, TK, Nick Synergy, Sloth Boss, Alex Manaici and Squish.
 Fundamentals : Tires : 10P-6A : Kyle Hall b2b Jay Daniel.
 Eden II : Tangent Gallery : 10P-5A : Samuel Kerridge, Veronica Vasicka Stave (live), Altstadt Echo (live) and Äsop.
 Freaks Come Out At Light : Lincoln Street Art Park : 4½A-9½A : AB▲CUS, Charles Trees, Kenjiro, Mike Medow and Adam (Gospel) Stanfel.
 Bounce That : Mix Bricktown : 2A-7A : Housebroken and DJ Skeez present A night of electro funk, booty bass and ghetto tech with Gary Chandler, Don Q, DJ Psycho and DJ Skeez.

 (weekly) Progressive Underground – Movement Edition : WDET 101.9FM : 8P-11P : Host Chris Campbell serves up a creative mix Afro-pean, house, electronic. Music from 2016 Movement lineup, Interview of the heads of Paxahau, Jason Huvaere, Jason Clark, Sam Fotias and Chuck Flask.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 1A-5A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.
 In My House Music Show : Burst Radio : 5P-10P : Hump The Grinder, DJ Disc, DJ Reggie Reggtm, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Mike “Agent X” Clark, Derrick Thompson, Melodymann, Detune and Thomas Barnett.
 Culture City : WDET 101.9FM : 1-2P : 8P-9P : Movement 2016 show with an Amp Fiddler and Will Sessions world premiere.

 (opening) Inner State : 7P-10P : Two solo shows : Ron Zakrin’s Rhythm Generationand 2501’s Processi Generativi.
 (opening) Art of Techno : 5101 Trumbull : 7P-12A : Gallery pop-up featuring the art of Alan Oldham and Abdul Haqq.

 Grenadier Club : 8P : Pre-Memorial Day drag show with Natalie Cole, Sir Walter McNew, Mocha Pronto and more.
 Panel Discussion : MOCAD : 2P-4P : Plastic Dreams: The Forgotten Future of the Vinyl Format with panelists Kai Alce, Anna Atanassova, Dave Buick, Andy Garcia and Mark Sandford. Moderated by Monty Luke.
 Masterclass : DIME : 7P : DIME and Movement Electronic Music Festiva host Carl Craig in conversation.
 One Mile : 4P : ONE Mile Magazine Volume 2,  Making It in the North End, release party.
 Rivera Court : 7P-10P : Sarah Konner and Austin Selden, in collaboration with composer Matthew Daher, present a site-specific dance-theater performance.


 Discowoman : UFO Factory : 9P : Aurora Halal, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Volvox, Umfang, Abby and Molly Soda. Visuals by Rachel Roze.
 Girls Gone Vinyl : MIX Bricktown : 11A-8P : 10 year anniversary party with proceeds going to send a young girl To Music Industry Academy.
 TJOCK : Whisky Parlor : 10P-2A : Norway Detroit presents Alexander Schwank, Maddy Anrade and Stephen Koller.
 Detroit Love : Masonic Temple : 11P : Carl Craig, Dubfire, Seth Troller and Keith Kemp.
→ Soul ‘n Conga : Motor City Wine : 2P-2A : Rahaan, Em Vee, Tom Noble, Recloose, Salah Ananse, Genesis, Funke- Conjure, Forrest ‘Getum’ Gump, Seth Carter and Craig Huckaby.
 SKRÜ : Briggs Detroit : 12P-2A : Norway Detroit presents an all day rooftop party featuring D Wynn, Ill Fusion, Bunny Hop, JC3, DJ Holographic, Loren, Todd Modes, Matthew Daher and RJ Stephanski.
 Grasshopper Underground : 9P : IAMPHOENIX Records and Detroit Trance Family present Kenneth Thomas and special guests Aura Wolfe, Goshen Sai and Sonar Zone.
 Deep Detroit 8 : 1515 Broadway : 11P : NDATL Muzik presents Chez Damier, Alton Miller and Kai Alce
 We Do This! : Old Miami : 10P-2A : Wajeed, Dj Head, DJ Psycho along with residents Nano2Hype, Benjamin Hayes and DJ Bet with host Miz Korona.
 Booty Movement : Temple Bar : 10P-2A : Booty, ghettotech, dirty house, disco and freestyle.
 Mystical Disco : Katoi : 10P-2A : Ben Jenkins, Drew Pompa, J Hendrix, Pipé Scuttleworth.
 The Yellow Wall : 10P : 777 Renegade and Them Flavors present DJ Manny, Bulletproof Dolphin, Dayggs, Tez and Gulley.
 There Is Still Soul In Detroit : Coaches Corner : 8P-2A : A night with Phil Tha Mixx and friends.
 The Haunted Wood Revue Session 3 : Corktown Studios : 8P-10½P : Acoustic music featuring Dave Morrison, Jimmy Geagan, The Bruised Reed, and your host, Jaye Thomas.
→ Volume : V Nightclub : 10P-2A : Carter Cruise and Captn20.

[Going Late]
 Keep Movin’ : The Keep : Nix Productions and Speed of Sound present DJ Clent, DJ Psycho, Nick Speed, DJ Dash and The MRMR.
 Strobelight Supperclub : Whiskey Disco : 10P : Dicky Trisco, Madteo, Secrets, Cosmic Crates and How To Kill label showcase.
 Bleu : 10P-4A : Dirty 313ctronic Productions and Robot Ears present Sian, Julian Jeweil, Jay Lumen, Weska and Juheun.
 The Annex : 10P-4A : Blackflag Recordings presents Stacey Pullen, Guti (live), Cocodrills and Mike Brown.
 Cosmic Disco : Marble Bar : 10P-4½A : Sampled Recordings presents Kenny Glasgow, Doc Martin, Daniel Bell, Gene Farris, Dez Andres, Chuck Daniels, Jason Hodges, JT Donaldson, Matthew K (live), Dimitri Max, Luis Baro, Ryan Dahl and Loren.
 Populux : 11P-4A : Paxahau presents Ellum Night, Maceo Plex, Job Jobse, Maars, Convextion (live) and North Lake.
 Bug Out : The Works : 10P-4A : Nightsneak presents Steve Bug, Tanner Ross, Derrick ‘Drivetrain’ Thompson, DTM 2X4, Claus Bachor, Wilhem K, Jesse James, Dru Ruiz, Gusto, Deisel Punk, Philthy Phil and Elektroidx.
 The World Is Not Enough : Detroit Seafood Market : 8P-3A : Rufus Bartell and guests.
 Club Fantasy : 7P-3A : Detroit Rave Scene presents COOKN, Curley Stache, Megahurtz, Reighn and Bliss, Cybernetik R3volt, The Widdler, DubLoadz, Hypnotic, Craino, Ekem, Minion, Lachjaw / Perrbear, Al Neon and Get Low.

 30th Anniversary of Transmat : MOCAD : 10P-5A : Analog Room presents Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Salar Ansari.
 3 Étages : Grenadier Club : 9P-7A : Anthony Jasper, Claus Bachor, Darryl G, Derrick Thompson, Detune, DJ Deb, DJ Fluff, DJ Minx, DJ One Five, Gin & Tronic, Hotwaxx, Isaac G, Detroit Malik Alston, Marc Cotterell, Melodymann , Monty Luke, Tekno Brat, France Terry Charles and Thomas Barnett.
 Soul Clap’s House of Efunk : TV Lounge : 10P-12P : RBMA presents Biz Markie, Amp Fiddler, Soul Clap, Maurice Fulton, Mike Dunn, no regular play, DJ Kon, Overdubs, Benoit & Sergio, Norm Talley, Keith Worthy, KCiv & Ancient Deep and Dan Bain.
 Drive Table Tennis : 8P-6A : Slur Records presents : Nitin, Finley, Sherif, Yos, Soul Mob, Mia Wallace, Ben Finx II, Lowcut and Casselz b2b Grant Grosky.
 Evolve : Downtown Detroit : 12A-10A :  Sub÷Divizion and Aerotek present Axkan (live), Anthony Jimenez, Atroxx, Austin Diogo, RolandøHödar, TekNoize, Cloudy With A Chance Of Techno, GND (live), Donald Joseph (live), Erelevent, Craft, S4RUS, Mr. Shiba and Kai Loo Music b2b DJ Zona.
 Tresor 25 Years : Tangent Gallery : 10P-7A : Moritz von Oswald, Regis, Dasha Rush, Mike Parker (live), Silent Servant, Terrence Dixon (live), DJ Stingray, Claude Young andAnthony ‘Shake’ Shakir.
 Leland Ballroom : 10P-6A : Audiofly presents Flying Circus with Audio Fly b2b Davide Squillace, Len Faki, Dewalta & Shannon, D’Julz, Tiefschwarz, Jason Patrick and Nick Bassett.
 The Craft : Doug’s Body Shop : 12A : DJs Mike Textbeak, Shantasy Island, Prismviews and Drush. Visuals by SKNDLSS.
 Club Toilet : Olympus Theatre : 10P-? : Honcho, Macho City, Spotlight and WRECKEDnyc present line-up to be announced.
 Raise Hell : Somewhere in Detroit : 9P-7A : City Air presents Wood Holly, Alex Index, Twin Cousin (Doug English + Ross Regs), Craft, Dru Ruiz, Bobby Lava, Markis, Ghita Sisters, DJ Dav, Player’s Club, Food Fight and DJ Kaos.
 Resolute Meets Accelerate : Exodus : 7A : Lineup to be announced.
 Audio Elixir 3D Edition : Bathtub Pub : 10P-6A : AudioBite presents DJ Roland Clark, Oscar P, YOS, Ramiro Bernabels, Reality Engine b2b Monikkr, Ben Finx II and Alastair broadcast live on Global Mixx Radio.

 Beatz on the Grill : Detroit Threads : 12P-6P : BBQ featuring DJs Sean Michael Mischley, Corey Joseph Kuhr, Dj Disc, Sonya Blaze, Chris Roxburgh and Jeb Lajiness.
 Chicken & Waffles : MIX Bricktown : 2A-8A : Earl Mixxin McKinney, Mike Agent X Clark, Dwight Johnson, DJ Disc, Walter Glasshouse, Jonni Hipp, TK, Warren Ross, Hunter Waak, Mike & Kale (Live PA Set) and Jimmy K. Chicken and waffles by Chef Doug. Benefiting Alternatives for Girls.
 May Soul Stomp : St. Cece’s : 10P-2A : Motor City Soul Club present Brad Hales and Dan Austin with guest Erica Aytes.
 Are You Local : Marble Bar : 11A-7P : Extra Credit & Quo Vadis present a BBQ with DJs Todd Modes, Ryan Spencer w/ Izaak S, Frankie Banks, Anna Atanassova, Josh Dunn, Blair French and Mike Medow.

→ (weekly) Saturday Night Mix : WJZD 94.5FM : 8P-6A : Reggie Hotmix Harrell and friends.

 Submerge : 2P : Aux88 documentary screening.
 Cinema Detroit : 7P : The Everything Is Terrible live experience.

→ Music Discussion : MOCAD : 2P-5P : Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson in Conversation.

SUNDAY (5/29)

 Marble Bar : 7A-8P : Bespoke Musik presents Monkey Safari, Sandrino, Baez, Aboudi Issa and Ben Scott.
 We Jack Detroit : The Whiskey Disco : 8A : Paul Johnson, Robert Armani, Paul Anthony, Ghettoblaster, DJ Lil’ Tal, DJ Psycho, ZXX, Ill_icit, Marshall Monica, Danny Digable, Nano Too Hype, Mike Wlkr and Jay Arthur.
 Detroit Boat Day Party : Diamond Belle : 12P-3P : Only The Beat and Crosstech London present Dabura, Chris Robert, IMJUSTINBRAUN, Oliver Caine and 530.
 Day Life : Motor City Wine : 2P-8P : Vizual Records, Eastcoast underground and Alley Cat Music present Andrés, Monty Luke, Joshua Iz and Shaun J Wright.
 FLØR PLAY : The Keep : 7P-2A : Norway Detroit presents Ghita Sisters with Bunny Hop.
 Metropolis : The Whisky Parlor : 7P-2A : Soul Foundation Recordings, Lea Music, MNTRA and RealDEEP Recordings present Bad Beat, Brenda D, Brian G, Frique, Julio Bishop, Pedro Flores and SMFY.
 Supercollider : Motor City Wine : 9P-2A : Carl Craig and D’Julz. Proceeds will be donated to the DIA.
 Beat Street Hip Hop Edition : Grasshopper Underground : 9P : Urban Ambiance Radio presents Apollo Brown, Wil Black and Brandon Foreman.
 Marble Bar : 10P : Soundpieces and H2BT present DJ Spinn, Deejay Earl, VNDMG, BOGL, Sepehr, Speakerbot, Gin & Tronic, Martez, Count Mack, Little Animal and Frankie Banks.
 Function Function Séance : Temple Bar : 10P : Dretraxx and Black Noi$e.
 Who’s Afraid of Detroit : Masonic Temple : 11P : 10 year anniversary party featuring Justin Martin, J.Phlip and Ardalan.
 A Night With Bass : Mae’s Soundstage : 9P : DJs Clent, Fingers, Tre, T-Rell, Fluff, C-Bit, Roc, Compton, Phil, Row, Jay R and Spaulding.
 Techno City : Exodus : 10P-2A : Tito’s Vodka, Nix Productions and Speed Of Sound present Edward Elektro, Nick Speed, Skywlkr, Bevlove and Jopa.
 Block Party : Key Club : 8P : Father Abraham, Takin, Leathal, Emma Jean, James Hay, Braulio Motus, Chris Patrick and Bumpy Nuggets.

[Going Late]
 Electric Tribe : Populux : 11P-4A : KMS and Relief present Green Velvet b2b Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez, Gene Farris and bjëlo.
 Drumcode : The Annex : 11P-4A : Adam Beyer presents Joseph Capriati and Keith Kemp.
 I’m Just Here To Party : The Whiskey Disco : 8P-4A : [something clever] presents Mike Huckaby, Razor-n-Tape, Pontchartrain, Derek Foreal, No Headphones, Finley, Sergio Santos, Unicorn Fukr, John Johr, Jeremy Poling, Sutter and Nešto.

[After Hours]
 Grenadier Club : 12A-12P : Analog Room presents A Guy Called Gerald, Delano Smith, John E. Collins, Salar Ansari, Shemroon and more.
 Social Experiment vs Visionquest : City Club : 10P-6A : Paradigm presents Art Department, Kenny Glasgow, Lee Curtiss, Magda, Nitin, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and DJ Three.
 No Way Back : Tangent Gallery : 11P-10A : Interdimensional Transmissions and The Bunker present BMG, Carlos Souffront, Erika, Patrick Russell, Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko, Bryan Kasenic, Scott Zacharias, John Elliott and Nihal Ramchandani.
 Interface | Scene : The Works : 10P-7A : Blank Code and Droid Recordings present Perc, Adam X, Headless Horseman (live), Cassegrain (live), Kyle Geiger, DJ Hyperactive, Andrei Morant, Raíz, Mike Gervais, DOUBT, Milkplant, Anthony Jimenez, Ajhenda and Cesar Acosta. Visuals by OKTAform.
 Technoir ver. 4 : 1600 Fort : 10P-8A : Roman Debnar, Malik Alston, M3, Semtek, Heidy Pinet, Radio Brovold, Isaac Prieto, AJOM, Club Creeps (live) and special guests.
 Excursions : Russell Industrial Center : 10P-7A : Residents Cordell Johnson, DJ Taz and James Vincent with guests Marcellus Pittman, Joe Marquez and DJ Uchikawa,
 Undisclosed Location : 10P-6A : Country Club Disco & MIA Productions present Shiba San, Moon Boots, Oliver Dollar, Landis LaPace, option4, Gettoblaster, Eyes Everywhere, Sepehr, Twin Cousin, Need & Necessity, ADMN, Blueshift, Wattie Green, Derek Specs, Jay Biggs, Joshua Elias, Pierre Lacroix, NoGhost and GATEO. Hosted by Golf Clap.
 Ain’t No Party Like A Detroit Party : Bert’s Warehouse : 9P-6A : Speedy-J, Octave One (live), John Aquaviva, Doc Martin/Sublevel (live), Terence Dixon (live), K-Hand, Tim Baker, Detroit Techno Militia, Asher Perkins, DJ Assault, Army of Techno (live), Terry James, MC Spacer, John Noble, Big Joe Hix, A-Tension and Chris Roxx.
 OK, Cool : TV Lounge : 6P : Seth Troxler, The Black Madonna, Craig Richards, Mood II Swing, Heartthrob (live), Eddie C, Rick Wade, ATAXIA, Dax Lee, Atnarko, Mr. Joshooa, Ohashi, Jeremy Kypta and Loren.

[Music + Food]
 Detroit DNB BBQ : Checker Bar : 6P-2A : DNBid presents JaybeeDNB, DJ Mowgli, Ronin Selecta, Christina Tamayo, Shogun, RenanDnB, Subverb, DJ Form and MC ANTI.
 Help Keep The Bassment Rockin’ BBQ : Undisclosed Location : 4P-9P : Detroit Promo TV presents hosts Body Mechanic and DJ Spade with guests Claus Bachor, Tunnel Seven, Sidney DjDirty Wright Tino and Dimitri Pike.
 The Effects of Noise Brunch : Jam Handy : 12P : Full Frontal, David Shettler, Viki, Tyler Hicks, Shells, Joe Wojtoewicz Psych Band, Moth COck, Andrew Kirschner, Sikk Laffter, Eartheater and New Toy.
 Last Night A DJ Saved My Soul : MOCAD : 11A-5P : Red Bull Music Academy presents brunch with DJs Mark Flash, Monty Luke, Terrence Parker, Marachka and DJ Moreese.
 Drunk Brunch : MIX Bricktown : 10A-5P : Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, DJ Twintables, Bruce Bailey and Earl ‘Mixxin’ McKinney.
 Shipfam Brunch : Northern Lights : 9½A : Lineup to be announced.

 (weekly) The Basement : Detroit Promo TV : 7P-9P : Hosts Body Mechanic and DJ Spade welcome guests.
 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 12A-6A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.

MONDAY (5/30)

 Something Different : Marble Bar : 7A : 7am-12pm DJ Harvey, Carl Craig, Dj Tennis, Mike Huckaby, Anthony Shake Shakir, Recloose, Bamboozle and Lonely C, Andres, Bushmind, Malik Alston, Hazmat, R.Gamble b2b Pablo R. Ruiz, Soul 2 Seoul, Beto Cravioto, Analog Soul, Tech Mob, Eastside Jon adn DJ Head.
 House Gallery : Motor City Wine : 2P-2A : Norm Talley, Mike Grant, Gruv Detroit, The Sonic Natives, Drivetrain, Claus Bachor, Tunis Diaspora 216, DeTune and Melodymann.
 Closing Party : Masonic Temple : 11P : Tale Of Us, Âme and Keith Kemp.
 Day/Night Party : MIX Bricktown : 2P-2A : Nu Bang presents Loftsoul, Jose Marques, Kyri, Cordell Johnson, Greg Grey, Gasoline Bros and Vincent Interieri.
 Closing Party : The Whiskey Disco : 8P-2A : YoSucka! Music and Equal Recordings present Marshall Applewhite, Eric Hinchman, Diaz Dayz, TK Vicious and Brian Gillespie.

[Going Late]
 Soundtrack : Briggs Detroit : 12P-4A : The Detroit I Love and Norway Detroit present Oliver Dollar b2b Chuck Daniels with Deka, DJ Holographic b2b Bunny Hop, Adriel Thornton, Rex Bravo, Isaac Prieto and Andrew Barren.
 The End : Russell Industrial Center : 10P-4A : presents Black Rain, Zanias, SSPS, Gramma, Archetyp, Todd Sines, Interval and Möthersky live with DJs Alex, Moonstarr, Titonton, Turtle Bug, Michael Szewczyk, Ed Luna, Kristjan, Seth Carter and Todd Modes.
 Repopulate Mars : Exodus Rooftop : 10P-4A : Lee Foss, Kenny Glasgow, Golf Clap and special guests.
 Trip 2 Detroit : Populux : 11P-4A : Paxahau presents Nina Kraviz, Bjarki, Terrence Dixon, DJ Stingray, K-Hand and Luke Hess.
 The Bunker : Tangent Gallery : 10P-4A : Interdimensional Transmissions presents Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko, Romans (live), Mark Verbos (live), Bryan Kasenic, Jason Kendig, Bill Converse, Gay Marvine and Justin Cudmore.
 Anthology 2016 : The Works : 10P-4A : Dirty Epic presents Truncate, Joey Anderson, Faltydl, Phon.o, Max Cooper, Axkan (live), Dani Lehman, Analog Soul, Ajhenda, Paul Fleetwood, Steofan, R, Gamble and Aaron Davis.

[After Hours]
 Last Man Standing : MIX Bricktown : 2A : Kyle Hall, Norm Talley and Darwin.
 From Hell With Love : Undisclosed Location : 12A-8A : Pontchartrain, Jeremy Kypta and Mister Joshooa plus special guests.

[Music + Food]
 Industry Brunch : Tangent Gallery : 9A-7P : Naughty Bad Fun Collective presents a. garcia, Aaron Clark, Antenes, Christina Chatfield (live), Clinker (live), DJ Shiva, Stipe, Jarvi, Kevin Brugger, Marc Schneider, Pat Bosman, Sassmouth, Shawn Rudiman (live) and Titonton Duvante. Art Installations by Andrew Seabrook.

 (weekly) Alpha : WDET 101.9FM : 12A-4A : Ghostly International, Paxahau and StudioFeed present electronic music and progressive soul from Detroit.


 Movement Electronic Music Festival : Hart Plaza : 5/28-5/30 : Annual three-day event celebrating Detroit’s electronic music legacy.

 Trip Metal Fest : Various Locations : 5/27-5/29 : Annual three day festival with live performances, film screenings, talks and more.

Make it a great week Detroit!


j'adore Detroit