The Peddle Pubs Have Arrived!

In the Motor City, one surprising thing that actually drives us along is the bicycle!  Oh, and BEER! Peddle pubs have been running the streets of most major cities across the US and now we get the chance to join in on the fun! Peddle Pubs provide a whole new way to experience and tour the City if you are a local or a tourist.  

As you can imply from the name, a peddle pub is made for those who enjoy biking and drinking beer.  Don't worry, if you like drinking beer and not biking, you will still enjoy yourself as long as the others in your group don't mind peddling a little bit harder.  Typically there are 16 riders that actually peddle the bar through the streets while sipping on their beer and take in the sights.  Why not stop at some bars along the way?  Luckily, we have a lot of good ones!  

Most of the companies allow you to play your own tunes, bring food, or arrange the food and tunes for you.  It is a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a day out on the town with some friends.  


While we have peddling and drinking on our minds, don't forget about Slow Roll Monday Nights!!  6/13/16 will be at BATCH BREWING CO.  SLOW ROLL!



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