Time to Get the Dilla Donuts

Dilla's Delights long awaited arrival!

So happy to finally step in to Dilla's Delights this week for an AM treat!  Walking into the Harmony Park/Paradise Valley location it seems like we have been waiting forever! This donut shop pays homage to the great J Dilla, Detroit hip hop producer, who passed away in 2006.


While the company has been in the making since 2009 they have taken this time to master their plans into the industry by studying products, the marketplace, and working closely with colleagues and other professionals to construct and perfect a sustainable growing organization.

Their products are made from 100% organic flour, are handcrafted and made fresh daily.  They understand and teach the importance of using organic products, recycling, composting and other sustainable business practices for a healthier living and working environment.


  • (Brewster's) Banana Pudding Cake Donut 

  •  (The Cakeboy) Chocolate glazed Cake Donut

  • (Conant Garden) plain glazed

  • (The John Doe) plain Cake Donut

  • (John Doe) Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donut

  • (The Cakeboy Chocolate Max) is a Cake Donut w/ Chocolate Ganache

  • (The Aaliyah) Lemon filled yeasted Donut

  • (The Rasul Wasi) Raspberry filled yeasted Donut

  • (The Lightworks ) a Lemon zest glazed yeasted Donut

  • (D-Lime Nut) a Lime zest glazed yeasted Donut

  • (The Edgewater) Orange Pineapple Cake Donut

  • (The Tamla) is a Tirimasu filled yeasted Donut (They also make a Bavarian Cream filled yeasted Donut)

  • (Red Cornish) Cinnamon Roll

  • (Fantastic Fritters) come in Apple, Mixed Berry, or Cranberry w/ Orange zest

  • Vegan (Black-bottom Beat street Blueberry) Cake Donut

  • Vegan Cinnamon Raisin Cake Donut

I love the records spinning and the great view of the neighborhood. Be sure to treat yourself and your friends to some of Dilla's Delights!


Open Monday thru Saturday 5am until they are SOLD out.  I suggest getting there early, some flavors are gone before 9am!  Currently they don't do large bulk orders but are considering some options for the new future!