4th of July Party Ideas

As seen this morning on WXYZ Detroit, j'adore Detroit's Candice Simons talked all things patriotic for this holiday celebration kicking off this weekend.  

The main topics seem to be none other than DECOR, DRINKS, and FOOD - what else is there to make your guests happy this holiday weekend?! 



Obviously, the more red, white, and blue the better!!! Simple party décor like streamers, confetti and balloons in the patriotic colors can really make a bang at your party!

*Create festive centerpieces with mason jars, rice, and tea light candles that can also be lit later in the night.

*Stars and stripes is the theme to go with—you could even spray paint stars on the grass to make it festive!  

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.31.19 PM.png

*Make sure there is plenty of light for outdoor parties. Chances are, with nice weather and a holiday, your guests will stay after the sun goes down.

Hang lanterns and have centerpieces with candles too!  You can pick up the candles seen on WXYZ this morning at Home Goods and Target! 

*Use clothespins and paint them to match your theme before putting them together to create a wreath.

*Red, White, and Blue colored candy can act as decor as well - skittles, taffy, mike & ikes, etc.  You can find all sorts of holiday themed and colored candies at any Target, Meijer, or convenience store.

*Use a LOT of white and silver - which you likely already have at home.  By using white plates and platters, you can easily turn your food and presentation into its own fireworks display! (ie. white dishes with blue corn chips and salsa) 



*Keep appetizers light and refreshing for the hot July weather

*Color rice krispie treats red and blue to make them patriotic or make regular treats with red, white, and blue toppings. 

*Make sugar cookies in the shape of stars and decorate with red, white, and blue frosting. Or, frost with whipped cream and top them off with strawberries and blueberries - this also works on any type of cake or dessert.  You can even just take a simple square platter and line it with berries to make an American Flag in the center of your table.

Make sugar cookies in the shape of stars and decorate with red, white and blue frosting. Or, frost with whipped cream and top them off with strawberries and blueberries.

Create patriotic popcorn by drizzling white chocolate over it and mixing it with blue and red M&Ms.



Party favorite for a great party is Patriotic punch!  You can take any bottle of champagne, throw some berries in the mix, and some festive and fun juices to garnish.  Make it fun with mason jars or milk jugs lined with blueberries crushed ice and top with your punch - garnished with a sprig of mint and a fun blue swirly paper straw! 

We featured a Hibiscus Wolf Moon Mixer today on WXYZ from our neighbors in Eastern Market - which goes great with any type of liquid - Gin, Vodka, or even Tequila!  You can pick up their many amazing mixer products at Germack in the Market or Parker Street Market (where I picked up mine!) 



We will be trying two Patriotic Punches this weekend with our Hibiscus mixer as follows:

Full Moon 

3 oz Wolf Moon Hibiscus Mix
1.5 oz Vodka
Splash of Club Soda  
Muddle Blackberries

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice
Pour into a glass and garnish with Blackberries

Just count the recipe based on the amount of hibiscus and vodka you have to batch it out for your guests so you don't have to keep making individual cocktails and you're ready to rock!



Wolf Moon Hibiscus Mimosa



1 oz Wolf Moon Hibiscus Mix
4 oz Champagne/Sparkling Wine
Garnish with blueberries 


As mentioned, you can take any of your favorite champagne and wines to mix up a large batch of punch with a patriotic feel and colors!






For the Beer lover, mix the hibiscus with Amber Ale, and a lemon and you have a fun twist on a holiday shandy! 


Recipes are from Wolf Moon! Check them out HERE





Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday week ahead!  We will be posting video footage from the show this morning in case you didn't have time to tune in.  




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