Aloha GoGo's Hawaiian Street Food

About Gogo's Detroit

I know several people are mourning the loss of Bucharest in the Park Bar downtown, but there's a new option available! GOGO's Hawaiian Street Food is reasonably priced and delicious!

Sous chef Brandon O'Sullivan is the sous chef at Gogo's Detroit as well as the man behind the Ice Cream!!

Almost all of their menu is all made in house, from scratch, not to mention located at the Park Bar which features 25 local Michigan beers on draft.  They are not another restaurant providing another outlet for Sysco, or USFoods, to sell there heavily processed, prepackaged, scoop-and-serve cuisine.

They do purchase their beef, soy hot dogs, and Spam, everything else is made with love in their kitchen. Their holo buns are made fresh daily by a local baker based in Hamtramck. 





The Manapuas, which are a very labor intensive hand made steamed bun, filled with varying seasonal meat and vegetarian fillings.

Loco Moco

Loco Moco







Loco Moco, a hamburger cooked in a house made oxtail stock gravy, served over rice or fries with a fried egg and scallion. (This is the perfect hangover meal) 

All of their "Plate Lunches", are served with macaroni salad and green salad with our house made dressings.









Poke Fridays

Every Friday, they serve fresh Poke, an island favorite, and blossoming food trend on the coasts, consisting of fresh, sushi grade fish, (they presently serve Ahi tuna and Lomi-lomi Salmon.) A similar idea to ceviché, Poke is prepared without all of the acid, which cooks the fish, giving a drier product in the long run.  The Poke is cut fresh every Friday morning and prepared differently every week, with a different savory marinade.  It is SO delicious!  Last weeks Poke was Ahi Tuna served with pineapple, avocado, and scallion.  Poke is served over either white rice or a green salad. This item is prepared fresh and runs out when we sell out so make sure you come try some at lunch before its all gone.  




House made Ice Cream

"Whip-It Goods" come in a few different flavors.  These are served in a cup, with toppings on the bottom, and a wooden spoon taped to the bottom of the cup. This should bring you back to the nostalgia of those little vanilla ice cream cups as a child with the wooden spoons we all have enjoyed at least once.  Flavors include a Maple-Vanilla Bean ice cream( with house dark chocolate sauce, and toasted macadamia nut), and Vegan Banana-Coconut ice cream (with pineapple syrup, and toasted shaved coconut). 

A specialty of that isn't on the menu, but can be ordered from the bar, is the "Boozy Whip-It's"!!!! These consists of an alcoholic ice cream served with various toppings (such as a Tullamore Dew ice cream with Baileys caramel, or White Russian ice cream with Kahlua caramel).  They also serve a scoop of maple vanilla ice cream over a warm house made (and very fudge-y) brownie, or in a $5 ice cream float, featuring our all natural, no high fructose corn syrup, craft sodas.

So quit crying about Bucharest being gone from downtown, it made you smell like garlic.  Gogo's has menu options for all diets, and you can have a beer or ice cream too!!