Winters is Coming on Wednesdays

Sarah Winters here, newest contributor to the awesomeness that is J’adore Detroit. I’m an Aussie gal by way of Johannesburg and London, and most recently put in a decade in NYC & Brooklyn before relocating to Downtown Detroit for the summer with my partner (in life, love and business) and former Detroiter, Shawn Ward, and our newborn son, Dash. We’ll be running our agency, Ward & Fifth, from the Brooklyn Outdoor loft in Eastern Market and exploring our summer city every chance we get.

Pop by the blog each Wednesday to follow my adventures in art, food, fitness, and everything else The D has to offer. 

Want to join me in real time? You do.

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Loved the work at Inner State’s “Inertia” opening, particularly every single piece by Jarus. (Side note: I plan to only appear in photographs taken at 7:50pm in the front room at Inner State from now on.)

Inner State Gallery's "Inertia" Opening

Stunning mural at the Ouizi opening for Playground Detroit at Will Leather Goods in Midtown. She is one of my favorite artists! (snapchat skills below)


Burning the midnight oil at our apartment downtown, with a view of the Riverfront and Ambassador Bridge.

Our social media intern taking a break at the Brooklyn Outdoor loft.

Dash has all the fun!

I’m finding that the beauty of Detroit is truly in the details… this is the entrance to the new SMPLFD clothing store and #doorwayporn



See you next week Detroit!

Sarah + Dash

Winters is Coming