Something Elegant in Corktown

I’m not sure if I believe in luck, but after a series of (fortunate) events I found myself packing up my home of 7 years in Woodbridge and relocating to Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. As I drove over cobblestone streets  almost 2 years ago,weepy and heartbroken that I had to pull up my roots from a place I had known for so long, I would soon find a home in one of the most spectacular communities I have ever been a part of.

With our society moving at a faster and more detached manner due to technology and busy schedules, it makes it harder and harder to feel any sense of community. So often we hear stories about Detroit communities being divided, unfriendly and cold. And where I am sure these exist, Corktown is not one of them. It is not a utopia, it’s not heaven on earth, it has its problems, but man does it have its perks.

Along Michigan Avenue and the streets that jut through the historically Irish and Maltese neighborhood, there is an undeniable sense of community, a sense of cohesiveness, pride, and genuine positivity.

It is this energy on the daily that feeds my soul. It is a beautiful thing when passersbys say hello while looking you in the eyes, when you have the opportunity to log off the internet and actually engage in conversation with your neighbors and neighborhood business owners (who know your name and your mother’s name and where you went to high school) while sipping on coffee and sitting on milk crates on the street, when Monday nights are spent sitting on front porches drinking wine, discussing plans for streetlights or petitions for bike lanes, while the guy from 2 doors down strums his guitar and throws friendly waves to you.

And where community means a lot of things to a lot of people (and I’m no different) there is something settling knowing I live in a neighborhood where,  to local businesses where I spend the majority of my paycheck, I’m not just another dollar funding a business. I am a voice and an energy within these spaces and places.

When I’m asked “how are you” when I pop into a local bar, the bartenders really want to know how I am, because my life and the events that take place in it affects them too. We are connected, by streets, by daily happenings, by purpose.


Check Out These Corktown Gems:

Astro Coffee, 2124 Michigan Ave

Motor City Wine, 1949 Michigan Ave

Nancy Whiskey, 2644 Harrison

Katoi, 2520 Michigan Ave

Metropolis Bike Shop 2117 Michigan Ave.

Stay Cool Detroit

Sara Aldridge - Something Elegant