Winters is Coming (but actually, winter is coming)

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It pains me to say it, but winter is actually coming and I still don’t have a bikini body… Read on to see what I’m adding to my fitness repertoire (while still finding time to EAT ALL THE THINGS!)

Detroit Body Garage! I’m so excited to try a workout in this beautiful space – it’s in the old West Village Bank building on the corner of Van Dyke and Kercheval. Detroit Body Garage’s inspiring and inspired founder, Terra Castro, has created a variety of cool classes for the local community; including the Firebirds class, which welcomes mamas and papas with babies and kids of any age. It’ll be Dash’s first workout!

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Full disclosure: Terra and Detroit Body Garage are one of the newest participants in our special Urban Future program designed to support Detroit entrepreneurs.

While in Detroit, we are living Downtown in close proximity to the Riverwalk. During a recent walk we made this awesome discovery by the entrance to Hart Plaza – a monument to the Underground Railroad, for which Detroit played an integral role as the gateway to freedom.

It is a beautiful and powerful reminder of the struggles for freedom that so so many faced at that time and that no matter who, where or when you are, we all always have the ability and responsibility to empower, lift and protect those around us.

For those who love all the things as much as I do, Rocky’s in Eastern Market is a must. Not only do they have every type of nut roasted every type of way (cinnamon coconut pistachios, anyone?) but they also have a very exciting area dedicated to candy, all kinds of candy.

Americans don’t seem to have much of a taste for liquorice of all sorts, but as a citizen of a Commonwealth country I love them, and Rocky’s has them in abundance! Go check it out.

I love stumbling upon Detroit’s hidden gems. This one I literally stumbled onto while trying to avoid puddles on a rainy day downtown. No matter how you say it or what you call it, Detroit is a special place.

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