Detroit Flower Week


 From Tuesday, October 11th - Friday, October 15th the Jam Handy will be a botanical hub for the floral industry. Owner of Pot & Box and creator of last year’s Flower House, Lisa Waud, has curated a week long program of lectures, workshops, and meals. This floral extravaganza is no joke! Industry experts from all over the world are gathering in Detroit to discuss the future of sustainable gardening and to connect in the spirit of Flower House.

Workshops will include extraordinary floral design classes, as well as explorations of floral painting, perfumery, and macramé. The flower crown workshop with Sue Mcleary and floral painting workshop with Detroit muralist, Ouzi, sound especially fun. A botanical marketplace will be open throughout the week at Jam Handy.

The week closes out with an extravagant-dining spectacular, Floral Renaissance: A Revived Interest in the Classics. 250 guests will enjoy a five course meal in the Adam Strohm Hall of the Detroit Public Library seated under a floral installation created by London designer Joe Massie. Industry experts will share their insight on the slow flower movement with guests throughout the evening. Meal and beverage pairings will be crafted by Detroit Ento and chefs Kieron Hales (Zingerman’s Cornman Farms), Brad Greenhill (Katoi), Kate Williams (upcoming Lady of the House), Nikita Sanches (Rock City Eatery), and Heather Anne (Sweet Heather Anne). It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a great excuse for a bougie evening out.

Day passes, week passes, workshop spaces, and dinner tickets are available for purchase at .


Ashleigh FieldsComment