Winters is Coming

This past weekend I found the time to get my a$$ kicked by a new workout class, and show some Detroiters around their own hometown through the travel/lifestyle experience platform, Having lived in the suburbs for years they wanted to reconnect with the renaissance of Detroit. By the time we were done exploring with them, they said they didn’t even recognize their own city (in a good way, of course)!

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Mudgie’s on Porter Street in Corktown is such a hidden gem! Love their sunny patio and their salads and sandwiches. Yum.

Two James in Corktown - awesome. Their airy tasting room and circular bar were such a fun stop with our Detroiters. I loved the “Muler” cocktail, made with fresh watermelon and cilantro.

We also hit Gold Cash Gold for an excellent brunch, but I was too busy eating an insanely delicious burger to remember to take a picture. Whoopsie.

Townhouse right in the heart of Downtown was fabulous. I ate their burger as well, which did not disappoint. But the truffle fries were certainly the prize of the day.

I visited Shinola for the first time since their opening. They now have their own coffee shop (serving Shinola Cola – cute) and, of all things, a florist!

After all of that, some calorie burning needed to happen.


I tried what appears to be the only barre studio in town, Detroit Barre. Barre classes are my favorite! I snagged their special offer of 5 classes for $65 (a serious deal) and have spent the past few days dealing with leg muscles that are satisfyingly stiff as a board :)

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