Dally Like a Rockstar


On Saturday September 10th, a chunk of Midtown between Third St. and Second St. will be home to the 39th annual Dally in the Alley.

Local bands play from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on four different stages. Vendors line the alleys selling all sorts of fun knick knacks, funky clothing, and unique accessories.

A brigade of food trucks will be there to keep the crowd fueled and functioning.

Dally is a riot of a day...and often a blur. To help you have the best Dally experience ever we put together this nifty guide for Dallying like a Rockstar

Start your day around the brunch table. Have a huge, massive, eat everything in sight breakfast at Honest John’s to cushion your soon to be consumed beverages.

Make geographically conscious plans to meet up with a friend who lives close to the Dally Alleys and let the festivities begin!

After you are nicely buzzed, proceed to Dally in the Alley! Remember: this is a time to get a weird as you want! Wear a costume if you feel like it, at the very least bring a party prop to get the day started.

Dally up an appetite and refuel at one (or more) of the food trucks. Resume your Dally and enjoy the closing sets.

If you are still down to get down, head to Tangent Gallery for the after party.

The Facebook event says “Hiphop, Shoegaze, Jamz + Fire Performance”.... FIRE PERFORMANCE?!?! It’s going to be literally and figuratively lit.