J'adore Exclusive: On the Phone with Nick Blaszczyck, Owner of Cycle Boat

Only one year after opening Detroit’s first bicycle bar, Nick Blaszczyk, owner of Cycle Pub and his wife, Jody, are getting ready to launch Detroit Cycle Boat on May 20th, 2017.

Photo from  Metro Times

Photo from Metro Times

Everyone is geeking out about the news - people are already making reservations to take a boozey cruise on Michigan’s first bicycle-bar-boat.

Naturally, J’adore Detroit, needed to get the inside scoop on these new party pontoons.

This week, I had the pleasure of talking to Nick about Cycle Boat and what we can look forward to from Cycle Pub this coming summer.

what you Need to know about cycle boat:

$450 Monday-Thursday

$525 Friday-Sunday

2 Hour Tour

Minimum riders/6

Maximum riders/16

On the Phone with Nick Blaszczyk:


J’adore: From getting on the boat to stepping back on land, what can passengers expect from the experience?

Nick: "The tour starts and ends at Watermark Bar and Grill in St. Clair Shores, in Jefferson Marina. You can order apps and drinks ahead of time or bring own snacks. Tours are two hours long and there will be a halfway stop. We really just want everyone to have a great time and enjoy having fun on the water."


J’adore: Will you or Jody lead any of the tours?

Nick: "We’re required to hire captains. Myself and my wife Jody and our business partner, Tina Mighion, will be deckhands on some of the tours."


J’adore: Is that something you like doing with Cycle Pub, helping with the tours?

Nick: "Yes, we love interacting with our guests. Last summer Cycle Pub took out more than 16,000 people and I did about half the tours. Taking out our guests is part of the fun."


J’adore: Will the boat stop for riders to swim if they request?

Nick: "Depends on the waters- it will be the Captain’s call."


J’adore: What is the drink situation, is it BYOB or will drinks be available for purchase on the boat?

Nick: "It’s BYOB, bring your favorite beverages, ice, and your own snacks, or order them from WaterMark Bar and Grille. They will have ice available for purchase too."


J’adore: What is the policy on bad weather interfering with reservations?

Nick: "Again, Captain’s call, if the weather is too bad you have to reschedule. The reservations are non-refundable but can be rescheduled within the year."


J’adore: Do you foresee WaterMark being the only stop on the tour?

Nick: "No, we’re looking at a couple options for the halfway point- it's still TBD."


J’adore: Will there be special Birthday, Bachelor, and Bachelorette package options?

Nick: "Last summer, there were so many Birthday, Bachelor, and Bachelorette Parties on Cycle Pub. We encourage you to bring your own decorations and have fun with it! It’s your time and celebration you can dress the boat up however you’d like. If we can do anything before hand to help, let us know when making the reservation."


J’adore: With all of the recent hype about Cycle Boat, we don’t want to overlook the wildly popular, Cycle Pub! Is there anything new in the works for Cycle Pub?

Nick: "Yeah! You’re the first to hear, Cycle Pub will have Detroit History Tours, Monday thru Friday- have a beer and learn about the city with the Detroit history expert, Tim Durand.

There will also be Brewery and Distillery Tours.

We’ve added more bikes - this summer there will be 4 bikes total. Each bike can fit 15 passengers and you can rent more than one bike for your party."


J’adore: What inspired Cycle Boat and at what point did the idea of Cycle Boat become a reality?

Nick: "My wife and I were so crazy busy with first summer with Cycle Pub we didn’t get a lot of time on the water. When we were on the Up North on the lake, in August, we said can you imagine if we could do the tours on the water?

Someone said, you know they do have cycle boats.

Not long after, we went and looked at a Cycle Boat and had so much fun taking it for a spin. We pulled the trigger right away and went for it.

Everyone wants to be on the water but no one wants to ask their friend with a boat to take them out. Cycle Boat gives everyone a chance to have a good time on a boat.

Have drinks, have food, have a great time on the water and bring your own backyard if you want to!

There are plans for a second boat in 2018 and expanding to Traverse City."


J’adore: So cycle boat was a dream you and your wife had that ended up taking off?

Nick: "Yeah! We had an idea and partnered Tina Mighion. She co-owns two Harbor House restaurants, one in Detroit and the other in Clinton Township- she has the service industry down! It’s easier to balance both Cycle Pub and Cycle Boat with a partner.

My motto is, I just want everyone to have a good time. What I love most about Cycle Pub and Cycle Boat is that no matter your age you can do both. You can bring your kids and your grandparents out with you. Whatever the occasion- we have you covered."


J’adore: What do you recommend passengers pack for the tour?

Nick: "Suntan lotion, flip-flops, bring your own music, beverage of choice, and ice- coolers are provided. No kegs and no glass. WaterMark will have your basics covered if you forget anything."


J’adore: If you could cycle boat with one famous Detroit icon past or present, who would it be?

Nick: "Kid Rock! His beer, American Badass Beer sponsors the Cycle Pub. We could have Chris Chelios, and Nicklas Lidstrom out too and really make it a party- I promise, it’ll be on the house!"

Photo from  Metro Times

Photo from Metro Times

Nick was an absolute joy to talk to. His fun-loving personality translates into his businesses- as he said, he just wants everyone to have a good time. On a professional level, it is an amazing accomplishment to consecutively open two businesses, one year after the other.

Stay Tuned: The J’adore Team will be testing the waters with Nick before the official launch on May 20th!