Fields of Detroit

Well hi there J’adore Detroiters! Ashleigh Fields, here and I don't think we've officially met yet. Quick deets on me: I was born and raised in Georgia {Go Dawgs}, and moved to Michigan this past June. I got married in Atlanta over Memorial Day Weekend and moved to Detroit with my hubs and our Shepherd/Bernese mix, Bear. After only a few short months here in Detroit, we've already fallen in love with the city. Just ask any of our friends back home, all we talk about is Detroit. Not sorry. 

Outside of work, you can usually find me at a gym or a restaurant I haven't tried yet. SO, I'm comin’ atcha with my favorite ways to bounce back from an indulgence-filled few weeks. Anyone else eat their weight in sugar and carbs over the break? I sure did.

First, I start by with drinking a TON of water and slashing processed foods from my diet {Enter multiple lunches from 7Greens and salads from Supinos} Second, I try to get my heart pumping a few times a week. A combination of cardio and strength is the perfect recipe for a recovered body and mind.

I’ve been able to check out just a few of Detroit’s many fitness options in my short 6 months here, and shared some of my favorites with you! I know I have so many studios and classes to try - any ya'll think I should try?? 


Detroit Barre - I absolutely love Barre. If you're new to strength (and reminder ladies, if you want to tone, you gotta lift the heavy stuff), this is the perfect start. Lots of focus on form and getting those muscles shaking (you'll see what I mean when you get there). I also love how unassuming their studio is - once you enter that black door, the studio is on the second floor with a view of the riverfront. Oh, and their music is on-point - if you like EDM, which I most certainly do. Anyone else going to Movement this year?

Detroit Tough - It's exactly what it’s called, tough. My husband joined me for class and we were both happily miserable during. Think flipping tires, pull ups, sprints, kettle bell swings, back to flipping tires, you get the drill.  

What I love about Detroit Tough is the focus on form over speed. The instructors are insistent on protecting yourself and doing the exercises correctly.

I'm sore for days after this one. 

Only half of "the box" seen here, there's a whole 'nother half to this place. 

Only half of "the box" seen here, there's a whole 'nother half to this place. 

The hubs post workout - ain't he cute?

The hubs post workout - ain't he cute?

Fitnessworks - I'm here twice a week for Eric's bootcamp class. It's my favorite type of workout: HIIT, aka high intensity interval training. Such a great full body work out, using dumbbells and your own body weight to torch cals - even AFTER your workout is complete.  


Jabs Gym - Classes in the Eastern Market are my absolute favorite way to get my cardio in for the week. One to two classes of their high intensity jab sessions is all you need. All their instructors are fab. *First Class is Free!*

Try BOYO on Tuesdays with Fortune - tell him I sent ya and ask for extra boat poses. Your abs will thank you. 

WARNING: You MUST hydrate and eat enough the day before and day of a Jabs class. Trust me on this. 

Here's my trendy Jabs Instapic 

Here's my trendy Jabs Instapic 


Citizen Yoga - my favorite rest day option to stretch those sore and tired muscles. They have three locations in the Metro Detroit area, Bloomfield, Royal Oak and downtown Detroit. Because I live in Midtown, I hit the downtown studio. They have so many class options and times - I love the Friday morning class to get my weekend started right. 

Pro tips: First class is FREE, get there early for your first class, and Citizen validates your parking pass from the Z Deck.