Five Minutes with Greg Garrison of Leftover Salmon


Leftover Salmon via band's Instagram

Leftover Salmon via band's Instagram

Boho Barbie: Tell me about Leftover Salmon

Greg Garrison: The band has been around for 28 years. It started in Colorado, we were one of the original Jam Bands forming in the 90s. Now, we've grown into a Jamgrass band. At this stage in the game, people look at us as a Bluegrass Band mixed with heavy Americana, Classic Rock, and Psychedelic influences.  

BB: How did the band get together?

GG: The Band got together in Colorado. Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman started the band at a New Year’s gig. Drew was in a group called the Left Hand String, Vince was in a band called the Salmon Heads. They combined the two names into Leftover Salmon and never thought it would stick as a band name... or that they would keep playing together. They toured the early festival Bluegrass scene and eventually took Leftover Salmon on the road. I joined the band in the year 2000.

BB: Have you played in Detroit before?

GG: We’ve played in Detroit a few times. We used to play at The Majestic a lot. Recently we’ve been playing in Ann Arbor. I’m excited to come back to Detroit. I’m glad we’re playing in the city proper.

BB: From festival gigs to intimate acoustic sets, what is your favorite kind of show to play?

GG: Both have their redeeming qualities. Acoustic is easier for us to hear each other and improvise - it touches more on our Bluegrass roots. Festival shows are great too! We get to bring our light rig and do the whole Rock n Roll thing. That’s the great part about our band, we’re able to go from a Rock 'n Roll show and really get the crowd going to an intimate, acoustic set and draw our fans into the music.

BB: What’s been one of your favorite experiences as a musician?

GG: We recently played Red Rocks in Colorado. That’s always an amazing experience. The venue is naturally beautiful and it’s a hometown gig for us.

BB: Where do you draw inspiration from?

GG: All over the place. I’m involved with music on a full time basis. When I’m not performing with the band I’m a full time music professor at Boulder, Colorado.

BB: Wow, do your students geek out when they find out who their professor is?

GG: It get’s me some cool point.

BB: Tell me about Jamgrass, how did it start, what has it turned into?

GG: Jamgrass is about taking the improvisational elements of jam bands like the Grateful Dead and putting it through a primarily Blue Grass filter. Leftover Salmon was the first band really associated with the free flowing improvisation of a jam band in a Bluegrass sound. Our music influenced bands like Greensky Bluegrass to experiment with improvised Blue Grass. Now, we play a lot of the same festivals with them. There’s a resort festival in Mexico called Strings and Soul we headline together. Our music has influenced a lot of the bands on the lineup. In turn, we find inspiration in them; their light, the songs they cover as well.

BB: Will you have time to explore Detroit while you’re in town?

GG: Sure do, we have a free day in Detroit. Most of us are baseball fans, we’re going to try to catch a playoffs game while we’re here.

We can't wait to see Leftover Salmon at the Parliament Room inside of Otus Supply on Sunday. If you'd like to join, purchase tickets HERE. Hope to see you all there! 

Love, Light, and All Things Magical.

- Boho Barbie