Steve Madden Documentary, Maddman is a MUST SEE


Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor

Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor

After a long, crazy day this was last on our list of things-to-do. By the time we had to leave Detroit to head to The Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, we weren’t feeling up to it and all we could think about was food. The 45 minute drive ended up taking about a two and a half hours through the freezing cold rain (prayers to the people in the major crash on M-14). BUT, we made it!

By the time we got there all we could think about was FOOD. Luck was on our side -- Across the street from The Michigan Theatre there is a small Japanese inspired restaurant called the Slurping Turtle. There I found the perfect dish for such a grimy day. RAAAAMEN! As I slurped down the house made ramen, I swear my energy levels bounced back. Then I was all “check please,” I’m ready to be inspired.

I must admit, in The Wolf of Wall Street, the little blurb they added about investing in Steve Madden is the only reason I know Steve Madden is a real human being. I was extremely comforted when the documentary started with the opening scene of all sorts of random people on the streets of New York City sharing my thoughts: Who the hell is Steve Madden?

I am now thoroughly convinced, everyone in this world should know who Steve Madden is and what he is all about! He can relate to almost every person struggling to grasp what they truly want while being pressured by this “normalized” society that judges and condemns you if you decide to “march to the beat of your own drum.” He did just that and there wasn’t anyone who was going to stop him. This was just who he was born to be. From a young age he struggled to find his niche. He was a wild man, going on drug rampages, and choosing a lifestyle that no one in Long Island (but himself) agreed with at this time. He tried college, and was pulled out by his father for partying. He moved to the city in hopes of finding a job to support his addictions, and that’s where he landed his first job in an industry that would come to stick with him for the rest of of his life. Stock boy at a shoe store turns shoe obsessed and with a $1,100 investment he created his brand, Steve Madden, a household brand that’s now worth over 2 billion dollars.

The documentary captivated the audience and never let go. By the end of the film, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that the screening room packed full of University of Michigan students, small business owners, and press left feeling motivated to do more because entrepreneurs #hustleharder.


Candice Simons, j'adore Detroit