Doggie Dates at Bastone Brewery

Treat your furry best friend to a deluxe dinner at Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak.

From now until October 31st, Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak is offering a special canine-friendly menu that will have your pup (literally) begging for more.



Specialized dog menus have been a hit at Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in Ann Arbor. Bastone Brewery is bringing the same concept to Royal Oak by making their patio dog-friendly and incorporating a veterinarian approved menu. 




I took my baby, Brexely, for a hangar steak and hamburger and it rocked her world. I kid you not she looked and acted so appreciative after trying the finer foods in life. She spent the night snuggled closer than usual and gave me non stop puppy eyes.




I was worried so much people food might uhh… upset her digestive system… but nothing out of the normal happened in that department!

Show your canine companion some extra love this week. take your dog on a date to Bastone Brewery before the patio closes for the season, on October 31st. 

- xo

Boho Barbie