Unique & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s time to say goodbye to the regular witch, black cat and ghost dresses and create something truly outstanding and scary, in a slightly twisted way. We gathered our personal favourite outfit ideas for you that you can recreate at home without having to spend a fortune on a costume.

Alex, Clockwork Orange

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it’s definitely a dark, twisted must-see/read piece, one of the most controversial and critiqued novels and film adaptation of its century. The character of Alex is perfect for Halloween because it’s not a straight-up scary look, yet it’s still a representation of an aggressive character.

via Polyvore

via Polyvore

THE OUTFIT: A white overall with a white, long sleeve body underneath it (or if you wouldn’t like to struggle with the two-pieces, search for a white jumpsuit), black boots and a black hat to complete the look. 

THE MAKEUP: Recreate Alex’s iconic, drawn eyelashes on one of your eyes with the help of an eyeliner and keep the rest of your makeup very natural.

Queen of Hearts

It’s definitely a classic, but with the right costume choice, you can make it dark and just as scary as you wish. It is a great idea if you are looking for something feminine with a vintage edge to it. You can either get inspiration from the original Alice in Wonderland book or one of the many films adaptation for this look, and if you go to a vintage store or thrift shop, you can get all the pieces in 20 minutes.

via Polyvore

via Polyvore

THE OUTFIT: There are endless options to recreate this look: mix black, red or burgundy together and choose voluminous clothing items such as tulle maxi or midi skirts, puffy sleeved tops and of course, don’t forget your crown and a few rose and heart shaped accessories.

THE MAKEUP: After creating a white base with your lightest foundation and powder, experiment with a dramatic, matte black eyeliner, false lashes and heart shaped, blood red lips.

Fortune Teller

You can easily channel the darker, absolutely frightening side of fortune tellers while creating an easy, boho chic look with creepy makeup. With this outfit, you can be so creative and create so many different looks with crazy, coin chain jewelry, bandanas, lace up boots, long scarves and a very unique makeup look.

via Ployvore

via Ployvore

THE OUTFIT: You can either recreate a traditional, earth toned (beige, brown, orange and tan based) fortune teller look, or a “night” version with black, purple and dark blue pieces. A long maxi dress is a must-have, as well as scarves wrapped around your waist and head…and lots and lots of statement jewelry.

THE MAKEUP: If you really want to take the costume to the next level, use all-white or ice blue contact lens as the first step. Don’t be afraid to play with your makeup and create tribal prints with different colors.

Broken Porcelain Doll

…or an asylum patient. There is something creepy about porcelain dolls (especially the broken ones) which you can perfectly reflect with an easy, home-made costume. Similarly to the fortune teller look, this is also a versatile, makeup-based costume idea that mixes a different version of scary with a creative, easy outfit.

via Polyvore

via Polyvore

THE OUTFIT: If you have a puffy sleeve, white chiffon or silk blouse and a velvet dress, you are already good to go, and if you don’t, you will probably find a vintage pastel or black tea-dress at your local thrift store. Add different doll-like accessories, such as patent leather creepers, a pearl necklace or little satin bows to your hair.

THE MAKEUP: Start with a white foundation and powder, and a red or plum shade blush for that porcelain doll base. Apply white eyeliner to the lower lash line and the inner corners of your eyes to make them bigger, and don’t forget a dramatic pair of false lashes! To create the cracks on your face and skin, use a waterproof, precise eyeliner and black and dark grey eyeshadow for shading.

Black Widow

If you wouldn’t like to say goodbye to the classic, dark witch outfit yet, but you'd like to take a twist on it to make it more creative. With the black widow costume, the vibe of the look is completely in your hands: you can either make it sultry or super scary. 

via Polyvore

via Polyvore

THE OUTFIT: It’s time to wear all your dramatic, black lace and mesh skirts and tops to create that spider web illusion effect! Finish the outfit with killer heels and a black fascinator.

THE MAKEUP: Stick with a classic, very deep black smokey eye or to show off the black widow aspect even more, draw a spider web on your face with a black, waterproof liquid liner.


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