Haute to Death Brings Detroit Dance Culture to Art Basel

Haute to Death made their mark in Miami, at Art Basel.

Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Creative masterminds, Ash Nowak and Jon Dones, brought the fun loving spirit of Haute to Death to life in an abandon hotel room at Satellite Art Show. The show occupied the now-demolished Ocean Terrace Hotel, and turned the two story building into a giant performance piece.

Satellite was by far the coolest show I saw at Art Basel. 

Hotel rooms were transformed by the artists into immersive galleries.  As a result, the viewer is surrounded by the work and submerged in the aesthetic of the exhibit.

The show was DIY, authentic, and a lot more fun than a cookie cutter gallery scene.

Hotel Rooom Door.jpg

Haute to Death was set up on the second floor in room 220.

Ash and Jon’s exhibition, Emergency Nothing, included work from Jade Lauren, John Griffith, and Lindsay Cashews.

Lindsay Cashews, creator of SKNDLSS, brought prints, vinyls, and her signature collection of hedonistic-pop accessories.  

Lyndsay Prints.jpg
Photo from  Satellite

Photo from Satellite

Accessories Distance.jpg
Lyndsay Accessories.jpg
Popup closet.jpg

Haute to Death made appropriate use of the closet to showcase (and sell) their t-shirts.

Yep, you better believe a h2d tee is on my Christmas List. 

Disco Mobile.jpg

This mirrored mobile immediately caught my eye. I need this in my house...maybe even one for every room. I love the way the light reflects purple and green on the ceiling.


Who doesn’t love a neon sign and subtle hint of whale tail?

Photo from  Haute to Deat h

Photo from Haute to Death


Photo from Haute to Death

A series of John Griffith's photography lined the wall. 

The bathtub was filled with pink balloons while a psychedelic visual was projected on the wall above and a pink fur coat hung from the shower rod. The bathroom looked like it was ready to be featured in Madonna's next music video.

After enjoying the show, I chat with Jon and Ash about the exhibition, Haute to Death and what's to come from the collective in 2018. 

Photo from  Playground Detroit

"Tell me about your exhibition. What's the inspiration, what's the message?"

"Who are the other artists are in your exhibition, why did you select their work?"

"What's makes Detroit nightlife unique?"

"How has your experience at Art Basel been?"

"What's next for Haute to Death?"

Did anyone else get chills when Meg said, “Nobody parties like Detroit”?

Get your tickets for New Year's at the Schvitz here.

Shout out to Haute to Death for representing the best of Detroit for 10 years and counting.

Ash, Jon, Thank you for your Vision, passion, and killer dance parties.


Boho Barbie


*Cover photo from Haute to Death Instagram*