5 Ways to Make Visiting Family Feel Like a Relaxing Retreat.

Make the most of staying with family over the holidays by trying these easy prompts inspired by spa and spiritual retreats.


If you’re like me that means packing your bags and staying at a relative’s house out of state with the whole fam — and running the risk of flatlining from too much unproductive free time.

Use these tips and tricks to reclaim your break this holiday season, and make your family vacation feel like your own personal retreat.

1. Try a new exercise class


Let’s be real, when is it ever the right day to try kickboxing or CrossFit for the first time?  Use the extra free time over the holidays to experiment with a new exercise class. Punch it out, cycle to the finish, or realign your Chakras- exercise classes give you at least an hour to yourself and will fill you with a healthy dose of endorphins.

Don’t want to spend the extra cash or have the transportation? Yoga with Adriene on Youtube gives you free access to hundreds of different guided yoga classes for whatever your body needs at the time. Whether you need an energizing morning routine or a relaxing flow in the evening, Adrienne has a class for every intention.  

2. Find something luxurious to indulge in.


Take an extra long bubble bath with lavender Epsom salt while listening to the new Bjork album. Exfoliate with a new scrub from Lush. And take the time to moisturize your tips and toes and wear lotion socks before bed. This Holiday season, put your energy into a super-special tiny routine. The fun part of this prompt is choosing your luxurious product to indulge in! My favorite products are from Lush, Loccitane, and natural DIY’s from Pinterest.

3. Master a dish.


Challenge yourself to a new recipe and share it with family after. Take advantage of the stacks of recipe books that have undoubtedly accumulated at your relative’s house to take on a dish that feels foreign to you. Learn how to make a perfectly fluffed souffle. Imagine the pride and culinary expertise you will feel if you learned how to ‘braise’ quail- like an aspiring Julia Childs.  Your family will be thankful they get to reap the rewards of your tasty task and you will return home with a new recipe to share with friends.

4. Meditate

Set ten minutes or so aside in the morning and at night for meditation. Use the extra free time to build a foundation for your practice. Meditation is a great tool to deal with daily stress when life resumes in the new year. 

5. Read, learn, discover


Remember when you were talking with your friends and you said you never get a chance to read? Well now’s your chance. Turn to books, podcasts, and webinars to learn more about something you’re interested in like professional development, politics, or entertainment. Working the brain in a new way is energizing.

Exercise, indulge, master, meditate and learn.

Take time for these five mental superfoods over the holidays and return home rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the new year.


Happy Holidays,

Boho Barbie