Beckett on Board: Spring Suburban Pit Stop

Anyone else so over this wavering, unpredictable weather?

Although cooler temps are still in the forecast, spring is officially here.  Gone soon are the days of layering fleece under down, lacing up boots, and fighting the all too annoying static that has been personally plaguing the hair on my head for far too long.  We might, just maybe, get some more of that much-needed sunshine, too! Halleluiah!

In celebration, I took B on one of our favorite little walks through the Cranbrook House & Gardens. For us, this suburban pit stop is the perfect place to imagine the fun to be had during the warmer days ahead.

Conveniently located 30 minutes outside of Detroit off of Woodward sits beautifully enchanting grounds waiting for exploration. The ever-changing landscape is easy to navigate with points of interest at every turn. 

On our latest visit we decided to make our way past the Cranbrook House to the Sunken Gardens and Conservatory Greenhouse.  Passing through fieldstone underpasses and seeing new growth of snowdrop flowers lining walkways was enough to bring a smile to B’s face. We also found some warmth in the greenhouse while our eyes bounced from tropical succulents to brightly colored orchids.

The day trip was rounded out by a visit to the ultra Zen Japanese Garden.  Situated around a reservoir of water and surrounded with shady Maples, this spot emits peace and tranquility.  B was lovin’ on the Japanese inspired poppy red bridge and decided to take in the sounds of rushing water at a nearby bench. 

In true B fashion, we couldn’t leave without spotting ALL of the standing rock gardens placed throughout the area.

If you are seeking a relaxing yet stimulating self-guided day trip that engages the senses and inspires imaginative play for your little ones then follow our lead and check this place out. We promise the views of soon-to-be lush gardens, pools and water features are a great way to kick off your spring adventures.

Other worthwhile activities at the garden include feeding the ducks at Kingswood Lake, taking in the aerial views at The Reflecting Pool, and looking up at the tall Pines surrounding The Mountain.

Definitely a #jadoreapproved spot worth venturing out of the city for!


K + B