Avalon Bakehouse and Outlet

To preface this post I want to take you back to 2011...

I was 14 and my older (super cool) cousin moved back to the city, from Chicago to ride the start of Detroit’s growing wave.

After a day of shadowing her at the newly renovated Madison building, we went to Avalon in Midtown for coffee and sweets. By the end of the day, I was hooked on Detroit’s invigorating energy and was set on being a part of the city’s new narrative.


Six years later, Avalon is my local coffee shop. Through the ebs and flows of living in Detroit, Avalon has been a constant.


From cramming for midterms, to writing my first blog post for J’adore Detroit - Avalon has been my go to. When the weather is nice, their outdoor seating is the perfect place to soak up the sun while being productive. Their non-pretentious vibe, quality coffee, and delicious food keep me coming back time and time again.

~Sorry for the sap, back to today!~

Avalon invited the J’adore team to a media tour of the Bakehouse Outlet on Bellevue, Ashleigh and I accepted the invite asap and spent the past week talking about what samples we were most excited for.

Ashleigh and I joined a group of 15 or so journalists this morning, for the tour. Co-owner Jackie Victor talked to us about Avalon’s history in Detroit, plans for the new Downtown location, walked us through the bakehouse, and showed us “the life of a loaf”.

The new location on Woodward near Campus Martius is scheduled to open April 14th. There will be plenty of grab and go options for the professionals concentrated in the heart of Downtown.

Dreams do come true! The new location will have a pizza oven AND sell beer + wine. Jackie emphasized that the Woodward location will have a lot of natural light and outdoor seating in the summer.

Stay tuned for more exclusive details, the J’adore Team will be at the media preview on April 13th.

After a debrief on the new digs, the group put on hair nets and headed to the back, where the baking magic happens!

Watch this video to see how Avalon’s signature loaves are made!

Ashleigh volunteered to help roll the dough!

I was shocked to learn they’ve been making bread from the same starter loaf for 9 years-it’s not gross I promise! They essentially grow the dough a few times a day by adding more flour.  

After, we headed into another section of the bakery, where the sweets are made!

avalon's attention to detail is astonishing.

Each and every product-whether it's on display in their midtown location or a cookie on the counter at marcus market- is handmade with love.

THe employees are visibly happy and enjoy their job, which in turn, manifests into their product. 

The tour concluded with a video from liberty mutual featuring avalon as an EXEMPLARY small business.

*Warning it's a tear jerker*

check out avalon's Bakehouse and outlet to find your favorite baked goods at discounted prices. The shop features a free coffee happy hour from 8-9 am and $5 Fill your bag fridays!


-Do well. Eat Good, Detroit

Samantha Robinson