Beckett on Board

Hi! Katie Stelkic here, newest contributor to the j’adore DETROIT blog! So excited to introduce myself and have the opportunity to connect with fellow Metro Detroiters!

Quick background on me… Before starting my little family I worked as a school social worker and helped coach Girls on the Run. I married my “college sweetheart” in 2012 and, along with our fur baby Hank, settled into family life.  Life took a joyful (full disclosure, sometimes crazy/exhausting) turn after having our lil’ guy, Beckett.  But in all seriousness, motherhood has been very good to me and I know every mama says it but this baby boy of mine teaches me something new EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Fast-forward and Beckett, or just straight up “B” as I often refer to him, is 21/2-years-old! He is 90% affectionate, friendly sweetie-pie, 10% stinker and always BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

As a stay-at-home mama it has been important to me to provide an active and engaging lifestyle for B (and MYSELF, for that matter). Trips to local libraries, parks, play dates, etc. have been par for the course, but as he has grown older his interests and developmental needs have changed or expanded forcing me to mix things up.

Resultantly, we have found ourselves exploring local museums, playing around in some unique toy stores and adventuring our way through beautiful gardens and conservatories – ALL in the METRO DETROIT area!  Experiences like these have shown me the value in moving away from the familiar and connecting with the city, especially if it’s with a toddler in tow.  I’m pretty certain B shares my enthusiasm for these special day trips, too!


So, so looking forward to sharing some Beckett on Board adventures with you!

XO Katie