Brunching with B

Admittedly, one of my favorite past times is sitting in a (preferably eclectic/retro) diner, sharing that perfect mix of sweet and savory grub and filling up on my daily dose of caffeine.

Thankfully, B has come to terms with my affinity for brunch and no longer resists gettin’ cozy with mama in a booth for an hour or so.  I mean, c’mon, it’s brunch. What’s not to love?!

Here are a few of our favorite #jadoreapproved spots – all serving up the most delish dishes.  Oh, and even more exciting, they use fresh and local ingredients. Yummm!

Parks & Rec Diner

1942 Grand River Avenue

Monday-Wednesday (8 am— 2 pm)

Thursday-Sunday (8 am — 3 pm)

Find your yummy breakfast staples with a twist at Parks and Rec Diner.  Located in the historic Grand Army of the Republic Building you can find a welcoming atmosphere with old-school, reclaimed décor - a nod to the building’s previous occupant, The Detroit Department of Parks and Recreation.

On our visit, we sampled the Lamb Bacon and THE CINNAFETTI ROLL!!  The roll was seriously scrumptious, topped with buttercream icing and enough sprinkles to make anyone feel like a kid again. It’s a must. We already have our eyes on the prize for our next visit, too -- the Cannoli French Toast and a Vernors and Bourbon for mama!

Rose’s Fine Food

10551 East Jefferson Ave

Monday - Friday (7 am - 5 pm)

Saturday - Sunday (8 am - 5 pm)

Picture via the Rose’s Fine Food Website

Picture via the Rose’s Fine Food Website

In the mood for some straightforward comfort food that makes you feel all nostalgic for “grandma’s home cooked” meals?  Get over to Rose’s for some Buckwheat Pancakes or the Lady MAÑANA. You wont regret it. Promise.

In addition to serving up thoughtfully prepared dishes, the folk’s behind the food are conscious of their community, paying staff a fair “living wage” and donating to a different Detroit-based charity monthly. A feel-good place all around!

The Fly Trap

2290 Woodward Ave.

Tuesday-Friday (8 am – 9 pm)

Saturday-Sunday (8 am – 5 pm)

This colorful, retro diner sitting right off of Woodward makes your go-to eggs and toast taste anything but boring.

A sucker for bacon, I typically opt for their B.L.A.T. +C. The added avocado and cheddar takes this omelet to the next level.  If you need that sweet tooth fix, try The Gingerbread Waffle or a side of Granola!  Be sure to sample their homemade jam and hot sauce on your visit, too!

Check out full menus here:

Rose's Fine Food

Parks and Rec Diner

The Fly Trap

Just a heads up! These special spots are pretty cozy and can get busy, busy so go early, swing by during an off time, or be prepared to wait! We promise it’s worth it!


K + B



*Banner photo from Parks and Rec website*