#JadoreExclusive on the Phone with Sumptuous Spirits

After discovering her talent with tonic in college, Lauren Daniels pursued a career in cocktails and started Sumptuous Spirits- a luxurious mobile bartending service.

Lauren sets herself apart from the competition by taking bartending to the next level. Sumptuous Spirits is known for its customized services and branded cocktail creations.

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In lieu of your standard mixed drinks, Sumptuous Spirits will create a cocktail unique to the client’s brand and event.

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J'adore: Tell me about Sumptuous Spirits

Lauren: "Sumptuous Spirits is a mobile bartending company started last April, it’s only a year old. We’re known for our craft cocktail creations and unique services. We offer bartending, craft cocktail creation, specialized cocktails, and branded cocktails. We’ve worked with Detroit Young Professionals, the Belle Isle Conservatory, Bamboo Detroit, and the Lip Bar-just to name a few."


J'adore: What sets Sumptuous Spirits apart from other bartending services?

Lauren: "Sumptuous Spirits is more than just providing a bartender for an event, it’s about creating a luxurious experience. Before the event we ask clients to tell us about their event- is it a Birthday Party, celebration, business launch- and then we’re able to craft a menu around that. We create cocktails to compliment the event."


J'adore: How did Sumptuous Spirits start?

Lauren: "I was known in college for making the best cocktail creations. I went to school in Alabama at Miles College, but I’m from Detroit. My reputation has followed me, people know me as the person that makes the drinks. People have always asked me to create drinks for different occasions. I recognized the need and started Sumptuous Spirits."


J'adore: What services do you offer?

Lauren: "Bartending, cocktail waitressing, cocktail creations, branded menus, menu pairing."

J'adore: What is a branded menu?

Lauren: "If you’re having a brand launch or business event, we customize the cocktails to compliment your brand. For example, for our one year anniversary party we will design cocktails to capture the essence of our fun and bubbly brand."  


J'adore: Your website mentions you plan monthly events, what do those look like and how can people get on the list?

Lauren: "We love to host our own events and love to create a great event around a memorable cocktail. If people don’t remember anything else about the event they remember the cocktail. We want to bring a community together in terms of similarities, we’re able to bring people together to network, learn and enjoy cocktails. There’s a different focus for each event. For example, we hosted a thrifting event at Thrift on the Ave- people came to learn how to thrift properly, it was called “Thrift and Sip”. In March, we did an event called the Queen Scene to bring together women owned businesses, showcase products, and hear how the women behind the businesses got started. It was a fabulous event, the women were able to identify and relate to each and it generated exposure on all ends."


J'adore: What is your favorite spring cocktail and how do you make it?

Lauren: "My favorite spring cocktail is something I created called “Motown Vodka” it’s made with Gypsy Vodka, lime juice, muddled mint leaves, and Cason Beverage- Natural Lime Flavor. It’s called Motown Vodka because Gypsy Vodka is based in Michigan and so is Cason."


J'adore: Do you have any secret tricks of the trade you can share with J’adore readers?

Lauren: "I would say play around with different drinks and to see what works- that’s how I come up with my best drinks. I went to bartending school so I had an idea of what flavors mixed well when I was starting out, but I’m constantly experimenting to create new recipes and make a better cocktail!"


J'adore: If you could make a drink for a famous Detroit icon past or present who would it be and what would you make for them?

Lauren: "Diana Ross! I would make her a pomegranate champagne based cocktail because it’s glitzy and glamorous like she is and tastes upscale and luxurious."


J'adore: Is there anything else you want J’adore readers to know about Sumptuous Spirits?

Lauren: "Whenever people want to have a great cocktail at their event and create a luxurious experience for their guests, think Sumptuous Spirits!"

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