Detroit Goes Green for Arbor Day

Find yourself wanting to do more for our environment after Earth Day, or maybe you just didn’t get your fix? No worries. National Arbor Day is this upcoming weekend and Detroit has it covered.  Celebrate and make a mark on our beautiful community by planting a tree! You can pick-up, plant, and put those green thumbs to use this weekend by checking out one of these two locations.

Detroit Goes Green For Arbor Day


The Arbor Day Foundation + Michigan DNR have partnered to give out 1,000 trees to Detroit residents. The trees are first-come, first-serve so head to the Band Shell parking lot when distribution begins on Saturday at 10 a.m.


Not only does this All-American brand sell quality clothing and accessories, it also cares about keeping its community green. Shop, sample (refreshments!), and snag a free Sapling at this special FILSON event, located at 441 W Canfield St on Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. So cool!

Volunteering your thing? Interested in contributing to the revitalization of Detroit through planting and gardening? Head to GreenerDetroit to sign up for opportunities to improve our city’s landscape and create a “greener tomorrow”.

Planting a tree is quite possibly one of the most fun, easy and sustainable ways to positively affect the environment -- so get dirty and start planting, people!

Guest blog post courtesy of: Katie Stelkic with Beckett on Board