The 4 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Hop On

Spring is here! With the blooming tulips and sunny skies comes new fashion trends.

Today we’re sharing the four spring fashion trends that you need to hop on board with. We would love to hear what spring trends you are rocking, and which trend listed below you’re looking forward to trying out!


1. Flares (EVERYWHERE!)

Photo from  Wanelo

Photo from Wanelo

The 70’s called and they want you to wear their trend again! Flares are everywhere this spring and we are loving it. You may have started to see flare sleeves on the market, but flares aren’t limited to just sleeves. Denim has been playing with the flare trend also, and skinny jeans are so last season. Fast-fashion retailers have started carrying flare denim, and it’s available almost everywhere now.



2.  Exposed Shoulder

Photo from  The Girl from Panama  

You may be confused when you first read about this trend - (haven’t we been rocking cold shoulder tops for the past year?!) but think again. The newest trend in exposed shoulders is donning just one shoulder. Yes, you read that right...just one shoulder!

We love wearing the one-shoulder trend in flirty tops and dresses. It adds an unexpected element to any outfit and you get to show off some skin! *pulls out self-tanner and applies feverishly*



3. Nautical Stripes

Photo from  Crazy For Us

Photo from Crazy For Us

Stripes are everywhere this season, and we are loving the total nautical vibes. We particularly love wearing an all-stripe ensemble, from top to bottom stripes. It’ll have your legs looking like they go on for miles!




4. Neon Colors

Photo from  Style Nightcap  

Photo from Style Nightcap 

Our inner 80’s dance girl is freaking out right now because neons are back IN. Not feeling bold enough to wear neon all over? Go for a small, subtle hint of neon, like on the trim of a backpack or a pair of shoes. Neon will update your spring wardrobe and add a youthful touch to whatever outfit you're wearing.

What spring trends are you on-board with?!

XO J'adore