Movement Survival Guide

Movement Weekend is a marathon.

Photo from  Metro Times

Photo from Metro Times

We love you and want you to stay fabulous all weekend long. Prepare for 72 hours of Techno with our Movement Survival Guide.

Trust us, these are lessons learned from music festival's past!

Movement Survival Guide:

Start your day with a big breakfast- I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially before a day of drinking and dancing.

Dress to impress- have fun with it! My glam queen bff’s Izzy and Dakota are Movement veterans, last year their outfits were so outrageous they made the cover of Metrotimes! (check out that pic up there!)


Pace yourself- you have 72 hours to enjoy all Movement weekend has to offer. Don’t burn yourself out on the first day!

Sunscreen- Sometimes overlooked, sunscreen is the MVP of summer music festivals! Don’t forget to reapply.

Bring something light to get wet- One of my favorite festival tips, bring something like a bandana or light scarf you can soak in water. Putting a wet bandana around your shoulders can be a lifesaver.

Essential oil- A dab of essential oil will bring you new life half way through the day! If you’re feeling gross and sweaty a splash of lavender or eucalyptus will fix you right up.

If you get too hot cool off with a walk on the riverfront- A hop skip and a jump away, there’s a walk through fountain you can splash around in.

The party doesn’t stop! From Friday- Monday there is literally a party going on at all times. I highly recommend checking out a night into day party, it’s a Movement staple.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for secret sets- Detroit’s techno scene is notorious for secret warehouse raves.

Most importantly, take a few minutes to mindfully appreciate how freaking awesome Detroit is!

Even if you don’t have tickets to the actual festival, techno is everywhere in Detroit this weekend. Last year I skipped buying a wristband and pulled techno all nighters instead- you can sleep it off during the day!

Check out this extensive list of Movement Parties, thank you 6AM!

Party on!

-Boho Barbie