New Spot Alert: Mama Coo's Boutique


Mama Coo’s Boutique, next to the Farmer’s Hand in Corktown, is filled with top-notch accessories for you and your home, endless chachkies, and stylish vintage clothes!

Photo from  Mama Coo's Facebook

On my way to PJ’s Lager House for Brunch on Saturday, I stopped into the Farmer’s Hand to find a last minute Mother’s Day present. A bohemian chair caught my eye and I wandered into Mama Coo’s.

Photo from  Mama Coo's Facebook

Instantly, I was overwhelmed by the amount of cute and very reasonably priced accessories and clothes. Before I knew it, fifteen minutes had past and my friends were waiting for me to order at PJ’s. I was only a third of the way through the store and I already had a basket full of things. I put my basket on hold and promised to be back after brunch.

After talking about the boutique for way too long at PJ’s, I made my friends come back to the store with me and they fell in love too!

Photo from  Mama Coo's Facebook

Kay got a retro bikini ($17) that makes her look like she just stepped off the set of the Love Shack music video and a glamorous gold dress ($12) that’s red carpet worthy.

I found silver taurus earrings ($5) - which is a big deal for me because I usually find horoscope themed things to be tacky tbh. A fanny pack with a tribal print ($12). A leather belt with bead work and a silver belt buckle ($14). Last but not least, a very cool tribal looking necklace with turquoise accents ($16).

Naturally, the most fun part of any great shopping haul is wearing your new pieces that night to a party!

Photo from  Mama Coo's Facebook

10/10 would recommend to a friend. Mama Coo’s is officially #JadoreApproved!


Sam Robinson