Look Out For These Upcoming Detroit Artists

Detroit is a city bursting at the seams with rising talent of all kinds. People from all walks of life share their gifts with others in a number of different ways. It’s not only the art scene that is buzzing with remarkably creative people - musicians, too.

Be on the lookout for these upcoming Detroit artists:


Louise Chen aka Ouizi is well-known throughout the city for her large scale work. Her public artworks featuring flowers has gained her worldwide recognition. She’s been invited to work with local independent businesses as well as larger brands such as Lululemon. Her work is instantly recognizable as it is bright and whimsical. It adds to the landscape of the city which has grown to love and support her since she moved to Detroit just a few years ago.  J’adore Detroit is lucky enough to have a few of her large and small-scale works in the Brooklyn Outdoor Loft space in Eastern Market. 

Rachel Roze.

After a move to California led her to rent a room in a trailer park in an area known as Ojai, the photographer-in-the-making knew she had to document her experience. She captured the chaos of her surroundings and turned it into a body of work that helped her achieve a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication from the Brooks Institute of Photography. The Detroit-based artist continues to capture snippets of her everyday which she shares in a way that only she knows how to do.  Be on the look out for Rachel as she is an outstanding artist.

Flint Eastwood.

A singer-songwriter who fuses rocks, hip-hop, and electronica into her music, Jax Anderson aka Flint Eastwood loves connecting with the crowd. She loves face to face interactions because it allows her to see how her music affects other people. Jax is a down to earth person with a beautiful soul that shines through every performance and her smile.  She recently released a new EP titled “Broke Royalty” and has gained new fans in the process. Her goal is to “create something bigger than ourselves” so that people remember her music before moving on to other artists. You can hear her music at FlintEastwoodMusic.com.  on The new “EP”, check out “QUEEN” – it is our Lady Boss anthem.  All hail the queen!

Tee Grizzley.

Terry Wallace known as Tee Grizzley is a YouTube sensation with over 28 million views on his hit song “First Day Out.” A tribute to Detroit, it gained the praise of people worldwide because of its references to the city. Among the youngest solo artists from Motor City to gain fast recognition, he has since released a debut mixtape titled ‘My Moment” which hasn’t blown up the way his first single has. It hasn’t fazed the young talent, though, who states that he simply had something to talk about which added to his initial success.

Art takes many forms. It can be seen, felt, heard, tasted, and shared with others. Take note of the names featured here because you’ll grow accustomed to hearing about them in the future. These stars are already here and on the rise - you’ll be among the population of people who got to know their work first.

You can learn more about upcoming talent by visiting J’Adore Detroit’s website regularly. If you have an event of your own that you’d like to promote, you can host it in our space. We provide you with the venue and the support that you need to make it a success for you and your artists.